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I’m Giving Away a Trish Burr Embroidery Kit!


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Here ’tis, then – the give-away I mentioned early, when I spoke of Trish Burr’s kits that arrived last week! Trish very generously sent along one that could be used as a give-away to my readers! If you’ve been wanting to try thread painting techniques, this is a great way to learn!

The embroidery kit that I’m giving away is the one titled “Flowers in Bloom,” designed for beginner “plus” stitchers.

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

This project is suitable for anyone beginning needle painting, who has some knowledge of stitching in general. I think, given the clear and detailed instructions, a flat-out beginner who is interested could definitely work this project.

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

Here’s a list of the kit contents…

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

The instructions include clear diagrams, written instructions, and step-by-step photos of the project as it is worked, to help guide the stitcher to a beautiful finished product.

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

The linen comes with the design pre-printed on it, so you don’t have to transfer your pattern – in other words, you can launch right into the fun part, which is stitching!

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

There’s even a nice practice cloth, so you can play with the different types of elements in the design before stitching them on the finished piece.

Trish Burr Embroidery Kit: Flowers in Bloom

And, as a full kit, it comes with all the threads, clearly labeled, as well as two needles. All you need is your own hoop or frame and scissors, and you’re ready to start stitching!

If you’d like a chance to win this kit, these are the instructions to join the give-away:

1. Leave a comment below, on this blog post (not via e-mail, or on any other post).

2. In your comment, answer the following question: Once you finish stitching this piece, what do you think you’d do with the finished embroidery?

3. Comments must be received by 5:00 am CST, Monday, June 8th. I’ll announce the contest winner on Monday. Whoever wins must then contact me with a mailing address within 48 hours. If I do not hear from the first winner, I’ll draw another name! Instructions for contacting me will be on the post announcing the winner!

Thanks for joining in! And thanks, Trish, for the extra kit!


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(174) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,

    When I saw this post and pictures of the kit, there was this voice inside my head screaming "I want, I want, I want!!!" As a result of that voice, here's my entry..

    If I win this kit, and successfully stitch it, I'm sure it would turn out beautiful when the kit is accompanied with such elaborate instructions and pictures. I would love to either frame this piece or put it in a box (similar to this one)

    I'd love to see the ideas that others have!


  2. I love that there's a practice cloth included in these kits.
    This piece would look spectacular matted and framed and hung over my fireplace, but I suspect I would be more inclined to use it as the center back focus point of a deep sage green silk dupione jacket so that I could really show off my work. A few leaves and buds on the lapel and cuffs made from matching embroidered linen would make for a stunning presentation.

  3. I'd love to try one of these kits for my first real attempt at thread painting.

    If I stitched this kit, I would frame it and give it as a gift to my mother-in-law. If it's a gift, I'd actually get it finished!


  4. I would make it into the from panel of a handmade handbag, metal frame, beaded handle. I would use pink glass beads for the handle and antique velvet for the rest of the bags body.

  5. Eeeeeee! This is too fun.
    Hmmm, My first thought would be to frame the piece in lue of it being a needle painting. However, if I were successful in that it looked nice enough, I believe it would make a nice gift to someone that appreciates embroidery. In all honesty, I would rather see it first then finish it then make that decision 'cause I might would just keep it for myself.
    Thanks for the fun Mary,

  6. What a generous lady Trish is … and what a lucky person the winner will be. If I was that person then when it was finished I would turn it into a 4×6 or 6×4 postcard and insert into an album I am creating this year – each postcard is of a different technique and I often take them for various of my friends to see. They are also a great way to show people an end results of various techniques.

  7. Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!!
    I'm crossing everything I can cross. 🙂
    I'm tempted to say a square envelope pillow case to sit pretty on my bed. But then, I DO have a toddler that has consistently dirty hands. I'm also tempted to say an absolutely gorgeous summer skirt. Although, the same reason for not doing the pillow would apply….
    but in the end if I'm having a cowardly day, I would frame it. If I win it, I'll let you know what happens!

  8. My maternal grandmother is housebound and doesn't get to go outside and do the gardening that she used to. Her children and grandchildren see to things these days–I'd love to try my hand at this, frame it, and take it down to her so that she's surrounded by even more flowers than before.

  9. Well… this is too good!
    The first thing I thought was to frame it, but I really don't know yet…
    Next Monday I'll be arriving to Amsterdam – I hope I can read about the winner 🙂
    Thanks, Mary!

