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Piecework Magazine & Needlelace


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Last week, I mentioned Sampler & Antique Needlework, a very nice needlework magazine published by Hoffman Media. There’s another needlework magazine out there called Piecework, published by Interweave Press, and I wanted to bring it to your attention today because of a very nice article in the current issue.

Piecework Magazine calls itself the “leading historical needlework magazine.” It’s a nice magazine, and it focuses on such a wide variety of needlework interests that almost any needleworker will certainly find something appealling in it during the course of a subscription year.

Piecework Magazine, published by Interweave Press

It isn’t a hefty magazine, though. Of all the needlework magazines to which I’ve subscribed over the years, Piecework is the lightest on content and projects. But their content is certainly quality content, and their subscription rate is very fair in relation to the quantity factor.

Piecework often focuses on a theme of sorts in each issue. In the current issue, “Amazing Lace,” the theme is historical lace.

Piecework Magazine, published by Interweave Press

One of the projects featured in the magazine is this beautiful needlelace insert. I was really excited to see this project! You know I’ve set aside my whitework sampler for a little bit due to other projects that have come up – but I don’t want my interest in the sampler to fizzle! I want to finish it! And seeing this piece of needlelace in Piecework rejuvenated my determination to get back to that project as soona s possible.

Piecework Magazine, published by Interweave Press

The project is laid out with step-by-step instructions, so it would be an excellent way for a beginner to try a piece of needlelace. The piece is small enough to be very manageable.

If you’re interested in Piecework Magazine, you can check out Interweave’s website, where you’ll find their “new subscriptions” deal. And while you’re visiting their website, take time to browse around a bit. They have some really excellent articles available, such as this one on the wooden spool industry in Maine (PDF), and their current edition of Textile Travels, which focuses on Mexico City and Oaxaca (PDF). I love articles like these! Interweave’s website also features a free projects and articles section. Currently, under new projects, they are offering this beautiful little biscornu project (PDF), focusing on punto antico (antique stitch), an Italian drawnthread technique that features geometric embroidery patterns. It’s quite pretty! They’ve also got a bunch of other embroidery projects available, as well as projects in other needlework techniques.

Interweave’s website is one that keeps me lingering, especially the Piecework section. So if you’re looking for somewhere to browse around for a while, give them a visit!


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(4) Comments

  1. It’s a temptation! But I couldn’t understand very well how much is the shipping to this side of the world. (i’ve marked the site as favourite…any way)
    By now I only subscribe Inspirations.

  2. I have been a reader of Piecework since the first issue and have kept them all. Over the years, they’ve had their ups and downs, but they are (as far as I know) the only one that covers the history of all types of textile history. Usually each issue has a theme like lace, needlework from a particular region, etc. This will most likely be a magazine I will keep until one of us ceases to exist.


  3. I love Piecework and am a subscriber. Have you seen ‘at home with needlework’, put out by Zweigart? I got ahold of a copy a bit ago and they had some really fantastic projects.

  4. Hi, Rabid – I’ve seen it, but I don’t subscribe to it yet, though I’m thinking about it. Well… heh heh…. they mention me in their issue that comes out this month! So they’re sending me a couple free copies. Aw, shucks. The first time I saw of the magazine was while I was shop hopping a couple weekends ago, and I like what I saw, so when I get this issue, I’ll see about possibly subscribing! Thanks for the recommendation!


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