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December Embroidery Stash Give-Away: My Favorite Things


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I’ve been doing this monthly embroidery stash give-away for 12 months now, and it’s kind of fun – I’m thinking about making it a regular feature, rather than a yearly resolution! On top of the monthly stash give-aways, I’ve sent out many books this year to stitchers and crafters around the globe. Now, I’m giving away two of my favorite things. Perhaps to some of you, this will seem rather limited, in comparison to previous stash contests — I assure, it’s not! The pain of separation is already acute!

The month’s give-away is geared towards those who love embroidery, whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. For the beginner, though, the prize requires you to take your embroidery to another level. That is, go beyond “craft.” Move towards art. If you have fallen in love with embroidery, then you probably want to take your needlework a bit beyond basic. To do this, materials make all the difference. And, in embroidery, the primary material used is thread.

So I’m giving you some thread in this give-away, but not just any thread.

Gilt Sylke Twist is a relatively “new” thread on the market, brought about by the folks at Plimoth Plantation who are recreating a 17th-century embroidered lady’s jacket. If you haven’t read about this project, you may wish to visit the Plimoth Plantation blog, The Embroiderers’ Story, to see what’s going on there. It’s fascinating.

Gilt Sylke Twist is a unique thread in today’s thread market. It’s made up of a core of flat silk wound with a real gold wire. It’s a very fine and tiny thread. And it’s beautiful! It is suitable for all kinds of embroidery applications. I’ve worked chain stitch, satin stitch, buttonhole stitch, and others with it, and it’s worked fine. So whether you are interested in historical embroidery, crazy quilting, or just regular decorative surface embroidery, you will find this thread versatile enough to suit your style of stitching.

In case you haven’t seen it in use, here’s my Gilt Sylke Twist Strawberry, which was my practice piece when the thread first came out:

Gilt Sylke Twist Thread: Strawberry Practice Piece

(I blogged about this piece in detail – you can read about it, and the different uses of Gilt Sylke Twist in it – on the Completed Gilt Sylke Twist Embroidery Sample post.)

It’s also rather dear, ranging in price from just short of $20 / spool (35 meteres) to about $22 / spool, depending on who’s selling it. The cost of the thread may well prohibit some who would like to play with it from giving it a try. The cost certainly limits most stitchers from building a stash of this gorgeous thread.

So whether you’ve tried Gilt Sylke Twist and just want more, whether you’ve wanted to try it and simply haven’t had the opportunity to purchase any, or whether you have never heard of it, but are a serious budding embroiderer, this stash give-away is for you.

I’m giving away two spools in red and green. Both are the original “redde” and green that came out when the thread first went public. This is the forest green, not the Lincoln Greene available now. I don’t know if this green is available anymore. I had heard that it isn’t, but that’s “needlework gossip,” and it may not be accurate.

Gilt Sylke Twist: Hand Embroidery Thread in Silk and Gold

In addition to these two spools, which are the feature elements of the give-away, I’ll include a few other little things, typical of previous give-aways.

But I’m not going to show them to you!

Gilt Sylke Twist: Hand Embroidery Thread in Silk and Gold

Do you know why?

Gilt Sylke Twist: Hand Embroidery Thread in Silk and Gold

Because next to this thread, most other embroidery supplies look pretty mundane!

I’m gearing this give-away to stitchers who would actually use this thread seriously – who have a keen interest in embroidery as an art, and who have developed or are developing their skills beyond the basics. That’s not to say that beginners can’t participate! Sure you can! But if you’re really not interested in this type of thread, then do leave the drawing for those who really are, so they have a better chance of winning. Thanks!

This is what you have to do to enter:

Leave a comment on THIS post (on the website, not through the e-mail newsletter), answering the following questions:

Why do you want to win this giveaway? Do you have specific plans for the thread?

PS – (added Friday Evening!) Please be sure to leave your name if you post anonymously!! Thanks!

