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Becoming a Crazy Quilter, Part I: As Long as There’s Gold!


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Yesterday, I tried to exclaim again that I am not a crazy quilter. Today, as I finish putting the final touches on this article I’m writing for CQMag Online, I have re-thought that. I could become a crazy quilter…. under certain circumstances.

The first circumstance that would convert me to crazy quilting would be this: that someone out there, somewhere, would take it into their entrepreneurial heads to sell pre-made crazy quilt blocks from fine fabrics, with choices of color scheme. Hahahahha. Yeah, the fabric piecing. My block turned out a mess. Oh, yes – I know. I know what you’re going to say! That’s the wonder of crazy quilting! You get to cover the mess up! Still. It would be nice to have a confidently well-made block! I’d be a faithful customer…

By the way, on that note, I think it does matter whether or not you cut on the bias, even on crazy quilt squares that rely on wonky-shaped pieces.

The second circumstance that would convert me is that I could embellish with gold all the time, forever and ever.

And the third circumstance hinges on the second a bit: that I had a specific use or end product for each piece. Obviously, a quilt isn’t an option. No one would want to sleep with large quantities of bright check purl…..

Anyway, all that being said, here’s another seam treatment for you:

Goldwork on a Crazy Quilt Seam

This is rather a little and simple treatment of two seams – but it shows off the metal threads to good effect, methinks.

If you want to see the rest of this square and read some tips and tricks about using goldwork in crazy quilting, check out my article in CQMag Online, titled Goldwork and Crazy Quilting.

Ok. I have to finish!



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(8) Comments

  1. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the final product!
    I’m with you too, I’d love to try crazy quilting but the piecing scares me a bit! 🙂

  2. A TEASE, that’s what you are…a flat out, gold-embellished, seam-making TEASE.

    Humph. 🙂

    So when do we get to see it ALL!?!??


  3. Hi, All! Thanks for the comments on my new venture…

    Pam – the finished project will be in the upcoming issue of CQMag Online. I’ll notify everyone when it’s online.

    Marian – OHHHH – I’ve got it on my list! I have just haven’t had a chance to do any filming yet. I want to before Monday, but keep in mind it will still take a while to edit and publish the videos! But it’s definitely on my list!

    Thanks again for the nice comments about the seam treatment. It was really fun! I’ll be trickling bits and pieces out to you, along with some goldwork how-tos, in upcoming days….


  4. I’ve only done a little crazy quilting and I can see how it can become a full-time endeavor. The piecing really is a challenge. Love your work. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  5. Mary, your work is beautiful and I’m so glad you’ve joined the throngs — you’ll be a pro in a few weeks, I’d bet on it!!! I can’t wait to see the goldwork on the block — I can already see that it’s stunning!

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