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November Embroidery Stash Give-Away… Another Good One!



Ok, here’s the Embroidery Stash Give-Away for November! I included plenty of embroidery threads of different types, a few embellishments, a couple embroidery blanks (kitchen towels), and a large book. Take a look!

This month’s embroidery stash contest has something in it for everyone, basically. It’s kind of a hodge-podge collection, with a little bit of a theme, but not much of one!

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

First, the embroidery threads:

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

There are two skeins of Caron Collections threads – Watercolors and Wildflowers. Both are cotton threads in different sizes, and both are overdyed. They’re in kind-of autumn-ish colors.

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

You’ll find three skeins of silk in this contest: one Dinky-Dyes and two Needlepoint Inc Silk.

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

There are 2 skeins of DMC perle #5, one autumn-ish and the other will get you ready for the holidays.

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

There are two blank cotton kitchen towels. These are long, narrow towels with a looser weave, good for using with perle cottons or three strands of DMC stranded cotton.

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

And some embellishments: a piece of tiny red and green ric-rac (perfect for a Christmas ornament, perhaps), as well as —

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

… gold colored ribbon floss…

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

… a pretty little snowflake charm…

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

… and some icy-sparkly antique glass beads from Mill Hill.

November Embroidery Stash Give-away: Plenty of embroidery threads, an embroidery book, some embroidery blanks, and other stuff!

The book is one of Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching books – a compilation of iron-on transfers in simple “hip” designs. If it doesn’t suit your style of stitching, it would make a great Christmas gift for an up-and-coming embroiderer. The book includes information on tools, threads, stitch directions, etc. – all the basics to get started embroidering. To read a more thorough description, you can read Amazon’s description here, and even look inside the book: Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To

So, in order to be included in this stash give-away, all you need to do is the following:

1. At the end of this post (underneat the “posted by” information) you’ll see a little link that says “click to comment.” Click to comment! (You have to be on the website – not reading the e-mail newsletter!)

2. In your comment, answer the following question:
“What type of needlework do you currently do, and what type would you like to try?” (Thanks, Jo! That was one of your questions in the August stash give-away!)

3. Check back on Tuesday to see who won – and if You happen to be the winner, you must contact me with a shipping address within two days.

The contest deadline is Tuesday, November 18, at 5:00 am CST. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday. Anyone may enter, from anywhere. I’ll ship the package the least expensive way.

Don’t be shy, now! Even if you’ve entered (or even won) another, you can still enter again. And please do feel free to spread the word about the contest among your stitching buddies! The more the merrier (though I realize it reduces the odds…)

I’ll be doing this again in December, by the way, with a very special package which I picked out the same time I put this one together! When I finally made up my mind to part with the December goods, I got pretty excited about it… so that’s something to look forward to!

One more bit of website information: my feed account was recently migrated by Google, so if I’m not showing up in your feedreader or in your inbox (for e-mail subscribers), do let me know by using the contact us form. It’ll take a few days for my feed stats to get back to normal, apparently. I’m hoping 1,000 readers haven’t abandoned me in one day…!


(176) Comments

  1. What beautiful stash. You are a dear to host such a nice giveaway. I currently do mostly cross stitching, but have a few beautiful ‘beyond cross stitch’ canvases in my UFO basket. I have never tried stump work, which looks really beautiful, so given time and money that is what I’d like to try.

    Again, thanks for hosting such a terrific giveaway.

  2. lovely stash..

    right now i am experimenting with different embroidery stitches.. i would love to perfect this and gift hand embroidered items to family & friends..

  3. Hi Mary – Lovely fall colors for this contest. I’ve been doing Xstitch and needlepoint/canvas work for years and truly enjoy both. But I’d like to make the leap to what appears to me to be the much more creative world of surface embroidery. I so enjoy your website and and your approach to teaching/seeing needlework. I learn something with each post! Thanks, SF

  4. I do a little bit of lots of needle work, I really like pulled and drawn thread. I do a least one set of tea towels a year. I can take them anywhere if they get dirty they are washable. I would like to try gold work and some thread painting. I did my first crewel work this year in would like to do some more. I just like to dabble in lots of things I always say I’m a Jaci of all stitches master of none.

  5. Currently I do very little needlework, the knitting bug has really got hold of me! However in the past I’ve dabbled in just the sort of embroidery mentioned in that book. I love the simplicity of the designs. In the future I have no idea where I will go, I think knitting will always be my first love, but I do like dabbling in embroidery.

  6. hai mary….what a nice giveaway…
    right now i’m doing redwork embroidery, cross stitch….

    i’ve never done handanger…it looks nice…and i’ll try it one day…

  7. Pretty things!

    I am currently doing lots of silk shading, but I bought some gorgeous coloured wools recently, and am thinking of trying some Crewel work next. I’m also interested in getting better at Silk Ribbon embroidery, as it’s so quick, and ideal for gifts.

  8. Dear Mary,

    I’m new to commenting on blogs! I do a little bit of cross-stitch, needlepoint etc.. and am teaching my 9 yr old daughter the basics of embroidery. I love your stitch demos. My most adventurous work so far was or nue. If I had the resources, I’d love to do some more gold work and I also like the look of crazy quilting but think that might be a bit ambitious!


    Alison in Sydney, Australia

  9. I have done cross stitch for many years, but have done more embroidery this year which I would like to develop. Love needlepoint, and would like to get more proficient at that and crewel work.

  10. Let’s see…I currently do some embroidery with various materials, not a whole lot, but I want to expand what (improvised) skills I have to include freehand surface embroidery with not only commercial materials but fine handspun silks I make myself.

    Beyond that…well, I lust to work in gold and silver. 🙂 Which is all your fault, you and your pomegranate… *grin*

    Thanks for showing me that yes, I CAN DO this neat stuff. It’s awesome!

  11. Great stash for the give away – making me feel very festive!

    I’m busy exploring lots of different embroidery styles at the moment – so a little of alsorts, I’m currently doing a project from Trish Burr’s lovely Flowers book which you reviewed not too long ago..

