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Embroidery Designer Spotlight: Jenny McWhinney


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Jenny McWhinney is a needlework designer who specializes in thread painting techniques. Her work is often featured in Inspirations Magazine, which is where I became acquainted with her work.

Her needle painting (or thread painting) techniques showcase Beatrix-Potter-type illustrations: mostly animals, which are absolutely charming.

Jenny McWhinney Designs

Her designs are perfect for anything related to children – blankets, quilts, wall-hangings, pillows – all those things you might use to deck out a child’s room, or that would make a perfect gift.

This isn’t to say that they are all “children’s” designs. Her camels, for example, are featured on children’s blankets, but who says they wouldn’t look great on any wall in any home? They are intricate and really beautiful.

Thread Painted Camel by Jenny McWhinney

And, at the same time, they seem to have a sense of humor! When I look at Jenny’s work, I can’t help smiling!

Her “Monet the Mouse” books (little embroidered books that are truly gems!) are featured in a few different issues of Inspirations.

In a little behind the scenes article (no longer available online), Jenny explains where she gets her inspiration for these projects and more. It’s worth reading – it’s nice to get a sense of the personality behind the designer.

Jenny’s also got a book out, called Thread Painting: Bunnies in my Garden. It’s adorable!

As of 2016, it’s no longer in print, but you can find it through the following book affiliates, used:

Bunnies in My Garden, available used through Amazon.


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  1. Visit this lady's website – the stitching is fantastic. For me it is the quality of stiching shown that is inspirational rather than the designs. The colours and textures are amazing. The camel shown here is a good example but there are others. Yes, some of the designs are too childlike for me – although I find them charming I don't know young children at present but this is what I want my stitching to look like. When you google long and short stitch very little of practical value comes up – the excellent tutorial here and also a couple of well known books. These books although tecnical perfection do not appeal as the colours are dull and muted and strangely flat and appear as dead images even though many are of nature. By contrast the stitching by this lady is lively and full of character and enjoyment. I may get the book to see how she gets such wonderful results. This designer/stitcher gets the threads doing exactly what she wants and needs them to do and is the best quality of workmanship I have seen anywhere and is extremely inspiring. I may not want all her designs (the squirel is wonderful by the way, incredibly lively and life-like and comes as a kit) but I certainly want her know-how.

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