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A Beginner’s Goldwork Kit


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A couple weeks ago when scoping out the path of this road trip I’m currently on (you haven’t missed me, have you?), I came across, via Google Maps, a needlework shop in Minnesota called Oak Hill Designs. While browsing their site, which features everything at 40% off right now (perhaps closing down?), I came across a section on goldwork. While most of the stock in the online store seems to be sold out or dwindled to one left (still worth taking a look!), I was happy to see that the goldwork section had four interesting looking kits in it. I bought two, and here’s one of ’em.

According the goldwork section on the Oak Hill Designs website, which I double-checked while writing this post (June 17th), there are still four goldwork kits available on the site. I was a little disappointed to see that the Goldwork Rose kit (below) is listed as $22.95 on sale – when I bought it, it was $10.00, which was exciting. I thought it might be a really good opportunity for those of you who want to try goldwork to be able to do so affordably. I’m not sure, actually, if the $22.95 price is worth this little kit, but for $10, I didn’t think you could go wrong. If you are looking for a goldwork kit, though, the Fishes from Bangalore is also $22.95, and I think it’s (overall) a better kit – more color, kind of fun!

Anyway, should this little goldwork rose kit be reduced in price again, and if you’re interested in trying your hand at goldwork, here’s a little information about the kit. Maybe you’ll be able to track down other similar kits by the same designer or company that produces this one.

Beginner Goldwork Kit

The kit comes in a swell little gift bag. I thought that was kind of neat – everything packaged in a little bag, with a color photo of the finished project on the front.

Beginner Goldwork Kit

Kit contents:

Moire fabric, on which the design is worked. I would personally back this with muslin, as I’ve stitched on moire before for goldwork, and without the muslin backing, there isn’t enough support. The design is not printed on the fabric.

Needles in three different sizes for the various parts of the design.

Instruction booklet with design page.

Threads: Rajmahal art silk in pinks and greens for the colored threads that are used for couching and also for the embroidered details; gold-colored Rajmahal art silk for couching the gold threads; Imitation Jap gold; a fine gold thread; and two short length of purls (about 3 inches each), one check and one smooth.

Beginner Goldwork Kit

The little instruction booklet covers everything from transferring the design, to setting the project up on a frame, to the various stitches used and where they’re used, to color placement – in short, everything you need to know to complete the project.

Beginner Goldwork Kit

Ut-oh! While the little gift bag packaging on the outside is fine, the packaging on the inside leaves a little to be desired. The purls were crushed by the other content in the kit. Not good, but this certainly doesn’t mean that it would be the case in each kit. For $10, I still think the kit is worth it. For $22.95, I’d have second (and third) thoughts before buying it.

Overall, though, I think the concept is great, don’t you? A small beginner’s goldwork kit, all neatly packaged.

The concept is great – a small beginner’s goldwork kit with a simple design at an affordable price. (Again, the $22.95 might be a bit steep for the contents herein!)

In any case, I thought it would make a great gift for a young needleworker who would be willing to give it a try!


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  1. It's really a good idea to start a new technique with an affordable kit. I bought French White work monogram kits from Trish Burr and just LOVE them.

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