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The Plymouth Tapestry – Wonderful Update!


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Way back in November of 2019, in this little news snip here on Needle ‘n Thread, we chatted briefly about a major work going on here in the US, just outside of Boston – the Plymouth Tapestry:

A visual exploration of history, memory, and culture, the Plymouth Tapestry illustrates the experiences of the Wampanoag people who inhabited the region for thousands of years, and the Pilgrims, the English settlers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 to establish a new home. Stitched in wool and silk on linen, the Tapestry is comprised of twenty 6-foot-long panels, each one narrating through imagery and text the contexts and events that shaped Plymouth Colony’s beginnings. ~From the Plymouth Tapestry website

Since that mention back in 2019, the tapestry has come a very long way!

Plymouth Tapestry

For your viewing pleasure this weekend, I thought I’d share this update featured on the WCVB new site, Reconnecting with New England History.

The article includes an informative video featuring Elizabeth Creeden and many of the participants who are engaging their talents so fruitfully in this massive endeavor. And yes, you can see a lot of the stitching up close! Don’t miss the video – it’s not long, and it’s quite informative. It’s a great way to hear and see the process that goes into creating a tapestry like this.

I’ve wanted to get out to Boston and take a look at the progress on the tapestry in person, but the one time I’ve been out to the area in the past five years didn’t afford the opportunity. Maybe in 2024? We shall see!

I hope you enjoy the article and video as much as I do!

What’s New?

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