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Embroidery Stitch Challenge: Take a Stitch Tuesdays


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Are you interested in expanding your repertoire of embroidery stitches, and taking them to “new heights”? Does embroidering with a group help motivate and inspire you? If so, the “Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge” may be just the thing for you. The challenge is proposed by Sharon of Pintangle. The concept is this:

Each week, Sharon will propose a new stitch to work with, exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of the stitch. You can work on anything you like, with any kinds of threads, etc. The commitment is flexible, so you can pop in and out of it as you wish. Sharon will do a “weekly round-up” of photos from people involved in the challenge, so all the participants will be posting their progress each week as they work. Sharon has over 100 people currently signed up to participate from around the world!

The details are on her blog. I’m pretty excited about participating in this, as it will be a great motivational and learning tool. I’m particularly pleased about the flexibility of the whole challenge as well, since life does tend to go on outside embroidery. I also like the idea of starting the year with this, since it will give a continuity to learning different aspects of embroidery as the year progresses. And, finally, I think this would be perfect for the beginner – you will have the support of other beginners and advanced embroiderers from all over the world, to motivate and inspire, and to help you with questions, etc., as I’m sure there will be plenty of involvement and communication going on.

If you’re interested in joining up, let Sharon know, so she can add you to the weekly round up list! Hope to see you there!


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(3) Comments

  1. Thnaks for mentioning hte challenge and pointing people my way – I appreciate it
    I think it will be a great challenge and a good motivator all round yet realisitic

  2. Sounds like fun and a great way for a beginner like me to learn. My Tuesdays are already filled so will I be able to watch the video anytime and work on it at my own pace?

    1. Hi, Dee – This is actually an article about a challenge run several years ago on a different website (Sharon Boggan’s website, pintangle). But you can certainly take the concept and work at your own pace through the videos or any stitch dictionary any time you want! It’s a fun way to learn new stitches! ~MC

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