  10. I have been wanting to try Trish Burr designs for so long, this would be such a wonderful introduction.

    I would frame it in a green silk covered frame and give it to my grandmother who passed along her love of stitching to me more than 20 years ago.


  11. Wow I'd love to try one of her kits! If I was to win it and finish it I would either frame it as is or depending on the size and such I may use it as a center for a larger crazy quilt piece that it would be the inspiration for the overall piece and that would then be framed as art in my home.

  12. Ooh! PRetty! If I won this, I would use it in a project I have in mind. I have a lot of hand-stitched things from my grandmother, who passed away about 15 years ago. I want to make blocks with my stitching and hers, and turn it into a quilt for my mother.

  13. Hey there,

    Love needlepaintin, though I am still clumsy.

    IF I won and IF the work turned out good–this would go to my niece out in California who is not looking forward to moving during her senior year =(

    Ruth M

  14. If I won this and stitched it well I would be more likely to turn it into a journal/book cover than put it in a frame. I'm not really into framed things on the wall…but I enjoy exploring book binding & fabric books.

  15. I have been wanting to try needle painting for a couple of years now. I would frame it to hang up where I can admire it everyday and take a picture to send to you.

  16. I think the doodle/practice cloth makes these kits that "extra special" that you see so rarely. Lovely.

    I'm a huge believer in using my needlework. Depending on the size, I think this perfect bloom would be great made into a patch pocket for a summer dress. If it's bigger, a book cover or mounted as an element on a pillow on my sofa (soon to be known as the sofa of many pillows….)

    Kandy Fling

  17. Hi, Mary –
    This kit is wonderful and it's a technique I've been itchin' to try. I would mount it onto some kind of stitching accessory – say a needle book or thread keep.
    Thanks for sharing –

  18. If I won it and finished it, I'd love to put it on a box or maybe as an accent on a piece of clothing. Just as long as it was something useful, that everyone could look at and admire. Must be the reenactor in me…I have to have something that I can wear or otherwise "use".

  19. Ooh, the prettiest one of the bunch!

    It's hard to tell how large it is from the pictures. If it's large-ish (6" by 6" or bigger), I'd frame it – my apartment walls have been way too bare for way too long.

    If it's smaller than that, I'd use it as an accent on a small bag for needlework supplies. I really need something to contain threads, and it may as well be pretty!

    – Melissa VT

  20. This blog makes me crazy… Yesterday I have started stitching Mary Wigham sampler on 40-count (still not 48, my eyes are grateful for that)linen over 1 using tent stitch. Do not ask why… Mary's miniature embroidery was so beautiful…
    For some time I was thinking, That it is time to stitch not only cross stitch. And I really want to try thread painting. After my mother has seen stitching at Victoria and Albert museum, she said, that I do not know stitching. I promised her to learn… So I am learning. And this would be a good try.
    I imagine this picture becoming some book cover or some part of very small and nice bag. But as I know myself, I would stitch some five motives on other material using simple cotton threads before starting stitching this kit. I should learn before…
    Divya said, that the voice inside her was screaming after she saw this post. My heart is shouting "I want, you should try stitching such beautiful things too, you can do it, only try" few days, from the moment I understood, that one of this kits can be the gift of the next give away.
    Thank you for your give away and for your blog. It inspires me so much…

  21. It is a beautiful kit. If I were to win it I would use the finished piece as a center pannel in a pillow. I may crazy quilt the pillow but Id have to figure it out once I saw the finished piece then I would keep it on my bed.

  22. My first thought was to frame it, but actually, I like to embroider things that are wearable or useful. I'm feeling that the linen would lend itself to a tote bag pocket, the bag itself to be in a dusky rose cotton velvet to co-ordinate with the colours in the piece. I'm thinking of making a totebag for the notebook pc I carry everywhere. Normally ALL my embroidery goes as gifts, and I've been having a bit of a tough time lately, and would like to give myself something beautiful! I'd love to try one of Trishes kits, as I have taught myself pretty much, and would love to pick up some tips from an expert!.

  23. I know this might sound a bit odd but I have been gathering things to redo my half bathroom and the colors on this piece with a nice dark frame would fit beautifully with the decor. I would love to look at this when I am in there as I know others would also!

  24. This is a lovely design and would make a nice addition to my needlework collection/skills.

    The completed project would make a nice framed piece for my apartment.

