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Gilt Sylke Twist: New Colors Out!


Well, if you liked the first 8 colors of the Gilt Sylke Twist imported by Access Commodities, through the efforts of the folks at Plimoth Plantation, you’re bound to be just as thrilled as I am about the new colors out!

I am so HAPPY to see the three new colors of GST that have been released and are now available to the public. The colors are Lincolne Green, Sable, and Black.

Gilt Sylke Twist: Lincolne Green, Sable, and Black

I love the bright green – and the sable is a deep dark brown, which looks lovely. Black, of course, is black – but with the gold!! Imagine how this could be incorporated into surface blackwork! Oh gosh. I am just in love with these threads, and these new colors are G-R-E-A-T. I think the two greens out so far will mix well together, too. Just think – leaves, stems… aaah. What bliss!

So – where can you get them? Well, Joady from Hedgehog Handworks e-mailed me earlier, to let me know they had them coming in. All three new colors are up on their website, but it looks like the sable is temporarily out of stock. Of all the online stores I’ve found so far carrying this thread, Hedgehog is the least expensive. They charge $19.80 / spool. You can find Gilt Sylke Twist online at other spots, though, too – like Needle in a Haystack, where it runs $22 / spool. It looks as if they don’t have the new colors, though. Both stores provide excellent service and quick shipping.

I’m pretty excited to see the color options expanding on this gorgeous thread, and I hope to see the growth in selections continue!


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