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Embroidery Design: Summer Wheels!


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In the spring of 2021, I dabbled about with a project that I thought I would bring out as a small group of designs with stitching & finishing tips. It was called Summer Wheels.

If you’ve been following along on Needle ‘n Thread since last year, you might remember that I finished the small camper into this tote bag.

I still use the tote bag almost every day. It makes a great project bag! I released the Happy Camper design for members on Patreon, but I never quite got the whole design group together and stitched.

Recently, I’ve had a couple inquiries about the bike.

Yes, there was a bike!

Summer Wheels embroidery design - bike

When I shared little bits and previews of the projects on the website last year, it hadn’t really developed completely yet. It was just an idea I was playing with – a work in progress.

One way you can tell it never got out of the testing phase is the size of the design. I wanted them to be just a little more coherent in size and style, and while they do have some consistent elements – the flowers and the potted plant, for example – the bike still felt a bit awkward to me. I knew after I started stitching it that I would need to re-work it and bring it down to a slightly smaller size to work better with the camper design.

Since the series has stalled, I figured I might as well publish it here on the website, so that you can play with the bike if you want!

Summer Wheels embroidery design - bike

Maybe someday, I will actually get back to the adjusted version of the bike. But… maybe not! You never know with these things. Admittedly, the Bike Muse just isn’t singing to me at the moment!

Summer Wheels embroidery design - bike

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy the design for your own personal use, here it is!

Summer Wheels PDF Printable

The design in the PDF linked to below will print at about 4″ high and around 6″ (maybe slightly less) wide, if you choose “actual size” or a similar option in your printer dialogue box.

To save the PDF to your computer, click on the link. The PDF will open in a new browser window. Go to “File” in the main menu of that window and scroll down to “Save As” to save the PDF to your computer. Once it is saved to your computer, you can open it and print it as you would any PDF.

Summer Wheels Embroidery Design – Bike

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You’ll also find some popular collections of embroidery designs available here in my shop as PDF downloads, including a collection of 30+ kaleidoscopes, a 16-Alphabet collection of monogram designs, and a collection of church embroidery patterns.

Hope you enjoy the bike!


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(3) Comments

  1. I’m glad you said you lost interest, ran out of gas, stalled on this. No, not that you *did* stall, that you *said* it. IMHO, beginners need to see that so they don’t feel bad when their own projects hit road blocks and lose appeal.
    It’s probably part of why I quit sewing and stitching for quite a while years ago. There was no one to tell me “that’s OK, it happens to the best of us. Here’s some of my project that went wrong.”

    Thank you for the bike pattern.

    1. Oh, gosh! Happens all the time! LOL! Perhaps people don’t like admitting it? I don’t mind admitting it. I envision *many* projects, and I often at least start them (or part of them) to see if I can pull off my idea. But if it sputters, or if I completely lose interest, I’m not going to dwell on it! I just move on! Sometimes, they regenerate in a different way in my head, and voila! the emerge as something else. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for making this pattern available! I loved the pictures of this design when you first shared them and have been watching and waiting for this to come out. I had a lot of fun stitching Happy Camper for a friend (who loves it) and I’m sure this will be a blast to stitch too (when I finish the Tulips & Tweets design that you also shared on Patreon). I hope the move is going smoothly!

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