  25. This looks like a beautiful kit. I've never heard of needlepainting before and I'd love to try it.
    I think I would frame it and put it in my favorite room in the house so I could see it often. Kathleen kesiy@hotmail.com

  26. Trish is so talented! If her kits are anything like her books, I'm sure they will be wildly successful and popular.
    After stitching this little piece, I would like to incorporate it into a crazy quilt piece! I have been working on crazy quilt Christmas stockings.
    Keeping my fingers crossed …

  27. Oooh, so beautiful!!
    Having never done needle painting, but really longing to try my hand at it, I can't say for sure what I would do with the finished piece, but I think it be lovely as the framed center of a quilt! I might frame it though too. I have never done anything but give away any of the pieces I have stitched. It might be nice to keep something for myself;)

  28. What a lovely give away…if I had this kit in my hands and managed to get it stitched up nicely I would use it as the center piece of a dresser scarf to give as a gift to a very dear friend of mine who would love it!

    Thank you so much Mary for all you do for all of us out here!

  29. Hi Mary, if I were lucky enough to win this, I would buy co-ordinating ribbon and material and turn the design into a cushion (pillow). The pillow would laso be in a room that I use for entertaining guests as my friends and family love seeing my stitching projects.

  30. If I were to be the lucky winner, I would give it to my oldest daughter. She'll turn 12 later this summer and is just starting to discover who she is and what she will become. Once completed we would incorporate it into a decorative pillow for her room.

  31. What a lovely giveaway!

    If I won and finished stitching the piece (the big if) I would finish it as a bolster pillow (maybe with a matching piece the other end). I would be so proud, it would have to go to work with me and around to my stitching friends places first before it took pride of place in my stitching nook.

    Thanks for the opportunity to play!

  32. Wow, Mary! How generous of you, (and Trish). Best of luck to all in being chosen for this gift!

    I would make it into the front of a book cover and give it to a friend of mine. She is an artist and has a heart of gold.


  33. I never needlepainted before but like to try it.
    If I'm the lucky one who wins this beauty, I think I will use it as a little panel making borders around it, creating a mini quilt.
    Thank you for this give away!

  34. Hi Mary,

    I have done a little bit of thread painting in the past and love it and would absolutely love the opportunity to win this kit.

    I found it interesting that this one was chosen as the give away as that was my favorite of all, perhaps excluding the little bird but that would have been a bit too advanced for me, I think.

    After stitching it, I would definitely have it framed and and somewhere in my house where I can see it all the time, a place with good lighting too 🙂


    Pierrette =^..^=

  35. The kit is amazingly beautiful and the instructions are great. I would definitely frame this piece so it would never get dirty or spilled on!

  36. O my gosh! O my gosh! Me! Me! Me!…I love her books…and her kit looks so cool. What a generous person she must be to share her talents, and her supplies! Woo Hoo!

    I would love to stitch this into a pillow…with ribbon insertion lace around the outside…and a rose under-ruffle for my Mom's bed. She's 78…and really likes all the needle art I do.

    Kathy (www.shawkl.com)

  37. I would dearly love to have this kit. After it was stitched I would frame it and it will hang in my guest bedroom. It would be absolutely perfect for the room.

  38. Hm…such a purty thing! 🙂

    I think, should I manage not to make a total mess of it, that I would apply it as a central motif in a small quilt…and then do about nine more in different colors to complement, to make the quilt something thematic….

  39. I shouldn't leave a comment after having won your May draw, however I can't resist! Needlepainting is another technique that's on my life list of things to learn. I think I will have to purchase one of these kits to give it a try. I would definitely frame and hang it.

  40. If I won (fingers crossed!), and assuming I finished it in time (which isn't a given, since it would be my first needlepainting project), I would put it inside of a journal or album cover and give it to some friends who are getting married later this year. The flowers for the wedding are going to be daisies, so this would be perfect!

  41. Hi,
    If I get the kit deffinitely I will frame the finished project.. as the threads are unavailable here and I saw the pictures of finished products in the trishburr site..they are quite interesting..I was much fascinated by the beautiful colours and neat work..
    Thank You Mary


  42. Well after finishing something that pretty it would probably rest framed by the embroidery hoop on my bed side table for a while so I could gauze upon it each morning and sigh happily at how sometimes things do work out quite nicely, thank you very much.

