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Hand Embroidery for Lefties! Attention Left Handed Stitchers!


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If you’re left-handed and you embroider, and you find embroidery stitches and diagrams difficult to follow, you might be interested in this bit o’ news…

Yvette Stanton of Vetty Creations is planning to put together a left-handed stitch dictionary. There are a couple stitch dictionaries available (I think they’re both out of print, but you can find them through used book sources), but, in my opinion, having taught a lot of left-handed students to embroider, the ones presently available fall a bit short of the mark when it comes to a good stitch dictionary.

Yvette, whose expertise in embroidery are apparent in her needlework books, her needlework instruction, and her website, will certainly bring to the embroidery world a good stitch dictionary for lefties!

Right now, you can answer her query on her blog, White Threads, where she’s asking the stitching world which stitches to include in a left-handed stitch dictionary.

If you’re left-handed, what stitches would you like to see in such a stitch dictionary? Or, if you teach lefties to embroidery (either children or adults), what stitches do you think would be particularly useful to see illustrated? Think about it, and then let Yvette know by leaving a comment on her post on left handed stitch instructions!

It isn’t that often that we have the opportunity to influence the content of a needlework book – so here’s your chance! And it isn’t that often that left-handed stitchers get the attention and direction they want in stitching – so, here’s your chance! Don’t pass up the opportunity! Post a response on her blog today!

Wow. That was a sell job, wasn’t it? I have a pretty keen interest in the subject. It would be great to have a good stitch dictionary to recommend to left-handed stitchers! So I’m pretty excited about the prospect!

Thanks, Yvette!


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  1. Thanks for posting about Yvette’s left handed dictionary-to-be.I also would love a resource for left-handed students. I asked for
    two crazy quilt stitches: feather and herringbone.

  2. Thanks for that link, I just went an left a comment. As a left handed crafter, I find that we are a sorely represented minority who are willing to spend money on resources if only some were available!

  3. Mary, thanks so much for letting us lefties know about this. It will be a wonderful resource and I’ll be watching White Threads for updates. Thanks, SF

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