    I’ve been playing with a bit of blackwork and I’m looking forward to a course on silk shading this weekend at the Royal School of Needlework..

  12. Mary – Gorgeous load of loot for your giveaway! I’ve done crewel in the past and needlepoint. Right now I’m doing cross-stitch and some very, very simple embroidery (strictly back-stitch and french knots). I got very frustrated a number of years ago trying to do a dresser scarf with lots of satin stitch. My satin stitching left a lot to be desired so in frustration I quit trying! Perhaps someday I’ll try again.

  13. Currently I am doing a embroideried Warali painting. It is a tribal art in India. Generally this is done on mustered color with white color. Warali people paint there walls with this. Looks really beautiful.

    The next one that I would love to do is also a painting. In that i would like to embroidery nature.

  14. What a beautiful stash. I just do surface embroidery, would like to try crewel and brazilian. I enjoy reading your posts

  15. What beautiful gifts. Be sure I’ll announce it on my blog!
    I’m a basic embroiderer, so I employ the easiest stitches; long ago I’ve made cross stich but sincerly I don’t like much.
    Now I have the pretention (!)of trying the use of ribbons! 🙂

  16. I am currently doing one of Marie Suarez’courses: “La Grille de Lady Evelyn”. This project enables me to learn lots of great stitches from Dresden.

    I definetly would love to learn Japanese embroidery.

    Thank you for your wonderful site.

  17. At this moment, I am not doing any kind of needlework, I am too busy preparing and gathering the supplies for my Christmas (card and present) projects. (Not to mention trying to live my life.)

    I hope to do some embroidered Christmas cards, to try to embroider a small (handkerchief-sized) tablecloth (I couldn’t resist the ready-printed flower-and-leaf design) and most importantly to test my sewing skills by making three aprons with -if there’s time!- the recipients’ names embroidered on the pocket. Starting tomorrow. *nervous swallow* Wish me luck!

    (Why do I need luck? Because starting the projects shouldn’t be too difficult but FINISHING them is a whole different ball game… How long is it till Christmas, again?!)

  18. I am presently working on what may become my 100 year project – a kit from Edmar that is a sampler. This is how I am learning embroidery and to think this silly girl started with Brazillian embroidery!! Oh well, if I ever get finished I will have leared and accomplished much. I take breaks by doing wool embroidery – which is basically a blanket stitch and French knots. What do I want to try next – I just don’t know. It’s going to take me time to recover from this adventure. Deborah W.

  19. It is nice to have cross stitchers among us already. I am cross stitching too, and want to try stitching on felt (I don’t know what, yet), because I want to make some finger puppets for my son. Perhaps I can to a butterfly puppet with nice metallic embelisments.

  20. I’m a crazy quilter so I do lots of embroidery but right now I want to learn more stumpwork techniques. I’m heading out to take a class today!

  21. oh wow! I currently do free form embroidery but I would like to try more alphabet embroidery with the satin stitch. I just dont fill in lines very well or evenly. I am such a beginner though.

  22. You are one generous mama!!

    Currently I am actively embroidering a crazy quilt piece, knitting a sweater, slowly slugging my way through Japanese embroidery (that doesn’t sound very zen does it?), and working on November’s bead journal piece which is bead embroidery.

    I would love to learn ecclesiastical embroidery so I could make my cousin who is a priest, a stole.

  23. Hi there Mary,

    What a lovely stash, and good luck to everyone.

    The embroidery I do at the moment is simply smocked stitches on the smocked dresses I make, bullions, trailing vines and beading. I also do some monogram work on bedding for my 12 year daughter, oh and wool embroidery on a teddy bear I made, mainly bullion roses.

    I hope to eventually get up the courage and rise to the challenge of stumpwork and also goldwork.

    The stash would be wonderful as I live abroad and find it difficult to get supplies locally, the threads are stunning and the book would be perfect to tempt my 12 year old to get “into” stitching. I think the right up that says it has “hip projects” just might swing it!!

  24. Wow! Nice stuff! I like to do more ‘big needle’ needlework like knitting and crocheting, some sewing and quilting and a little embroidery. I would love to try the fancy kind of stuff that you do, so having a good start on supplies like this giveaway would come in really handy! So….PICK ME! Pretty Please!


  25. Hi Mary,
    At the moment I’m making drawn thread and others techniques that I don’t know how to translate to english.Here in Brazil,we call something like “striped huck” or “vagonite riscado”.Also I have made a work with ribbons and sequins and “crivo”.I would like to experiment needle painting and of course I would like to win this stash because in november 29 is my birthday.Oh Lord, 50 years,can you imagine?Who knows if this time I win this beautiful gift?

  26. Just a beginner so right now I’ve been reading alot. At the moment, I’ve been working on basics. Making Christmas gifts for my 2 little grand daughters. Honestly, I just want to learn as much as I can! ::smiles::

  27. Hi
    I am hooked on Brazilian embroidery (bullions). I think they look so beautiful. My next project I would like to do some satin shading. I tried it before but like you have said it is an not an easy stitch but I am willing to try. Thanks for all your help. I would not gone beyond the basics without your website.

  28. Such a lovely giveaway I couldn’t resist 🙂

    I currently do cross stitch (the English way, one block at a time), but I would love to do stumpwork!


  29. I am a new member here and I love it! The beautiful stash you are so generously offering sure does bring out my acquisitiveness! I want it!!!

    Currently I have been helping my daughter with some plain old embroidery; she has learned outline, chain and satin stitches so far and has embroidered two shirts for her boyfriend’s birthday. Is there a place here I could post pictures if you would like to see them? Myself, I am working on embroidering a couple of kitchen towels and a potholder, making a needle case and pincushion for a young friend whose parents gave her a sewing machine for her high school graduation and very slowly knitting a scarf for myself. So many irons in the fire!