    Then it seems that it would be the perfect embellishment for either a tea cozy, bread bag or summer dress. Something that would be seen and appreciated often, as mentioned by many before this. Flaunt your embroidery I say!

  43. Oh, I've wanted to learn needlepainting for so long.Well,if I get this one, Iam going to frame it and gift it to a dear friend of mine.

  44. Oh my gosh Mary! This kit would be perfect. I have always wanted to learn how to thead paint and the kit looks like it would be easy enough. I know how to do just about every other kind of needlework but this kind of needlework. If I should win the kit I would likely put it in a nice frame.

  45. I would love an opportunity to win this beautiful project and learn more about needle painting!
    When this piece of art is complete, I would treat it as such and have my husband frame it for display.

  46. Oh wow! I've always wanted to try needlepainting but been intimidated out of it. So I'll at least try 🙂

    If by some insane chance I would win this kit, I have several thoughts about what to do with it. First thing that came to mind was to use it for something for my sisters baby. She just gave birth yesterday and I'm all baaaby! I'm now a proud aunt of a tiny girl 🙂

    All your giveaways are really stunning, you're very generous and I love your blog. I'm not much of a blog reader but I do read yours. So thanks and take care!

  47. Wow, Mary, that's a beautiful kit. That practice cloth is cool. I would probably frame it and hang it. Or, I would surround it with some patchwork and make a little wallhanging out of it. And, since I don't like pink, I would probably give it to my daughter who loves pink and whose walls are kind of bare!

  48. Dear Mary,

    As soon as I saw the title of your post….I'm Giving Away a Trish Burr Embroidery Kit!….without even reading the complete post……I started praying……..please God let me win this time…..

    Your giveaways are always tempting. If I win this kit, then I would definitely frame and hang it in my room….and later try doing it in other colors as well.

    With buckets full of love,

  49. The practice fabric is a wonderful idea. The kit is very well thought out and ideal for a beginner (like me)to try thread painiting.
    If I won I would use the finished piece as the cover on a needlebook/equipment folder as detailed in one of your previous posts.

  50. Hi Mary,

    I vll appreciate ur give away as usaual its fantastic.

    If I vll get this kit then I vll surely first mail u its pictures n share my happiness with u coz i like needle painting n had never done before, and then framed it beautifully n hang it in my living room.
    thanks Sweety

  51. It is my dream to learn needlepainting, as all my attempts so far have been quite clumsy 🙂

    I think I'd choose traditional framing for this piece, as it looks very delicate and I wouldn't risk turning it into a pillow or a bag.

  52. Once I finish this piece, I'll frame it. If my stitching satisfies me, then I'll probably have it professionally framed and hang it on a prominent place on my wall. If the stitching leaves something to be desired (and I can't be bothered to improve on it), I'll frame it myself and place it on the wall.

    Either way (no doubt), I'll brag. "Look what I've accomplished!"

  53. Hi Mary,
    This is such lovely kit. I have never had the courage to try needle painting and it really fascinates and intimidates me at the same time. I would definitely definitely frame this one.

  54. I've just discovered your blog. Since then I have been spending all my free time pouring over it. It is wonderful – just what I have been looking for since forever. I think you're so generous to let other people share all the vast knowledge you have of needlework.

    Anyway, I'd love to win this project and if I did and made a good job of it, I would put it on a Scrapbooking album for my daughter who is scrapbooking mad.

    Thanks for all your tips and marvellous tutorials. I so look forward to your next newsletter.


  55. Wow!

    The kit looks amazing – I love that there's a practice piece in there too!
    As I generally frame things and give them away, if I won I'd want to make it up into a cushion, to go in our new living room 🙂 – Fingers are crossed for this one!!

  56. Hi Mary,
    This design is beautiful. There is not doubt I would frame it.
    Best regards,
    Catalina (Spain)

  57. If I won it, I would begin to stitch it immediately! I have never stitched needlepaint kit before, but I would like to try it, and such a detailed instruction and gorgeous threads would inspire me much.
    The finished piece would be framed and hanged beside my completed cross stitched flower pictures.

  58. Hi Mary,

    I love that this comes with a practice cloth. If I win this, I will either make it into a pillow or a purse depending on how big it is.

  59. If I would be the blessed one to win this project,
    I would frame it and hang it.

    The challenge scares me to death since I have never tried this before … but I would be game to make myself step up to the plate and try.