I’ll select the winner on Wednesday, December 10th, at 5:00 am CST, and announce the winner that morning here on Needle ‘n Thread. The winner must then contact me to give me a mailing address. If I don’t hear from the winner before Friday morning, I’ll draw a new winner on Friday.

Participants are welcome from all over the globe – I don’t mind international mail!

Thanks for participating!


(80) Comments

  1. I have a set of patterns that are Elves. This thread would be perfect for that….would use backstitch so the thread would be the star….

  2. I would really love to win this giveaway! I love all forms of surface embroidery but I’m trying to stay focused on stumpwork. I’ve just figured out a method for making detached strawberries and the gilt sylke twist would be perfect for it.


  3. Oh my, I remember when that thread came out and I was just wishing I could afford some as my embroidery is starting to take a life on its own. It has become a wonderful and exciting challenge for me to create and do well at this type of handwork. I know I would use some in a “crazy quilt” I am currently thats currently in process. I am also thinking of “Butterflies”!

  4. Oh. Wow. WOW!!! What a GLORIOUS thread, I had no idea it was like THAT….*drooling*

    I’m in the middle of trying to do a really *nice* centerpiece for my brother’s family and just can’t get it to the level of ‘ooh-ahh’ I want…and I think you just showed me the way.

    I can think of a dozen patterns that would just ‘pop’ with this thread–please, please pick me!!

    I LOVE embroidery–it’s addictive, it’s beautiful, and it’s such a kick to watch something emerge that didn’t exist outside my head a day or two before.

    Can you imagine an orchid in that glorious sparkling red and green? I sure can. A lovely bloom with spears of gorgeous, perfect, sparkling green leaves…

    Oh, do send it my way. Now I’m starting to gibber!

  5. Hi Mary. Although I am leaving a comment, I don’t want you to put my name into the draw. I do have a small stash of the original five colours (purchased while the pound was strong) so as much as I covet this prize I won’t be greedy.

    But I wanted to comment and say what an extremely generous lady you are to give this away. I don’t think that I could bear to part with mine. I’m saving mine for something ‘special’ which is a bad thing. This georgous thread does not deserve to be locked away in a tin. I hope the lucky winner will use it and share with us what they do with it.

    Good luck everyone.

  6. OK I am the first to respond so I am obviously very excited about this thread. I am planning on using the red on a Chinese symbol of longevity project I have been working on I just finished the 5 black bats that surround the red symbol.

    I would love to see this on thread for the red portion because I wanted to see if the gold in this would supplement the gold metal pearl purl I was thinking about using for the outline. I was going to use this as a satin stitch.

    I am not new to embroidery, I am an old hat. However, I am looking to take my hobby further, and devote more time to it. I just became a member at large with the EGA, I just sent the check for a correspondent course in gold work. I am a member of National Academy of Needlearts, and have registered for the assembly in Kansas City in March. I plan on taking the 4 day class in design, as I have not branched out from transfers but am craving to do so.

    Thanks for doing this. BJ

  7. OH.. MY.. GOD! Do I really need to explain why I want to win?:P Because these are the most fabulous threads ever! I have such images in my head already of how to use them.. oooh I do hope I win. You’re just incredible for giving something like that away. Perfect christmas stash:)

  8. This is a lovely give-away, as the Gilt Sylke Twist is rather dear. Plans for it if I win (which is about as likely as my growing purple hair)?

    I’d use the red on an ornment that has a red and gold Chinese dragon. The green would go on the companion ornament-which has a palm tree and a palm bark-type fabric pattern. And of course I’d blog the heck out of my experience and probably share the thread. I don’t think either project would take more than a couple of yards as this is more an accent thread than something to use all over an item.

    Hummm…. Maybe that dragon does need red Gilt Sylke Twist all over it? I’ll have to think about this and see if I can do red scales with it. Whether I win it or not, perhaps you’ve given me the impetus to buy myself a spool in red.

    Bad Mary!

