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Flannel Baby Quilt with Embroidered Squares


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Our embroidery guild recently shared the task of embroidering some simple squares for a baby quilt, which we plan to raffle later this spring as a fundraiser. The quilt turned out really cute! I can’t take any credit for the squares – I got the project going, but left the embroidery pattern choices and colors to the individuals. A kind lady of the guild took the squares home and assembled the quilt. I like the results!

The quilt is quite darling – and we’ll have a girl’s quilt to match soon – slightly different design in the border of the quilt, but overall, the same effect. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the boy’s quilt, with some close ups of some squares.

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel

The entire quilt is flannel. The quilting is done “in the ditch” up and down the sashing and around all the embroidered squares, as well as along the border.

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel - back

Here, you can see the flannel used for the backing – really cute stuff!

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel - kitten and bird

The dark flannel posed a problem in design transfer, so the ladies used Solvy to transfer the designs. The patterns were gleaned from all over the place, the thread is DMC stranded and #5 perle in most cases.

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel - bear fishing

Simple stitches, such as stem stitch and backstitch, were used on most of the squares.

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel - winter ducks

Some of the gals modified their embroidery designs – like these ducks who got dressed up for cold weather.

Embroidered Baby Quilt in flannel - sailboat

I’ll add some more close-ups on the squares later on! Hope you enjoy looking!


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  1. I love the idea of embroidering the squares on the quilt. My current project is a collage of songs my daughter (19 months) loves. I’m hoping to find patterns for the ducks and bear in a boat. They are simple adorable! Thanks for posting.

  2. I am looking for a pattern for a baby quilt for a girl . The blue one you did a story on, is this now availabe in Pink? I need asap . Thanks for your hlep

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