  60. I would definitely have this piece
    framed and then hang it in my house. I have previously
    been working on "smalls", such
    as biscornus and scissor fobs. I am looking forward to branching out into new territory.

  61. I think it would make a stunning pillow in my living room. I've got just the right fabric for finishing, too.

  62. I have some of Trish's books and love her work. When I saw the kit I thought of my mom. The colors in the kit are perfect for her home. So, if I win the kit I will stitch it, have it framed, and take it to my mom. And every time I visit I can enjoy the creativity of Trish.
    S L Breuer

  63. I'd love to give this a try. Always ready for a new challenge and technique. I would certainly frame the finished project. I have a spot in mind!!

  64. hi

    it is very pretty….

    it is really beautiful……

    it is my most favorite thing to

    do…needle painting….i've done

    a bouquet of pansies…when i was

    16…..now 60+ …i'm thinking to

    jump start again…..if i

    win….?????…..i know i will do

    a perfect job of it….i would

    frame it/mount it…..and gift it

    to someone who needs cheering….

    family…or friend…..bec flowers

    always cheer you up…..and

    flowers are the love of my life…

    my most favorite thing to


    dreaming of the finished work…..

    thank you for the opportunity to

    make this comment….

    looking forward to……

    kiran seth

  65. I would frame it and hang it in my office. That way, even at work, I can be reminded of the fun stuff waiting for me at home!

  66. I've never used silk threads–this would be a fun way to try it out! I would have to frame the finished embroidery–it is just lovely.

  67. This is such a beautiful piece. When I first saw it on her website I immediately thought of my mother, who died 20 years ago. Although she was in most ways a very modern woman, she also had a love of all things southern. This love extended to flowers native to her childhood home in Mississippi, especially the magnolia. Although I know that this give-away is not the magnolia, the colors and the positioning of the flower reminds me of the flowers found in gracious southern homes. If I were to win it, I would probably frame it in a delicate frame, possibly gold, and arrange it on an easel (if it sized right) with a beautiful flower arrangement which would compliment the colors and the beauty of the flowers.

    I really enjoy reading your blog every day. There is always something unique and interesting that I can learn. Thanks.

    Sue Harris

  68. This is such a beautiful piece. When I first saw it on her website I immediately thought of my mother, who died 20 years ago. Although she was in most ways a very modern woman, she also had a love of all things southern. This love extended to flowers native to her childhood home in Mississippi, especially the magnolia. Although I know that this give-away is not the magnolia, the colors and the positioning of the flower reminds me of the flowers found in gracious southern homes. If I were to win it, I would probably frame it in a delicate frame, possibly gold, and arrange it on an easel (if it sized right) with a beautiful flower arrangement which would compliment the colors and the beauty of the flowers.

    I really enjoy reading your blog every day. There is always something unique and interesting that I can learn. Thanks.

    Sue Harris

  69. How wonderful! I'd love to stitch this! I would put the finished piece in a frame or worked into a larger project so I could see it every day. Maybe a small table runner. I know several places where it would look lovely.

  70. I've been interested in needle painting for a while, but it looks like it might be difficult. I would love to try a kit with such clear instructions.

    If I win this, I might actually frame it and hang it 🙂 I never keep anything I make though, so if I don't hang it up for my family, I might give it to a family member (after taking tons of pictures of course).

  71. I have tried needlepainting with Trish's books. My work leaves little to be desired but I enjoy it all the same. My goal would be to finish it well enough to incorpoate it somehow into the bustle gown I am making. Maybe on the bustle itself, or maybe on the train…ooh, maybe on the parasol that will match!!!


  72. I love your site! Thanks for the tutorials on the stitches. They are just what I need.
    If I win I will frame it and give it to my Mom who loves flowers!
    Thanks again.

  73. Hi Mary,
    If I win this kit, I would have to frame it and hang it in my office so my clients could see it.

    Thank You
    Pat H. of Mobile, AL

  74. Hi Mary,

    My first thought was to frame it also and give it as a gift to cheer someone who might need it. But I really wouldn't know until it was done. There are so many possibilities! It's absolutely beautiful! Hopefully it will still be if I end up with it – having never done needle painting I don't know how well it will come out but am looking forward to giving it a go one day!
    Meg from Las Vegas

  75. The color and design would be perfect for my bedroom. I would frame it and hang it where I could see it when I wake up in the morning. I did some long and short stitch work many years ago (like maybe forty) and have been itching to try it again. This would be the perfect way to do it right. Too bad I NEVER win anything. Maybe I will splurge on a kit after I get the car fixed. Lalah

  76. I have one of Trish Burr's books and have been wanting to practice some needlepainting. If I got the kit, I'd frame the finished piece and hang in our family room. The colors and floral theme would go very nicely there. Thanks for offering it!

