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An Out of the Ordinary Gift Idea for the Needleworker!


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I’m compiling a list of gift ideas for needlework enthusiasts. In fact, after asking for suggestions, I started working on the list and putting together some useful links, when I realized I was probably going on a bit of a rant. I’ve been told readers don’t like rants. The professionals out there say “keep your posts short,” so, feeling somewhat style-stifled, I haven’t finished the list yet! But there’s one suggestion for a somewhat strange gift idea that I just can’t help passing on right away!

When you embroider or work on your needlework projects – quilting, knitting, crocheting, and so forth – where do you sit and how comfy do you like to get? I know some people like to go at their needlework in a serious, studio-like, formal environment, where they sit in a regular chair (as opposed to on the couch), and where they go at their needlework with a business-like sense of purpose. I admire that!

But I also know there are many others out there who like to curl up in their most comfortable spots and work on their hobby. I hear this a lot from friends I correspond with – “Last night, I curled up on the sofa and finished embroidering my bookmark.”

Well, whether you like to curl up and get comfy when you do your needlework, or whether you like to sit in a more formal setting, there are probably times when it would be nice to ward off the chill of the winter months. But to cover up with a blanket can be counter-productive!

Well, guess what? There’s now a blanket that seems perfect for the needleworker! It has arms, so you aren’t inhibited by the actual blanket. It’s called the Slanket. If you have a stitcher in your family who likes to get cozy and stitch, you might find that this would make a good gift!

Check out the Slanket – I haven’t tried it for stitching (yet), but I did get my Aged P’s each one for Christmas, so my dad can read and my mom can crochet and they can both still enjoy the comfort of a blanket during the winter evenings. After the 25th, I’ll do a test run to see how they work with embroidery (and I suspect it will work great!) For formal set-ups, it might not be ideal, but for those casual projects, it might be just the thing!



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  1. I have a slanket – I love it. It works great for when I cross stitch or embroider, except sometimes the sleeves are a little bulky and get in the way.

    I like to curl up on the couch and do my handwork with my slanket.

    Good idea!

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