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Embroidery Design Contest Revisited!


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It’s been a week since I announced the Needle’NThread “Christmas is Coming” embroidery design contest. So far, I have only two takers. C’mon, folks! Here’s one of those rare opportunities (for some of us) to get creative in a casual sort of way, and get paid for it! The best part about the contest is definitely the prizes!

For first prize, Twining Thread is offering $50 off your order from their shop, and for second prize, Nordic Needle is offering a $25 gift certificate. Both online shops are a great place for embroidery supplies! Just think – you want to try Au ver a Soie silks, but you don’t want to make the investment? Both shops carry them! Do you want a nice new piece of fine linen? Both shops have a great selection! What about some new hoops, needles, or just a reduction on a major purchase that you want to make?

Your design can be anything that remotely resembles (or can be adapted to) the holiday season – and in any type of embroidery: Hardanger, blackwork, general surface techniques, it can be an outlined design, or a filled design, it can be cross stitch (as long as it employs two more stitches), needlepainting, whitework (white on white embroidery – great for a nice snowflake table runner or something), anything at all that you can think of, go for it!

The only conditions are the size of the design (fits in an 8″ x 8″ perimeter), the deadline, the employment of a minimum of three suggested stitches, and the guarantee that it isn’t a previously-published design. You can read the nitty-gritty details here. Though the list seems long, they’re not too nitty-gritty.

A lady contacted me and told me her 13 year old daughter wants to enter, but her speciality is “drawing dragons” – could she do a dragon with a Christmas theme to it? I told her certainly! What a great idea! It really can be anything!

The fun part will be posting the designs for everyone to see! The designs, of course, remain yours – they won’t be sold or used for anything commercial – but they will be displayed here on Needle’NThread.

If you’ve drummed up a design and want to send it in, e-mail it to mary@needlenthread.com!

Have fun with it!



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