    Jane, laughing in Chilly Hollow where Temptation is normally MY middle name

  9. I simply do not know what to say… Maybe my dreams can come true… Then I have found your blog, I thought: this is were I can find the answers and this is the person who can help me… After that I was looking for threads… It is too expensive for me. Of course, I am trying with DMC and Madeira silks, but of course it is not the same. But I wanted to try something new, so now I am learning myself to stitch temaries. But if I will become a winner, I am going to return to my silks. I have some Nirvana silks (they were made before the second world war). I am afraid to stitch with them. But using these to colours and my old silks I could create something really very very nice.
    Thank you for your wonderful giveaway πŸ™‚

  10. I’m in that “who could afford it?” category! =) I’d love to win. I’ve had an idea for a vintage-style Christmas stocking in my head for a while, and this thread would be the perfect thing to get the project going.

  11. I would love to win this silk. I’ve recently become captivated by Temari balls, and have begun scouring my stash and local stores for thread to enhance them. This thread would be glorious for that! You can see a poinsettia on my blog; can you imagine that in this thread! Makes my heart race just thinking of it.

  12. I’m also in that ‘can’t afford it’ category. I’ve recently started pushing my embroidery skills further than I ever have and would love to use thread like this on a celtic knot-style holly design I have.

  13. This is a treasure giveaway, Mary!
    Though I’m a begginner I wish deeply to win because I would like so much use those threads.
    BUT… if I win surely I’ll write you asking for advise and suggestions how to use them. Are you so kind to help? If not don’t post my comment. Seriously!
    I’ll feel sick of thinking I could damage such beautiful treasure…

  14. oohh mary – this is too generous. i would be pleased with a few lengths of each! Megan (elmsley rose) sent me some lengths of the new green and I have designed a medieval looking owl embroidery using red, green blue and yellow. to showcase the green she sent me. i am planning to do it in goldwork and silk shading and the GST would look great i think. i really hope i win. thanks

  15. Dear Mary: What amazingly gorgeous thread. Each month I am impressed by your generosity. I am working on some liturgical embroidery – a couple of stoles to be given at ordinations in the next year and these thread could take them to a whole new level. Thank you for your blog and all your wonderful information.

  16. Why do I want to win this giveaway?

    Living on limited income due to disability doesn’t help life in general, winning something such as this would be a cheerful event for a smile and change of luck.

    What would I do with the thread?
    I would make our almost 2 year old a holiday themed 2008 ornament for our tree or if that doesn’t turn out…something festive while using his favorite color in his name to symbolize 2008 b-day just 5 days after x-mas.

  17. I am listening to “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” and I am very inspired by the young seamstress in the book. I plan to do an embroidery piece inspired by the book —
    after watching you stitch your beautiful strawberry, I have searched high and low for this thread; here in Baltimore and in San Francisco — I hear the same thing…they never can predict what and when they will get it. I have been waiting to find the red and green….so, maybe I’ll just get lucky… If I do, I promise to be just as generous and pay the love forward on my blog. A wonderful idea, Mary…

  18. You are so generous Thank you. I just love your blog. If I were to win this draw I would use it to embroider on a crazy quilt pillow set that is going on my bed. With any left over I would use on my Christmas stockings and cq tree ornaments. They look very rich and at the price you described I most definately could not afford to add them to my stash. you rock…

  19. I hae been watching the Plimoth embroidery project with great interest and love that this thread was used for that. There are some projects in my Jane Nicholas books that would work really well with this thread as a special addition!

  20. I have just started to embroider and am in love with sublime stitching patterns so far. I have a dachshund pattern i would love to make!


  21. Following the Plimouth Jacket blog has inspired me to try something other than cross stitch. Seeing the wonderful and detailed progress pictures and having the how-to-do the stitches pdf’s has made practising these stitches a lot less intimadating.
    What I am planning is to do a headcloth and coif (I collect crowns and thought this a worthy addition) in the same style and ultimately want to do a second set in the same style but with New Zealand flora and fauna. I have sourced the 50count linen and silk threads needed in New Zealand but have not found the GST thread or a suitable replacement.

