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Reader’s Embroidery: Quilt Blocks of the Month


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Jeannine sent along pictures of her third-ever embroidery projects… she sent these a while ago, so by now, she must be on her hundredth-ever projects!! (Maybe?) These are quilt blocks of the month, and I think they’re pretty darned cute – not to mention really well done!

One reason I like these types of hand embroidery projects is because they are filled with a variety of stitches, and you have pretty much an unlimited choice of colors. I think these types of blocks are excellent for beginners, and are a great way to make something that can be treasured by family or friends for a long time to come.

Here are her blocks:

Reader's Embroidery: Hand Embroidered Quilt Block of the Month

I love the seed stitching in the flowers, and the variety of leaves, don’t you?

Reader's Embroidery: Hand Embroidered Quilt Block of the Month

Again, the seed stitching is great for filling! I can’t decide what I like best on this one – I think I like the sand!

Reader's Embroidery: Hand Embroidered Quilt Block of the Month

It’s easy to pick a favorite aspect of this block – I love the turkey’s feathers!

Good job, Jeannine! These are great – what a lot of fun! And it’s wonderful to be able to see what others are doing out there in the embroidery world… seeing other people’s work is a great way to get inspired!

If you’ve been working on something lately and want to send along a progress report, I’d love to see your current project. Contact me, and I’ll e-mail you back, so you can send an attachment!

I hope everyone’s having a great week – I, personally, am work-swamped. But this, too, shall pass!


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  1. Thanks, you guys. 🙂 I did have a lot of fun with these but I was glad when the 12th one was finished!

    I learned a good lesson with these blocks though. I learned that if you really don’t care for a design element on a pattern before you’ve stitched it, you probably won’t like it any better after you’ve stitched it.

    I didn’t care for the lettering used for the names of the months before I stitched them and I cared for them a lot less afterward. It was silly not to find a font that I liked to replace what was on the pattern. I’ll know better next time and not be afraid to alter whatever I wish on a pattern if I think I can make it more to my liking. -Jeannine

  2. I absolutely love your choice of colors for each design. They are rich, yet muted in tone. The designs are really charming.

  3. Thanks very much, Laura! 🙂

    To the person who asked if I could share where I got the patterns…I got the stamped blocks in an ebay auction. They didn’t come in any packaging that indicated where they originated from. They just came in an old plastic supermarket bag.

    I believe they have some age to them but I couldn’t say exactly when they were made. I’m always looking high and low for quilt blocks and quilt block patterns, but I’ve not seen these particular BOM designs being offered again either as stamped blocks or as iron on transfers. I wish I could be of more help, sorry. :-/

  4. You do wonderful work, Jeannine! I love the turkey. I’m in a Yahoo group for redwork and the members recently tracked down the book where some designs on a redwork quilt came from. I’ll post a link to this post on the group and maybe someone will know who designed or manufactured the blocks.

  5. Hello! These designs are so beautiful, you did an awesome job on them! Ever since the first time I saw this pattern I have been keeping my eye open for it. Well, today I found it at the local Hobby Lobby! It is an Aunt Martha hot iron transfer. The name on the packet is Monthly Madness 3995. Hope this helps everyone who has been looking for them!

  6. How do I get copies of the patterns for quilt blocks of the month for the entire year? I would love to make it for my sister. Your website has lots of ideas, Love it.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.

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