    I would like to learn crewel work and have a tool for the miniature needlepunch embroidery but have not had satisfactory results so far–maybe I am not doing it right! Finally, I saw some wonderful felted ball ornaments at a fair and would love to know how to make those.

    Even if I don’t win that tempting stash, I am happy to part of such a wonderful community.

  30. HI Mary, The question: “What type of needlework do you currently do, and what type would you like to try?”

    My answer: Current needlework is mostly wool on wool in penny rug style, so the embroidery tends to be on and around applique bits.

    Would like to do satin stitches with shading using some of the smoother, lovely floss on velvet – thinking small drawstring bags.

    So enjoy your articles and videos.


  31. I left my entry for the stash on the wrong day!!! I am planning on working on a bargello piece but am not currently doing anything. I want to try some of the lovely flowers (especially the peonies) seen on the free patterns website you sent us the link for. I would like to work in silk as I’ve never done it before. Thanks for the time you give us. Martha McSweeney

  32. I just think you are so generous…I mainly do embroidery on seams of crazy quilts right now. I would like to try gold work and needlepunch. I even have the stuff to do needle punch so I must just make the time.

  33. I’ve just finished a family chart, in silk thread, which I designed, calligraphed, and transferred to linen. In the process, I learned a number of new stitches, including the bullion knot stitch — so beautiful! Next, I want to try goldwork or silk shading, perhaps following Trish Burr’s instructions. Mary, I’ve found your site to be THE resource for me. Thank you. Eunice Carwile

  34. Why don’t I win all your embroidery stash give-away. Not because I want it for free, they are really lovely.
    I’m a beginner in embroidery and practically learning from your tutorials.
    I like to do some silk work in the near future.

  35. I think the stash giveaways are a terrific idea! What a neat way to network! Right now I am between projects, but would eventually enjoy doing hardanger or even some satin shading. I am always open to a new challenge:-) My last project was done in white crewel & I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks for all the tips on Needle'N' Thread.com.

  36. I am in the midst of a redwork quilt project of baskets. I would love to learn to perfect my satin stitch…

  37. So far, I’ve been doing simple surface embroidery, and most recently, I’ve been using size 5 perle cotton. I love using the perle on decorator weight fabrics. I thought that I wanted to try cross stitch because I love the folk-style samplers and French patterns, but after a brief attempt, I decided that I didn’t enjoy such tiny work. Jacobean embroidery appeals to me, so I expect I will try that eventually.


  38. My grandmother taught me to embroider and I am now just getting back into it. I would like to teach my 8 year old daughter to embroider and this little book and the marvelous threads would probably do the trick. I really enjoy your website and emails. Thank you.

  39. Oh, such pretty threads!

    I love doing cross stitch, which led me to a crewel kit, which led me to learning as many hand embroidery stitches as I could find to make a crazy quilt for my mom. Right now I am about to get started on a little baby blanket for my friend.

    I would love to work with ribbon embroidery. I’ve tried a little bit, and now I want to learn more 🙂

  40. Currently I’m doing the course “sumptuous surfaces” by SharonB, so I’m working with embroidered layers, which is new to me.
    I would like to try blackwork, I already have bought a kit, but no time to stitch yet.

  41. Hi!
    I`m delurking for the first time to see if I can win! I`ve been making prick-n-stitch cards and would like to broaden my horizons by learning to do some traditional embroidery. I`ve seen some beautiful things on your site and you`ve inspired me to give it a go. I imagine that book could teach me.

  42. What a great stash to give away. Right now I am working on two redwork quilts. One to give for Christmas, and one simply because it is fun. My next project is to work on perfecting my stitches and learn stumpwork. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  43. I’m currently really into Hardanger embroidery and do a little cross-stitch. I would love to really learn ribbon embroidery…

  44. I do “ordinary” embroidery, mostly DMC thread, mostly household items or baby quilt related. Someday I will get up the courage to try something more formal in silk thread.
    I use Google and have not experienced any problems with your feeds.

  45. I started with Crewel. A gift from a friend when I was ill and I had nothing to do while in bed. I was hooked! After that I tried pretty much everything I could find a kit for. Then found out you don’t need one!

    I’d like to try silk shading. It looks so beautiful!

    Paula from Oregon

  46. I love needlework of all kinds so I am willing to learn most any type of embroidery. I currently doing redwork and an embroidery with color from Australia. I love both of these. What a lovely giveaway you have. Thank you for sharing.

  47. How nice..a give-away! I do cross stitch but would like to try silk ribbon embroidery. Is that a pincushion on the book’s cover..I would like to make one! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  48. What a beautiful collection of threads, the book and other items look wonderful too. I can’t believe you give things away like this (I think it’s absolutely wonderful though).

    I’ve been a cross stitcher for almost twenty years and have recently fallen in love with embroidery in it’s many shapes and forms. I am currently working on a study piece where I’m trying out a number of stitches in random colours and designs. My lifetime goal is to attempt each type of embroidery out there. A very lofty goal I know, but a girl’s gotta have something.

  49. WOW such a very nice give away.
    I used to embroidery in my teen years on my jeans and bags, I recently have been revisiting my love for the needle and threads, with a quilt for my kids and granddaughter. I have only worked with DMC floss and rayon, it would be a nice sampling to widen my horizons.

  50. I have been doing counted work and embroidery, both fairly “free-style” and next I would like really like to learn needle lace, particularly the Turkish/Ottoman type called ‘oya’. It’s so beautiful and delicate and at the same time so colorful and at the same time as being disciplined (mainly you make types of flowers), it is ‘free’ – you can really use your imagination. I have found a friend who knows how to do it and am going to nag her until she teaches me more than the basics!

  51. Right now I am working on a beautiful needlepoint canvas by Terry Dryden. It is pushing my limits on stitching and color choices! I would love to learn more about beading! Thanks for the great giveaway! Teresa

  52. I am currently working on perfecting some stitches like French Knot and satin stitch. I think that free hand looks fun and I think I’d like to try goldwork.


