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Sewing Baskets & Boxes or Craft Totes – What Do You Use?


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Sewing boxes, craft totes, bags, baskets, etc. – every serious (and not-so-serious) stitcher needs a place to store current work. What do you use for toting and storage? I have a couple favorites…

…and the depend on what I’m working on. Here’s what I use:

  • Nantucket basket: I keep current small “quick access” projects in a very pretty Nantucket basket, for two good reasons: 1. Since it’s an attractive “container,” I can leave it sitting out as a decorative object in my home, ready to access whenever I have time, especially when sitting around chatting with company; 2. It’s easy and light to take places, so I can grab it and head to the car without having to fumble with larger, more awkward totes.
  • A large plastic “picnic style” hard plastic hamper, with a removable tray: In this larger container, I keep bigger projects – sometimes sewing projects or quilts, sometimes a whole table cloth that I’m stitching a design on. The space is essential for big projects. The removable tray is good to lay out my scissors, needles, threads, etc. while stitching.
  • Organizer bag, for traveling with embroidery supplies: When traveling, I like to take along all the supplies I might possibly need, but I don’t like throwing them in one large, loose container. Yazzii makes nice totes that have organizational pockets galore, as well as large spaces for stowing your bigger projects. They come in all different sizes – from economy to luxury! They’re convenient for airport travel as carry-ons (leave the scissors behind!) and they’re also great as well for stashing in the trunk of a car for those summer road trips.

So these are what I use pretty regularly for toting my stuff around. All three of them come in handy, depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. Got any ideas for good totes, baskets, or boxes? Let the rest of us know!!



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  1. I just use the Sterlite boxes you can find at Walmart with the snap lids and the handles on top. They’re about the size of a big shoe box. I use Tupperware containers inside to organize my stuff. If i have a project on a frame I carry it in a plastic bag. Sara Kenny

  2. For my tools & floss I use a flexible roll-up caddy meant for makeup tools. It has four long-ish, but roomy, pockets just the length of standard (DMC-type) skeins, each with a zipper. The long pockets are also perfect scissors, marking tools, etc. They used to be hard to find, but now I see them everywhere. Mine has a crazy faux-jewel pattern, but they come in everything from basic black to wild patterns.

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