  22. I have just gotten back into embroidery after many years. I just finished doing soe Christmas ornaments with metallic thread and loved the effect but as finding any embroidery embroidery supplies around here, other than the basics, is challenging I would love to win this giveaway!
    I would use it on Christmas ornaments and on a Christmas wallhanging I’m planning.

  23. Mary, this past year has gone far too quickly and I’ve not spent nearly enough time stitching for myself. If I were lucky enought to win your beautiful thread, I’d search through my collection of pattern ideas for just the right design to show off the thread to its full potential. Perhaps an early Christmas ornament project to join my heirloom ones on the tree in 2009? Thanks for entering my name in your draw.

  24. I would like to try this thread as well as your Christmas card project. Since I have never tried that I really don’t know if this thread is suitable but would really like to give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I feel that every newsletter is a gift!
    Sue in Mo

  25. I’d love to win a giveaway!!!! As simple as that!
    I don’t know what I would do with the threads but I’d love to know what they are like! Here in Spain we have DMC, Anchor and that’s about it!
    Best regards,

  26. I would love to add another element to my embroidery. Most of the work I do is whitework — and I am inspired by your work to try something different. I would certainly love to use this thread in an upcoming project.

  27. i would like to win the december give away because
    i would like to win it to embroider a far east jacket i am making and quilting
    the clours would be perfect accent for the jacket
    that is made up of fabric that i put together of far east prints
    thank you

    Eileen Morgan

  28. Wow! So many comments already!

    I have been avidly following the Plymoth Jacket project since I found it on-line a year or so ago. I have been drooling over this thread since it first appeared…the lovely shiny glittering dazzle of it! I want to draw some elements of the jacket on some linen and embroider them. I have wanted to order some of this thread, but I just can`t justify the expense right now. I am so hoping I win…*crosses fingers*

  29. I really would like to try this thread. I am designing an oriental quilt for my daughter and there will be about 5 panals that are going to have embroidery on them. The gold in the thread would add a beautiful touch to the oriental motif.
    S. L. Breuer

  30. What I will do if I win this give-a-way: First of all, let me say, your generosity amazes me. Thank you for setting such a great standard of what a stitcher should be.

    If I get the gilt thread, I would love to design another stumpwork piece for the Christmas holiday. I have developed a love for stumpwork and I am playing with the idea of creating a wreath. I believe it will be a ridiculously tedious project, but I love the process sometimes more than the end product. I imagine the green as a special ornamentation, like green and gold Christmas balls in the wreath, the red as ribbon, some attached to the base fabric and part to raise off the surface of the design. Could also be berries! Ooooooh, ooooh, the possiblities…. the gears are spinning.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.
    Heidi in MN

  31. I just read that there are a hundred lightning strikes every second on earth. I am 74 years old, I have lived a lot of seconds without being hit. My chances of winning that fantastic thread are about the same as being hit by lightning but what the heck. You never know. How would I use it? Well, I have been doing some Christmas embroidery using DMC metallic gold and love the look in spite of the fact that it is horrible to work with. I have a lovely gown I made for SCA that could use just the embellishment that thread would give. The gown is made of a silk/linen blend and every stitch is done by hand. I even have some 24k gold plated seed beads to use on it. Silk & gold metal thread is very accurate for the 16th century so this thread would be perfect. I will not use the DMC which is pretty, but is not proper to the period. If I win I would be so excited I would think I had been struck by lightning as I never win anything. Even if I don't win, it has been a treat to see the thread close up. Thanks Lalah

  32. I have a stump pattern which has a backgtround of strawberries this would be really great to win something like this to enhance my work.


  33. I would especially love to win these beautiful threads because I love doing painted canvases with my own selection of threads and stitches. I think these threads would enhance a great many of my projects and it’s such fun to try new products.

