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Embroidery Thread Company Offers Contest with Prizes!


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Kreinik, a manufacturer of embroidery threads (probably best know for their metallic threads) has a announced an ornament contest with some great prizes. They’ve paired up with Tokens and Trifles (purveyors of perforated paper sewing cards) for this contest, and it looks like a fun one!

The embroidery design contest requires you to use the Tokens and Trifles Christmas stocking card to create a hand embroidered ornament. Your design must be original, and there are two categories of entry: one category utilizes only Kreinik threads, and the other utilizes at least one type of Kreinik thread.

hand embroidery contest at Kreinik

You might be worried that the stocking has to be worked solely in metallics, if you are only familiar with Kreinik’s metallic threads. This isn’t the case, though! Kreinik manufactures Silk Mori, which is a 6-ply spun silk floss. Admittedly, it isn’t my “favorite” silk to work with, but it’s nice for a spun silk. They have a nice range of colors available.

The prizes for the contest look enticing – there’s a first, second, and third place prize in both categories, and the first place prize is $500-worth of Kreinik and Tokens and Trifles goods and books. You couldn’t go wrong with that if you’re building a stash. You’ll also get a little publicity – a write up in Just Cross Stitch magazine. You’re design will also be published by Kreinik.

There are the typical caveats – the design must be previously unpublished, you have to write up detailed instructions with a stitch guide and color chart, etc. But, overall, it sounds like a fun idea!

You can find the complete details of the contest on the Kreinik Manufacturing website. You can purchase Kreinik threads straight through their website, or you can usually find them in local craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. You can also purchase some Tokens and Trifles cards through Kreinik, but amazingly enough, they don’t have the stocking card on their website! This is a drawback, since you have to submit the completed design worked on the card!

Never fear – you can find the Tokens and Trifles Stocking card available at Twining Thread, where it’s $2.50 for 1 card per package. You can also find them directly through the Tokens and Trifles website, where they are $2.90 per card.

I doubt I’ll have time this summer to join in on this contest, but it looks like fun! I hope others jump on the bandwagon and come up with some great ornament designs!


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