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Gilt Sylke Twist Strawberry – All Filled Up


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Here’s my strawberry, satin stitched with the Gilt Sylke Twist. I’m dying to move a little faster on this little embroidery experiment, but time, alas, isn’t on my side right now!

I’m hoping to stitch the lattice work couching on tonight. I laid the pink Gilt Sylke Twist on to see how it would look, and I think it’ll look pretty good!

My fear is that I will finish the strawberry and loose interest in finishing the rest of the little design!

Here’s the satin stitching in progress and finished:

Strawberry embroidered in satin stitch with Gilt Sylke Twist

Working across the strawberry did pose some difficulties in the way the thread lays. I like Carol-Anne’s suggestion about using two needles threaded with the GST, and taking turns. Although this looks a bit bumpy there in the middle, it turned out ok, and the warbly parts will be stroked into submission before I lay the lattice work on. Actually, the lattice, I think, will help hold the threads in place.

Strawberry embroidered in satin stitch with Gilt Sylke Twist

Here’s the finished satin stitching. I’m wondering what will happen when I stitch between the GST to couch the lattice threads on. Will it separate noticeably? We shall see. I’ll use a very fine needle and only one strand of thread.

Strawberry embroidered in satin stitch with Gilt Sylke Twist

I think this thread is really gorgeous! From even a small distance, you can’t really make out the individual gold wraps. You end up with a sense of the gold, in the way that it picks up the light, sparkles here and there, and gives off an overall “shimmeriness” (if that’s even a word!).

So, that’s where I am right now. I’d love to know who else is stitching practice pieces with the GST and if you have any pictures posted… Do share!!


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  1. Mary
    This is beautiful – definitely good enough to eat! Thankyou for the remarkable detailed method of stitching.

  2. muy bonito el trabajo, pero no entendi como se borda la fresa, es segundo tendido es un hilo que tiene dorado o como es. mil gracias. podria contestar mi inquietud

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