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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Weddings & Whitework


‘Tis the month of June.

Here in the States, it’s not unusual to run into a wedding or two in June. Winter is a distant memory, summer officially begins, the chance for decent weather is fairly good, and, with school out and families able to travel, it’s a pretty good month to get hitched.

I think I live in the Wedding Capital of the World! Among family and friends, it seems there’s always a wedding or two (or three or four or five) every summer. Not that I’m complaining – any opportunity for a good party and some socializing is a good thing!

When I have time, I like to make wedding gifts – a nice of piece of embroidery for display, a pretty tea cloth, a set of monogrammed linen guest towels. The latter is usually my preference. And to tell you the truth, “set” might be a bit of a stretch. Usually, I’m happy when I finish one.

That’s why I was super excited to see some of the new design offerings in Haft Richelieu, a magazine out of Poland, dedicated to Richelieu, or cutwork embroidery.

Richelieu Cutwork Embroidery - Hearts
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Needle ‘n Thread in Threads!


What I mean is, you’ll find a little bit of Needle ‘n Thread in Threads this month!

Besides writing here on Needle ‘n Thread (which is where you get to witness my most prolific babble!), I’ve been writing in other places recently, too.

One of those places is Threads Magazine, a popular sewing magazine published by Taunton Press for people who love to sew.

In the current issue of Threads (January, 2015), you’ll find a feature article by yours truly, on beetle wing embroidery.

Threads Magazine: Embellishing with Beetle Wings
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NeedleArts – It’s a Gorgeous One!


Are you familiar with the Embroiderers’ Guild of America?

If you’re not, and you’ve embroiled yourself in what you believe will be a life-long love affair with hand embroidery, you should get acquainted with the EGA. It’s an organization that spans the continent of the US, and if you live near a major city (and even some minor-major cities), chances are, there’s a chapter close by.

Even if there’s not a chapter close by, you can always be what I am, a Member at Large – I’m not attached to nor do I participate in any particular chapter, but as a Member at Large, I can enjoy the benefits of being a member of the EGA.

One benefit is receiving the magazine NeedleArts. True, it’s not the greatest benefit, but I like this magazine more and more. And the current issue is a whopper!

NeedleArts Magazine EGA
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Spool Needlearts Quarterly – Winter Issue, 2011


On chilly winter days, there’s nothing better than coming home from work for a lunch, picking up the mail, and finding a needlework magazine just waiting for exploration. A great way to spend a lunch hour – inside, warm, with a cup of tea and something interesting to browse through. That’s how I spent my lunch hour the other day – browsing through the Winter Issue of Spool, a quarterly needlearts magazine.

Last July, De Selby announced the premier of her new needlework magazine called Spool, and since then, two issues have hit the press and arrived in the mailbox. With the first issue, there was a flutter of reviews on various needlework blogs, so I thought I’d hold off a review until the second issue. And I’m glad I did! The second issue is a lot of fun – take a look!

Spool Magazine
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Considering the EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America)


Living in rural Kansas, I don’t have the advantage of being associated with a particular embroidery guild in my area. However, I’m still a member of the EGA – the Embroiderers’ Guild of America – and though I’ve never attended a guild meeting or been to an EGA event, I am glad I’m a member. If you take your needlework seriously and you think it’s a life-long passion that you’ll keep pursuing, you might consider becoming a member, too.

Because I’m not near a local chapter of the EGA, I’m what they call a “Member at Large” – just kind of floating out there, but still in tune with what’s going at with the EGA, and still able to participate in their extensive correspondence courses if I wanted to, attend their functions, take advantage of their online “members area” resources on the EGA website, and receive their publications. One day, I even came across an unexpected advantage to being a member – I was visiting a couple different needlework shops while on vacation a few years ago, and found out that both shops offered a 10% discount to EGA members. (Hey, it was a happy surprise!)

So membership has its advantages! But today, I wanted to show you another advantage, and that’s the EGA’s regular quarterly publication, NeedleArts Magazine.

Embroiderers' Guild of American - NeedleArts Magazine
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SPOOL! Look What’s Coming!


I’ve discussed before the needlework magazines that I subscribe to – and there are really only a few: Inspirations, Sampler & Antique Quarterly, (sometimes) Piecework, and (sometimes) a French Mains et Merveilles magazine. The first two are “always,” the latter two have been off and on.

And all those needlework magazines are good. They provide projects, history, techniques, and all sorts of stuff that help me learn, understand, and have better insight into all kinds of needlework, past and present.

But there’s a new magazine coming out this fall – and it’s not entirely your typical needlework magazine. I have found my curiosity piqued. What the heck is Spool all about? If nothing else (and I’m hoping it’ll be a lot else), it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Spool Quarterly Magazine
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