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Merry Christmas!


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On this great feast day, I thought I’d share with you some photos of another hand made item here at home – one that my Mom made!

This is the Nativity Scene I set up here at home this year. My Mom made it (hand poured porcelain) about 45 years ago.

Mom's Porcelain Nativity Scene

It’s out of the box for the first time in about 13 years, when it was resigned to the attic because some of us kids got the hair-brained idea of investing in a new Nativity Scene for Mom for Christmas. A store-bought-multi-charactered-various-buildings-and-accessories sort of scene.

Mom's Porcelain Nativity Scene

But this year, I wanted to take out the “old” scene and set it up in the entrance of my home.

Mom's Porcelain Nativity Scene

It’s simple: White, smooth, hard porcelain set on red velvet, with a small string of holly and lights and a couple poinsettias – nothing fancy at all.

My Mom made it. I like it best. I love everything it represents.

Mom's Porcelain Nativity Scene

It’s a good reminder of what Christmas is about.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support over the year! I look forward to spending another year in your company – to me, it’s like hanging out with a great group of friends!

To one and all, I wish you a very happy Christmas full of many blessings!


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(12) Comments

  1. Merry Christmas Mary!
    Those pieces are beautiful.
    I’ve always loved the ‘old stuff’ that my mom has made in the past. We put her stuff out this year and she was surprised to see some of the things that she thought she didn’t have anymore…lol.
    Thanks for sharing the porcelain scene.
    alicia in Hawaii

  2. This is the same set that my husband and I made about 35 years ago–milk glass stain. I have a white pipecleaner that I use for one of the shepherds–the tall one standing. I’m missing one of the wise men from all the years and have tried to find a replacement. Your group picture will help! Amazingly after all our moves over the years, our church also has the same set! You have a beautiful treasure!

  3. Mary how beautiful this is in its simplicity.

    I assume you are feeling better and hope you had a great Christmas day.

    Thanks for all your sharing throughout the year and look forward to the year ahead.



  4. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for this past year…I have enjoyed your site more then you could ever know. I hope Santa has filled your stocking with good health and happiness for the coming year! Your porcelain set is beautiful.
    Annie (in now it's raining cats & dogs, Michigan…what next?)

  5. I sure do enjoy your site. I have been revisiting embroidery lately, and have found you”r site very helpful. My friend wanted pillow cases for her girls and I remembered the monograms you have posted. I am having so much fun with them. I am such a beginner.

  6. Mary,

    I’ve been wandering through your archives and ran across this. My Grandma & my Mom bought this exact same set, only beautifully painted and “jeweled” by a lady we knew (though some of them really reflect the 1970’s era in which they were made). I have Grandma’s set now. I bought an enormous creche for it and I try to put it out every Christmas. Your set is beautiful in white too – no one would ever call mine “simple” lol I have a whole flock of sheep!

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

    1. Sounds very pretty, Susan! I’d love to see it! These really are my favorite nativity scene figures! I don’t have a lot of sheep in this one – just three, I think, or maybe four. I love the gracefulness of the figures! ~MC

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