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Embroidery Supplies: Thread Express


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Thread Express is an online embroidery supply depot where you’ll find, among other things, heaps of embroidery threads.

The online embroidery shop apparently has a real-life counterpart by appointment only located in Maine. Thread Express online offers a good amount of embroidery supplies, but, as the name indicates, it’s all about the thread.

What kind of threads will you find here? You’ve got cotton, linen, wool, blends, synthetics, silks… You’ll find the full palette of Anchor stranded cotton available, at $0.59 / skein. You’ll also find Anchor Pearl Cotton #5 in a few select colors. You’ll find the Caron Collection threads – Wildflowers in the cottons, but all the other types as well (silks, blends, etc.)

For silks, you’ll find predominantly Eterna Silk, but you’ll also find Alyce Schroth silk embroidery floss, which is a two-strand, low-luster silk, along with some Au Ver a Soie, Caron Collection, Thread Gatherer (Silk’n colors), lots of Rainbow Gallery (which I hesitate to recommend – if you’re looking for silk, this isn’t such a great thread, and I’d avoid it!), YLI, Glissen Gloss Japanese Colorwash Silk, and J. L. Walsh Silk – and maybe even more…? The nice thing is, when you want to order more than one color of most threads, you can go to an order page and just check off the ones you want and hit the button once. You don’t have to go back and forth between a shopping cart and an ordering page.

There’s also a good amount of embroidery books available on the site. You’ll find many of the A-Z books, as well as some specialty books in techniques like crazy quilting, etc.

You’ll find patterns for redwork, punchneedle accessories and kits, and a bunch of beads and “small delights.”

I’m not super-impressed with the accessories offered – I think you can find better items, less expensive, elsewhere – but I think the site is well-worth a look, especially if you like trying out different threads! Enjoy!


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(1) Comments

  1. Mary, allow me to add that I ordered several products almost a week ago, and, except for the “Thank You for Your Order” email, have not heard from Thread Express, nor received a response to my three (3) emails regarding shipper information for my order. As well, their telephone number is out of service and my request that they email me a working telephone number-has gone unanswered, too.

    On their website, Thread Express states order processing is 2-3 days. They caution insurance must be purchased (a nominal fee) for damage/loss of an order, otherwise they assume no responsibility. Mary, Have you ever ordered from Thread Express–and to the NeedleandThread community, I’d like to know what your experience has been with them?

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