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Purple Posy Materials Kits are Here!


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Today’s the day! Wooohooo! I am So Excited about launching Purple Posy and getting started with the stitch-along!

There’s nothing better than getting a project going, is there? And I love it when we have a project going together. It’s fun to be a little more “connected” as we work through the stitch-along, don’t you think?

Besides launching the kit for Purple Posy today, I have some other technical news for you having to do with small changes in Needle ‘n Thread operations, so please read on so that you’re not taken by surprise.

Purple Posy Stitch Snippet stitch-along

First, let’s launch the kit!

You can read all about Purple Posy and what to expect from the stitch-along here.

You can find the materials kit ready to order, here.

The kits will be shipped Priority mail from Kansas starting Monday. It will take me through the weekend to sort any the shipping details that need attention and to prepare all the labels. We will try to get everything out in one day, but that rarely happens on these shipments.

With Priority mail, most places in the US will have their kits by the end of next week without a problem, so that puts us on track to start the stitch-along the following week (the week of February 19th).

Purple Posy Stitch Snippet stitch-along

So that’s the plan!

If you would like a materials kit for this project, then, hop on over to the shop and pick one up today!

Other News

In other news…

In the past, when you’ve made a purchase of tangible goods from Needle ‘n Thread, you’ve received shipping update emails from my email domain (needlenthread.com). From now on, those emails will come to you from ShipStation, which is the shipping management service I use.

Post office package tracking information for Needle 'n Thread

I’ve already made the transition to the default email through ShipStation, so hopefully, all will go smoothly and you will receive your normal shipping confirmations and tracking numbers without a problem.

This won’t really affect you or your purchases at all – nothing has really changed, except that I shifted back to using the default method of email delivery on the shipping program.

If you receive the email newsletter from Needle ‘n Thread (it comes out normally three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – although there are occasional fluctuations in that schedule), you may notice a few differences in the newsletter, but the content of the newsletter will not be affected. You may just notice some small nuances in format.

This all has to do with the DMARC verification protocols that have been rolling out for a while. It’s that fun backend stuff that doesn’t affect your side of things, except for a very few small nuances that you might notice. If you have signed up to receive Needle ‘n Thread via email, please make sure to check your spam filter for the newsletter if it doesn’t show up on its regular schedule.

There’s always something new to keep up with in the technological world we live in!

I hope your weekend is delightful! May it provide you with plenty of quality with time with your needle and thread!

(And don’t forget to pick up your kit!)


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(4) Comments

    1. The stitch-along begins next week, when everyone has had a chance to receive their kits in the mail.

      The stitch-alongs here on Needle ‘n Thread are part of an ongoing series that develops here on the website, in installments, as mentioned in all the previous posts about this project. I’ve been doing stitch-alongs and other step-by-step project developments here on the website for years and years, and many people have followed along with them.

      I started offering kits for the stitch-alongs about three years back, because people wanted to use the same supplies I use but didn’t want to source them from many different places. So that’s why I offer the kits in conjunction with the stitch-alongs. The stitch-alongs and step-by-step projects have pretty much always been a part of Needle ‘n Thread – so they came first. The kits are a service for those who want to stitch the projects with the same supplies I use. No one is obliged to purchase the kit to work the project. They can use their own supplies or source the same supplies I use from different places. Or they can just follow along with the process for the sake of learning, without actually making the thing at all.

      Eventually, the kits that have been used for these stitch-alongs may be available with instructions – but at that time, I’ll remove the free instructions from the blog. At that point, the kit price will go up, because when a designer kits something with instructions (thorough instructions, like the kind of instructions that are used in classes – not just a layout guide that mentions colors and stitches, with no other instruction), they usually price up the kit to include the cost of the instructions. That price reflects their years of experience, the time designing the project and troubleshooting everything, and the time preparing the instructions.

      In any case, the short answer: the kit is provided for those who want to follow along with the stitch-along, which is where the instructions will unfold. I do it that way, because it works well for building the dynamic community that we have around Needle ‘n Thread.

  1. I’m not sure this is the place to tell you, but I just wanted to let you know that I received my Purple Posy Tape Measure Cozy kits today and they’re so nice! Thank you!

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