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November Embroidery Stash Winner Announced!


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Wow. This month’s embroidery stash give-away drew a larger response than usual – 167 comments altogether at the time of the deadline! I’m ultra curious to know what the draw was that encouraged people to leave a comment. I suspect it was the Sublime Stitching book, but perhaps it was the threads… I’ll have to ponder that one.

This is how I went about drawing a winner for the embroidery stash:

First, I filtered all the comments into a table. This sounds like a pain, but it’s really not that big of a deal usually – I just add the names as they come in. If the names are something that might be duplicated (for example, the post is signed with a common first name), I’ll add with the name a salient word or two from the comment. This step was a little more time consuming this time, given the number of entries, but worth it still!

Then, I mix up the order of the cells.

Then I go fetch a random number from random.org.

And, finally, I match the random number to the number on the table, and there’s the winner!

I’m always surprised at the winner, for some reason. I don’t know why that is…

Anyway, to get on with it, this winner has something in common with me (if you stitch, of course, you all have something in common with me!) – but this one hits a bit close to home! That’s because she is close to home, relatively speaking, I suppose!

The number that I drew was….

157 ….

and #157 was next to the name….

Maria in Kansas! Strange to think there are people in Kansas who read my website!

So, Maria, please contact me and let me know where to send your new stash stuff! Maria says she’s embroidering two dresser scarves for her daughters and doing some needle painting, and looks forward to trying goldwork and whitework some day. Well, now she has some dish towels to add to her to-do list, and, with the new fibers, some other stuff to concoct. I hope she enjoys it!

Thanks to all for participating in this month’s embroidery stash contest! I’ve got something a little special planned for the December give-away, so keep an eye out for that next month!


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  1. Thank you very much Mary for the goodies. I love getting something for nothing. I have to say it was the gold thread and autumn colors of thread that caught my eye. I will have fun stitching.
    Maria from Kansas

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