Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Circular Thing


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I’m still cleaning out my hand embroidery pattern archives, sketches, and whatnot, and as I go, I thought I’d keep posting anything that struck me as interesting for simple embellisment. This one’s a simple circular pattern.

This simple embroidery pattern seems well-suited to line stitches. You can find a whole list of line stitches in my Video Library of Stitches Index.

To save this pattern, right click on it. You can enlarge it or reduce it on a photocopier or in a photo editing program.

Free Hand Embroidery pattern: a circular thing

For more hand embroidery patterns, please visit my index of hand embroidery patterns.

Have fun with it!


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  1. This is a great pattern for beginners. I am teaching my 7-year-old daughter out to stitch and I think this is the perfect challenge for her. I have enjoyed using your patterns! Thanks

  2. Hi Mary, Would you suggest a few color combinations for your free circular pattern. One color, a run of a range of colors, how many colors would be effective before I overdo color? You suggested line stitches, split, stem, couched buttonhole come to mind. Thanks for your advice.

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