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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Embroidery Design Contest – With Prizes!!


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Twining Thread and Nordic Needle have both agreed to participate in an embroidery design contest sponsored by Needle’nThread!! Join in for a chance to win two great prizes from two great embroidery shops! Read on for the details…

From beginners to experts, most hand-embroiderers eventually draw up a design of their very own to embroider – and what satisfaction, to complete a project where you can say, “Thanks. I designed it myself!”

To get the creative juices flowing, I thought it would be fun to see what the rest of the embroidery world does when dabbling in design – and decided to propose a contest. Joey at Twining Thread and Roz at Nordic Needle agreed to offer the following prizes:

  • First Prize: from Twining Thread – a $50 discount on one order
  • Second Prize: from >Nordic Needle – a $25 gift certificate to spend in their online store

Both shops carry a large selection of supplies for hand embroidery, from fabric, floss, and ribbon, to kits, to all kinds of accessories, including hoops and frames. They also offer friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service, so check them out and see why it would be GREAT to win these prizes!

The Contest

It’s an informal contest, and anyone can enter. These are the guidelines:

  • The Theme: Since the holidays are approaching, I thought a holiday-type theme would be appropriate – so the theme of the contest is “Christmas is coming!”

    This means it can be anything that has to do with Christmas, winter holidays, etc., or that evokes ideas of Christmas – so, for example, geometric-type patterns, floral patterns, scenery, etc. are all fine, as long as they are related to Christmas or winter holiday themes or adaptable to uses for the holiday season (such as ornaments, table cloths, tea towels, greeting cards, etc.)

  • Submit an original design for surface embroidery, the dimensions of which may be no larger than 8 inches by 8 inches. It may be smaller than this, and it may be any shape, as long as it fits within an 8×8 parameter.
  • You have the whole month of November to work on it! Your design must be submitted by midnight CST, November 30th, via email to mary[at]needlenthread.com
  • The design may be for any kind of surface hand embroidery, but it has to employ at least three different types of stitches.
  • Your design should include recommended color & stitches. It may be produced in color or black and white, and in fact, you may even stitch a sample of the design, and send a picture along with it, although a picture of the finished product is not necessary (but would be nice!)
  • The design must be original: that is, you created it yourself! And it must be previously unpublished.
  • The design remains YOURS. However, by submitting your design to the contest, you give Needle’nThread permission to publish it on this website for this contest. It will not be used for any commercial purposes, although you should understand that if people like it, they will probably download it for personal use. On any submitted designs that are published on the site, I will include the designer’s name and commentary.
  • Viewers will also have the opportunity to “judge” designs as they are posted by commenting on them. However, the final decision on the winning design belongs to Needle’nThread, as well as the decision about what will be posted (for example, I will not post anything that is indecent or offensive).
  • You may submit more than one design.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.

Submission Directions & Formats: Attach your design to your email directed to mary[at]needlenthread.com, in any of the following formats: jpg, gif, PDF, or Word Document. Deadline: Midnight, CST, November 30th. Include your name, location, your age if you want, and make sure I have the correct e-mail address for a response. Winners will have to submit their address.

You might ask what’s the point of the contest — it is merely this: to excite people about embroidery, to interest them in thinking of their own designs, and to have fun with it!

ANYONE can do this! So join in the fun! Good luck. E-mail me if you have any questions!

Update, 2019

The businesses as represented in this contest (which was originally published in 2006) are no longer operating. Comments are closed.



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  1. Hello Mary C! What a great idea! It’s nice to see the fine art of embroidery promoted like this. I love your website and especially the video tutorials. Now to start thinking about a Christmas design! How fun! Keep up the great work!

  2. que bueno esas clases me encanaron nunca las habia visto quisiera que por favor me escribieran cual el la pagina para buscarla directamente que las encontre por accidente en la pagina de pachwor passion gracias

  3. Hi I am a Local Artist Designer. Several of my hand made designs are in Pasadena History Museum gift shop and Gene Autry Museum gift shop. I will be teaching in 3 different classes this summer.
    I have been told that my embroidery designs are very good and that I should enter them in a contest.

    Is there a Embroidery Contest is So. CA.? If so could please email me a list of them.
    Thank you


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