  53. Needle Painting is the most wonderful thing right now! I am on the 3rd project just from one magazine! Trying something new is always great! One thing I am going to do is a candlewicking project in the future. I do think about it off and on!

  54. Mostly I embroider faces onto the stuffed animals I make, although I also have a fairly large hardanger project that I’ve been working on for, well, years. It’s nearly finished, though!

    I’d really like to learn needle painting techniques. I think I’ll take a break from knitting and crocheting after I finish Christmas presents, and spend some time working with embroidery instead.

  55. Fantastic giveaway!

    Right now, I’m dabbling in a few little things. I do a lot of sequined/beaded embroidery on felt, which comes in handy during the holidays, but I’ve also recently been delving into punchneedle embroidery. That has been a lot of fun. I bought the book Doodle Stitching not too long ago, and I would really like to try one of the projects in there or something in the Sublime Stitching vein – I haven’t completed a true surface embroidery project on something truly usable (linens, clothing, etc.) and I would really like to get into that.

  56. I’m mostly a knitter, but do some basic embroidery as well. I want to get better at the embroidery and perhaps try my hand at cross stitch. My grandmother was a genius at it so I hope a little of her talent may have been passed down.

  57. I currently knit, crochet, do cross-stitch and some embroidery, although I would definitely like to learn more about the latter! I am also itching to try tatting, because my grandmother and her sisters were always tatting lace for handkerchiefs.

  58. Hi! First of all thank you so much for all the videos – I just finished looking at all of them and learned quite a few useful tricks:)

    I’m doing ethnic Estonian embroiders mostly, quite archaic and mostly in satin stitch. I would love to try out all sorts of embroideries and freeform definitely.

    Thank you!

  59. I mostly do counted cross stitch but have tried hardanger too. I would love to be able to do ribbon embroidery also some day.

    Must tell you I love you newletter and your website. Love your videos on different stitches. Always look forward to your newsletter. Thank you very much.

  60. Hi Mary!
    >I read your posts regularly. You are doing a great job of sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.I refer to your stitch library a lot too.
    >I embroider my sarees, dresses and blouses and also bed linen, cushion covers and kitchen linen with all types of hand embroidery stitches-free hand-chain, running, herringbone, basque etc. But I like Indian technics of Kanta, Kasuti, Kutch, Aari, Zardosi etc.
    >I am now going to learn Brazilian embroidery and stumpwork which fascinate me.
    >Boy I love your stash-specially all the floss. I would pray to win them (for using in BE) as we don't get them in India and I cannot afford to buy them from overseas.

    >Oh God! Let me win please!

    Sailaja from India

  61. Oooooooo, Mary! Fab giveaway! Pick me, pick me!

    I dabble in all kinds of needle arts – crochet, lots of variations of hand-embroidery, bead embroidery, some quilting. I’ve tried nearly everything, but I’m not an expert at anything! Right now, my stitching fingers are itching to try out the new 14-count plastic canvas for dimensional projects.

  62. Well, I currently do crazy quilting (ha, you didn’t know that did you?) and I would like to think I could do thread painting…..

  63. I am currently doing a priest’s stole using needle painting, satin stitch, and whatever seems most appropriate. I am also working on some funny chickens for my breakfast room and using the bodies as explorations of stitches. I have more stoles planned in my head and would love to try some crewel or Jacobean next and I’d love to learn some more about goldwork. Thank you for your inspirational site and your generous stashes.

  64. I currently knit (a lot) and tat (I got a bunch of my cousins together and we learned from our grandma) and have embroidered a little bit.

    I would like to try more complicated embroidery. (The most recent I did was a hand-drawn W on the corner of a kerchief 16 times in a row. Got boring.) I would also like to try cross stitch and really everything in the Michael’s Needlework book that my grandma gave me.

  65. I am a embroidery girl. I love vintage patterns and of course Jenny Hart’s work!

    I would really like to do a traditional embroidery sampler for a gift or my own home.
    This will not happen until the new year. My Christmas gifts have the priority right now!

  66. Recently I’ve been working on a lot of 16th and 17th c inspired things …. lots of detached buttonhole etc. I’d be really happy if to feel I’ve really learned these techniques 🙂

  67. What an awesome give-away! I love crazy-quilting and there is always something to learn to incorporate on CQ-ing. I don”t think I could pin-point anything specific I want to learn because, “I want to learn it all!!!” Stumpwork would be neat for me to learn…Debbie (Maine)

  68. Wow- a great stash!! I currently am obsessed with vintage transfers and finish them very simply. I also do freehand embroidery using as many different stitches as possible, have done some embroidery that includes ribbon and beads. I am getting into redwork right now. I would like to learn specific, historical types of embroidery.

  69. I add embroidery to my fiber art pieces – mainly I use straight stitches, French knots, seeding etc. Very simple. I would like to learn some new stitches to add to my repertoire.

  70. Right now I am working on one blackwork piece, a surface embroidered box, a cross stitch sampler which includes pulled and drawn thread & a mandala piece together with a casalguidi piece. I have two techniques I am really wanting to try in 2009 – stumpwork and crazy quilting.
    Thanks again Mary, for another great giveaway!

  71. What a wonderful collection of goodies you are giving away and I definately want to be in the running to win it. Currently I am doing redwork and crazy quilting. I just started to learn Brazilian embroidery but am having a lot of trouble with that one. The silk thread and I do not get along. Thanks again for the giveaway.

  72. Oh my what a beautiful group of goodies. My current needle works include all forms of crazy quilt embellishment. I would love to learn tatting, it is such a lovely art form.
    Thank you for this generous gift for whomever is the lucky winner.

  73. I am currently working on the “Ladies in Red” embroidery patches. I am amazed at all the different embroidery work you can do. I am also embellishing my “Ladies” (in Purple) with beads. I love to do this kind of work and have done so for close to 35 years. Love your website!