  77. I've done tons of counted cross stitch and hardanger and because of your newsletters I'm really getting excited to try my hand at a new technique. The instructions for this look so clear. Since I'm self-taught that would be very important.
    I would probably frame the piece and hang it in my kitchen with my most prized hardanger pieces. And then someday someone else in the family could have it to cherish as much as I did.

  78. Goodmorning– This is exciting. I would love to start learning to thread paint. When the picture is finished the colors should be perfect to frame for my family room.Thanks Linda Alewine

  79. What a lovely kit, beautifully put together. I think I would have this framed so it could be looked at and admired

  80. Oh my goodness, you're going to drown in comments this time! This must set the little voice in everybody's head to screaming and throwing tantrums – want, Want, WANT!!!!
    Well, that said I'll give in to the little voice and state publicly that this probably would be the first piece of embroidery I'd be framing. Ever. And then decide wether I'd keep it (little greedy voice, you know…) or give it away to someone special how would appreciate it.

  81. Mary, this may be one of your best give-aways, yet (at least for me). I have been going through my mother's things (she passed away recently) and have found needlework both by her and by my grandmother. We are framing some of these pieces and hanging them in our home. I would love to frame this and hang it with the others – kind of 3 generations of needleworkers, esp. since they lovingly passed this along to me and my sister.
    Thanks again for all your wisdom, inspiration and generosity.

  82. Hi
    I have always wanted to try needle painting and would love to win this kit. What would I do with it, I would frame it and if it turned out really well I would donate it to the church bazaar as a raffle prize. So, wish me luck.

  83. Keep it.

    So many times I give so many things away my home is wanting. So, again, I'd keep it to display.

  84. What a wonderful opportunity and thank you…Because of you, I purchased her "Crewel and Surface Embroidery" and love this book..I'm trying to teach myself to thread paint and this book is incredible..I would be sooooo happy to win this kit…

    What I would do with this picture? Easy, I would most likely make a lovely little pillow for my brand new bedroom…Skye

  85. This is a lovely kit, thanks for this giveaway!.
    If I won it, bearing in mind that it would be one of my first works, I would probably frame it, and give it as a present to my grandmother, who is 92, and still does some crafts!. Nobody would treasure it as she would do.
    Thanks a lot,

  86. Mary,
    How exciting is this! I would love to try Trish Burr's kit for free. What a nice lady to offer one that you can give away. One of my sisters just passed away and the husband of another sister also passed away 3 weeks later…I would definitely give the completed piece to this sister who has lost more than I. She needs anything to help her through this hard time.

  87. Oh wow I can see that made into a panel on a new summer purse. I would be so pretty . I love the way every thing comes with it and it is marked and the cool pictures to show you how to do the work . I have never seen such a complete kit there is always something you have to buy thank you for the chance to win it.

  88. I'm struggling to learn threadpainting and have all of Trish's wonderful books. I would frame this finished piece and display it prominently in my home.

    Love your blog, Mary. It's the only one I read everyday, without fail.

    Shari Masson
    Regina, Sk,

  89. Janie Hanes……

    I love learning new things. I have been working on needle painting techniques. I am almost done with a sampler I designed.

    This would be cool to work with and refreshing asit is different materials.

    I could really use something different to work with, am getting a bit burned out with the 'normal' materials.


  90. Thank You and Trish for your gerousity. If I won this kit I would work very hard to learn the techniques and finish it to display it as a centerpiece for a quilt that I am working on.

  91. First of all thanks for this wonderful giveaway. It's really beautiful.

    If I'll win, then as soon as I finish stitching, it's sure gonna decorate my living room in an elegant frame.

  92. I would love to try thread painting. I have always admired how beautiful they look. It looks like this kit is very detailed which I may be able to follow. When complete I would mat and frame it and add it to my crafty wall hangings at work. I love to look at them when I am having a stressful day, knowing that I could go home and do something relaxing helps me to relax. Thanks for your blog and website, I look forward to reading it everyday! Mary

  93. Thanks for offering such a wonderful kit and to the creator of the kit also. This is a technique I haven't tried. I think I would frame it and give it to my husband to hang it in his office. He enjoys my needlework and changes it with the seasons for everyone in his office to enjoy. Debbie S.