    Sandy Nelson

  34. Wow- what a generous holiday treat! I haven’t seen this in stores (I like to feel the threads!) but then again there are not many needlework stores in Alaska! I would use this for a fall scene I am designing. The green would be perfect to show the fall sunlight on the green trees, and the red for the highbush cranberries and red fireweed leaves.

    Thanks for sharing in your blog – I enjoy your tips and you inspire me to work on my projects!
    Kathy in Kenai

  35. I love beautiful, gorgeous threads-all kinds for embelishments. If I should win I would share with my neighbor friend who is much more advanced than I am in the needle arts. Kathyinozarks

  36. Hi-Mary, I’m not sure I deserve to win but I would use the thread as a teaching tool for the young ladies that I now tutor. It would go into the category of Sewing-Embroidery-subtopic: Sewing as Art/Embellishments.
    It would be used to show off the surface appearance of the thread laid out and used as a bead enhanced embellishment. I would have to order a set for each pupil, using the “winning set” to produce the first sampler.

  37. What lovely thread,I am doing a special project for my mum at the moment and these would certainly make my work come to life, I have found every thing on your site a great help to me, thank you.


  38. Hi Mary,
    I am a threadaholic and I have not seen nor worked with the Gilt Sylke Twist yet,and am anxious to work with some.
    I am doing a DYB Round Robin on Crazy Quilting International, and will end up with six 6″ blocks. It is made with vintage Christmas ties, velvets, and such. I would love to use these threads in the border of the crazy quilt to really set it off! I don’t know if I would couch it or needle it…I’d have to play with it first!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an exciting giveaway!

  39. What a generous give-away! I will leave the gift for someone else, but this thread is stunning in person. My skills in surface embroidery aren’t up to using it yet, but I am working on changing that.


  40. Oh my goodness…love these give aways. Haven’t won yet but it’s so exciting just to be involved. I am doing a purse just in the beginning stages and would love to win these beautiful threads.
    Annie in snow bound Michigan

  41. I have been doing a lot of crewel style pieces of late (done mostly in silks) and would love to win this twist to make the center flower and leaves pop.I might even try a little gold coucing too.
    Many thanks for your great blog
    Elaine K. Brown

  42. Wow – that thread is lovely and I would love to own it. As there is just one reel (and I am not sure how easy it would be to get in the UK) I would make something small with it – such strawberries or roses on a sweetmeate bag. If it is me that is lucky enough to win, then I hope the post comes through OK – I will be without PC access for a week from the 11th!

  43. This is the most beautiful thread I’ve seen…obviously I’ve never used it before and would love to try it. Would most likely start with a Christmas ornament which would have some Hardanger embroidery on it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  44. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thread!! I have been doing small, intricate crazy quilting for the past 7 or 8 years and just had a CQ quilt go to Houston quilt show!! Would I use this thread? A resounding YES! YES! YES!
    Even if I don’t win, an early congrats to the LUCKY person that does!!

  45. I would love to win this giveaway so I could try using these threads. They are gorgeous, but not something I would mail order without having tried them first. We don’t have any good needlework shop near here, so most of the stuff I get for my handwork is through the mail. I really like to touch and feel stuff first so this would be a great opportunity to use this thread. No specific plans, but definitely something “Christmas” of course!


  46. Hi Mary,
    First of all, thanks for being so fastidious in posting your trials and tribulations in the world of needle and thread…. it is good to see someone else’s experiences and I love to read your comments on varied topics.
    Now, as far as December’s giveaway… I’d love to win this thread. I am an avid needleworker and my passions include japanese embroidery, needle painting, hardanger, samplers etc. I have been asked to design and teach some pieces and would love to try this thread. Also, I’m currently enrolled in EGA’s 9 class Silk and Metal Correspondence Course with Kay Stanis and two MasterCraftsman programs and would love to use this thread!