  74. Wow you get a lot of comments! I am currently teaching myself to embroider and cross stitch. The cross stitch is coming slowly b/c I don’t have a lot of time but I love to embroider. It is fun to figure out what the best stitch is for the application. I keep seeing her website and books and am dying to try her designs.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. Also, thanks for the shop link the other day. I registered and don’t know how long I can hold out.

  75. Currently I do Brazilian dimensional embroidery. I would like to learn more about Needlepoint.


  76. hi,mary i always have curiosity when u announce stash give away everytime i thought may be this time i will in your winner list anyway currently i am doing crewel embroidery & traditional indian gujrati {maltese cross}embroidery which i like most.i would like to try soft shadding of flowers i love trish burr long & short flowers but i am not very good in shadding i want to learn i am trying myself with help of trish burr book i hope i will be do great in that too.

  77. I am currently working on mexican embroidery tea towels. Finished Alex Anderson’s pillow emboidery (phew!) I am intersted in Jacobean embroidery and since discovering NeedleNThread and Sentimental Stitches, I am interested in Goldwork. Especially, after receiving your e-mails with pictures. It has boggled my mine as to how much is out there that I have not discovered yet! Oh, and courious about silk embroidery thread. It will come!

    Susan Vasquez

  78. I enjoy your bit of brightness newsletter each day. I would like to enter for the ‘stash give away’
    My passion is Brazilian Embroidery, second is Huck; I have done a little canvas, cross stitch, etc – but 75% is Brazilian Embroidery ~
    What would I like to try – well I have done Hardanger and Tatting – want to get better at both of those; oh and pulled work
    Thanks again ~ Sharon Shetley

  79. looked and hunted for the click to post at the end of today’s email didn’t find
    however that isn’t that big a deal computers and i don’t seem to get along
    as for my needlework have several sets of pillows cases to finish and a baby quilt to do for my youngest granddaughter
    would like to do a bedspread all in white silks.

    Eileen Morgan

  80. My favorite type of needlework is any pattern by an Australian designer. I love their designs and the how the designs are incorporated into quilts, wall hangings and other fabric pieces.

  81. Oh my Mary! Your giveaways are just so very generous (as you are with all your posts).
    To answer the questions: I currently love crazy quilting, with some crochet and knit thrown in. As for what I’d like to learn (the list is long!)..stumpwork, hardanger, goldwork, bobbin lace to name a few.
    Mary Anne

  82. Currently I’m obsessed with machine embroidery (please don’t evict me) and knitting. I have been attracted to bargello (sp) style crewel work.

    KelleyP in Illinois

  83. Currently doing Needlepoint for a new friend whose Mother died last year, leaving behind 14 H-U-G-E and elaborate canvasworks to complete.
    Want to try Maltese knotting, making Chenille surface, want to try out formal Berlin Work and casual frayed-edge applique work and the look of Medieval “Winged Lion” stuff.
    Crazy Mad over Florentine design in silk Needlepoint. And LOVE Shisha and Passimenterie. Thanks for letting me vent!

  84. That’s a lovely prize. I mostly do freehand embroidery and a little cross-stitch. I’ve love to try hardanger and goldwork.

  85. Hi mary – what a generous giveaway – it all looks lovely (as always). i do mainly free style embroidery, with some dimensional techniques. i would like to try drawn and pulled thread work

  86. I have been doing a lot of redwork and coffee dying them for gifts. I ‘ve been wanting to try different threads (of which this give-a-way has some gorgeous ones) and I love Jenny Hart’s patterns..even done a couple. All in all, I love your give-a-way!!

  87. Mostly I do cross-stitch at this time. However, I love all types of needlework. My next learning endeavor will be hardanger.

  88. What a wonderfully generous giveaway you are offering. I discovered crazy quilting last March and I’m enjoying myself so much. I’m participating in SharonB’s 100detailsin200days which has been a great learning experience. I’m just about to start tackling stumpwork which looks fascinating and I’m also trying to learn tatting with a long needle rather than a shuttle.

  89. Right now I do a lot of general embroidery, short and long, seam treatments, some beading. I would love to become more proficient at stump work and BE. Thank you so much for your generous sharing of knowledge.
    Carol Davis

  90. I am a beginner. I have done a couple patterns from a book called “Teach Yourself To Embroider” by Donna Kooler: an embroidered muslin sash for my husband as a gift during our wedding(think “Braveheart” wedding scene) , which he takes with him on all his trips and another to be framed for my grandmother for Christmas. I have more plans to do do a few projects in the coming year including a set of napkins for my sis-in-law w/ monogram embroidery, pretty hankies for my god-daughters, and kitchen towels as wedding gift for friend. On these projects, I plan to find a pattern, but challenge myself to choose the colors and stiches for myself. I think I might try some red-work, which I never heard of until I read your blog. Thank you!

  91. Another fabulous giveaway! Very generous of you =:)
    As for my current needlework – I’m knitting and crocheting. I also cross stitch, do some embroidery and sewing.
    I really want to try Stumpwork. I bought two (yes, two!) kits from Inspirations magazine over a year and a half ago, and have yet to start…


  92. very generous giveaway! ^_^ how sweet of you to do these 🙂

    “What type of needlework do you currently do, and what type would you like to try?”

    I knit, crochet, sew, and hand embroider. I’m happy with these three but I would love to get better ^_^

    I’m also considering getting into needle felting 🙂

  93. Hi Mary,
    One more amazing stash !! It is just great !
    I just do “ordinary” surface embroidery and cross stitch at times, mostly on any household articles. But I would love to try somthing in silk or gold work or even long-short stitch. These simply look lovely. Havent yet had the courage to try them 🙂

  94. hello! what a beautiful stash…well, I grew up doing counted cross-stitch – hanging in my mothers house is my first embroidery project, from about age five that is a flower with those really looooooooong stitches for stems – but I did it on my own and on the sly for mother´s day…but I astucally have been doing much more sewing/construction type things lately – I´ve only just gotten back into stitching, I just finished appliqueing a rooster onto a sweater and am trying to teach myself some more interesting stitches…I´ve just moved a very long distance and don´t have most of my supplies so stitching is also nice – low start-up cost and small supplies! Thanks for putting together such nice things!

