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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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January Embroidery Stash Give Away?? I almost forgot…


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I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January! and we’re about 1/12th of the way through 2009! Before the month officially ends, I wanted to let you know that I am still doing the stash give-aways this year. Last year, they were fairly successful! I think the people who won enjoyed receiving their packages, and I think (?) that everyone enjoyed at least having the opportunity to win some threads, needlework books, embellishments, and so forth!

Tomorrow, I’ll announce the January give-away. (Sorry – seems cheap to title the post that and then not announce it now…) But I wanted to let you know before the weekend, so that you are sure to check back.

The stash contest will include a beautiful embroidery book from one of the UK’s top designers, as well as some nice threads, and whatever else I can gather together this evening that will make a good, interesting, and coherent package. After all, we may as well kick off the new year with a good one!

For those of you new to Needle’nThread lately, do check out my past embroidery stash contests, so you can see what kind of stash items I give away each month. I’ve also given away several nice embroidery books over the past year.

Don’t forget to take the opportunity to check back in over the weekend to see what I’ll be giving away to a lucky winner!

Have a great weekend!


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(9) Comments

  1. I feel strange being the first commenter. I hope more come by. Your blog ia a great inspiration and I read it everyday.

  2. Whoooops! The give-away will actually be posted tomorrow, Carolyn! Sorry for the confusion – I should have made that clear!

    Please check back tomorrow and leave a comment on tomorrow’s post!

    Best regards,

  3. Your site is absolutely amazing!
    I’ve done sme embroidery – mostly crewel and some silk ribbon and redwork, but I’ve mostly done counted thread work.
    I had no idea of the variety and richness of hand embroidery out there.
    I want to dive right in and try everything!
    And to top it off, you GIVE things away!
    Heavenly 🙂
    I’m hoping to become VERY accomplished.

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful info and photos.
    Blessings, Marlon

  4. Mary;

    I’ve always had a love of embroidery and anything hand made. Time has been a big factor, however, you show me how a lot can be accomplished when dividing a project into bite size pieces, and even how beautiful a small project can be when matted and framed. I look forward to your blog every morning. It helps me wake up with my coffee and then get ready for work. I’m less than a novice, but I need to start somewhere and quit procrastinating. Someday, when you have a ‘beginners’ give-away, I would hope to win. For now, I hope someone wins that will make somthing magical from your items you share with such generosity. In the mean time, I will keep reading and learning.

    Lynn Damewood

  5. Wow! I had no idea you gave things away! I am fairly new to the site and to hand embroidery so this site had been a god send. With the stitch tutorials I have been able to learn the stitches my Grandmother tried to teach me when I was young but could never master. Thanks Mary for everything you are a wonderful teacher.

  6. As soon as I read “book giveaway,” I just knew I needed to comment. I really enjoy your informative website and hope you’ll add my name to the drawing for the January giveaway. Thank you.

  7. Question: I’m pining over my lost orchid motif that I worked in cross stitch for my daughter and her boyfriend. My daughter’s boyfriend is of Hawaiian/Asian descent and orchids are a large part of his family’s heritage. I had the motif completed and ready to frame. I hid it in a plastic bag when my daughter came home for a visit – and the bag with the embroidery in it mistakenly got tossed into the trash with other paper bags when she was wrapping wedding gifts for her girlfriend. I plan on reworking the piece using long and short stitch in silks now, rather than cross stitch in cotton floss. I’m a huge fan of Helen Stevens and I’m always borrowing her books from our library. The librarian jokes with me and tells me I should just write my name on the book’s cover. This give-away stash would be a perfect aide in helping me restitch that orchid – which might be a most excellent wedding gift someday.

  8. Hi Mary
    what a beautiful give away. I have done some stumpwork and have 1 of Jane Nicholas's books which I just love. I think that what I like most about stumpwork is the raised effect which really makes the needlework come to life. Thanks again for giving us all a chance to win such a beautiful book.
    Joan from Richmond B.C.

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