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Couched Lattice across the Strawberry


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Just a short little post, to show you pictures of the lattice work on the strawberry embroidered in satin stitch with the Gilt Sylke Twist….

I couched the lattice with green embroidery stranded embroidery floss, using one strand and a #11 needle. The lattice is worked in pink Gilt Sylke Twist.

Strawberry Embroidered with Gilt Sylke Twist

I tried to take photos that would catch the sparkle… side shots work really well, and you can’t see the flaws as well, either!!

Strawberry Embroidered with Gilt Sylke Twist

I like the pink GST with the red. The colors work well together.

Strawberry Embroidered with Gilt Sylke Twist

This is a head-on shot of the strawberry. The left leaf there is bent up, but it does sit down over the edge of the top, so that white isn’t visible.

And that’s the strawberry worked in satin stitch with Gilt Sylke Twist. I’m going to remove the stem stitch line I worked first on that leaf stem, then work the leaf to the left of the strawberry, and work the stem stitch up the vein of the leaf and to the main stem. The main stem will be worked in heavy chain stitch. Then I’ll figure out the blossom…

But in the meantime, I’ve got a couple videos to edit, so I hope to post a stitch or two this weekend for the video library, and I have the April embroidery stash contest coming up. I’m going to offer a meter of each of the colors of GST that are currently available (red, green, light blue blue, cream, and pink) and another goodie or two. So keep and eye out for that, and have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Ohhh! That is so lovely, Mary. I agree the pink GST is perfect with the red and I like the green ‘seeds’.

    I doesn’t look as if the threads were seperated too much by the couching stitches. I woundered if you would couch in the same direction as the red threads or perpendicular to them couching over the redde threads.

    It is so exciting to see your close up pictures. The Embroiderer’s Story Forum has a thread for Gilt Sylke Twist where we can share our experiences and pictures of stitching with GST.

    Thanks for these detailed posts. As soon as I have something to show of my strawberry, I will blog about it.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Looks good!

    Mary, now that you’ve been able to work with the GST, do you have any words of wisdom about good fabrics for GST? Also, which fabrics would you avoid?

  3. That’s REALLY luscious looking! I’m clearly going to have to get some of it and experiment.

    Do you have any difficulty with the metal-wrapped thread shredding the fabric as you stitch, or vice-versa?

  4. Hi, all –

    Thanks for the comments! It really has been fun to work with this thread. The strawberry, by the way, is only about an inch long from top to tip.

    As far as fabric goes, I’ve only worked on linen so far. I wanted to try it on an Italian silk I have, which is a heavy silk with a relatively tight weave. With the right needle, I think it’ll work fine, but I don’t know if the holes from the needle will close up as well as they do with the linen.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I try it!!

  5. Oh, and the metal and the fabric – no, no problems. I think it all depends on the needle. The metal is really not noticeable as far as stitching through the fabric goes, except for the zipper-like sound it makes, and the fact that it makes the thread a little stiff.

    I was looking at one of AG Christie’s books online recently, and I noticed that she has this thread type listed for certain types of work, and even has a line drawing of the thread – silk core with gold wraps showing the core. I had never noticed before!

  6. Hey, Mary, The strawberry is lovely, really great effect with the thread. Just wondering if you have ever twisted the flat silk. We do that in Japanese embroidery, combining in a gold thread sometimes to give the same effect. Anneg

  7. Hi, Anne –

    Yep, I’ve tried twisting flat silk and stitching with it. It takes getting used to the technique. I’ve not done it with gold, though, although I’ve twisted gold with twisted silk before – but I made a real mess of it when passing it through the fabric. Another technique that takes getting good at, methinks, if it is to come out looking nice! I have a book or two on Japanese embroidery techniques – I’ll take a look at how they recommend twisting threads! Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Hey, Mary, I think you have the first book by Master Tamura on JE. It has pretty good directions to twisting flat silks. You get lots of practice in Japanese embroidery and after a little while, it’s easy. The instructions on adding in a gold thread are really good. The think to remember is to underwist on the left hand and over on the right because of the twist of the gold. Otherwise you untwist the gold. I am going to have to get some of the gilt to see if it is similar to what I make. take care, Anne

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