  95. I do tatting, which I’ve done for 28 years. I remember doing some embroidery as a child and I enjoyed it very much! All my embroidery supplies have disappeared over the years and I would love to get back into it. I’d also like to learn how to do CQ squares as I could apply my tatting “mistakes” to the squares as embellishement along with the lovely stitches I would get back into doing with something like this fabulous stash!!! 🙂

  96. What a great contest. I do alot of cross stitch and some beadwork. I would like to learn some Hardanger and needlepoint along with some more embroidery.

  97. What a wonderful & generous give-away! I am just getting back into embroidery. I've always loved handwork and have down crewel & cross stitch in the past. I've been quilting for a number of years-both hand & machine and have recently taught myself hardanger (love that!). I'm getting ready to take a class in Brazilian embroidery. I'm always happiest holding a needle & thread. Thanks for your wonderful site – what a great resource for all of us!

  98. This is very nice give away!

    I am self taught in all my crafting. (needlework, beading, knitting, crocheting, etc.) So I have no real technique. I do free-form embroidery often with beaded accents. I specialize more in embroidering with beads to make custom jewelry. But I have been reading sites like yours so I can combine to better needlework techniques with my bead work to give depth to my projects.

    I would very much like to learn how to read and follow a pattern. So I guess I could use a getting started book.

    Thanks for the great site and the chance at neat free stuff 🙂

  99. I’m more or less a beginner. So far, I’ve only used the cross-stitch kits that you find in stores. I want to learn more about creating my own cross-stitch designs, and I want to learn more about different kinds of embroidery and stitches.

  100. What a wonderful giveaway! I currently do embroidery, cross stich and hand quilting but I am dying to get in to punch stiching and tatting.

  101. I am currently working on cross
    stitch Christmas ornaments and
    am looking forward to learning

    Pat S.

  102. What an awesome giveaway! I just started to cross stitch, and I want to experiment more with free-hand stitching – it looks like so much fun!

  103. Oh, what a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been hand embroidering since I was a teenager. I don’t do much cross-stitching, but recently I’ve been itching to try out chicken-scratch. I’m thinking about making a few chicken-scratch holiday gifts – we’ll see how it goes!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. Ooh, I’d love to win this!

    I love surface embroidery – my first and biggest love. I also cross stitch, do crewel work and needlepoint. I’ve also made a few really easy-peasy quilts, but I think that is what I’d like to learn to do more of – especially crazy quilting!

    Linda (lewmew @ hotmail.com)

  105. what i am doing now? basic stitches, I do not know the names in English!! LOL
    I would like to keep learning. Thank you!!

  106. I currently do embroidery, but only basic split stitches. I would love to improve upon my skills & learn more advanced stitches! Jessica info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us

  107. Mary, Thanks for doing such a great give-away! I have lusted after threads like Watercolours and the Jenny Hart book. I have enjoyed needlework since I learned to cross-stitch in 8th grade; now, I make all kinds of projects. I love crewel, needlepoint and, especially, freestyle embroidery- mostly in long and short stitch.
    Thanks again, Suzanne G in NC

  108. What a gorgeous giveaway! I love to do embroidery, cross-stitch, and needlepoint. I’m one of those people with crafting ADD. I’d love to try beadwork.

  109. Hi mary

    I regularly visit your blog. Your articles/posts/tutorials are my inspiration. Nice of you to do such beautiful give away contest.

    I like to experiment with different embroidery stitches. Currently working on silk (tunic) embroidery with some embellishments. I would like to learn goldwork and traditional Japanese embroidery.


  110. I am currently working on making a special bag for my granddaughter for Christmas – now on my 4th attempt – (can you believe it!)
    I am using a piece of black “faux fur” and embroidering the word “dance” in large pink letters, using pink satin ribbon whipstitched on, and outlined with silver braid couched.

  111. Hi, I haven’t started doing needlepoint of any kind yet as me and small needles don’t get along but I have recently decided to give it another go. My mom does a ton of crazy quilts and I am always in awe of her work, so I want to learn to make some of those things for myself.

  112. You are a generous soul, Mary! I am currently involved with stumpwork and would love to try crewel.

  113. What a lovely autumn stash! Most of my embroidery has been needlepoint (tent stitch and the fancy stitches). This summer I painted a needlepoint canvas for my daughter. My current SCA project is based on Richard Wymarc’s German brick stitch patterns 1 and 8 (see wymarc.com). I would love to begin needlepainting and crewel.

  114. Hello! What a great giveaway! I am a beginning crafter. I have Jenny Hart’s boxed kit and am just getting into embroidering tiny birds, cats and offbeat things, like tiki heads and tattoo patterns. I am interested in expanding to Asian-themed needlework. My next project, which begins this weekend, is to sew some colorful lotus flowers on my reuseable canvas grocery bag. Wish me luck!

  115. I've only been doing embroidery a few months…so far I've done a couple of small embroidery kits and one larger crewel kit.

    What I'd like to try:

    1. Some shading techniques and projects in Trish Burr's "Crewel & Surface Embroidery."

    2. Goldwork

    3. Designing my own pattern to stitch (as opposed to using a kit)

  116. What luscious goodies! I am currently teaching myself punch needle embroidery for dollhouse miniatures, my other passion in addition to quilting. I would love to master crewel work and improve my embroidery stitches for crazy quilting. I enjoy your blog.

  117. HI! Did I metion that I LOVE your site? It has really helped me get back into embroidery. I would like to try to learn thread painting and surface embroidery. I am currently working on making a blanket with her initial monogrammed on it for Christmas.