    Could you comment on the sheen and the twist of this thread? Is the gold thread “bumpy” like a japanese katayori thread? I’d love to get your impressions on thread thickness (Pearl cotton #8?), texture etc. or better yet, please send it my way ;).


  47. I would love to be the winner. I am a fiber artist, and have been curious about this thread but unable to try it due (as you say) to the dear cost of it. I’ve been researching medieval ecclesiastical garments and working the motifs into my designs. I like to create small wall hangings, and occasionally jewel-like wearables. I have an immediate use for this color scheme, though it would not be a Christmas theme. Too late in the season for that! I would be using these with some silks on linen.

    Thank you for considering us all! I love your monthly giveaways. They are each a treasure! Congrats to whomever wins, though I dearly hope to be the one.


  48. Hi Mary,
    So gracious of you to give these away !! I would definitely love to win it because I have never used this thread before, nor have I had the chance to experiment much with variety of threads. It surely would be amazing to get to use these. Dont have any specific ideas in mind abt it yet.

  49. My problem is always deciding on a single project, I always seem to have several in mind. The one thing I am sure of – I seem to love to try and accumulate a stash (you know, to see me through the lean times)! Thank you for your generosity with these giveaways.

    Joan in Reno

  50. What beautiful threads! They just say christmas to me!

    They would work really well for the advent calendar I’m planning to make. A friend and I designed and made an advent calendar using cross stitch when we were about 15 and it got lost somewhere along the line – since then I’ve explored embroidery techniques and hopefully have developed and want to repeat the project..

  51. I’d love to try out these two colors. I’ve got several blocks started for a project and I know they won’t be finished by this Christmas so maybe next year!

  52. I’m a lot interested in doing wall hanging. If I’m lucky I will use them to make a pretty wall hanging for my mother, on occasion of buying a new house for her. (Ofcourse on a wish to make something special)


  53. I’m one of the 2 embroiderers who first used the gylte sylke twist thread at Plimoth Plantation! We both immediately loved working with the thread. At the time, the spools of thread we had at Plimoth were the first and only spools available on the planet and they were guarded closely. What a rare honor and privilege it was to use that thread on such a magnificent piece of embroidery. My hands shook as I first picked up my needle to stitch – but after a while I became comfortable and melted into the creative process. We were asked to jot down our impressions of the thread, as well as special hints and techniques we were just learning as we worked with the thread. I’ll never forget that experience. I met so many wonderful people working at Plimoth – some who have become truly close friends. I would love to create a small heirloom keepsake for my 2 daughters as a memento of my special time at the beautiful Plimoth Plantation in Plymoth, Mass.

  54. I have a plan to make an embroidered box featuring the Taj Mahal and other Indian motifs, this thread would be absolutely perfect – I would love to win because it would motivate me to step it up a little!
    Thank you for this opportunity Mary.

  55. I would love to win the threads. I’m a relatively new needleworker and I am keen to try all the different disciplines it offers. My needlework is limited by my budget, so would love to win.


  56. Your gold and silk ornament has been an inspiration to me. The
    beautiful threads you are offering
    in the stash giveaway will go a
    long way to making my own ornament.

    Pat S.

  57. I would love to win the stash giveaway because the showcased threads are not something I am really able to buy for myself right now. I am relatively new to embroidery, I have only picked it up since I’ve been in the hospital, but I have become interested in mostly historic needlework. The thread would most likely go into the Christmas present I am currently working on for my mother. She loves that I embroider, even though she can’t do it herself. πŸ˜€

  58. Hi Mary

    I started embroidery seeing your website.
    It is very informative for beginners as well as for people who need more challenges.
    I am enjoying the card embroidery patters, making similar ones.
    I would like to get the threads and try a goldwork piece.


