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I just wanted to let you know in advance that over this coming weekend, I’ll be posting an Embroidery Stash Give-Away for May. It’ll include some of the items from the Needlework Shop Hop I participated in a couple weeks ago! So keep an eye out on Saturday for that! Tomorrow, I’ll have a post up about some needlework artifacts my Mom dug up this week and a little bit about her needlework adventures (her 75th birthday celebration is this weekend!).

Do keep an eye out for the give-away on Saturday. I’m hoping it’s something you’ll find enticing!

Wishing you a delectable weekend ahead, with plenty of stitching, gardening, cooking, playing, or whatever you like to do on the weekend!


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  1. hey mary,

    lots projects to do< i started a big one for school> we are having an art show and im making 7 pieces for the show. Its gotten tiring and labor some rather than fun. but i dont wanna give it up, since worked so hard on it. so i know how you feel about the letter monograms. I look forward to finishing and the show. ill let you know how it goes.

    The show has caused me to try new apects of the embroidery world: ive taken up adding beading. i love the look. do you know any sites that would have patterns? i wanna do a whole project in beads…. wow did i just say that????

  2. Hi, Mary. After following your blog for just a short time, I find that I am looking forward to your sharing some of your Mom’s work. I wish a Happy Birthday to her!


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