    Grace Bader

  118. Here I am at the age of 60 , reading and seeing all the wonderful things here reminded me of my grandmothers embroidery skills, you couldn’t tell the front from the back she was so neat and tidy , so skilled, I’ve spent many years embroidering most everything I could lay hands to and have been qulting and just rediscovered punchneedle.
    I make my own designs many ducks as I have been a Decorative Duck Decoy Designer and hand painter for many many years and I like primitive as well so have made several designs suitable for country cottage and rustic home decor..
    Thank you for a lovely visit and so much inspiration.
    Loie in Maine

  119. Would you consider tatting needlework? That is what I am doing currently. I now want to try crazy quilting because I have lots of snippets of tatting that are lying around which can be used to embellish the CQ – my contribution to recycling, 🙂

    Appreciate what you are doing, thank you.

  120. I make a lot of softies and use embroidery on quite a few of them. I have always wanted to try knitting but have not been able to master it yet.

  121. At the very moment I am not actively working on any needlework project, but I plan to do so for christmas. I want to improve my satin stitch as I couldn’t get it to look good before.

  122. Loved your stash give away this month. Being a beginner this seems to be the perfect book I can look forward to…

    I am starting with a bit of surface embroidery. The first project was a sampler in green and red-holiday season colours 🙂 where I learnt and experimented with stitches like cross stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch,button hole, a bit of crewel embroidery and some other surface stitches.

    thanks and regards

  123. At Maker Faire in Austin, I met Jenny Hart and she taught me how to do embroidery. I am just starting out and anything that could help me out would be amazing…


  124. Wow, what a beautiful mixture!
    At the moment I have not that much time to do embroidery, but when, it is mainly free embroidery.
    What I would love to try is redwork and stumpwork.

  125. Mary,

    Thanks for yet another generous giveaway!

    I do mostly needlepoint and cross stitch. I am learning blackwork, and my dream is to learn how to do needlepainting as well as Tanja Berlin or you.

  126. Oooh, what yummy prizes . . . I do mostly random freehand embroidery, Ukrainian cross-stitch, or duplicate stitch on my knitting projects. I would like to learn how to do shaded work/improve my color skills in general. I’d like to be able to do some realistic-looking pieces.

  127. I just began embroidery in August. I’m still working on basics but would like to get to a place where I can do something like your stole work (though I doubt I’ll have the patience to do such intricate work).

  128. My original comment did not show up, so I'll re-post here.

    You can delete my earlier post, as I'm answering both required questions here. I'd love to win these materials!

    I do counted cross stitch on linen (samplers & smalls), as well as crewel embroidery on cotton dish towels. I'd like to learn punchneedle embroidery. Marie W.

  129. Mary I love your work,you truly are gifted. I like doing blackwork, crewel work, and would love to learn jacobean..I tat, spin,knit,learning to weave, I guess I love doing hand work.. Your items would be a dream to win : )

  130. Hi,
    What a great give away…so very kind!! I like to do cross stitching, hardanger, and am learning some basic embroidery. Also love to tat!!

  131. You always give away the best prizes! I currently cross stitch and embroider and would love to learn how to do punch needle. Also, my cross stitching is always done on 18 ct because my eyes are not that great anymore but I am determined to stitch on 28 ct linen one day. And, thanks for the butterfly patterns you shared back in 2007!

  132. Wow, the prize is great.
    I am knitting wristlets now. One pair after another… And cannot stop 😀 Will be presents for Christmas…
    And I wish to try goldwork one day. I understand, that I need only to start, but how to do that?…

  133. I like this site for its various techniques covered. I’ve done many types of embroidery over the years and I love goldwork – though at present I have not tried Or Nue or Opus Anglorum. This summer I got to try out hardanger (fun) but would next like to explore the pulled and drawn white work techniques with teh aim of making a late Elizabethan/early Jacobean apron in very fine linen.

  134. Mary-
    Great giveaway, I LOVE your blog! It is super fun to read and very informative.

    I like you, have been stitching since I was little. I started with what they used to call Candlewicking embroidery, I am sure it is called white work now, learning French knots first. I moved on to surface embroidery and then traditional ribbon embroidery.

    I am reading up on the thread painting and I am working through a class on stump work. I am trying different threads in silk and rayon, the rayon is giving me fits.

    I would LOVE to try is gold work. I just think your pieces are so very beautiful.

    Thank you Mary for this site, I read it every chance I get and always go back to read anything I miss.

    BJ Pontalion

  135. Currently I am embroidering 2 dresser scarves for my two daughters,a silk sampler and a thread painting kit. I am not very good at any of this,but I do enjoy doing them all and hope to be an accomplished embroiderer like Miss Mary Corbet someday. White work and Gold embroidery are on my agenda to do someday soon.
    Maria in Kansas

  136. NEEDLE POINT…NEEDLE POINT…NEEDLE POINT! I use to do a lot of embroidery and then I was bitten by the Needle Point bug. Hmmmm wonder what needle art bug will strike next!
    Annie in Michigan

  137. i currently do embroidery, which i just recently got into. i would like to eventually learn cross-stitching and other types of fancy stitches in needlepoint.

  138. currently I only do beadwork by needle – but I am anxious to start embroidery – and mix beads into it when I become skilled enough
    ahhh…the possiblities are endless

  139. Hi Mary,
    I m new to comment but i m addicted to your site. Really u r doing a wonderful Job.I always thinking that how u r doing all the stuff all together.
    At Present i m working on one my gift( embroidery cum ribbon work) which i want to give to my sister on his 1st wedding Anniversary and i would to like to try shading work n goldwork.

  140. mkj
    my usual embroidery has been outline type work for pillow cases, table runners and so on, from patterns. This site has inspired me so much, I would like to try freestyle – maybe even design my own wall hanging.

  141. I love silk shading work and am currently experimenting with silk threads. I have to say that I love this blog and look forward to seeing what others are doing.