  59. This giveaway has really excited me! I dont think we can even get this thread in New Zealand! If its $20.U.S. it would be at least $NZ35 – ouch!!!! I like quirky designs and would definately get a lot of use from the thread, whats more I could share it with my dear friend in Australia. I miss her so much but we share a passion for our embroidery now only over the telephone. What a treat it would be for us both. Thank you also Mary for your emails I just love them, you are inspirational and thanks to you I bought Trish Burrs books through Amazon, I can hardly put them down but I did share them with friends at my embroidery group.

  60. “Experimenting” is a good word to describe my current journey in the embroidery world. After 30 years of on-and-off stitching I’ve had a renewed interest in crazy quilting and the beautiful hand work that goes along with this vintage art form.
    I credit landing upon two websites – http://www.stitchinfingers.ning.com and http://www.needlenthread.com – and the wealth of artisanship found within them for expanding my stitching prowess by leaps and bounds. Over the past six months my mind has been flooded with a wealth of stitching instructions along with an advanced tutorial on specialty threads I never new existed. A meager budget has forced me to increase my own thread supply at a snail’s pace, slowly traveling beyond the realm of DMC cotton floss to pick up a dab of silk buttonhole twist or French wool here, a snippet of Lola rayon or Sassa Lynne cotton there.
    While my thread variety has increased like the gradual blooming of flowers in a garden, my stitch repertoire has exploded in growth, not unlike the bounty of a fall harvest: reverse chain, woven picot, colonial knot, oyster stitch, detached buttonhole, thread-covered buttons (aka anemonies), french knot roses (SRE), bullion cording, cast-on stitch (a personal favorite) and the list goes on… I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning, and I’m having so much fun!
    I’ve used every scrap of spare time this holiday season to churn out nearly two dozen completed ornaments, ATCs and fabric postcards (a number of these can be viewed here: http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/MichelleMermaid) and many have been given away in swaps. In the next ten days or so I’ll continue whipping together more ornaments, as well as some cq tote bags and crocheted flower button broaches to be given as gifts this Christmas.
    I could not have learned and achieved what I have without the generosity of these stitchers-crafters-artists located around the globe, who give of themselves and their experience so willingly. Learning (and practicing!) so much has dared me to consider myself a budding fiber artist, but I know I have a long way to go.
    Mary, please consider me for your fabulous giveaway. Your threads would definitely be put to good use.
    Blessings and Happy Holidays!


  61. the first time I read about the december giveaway I made the mistake of reading all the inspired things that people would do with the thread……and couldn’t think of anything to match them….still can’t, but I do want my name to go in….if I won,I promise to post up a picture of how I used those gorgeous threads!!Charlie.

  62. Mary,
    What a generous thing to do! I would love to win your drawing as I am an avid fan of silks in needleart.
    I love doing stumpwork, silk and metal, and all things stitching. I can’t promise what I would use the threads for as I would like to be able to see it and feel it before deciding what piece it would enhance. I would definately use it on the blog stitching to help increase awareness.

  63. This thread is so gorgeous! I sew period costumes in my spare time, and if I were to win, this thread would go into an embroidered Christmas gown.

  64. I am loving this site and now this new feature of “give away!”
    I’m working on a lovely embroidery now with pomegranates and the red would be great. There are also lots of leaves where the green would be beautiful (not sure if as outline or filler). Beautiful threads! Thanks for the site, especially the videos and pictures of your amazing work. Linda in Israel

  65. I would like to embroide in a silk saree using this thread. This would look great on silk saree

    // DD

  66. I have finally able to stay home and not work right now. and have started embroidering again, and have been wanting to try this type of tread. And am trying to get the nerve up to sew on silk, and thought it might work on it nicely.

    Thanks a bunch,


  67. I would love to have more of the Gilt Sylke Twist – the little samples you sent are so delicious! I haven’t actually gotten time to sit and plan, but I’m envisioning a project where I can highlight flat silk embroidery with areas decorated with the gilt sylke – maybe something like a petal turn-back or a flower center.

