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Time Sensitive: Building Your Needlework Stash?


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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I broke down and bought some needlework supplies for upcoming projects, and I showed you some of the silk buttonhole twist that I purchased. Well, here’s some good news for you! There’s a sale on…

Evening Star Designs is the place I recently purchased a heap o’ stash stuff – some fabric packs, some fun threads to play with, some hand-dyed silk ribbon, the silk buttonhole twist I wanted to try out, some ribbon samples, some bead packs, and on and on and on…

New Embroidery Stash Supplies: Fabric, Threads, Beads, Ribbons

Evening Star Designs is a great place to pick up sample packs of different things – from fancy fabrics perfect for crazy quilting and other applications (I’m using a few pieces from my new stash to back embroidered Christmas ornaments) to bead mixes to trims – as well serious quantities of supplies for special projects. For example, if you’re making a Christmas dress for a little one and you want some nice lace, you might find that the selection of laces (which can be purchased by the yard) is just right for your project. You can also find some fabrics by the yard, as well as a good selection of embroidery threads and silk ribbon.

New Embroidery Stash Supplies: Fabric, Threads, Beads, Ribbons

It’s a great place to shop any day, BUT… for those of you reading this post today, Sunday, November 30th, if you’re not on the mailing list for Evening Star Designs, you might not know about the sale going right now!

New Embroidery Stash Supplies: Fabric, Threads, Beads, Ribbons

Until midnight tonight (Sunday, November 30th), you can get 25% off most everything in her shop (it doesn’t include already discounted merchandise).

This is a pretty good deal! But if you want to take advantage of it, you have to do so before midnight, Sunday, November 30th.

I found it a good opportunity for trying out some other threads.

New Embroidery Stash Supplies: Fabric, Threads, Beads, Ribbons

By the way, at Evening Star Designs, you’ll find Needle Necessities threads (they’ve gone out of business, but she has a pretty good stock of them still on hand) deeply discounted. The Needle Necessities overdyed cotton floss, for example, is only $1.67 / 20-yd skein. That’s a great price, and there are still some beautiful colors left. (Note: Because it’s already so deeply discounted, the Needle Necessities thread is not included in the 25% off sale.)

New Embroidery Stash Supplies: Fabric, Threads, Beads, Ribbons

I hope you get a chance to check out the sale today at Evening Star Designs. Even if you miss it, though, you can still find some good deals on the website, and you will certainly enjoy browsing her stock of STUFF.



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(2) Comments

  1. Thanks for your words, Mary! You can’t believe but is soooo good reading your encouraging words, just from you!

    It’s really a temptation to profit the discounts…but this month no more shopping is possible!!!
    Surely next year I’ll order some silk ribbons for more brooches and embroidery – that one is for my sister, her Birthday next December 8 – my problem is to choose colours on-line…
    Have a great week!

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