  142. Fabulous giveaway!

    I mostly sew, but I also have knitting, needlepoint and embroidery projects on the go. I would love to learn to tat at some point.

  143. I would be interested in finding more information on needle lace and stumpwork. I have yet to head into that design corner and would love to. I truly enjoy all of your work and you are certainly an inspiration to all.

  144. Lovely giveaway this month! I do cross stitch, a little hardanger, and a few ‘fancy’ stitches…I mainly stitch samplers, and just pick up new stitches as I need them. Goldwork fascinates me, as does stumpwork…but if I could learn anything it would be the wonderful shaded embroidery I have seen the Japanese do…silk shaded glorious works of art. So beautiful, but very intimidating!

  145. My main needle work is knitting, though I do some embroidery (I’ve actually had an eye on the book in this giveaway). I’m trying to learn to crochet and I’d love to learn to sew, but I’m afraid my husband would kill me if I picked up another craft.

  146. Yummy! Yummy! Well I do needlework of a different kind – I am a quilter who still hand quilts my quilts and wants to incorporate embroidery into my work. I’ve enjoyed your daily emails of “eye candy” and today’s tea towel project just set me off. I would LOVE to do something like this as my first embroidery project. It’s amazing how a white background, two simple stitches, and 4 colors of yarn can create warm fuzzy feelings.

  147. I’m relatively new to embroidery, at present just learning stitches and trying to refine my technique, i.e. making my stitches more uniform and prettier. I’ve done cross stitch in the past, but I love the “outlining” techniques of embroidery more. Currently I’m in a Christmas knitting frenzy, so if I’m lucky enough to win this wonderful giveaway, I’ll definitely have a reason to get back to my embroidery lessons.

  148. I’ve learned so much from this website. Thank you.

    Currently I do embroidery and cross stitch table cloths, mostly kits from Rico design.
    I like modern embroidery designs, but like to see them worked with more intricate stitches to distinguish them from machine embroidery.
    I’m attempting to make all my Christmas gifts this year and learn more stitches. Hardest right now is trying to design a corner motif for napkins that will match a busy paisley design on kitchen curtains and incorporate some new stitches (lattice, knots and bullion)

  149. well, although it’s unlikely I’ll win, I’m glad to try. Love your blog.

    I currently do the very kind of embroidery in Jenny’s book. outlines of mostly-modern designs. I mainly stitch baby shirts, although I do a tea towel here and there as well. I just tried chicken scratch on a project, my first branching out. I think ribbon embroidery is beautiful and think I might try that some day.

  150. What an awesome giveaway!

    I am new to needlework so I have only managed to embroider a few tiny things, but I am looking forward to doing some cross stitch work now. I am actually working on a little design of my own. Wish me luck with that. 😀

  151. I am currently working my way through Katherine Shaughnessy’s The New Crewel and I am deeply in love with split stitch. I would like to learn shading stitch – but it’s a little scary right now.

    Thanks Mary!

  152. I’ve been working on developing the number of stiches I do. I like working on smaller projects so I can carry them with me.

  153. I’ve done a lot of embroidery in the past and counted cross stitch. But my patience and eye sight aren’t that keen anymore. I’ve wanting to go back to emboidering simple pictures on tea towels.

  154. I am doing embroidery on sarees with some designs posted by you and other sites that i have found for embroidery. It gives me great pleasure to wear dresses that i have myself done.
    I am not good at satin stitch and so would like to try my hands at that.

  155. What a fabulous giveaway! I usually do cross stitching because I find it easier to follow a pattern than to have to come up with stitches on my own. I haven’t yet done any kind of embroidery or x-stitching with embellishments like beads or buttons or with floss other than cotton so I’d like to try those one day. In the future I would also like to try stumpwork and redwork.

    Good luck to everyone and congrats to the winner.

  156. i am very new to embroidery,i deceided to do a crazy quilt so of course you need embroidery. i purchased a few book and i am reading about the stitches.the things you are giving away are very beautiful,but i am sorry to say i don’t really know much about the threads and things,but i keep reading your emails and i’m learning.

  157. Será que estou atrasada 😉 , faço ponto cruz , dobraduras , móbiles , e estou me apaixonando pelo mundo da costura, inclusive estou vendo seus videos pra bordar .
    Abços ^.^

  158. What a neat page.. and a very nice giveaway package. I have done a lot of crewel, xstitch, various needle works and have jumped on board for needlepunch. What a great way to make a little memento in just 2 hours! Look forward to your December package! I’m so excited!

    Jacci G

  159. I love to embroider just about anything. I make a lot of softies and I have always wanted to learn how to knit. Maybe one day.

  160. I love to embroider and knit..Its been my favourite hobby since i was small.I would love to have this beautiful gift to make something creative..Lately i knitted some booties for my baby and also did embroidery work on some of her white onesies which turned out to be very pretty….my id is priaraj5@gmail.com

  161. hi i love doing cross stitch and have been for nearly 20 years, had one piece at the bedigo show many years ago, came 7th

  162. I do surface embroidery. I am presently working on the back of a shirt with loads of French knots. I’d love to try silk embroidery next. Would dearly love to win this prize. Thx.

  163. Love your website. I do smocking, surface embroidery, hand quilting and needlepoint. Would love to learn tatting and Brazilian embroidery. Thanks

  164. hi i have always loved to do cross stitch, but i would also like to do tapestra or rug making they look very interesting

  165. Right now I am cross stitching for Christmas, then I want to do some hardanger for my grandchildren. I have 3 wedding samplers underway. I have a new great granddaughter so I’m a little late on that one and another one is on the way. I am never going to get finished but it is fun. I am going to do goldwork someday. It is so beautiful. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  166. I currently do Cross Stitch and occasional Embroidery, and I would really love to learn the Tambour that you have been posting about recently. I have arthritis and find that I can only do short sessions of stitching. With the tambour, it looks a lot faster than I am, and fairly easy to do, without too much strain on the wrists. Love your posts. Thank you.


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