  68. I have looked at this thread on the interrnet but since I live in a very small town that does not have a crafts store and the closest one being two hours away over a snowy mountain pass I have not been able to see it in person. I was not sure if I was willing to part with the money if I had not seen the thread in person so I would love to win this give-away. I started embroidering as a teen and still love it now but am trying many new stiches and this would be wonderful to win.

  69. I love working with unusual thread. Gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve worked with gold thread and done a couple projects. This look like it would be a real winner with my doll (her name is Eleanor) costumes! I have a Ball Jointed doll (30 inchs tall) and have been working on historical costumes for her. I’ve wanted a doll like her for 46 years to design and make costumes for and finally found her a few months ago. The would be lovely for her latest! I also plan to do hand made lace for her as well.

  70. I would loved to be picked for this give-away! Here’s why… my mother inspired me and taught me the art of embroidery as a relatively small child. My mother went home to be with the Lord on October 24th this year. I have been making a few pieces in her honor that I am planning on putting in a waterproof/weatherproof display box on her grave. I just picked up a pattern of poinsettias and I think with this thread it would be absolutely perfect and make a priceless remembrance piece for Mama. Thank you so much for all the awesome information you provide at the click of a button on this website. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
    Sheila L
    Rio Vista, Texas

  71. Goodness Gracious! I would LOVE the opportunity to work with thread of this quality! I am a mother of three daughters and am trying desperately to teach them various art projects. Crafting has always been a way of life for our family, but I would love the opportunity to share these threads with our projects and to show the girls (15, 14 and 12) how to create special projects with “real” materials. This would certainly be a wonderful change from the antique threads I bought in college that have been suplimented one skein at a time since then!


  72. There are some splendid ideas in here! For me, matching the threads to a project really depends on seeing the items themselves. Sometimes the color isn’t just right for the intended application and sometimes, even if it is, the thread calls out a new design that more perfectly showcases its particular qualities. So I have a number of designs in the pipeline that would be stunning with the addition of that thread, including an ornament, a dress bodice, a book cover, a table runner and a wall piece. But it just depends on the thread itself.
    Like many others here, this beautiful thread is otherwise outside of my needleworking budget. It would be a real treat to have the opportunity to work with it.

  73. I have been sewing since I was two and a half [ really!] and have at least a little embroidery on almost every piece of clothing I own.

    Out here in India, we have some fine embroidery threads, but nothing as luxurious as these. And if you think it is expensive, try converting it into rupees! This draw is probably my only chance to ever use something as special as these threads.

    If I do win, I would use it to embroider a cotton summer top in a pattern using lots of satin and long and short stitching πŸ™‚

  74. I don’t know how else to reach you, and I apologize if this is a backwards way of getting a message to you. I just wanted to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a most BLESSED NEW YEAR! Everyday I get so much pleasure from reading your emails. Sometimes I laugh myself silly at your stories as I nestle myself up to the computer with my cup of tea. Reading your emails are like receiving letters from good friends. Thanks, for on so many occasions, making my day more enjoyable. A devoted stitcher and reader from Kentucky

  75. I embroider only with normal threads as i dont have the courage to get and waste if it does not come out well. In case i get this as a christmas gift, I would love to try out some designs and post it here.

  76. I just finished a piece that incorporated some metallic thread. You can see it here, in my blog, under the post titled “C’est finis” – http://mornacrites-moore.blogspot.com/2008/11/cest-finis.html
    I love the way the metallic thread looks in that piece and so I want to use metallic threads more, more, more! I do not have a specific plan. But that doesn’t mean I won’t make something beautiful! πŸ™‚

  77. I have just discovered your website through a friend. I am in awe of the beautiful things you do. I love to embroider, sew, quilt. I think a beautiful Christmas pillowcase would be gorgeous with these threads if I happened to be the lucky winner. Faye in Florida

  78. I have been drooling over this thread, but it has not yet fit in the budget. I concentrate on original designs, and would love to be able to create something around this lovely new thread.


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