  94. The Trish Burr Kit looks like a real treasure. I would use the finished piece in the top of a box made for needlepoint or embroidery or frame it in a decorative frame to sit on a small easel.

    Sandy Nelson

  95. I have always had a deep longing to try my hand at needle painting. Currently trying out Bunka embroidery. Have seen some samples of Trish Burr and Tanja Berlin's needle painting on Mary's website and have a longing for trying out this kind of work. I'd be delighted to win this piece of work for my first attempt.

    If I do…be sure I'd would like to have Mary's comments on my completed work. If found favourable by her I'd would like to present it to anyone whom I know who would like to have it.


  96. Wow…when I saw the photo I couldn't believe it!!! I have a photo copy of this flower which I had planned on trying to attempt to recreate it and put it on a quilt. So nice of Trish to allow us to make copies! Thank-you Mary for all the help you've given me on how to stitch!

  97. I love this kit. I have a rocker from my grandmother that I would use this piece for the back of the rocker-I don't think I could bear for anyone to sit on the piece! Aven M

  98. I've always been a fan of Trish Burr's books. I stopped stitching a few years ago, but am now picking it up again, in earnest. I would give the finished piece to my sister.

  99. This is an exciting giveaway, Mary, since it's one of Trish Burr's kits!
    Here's my answer.
    I use shopping totes instead of plastic bags, different bags for different shops. This finished kit would go onto a linen bag in oatmeal color (with an embroidered oval frame around it)to be used when shopping for antique books or needlework supplies! This way, I could brag about the bag a little!

  100. Wow. This is an excellent kit. There are some great finishing ideas in the comments but if I win this and stitch it I would frame it – country-ish antique or crackle painted frame. Most of my stitching has been gifted away but this is one I'd like to keep!

  101. Dear Mary, I'd really love to win this one for two reasons (1) I'm still a neophyte on shading/painting. I'm still working on the Polish Peasant Blouse I told you about and my shading is "improving" but I definitely need some step by step guidance….and (2) the 10 by 10 size is PERFECT to make a trivot/hotplate. I bought severa; EXACTLY 10 by 10 polyethylene squares at the Home Depot and this piece would look so beautiful just left on the table all the time as well as serving as a hotplate. I use gold or brass metallic tape to seal the complete "sandwich" all the was around and am hoping to make several for gifts this Christmas. Thanks again for all your tutorials and hints on "where to buy". I DID buy the 18th Century book you mentioned recently and I got a real deal…Love it Love it ! ! Judy in Pittsburgh

  102. OH MY ~ This is my favorite design by Trish Burr. I would love to stitch it. What would I use it on or for ~ a pocket on a summer dress or jacket, perhaps on a tote to show off, or a pillow. Put my name in for the drawing – I would REALLY love to have this one !

  103. It is so pretty. If I win this kit, I would put it in a nice frame or make a cushion cover. Thanks,

    -Meeta V.

  104. It is a beautiful kit, if I possibly win, and i can sucessfully complete it I will either frame it or do it into a pillow. Thanks for the giveaway

  105. I would love to try out that kit!!
    I have been wanting to try out a kit form embroidery for awhile now. I generally just embroider on crazy quilt blocks.
    I would finish the kit and add crazy quilt borders and hang it up in my sewing room, which is also my living room!! lol
    SOOO pick me pick me!!

  106. I would love to try my hand at this kit. It seems very well planned to help a beginner. I would use the finished piece – if it turned out well – to make a clutch bag to hold some of my antique hankies. I would use pieces of the practice cloth in my CQ blocks for texture and color! Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. Wow, what a beautiful kit. I would definitely put in on a bag or other piece of clothing, so I could wear it and show it off.

  108. Mary, this kit is just lovely.
    I'm very big on hamdmade items given to memorialize special events.
    One of my daughters endured a very serious spinal cord surgery recently. When I looked at the kit and noticed some of the flowers still in the bud, I thought of her life.
    She is so young, and her whole life has yet to unfold; much like the flower. This surgery has meant a whole new aspect of life can be possible for her to explore.
    I would finish this kit, and place it in her hope chest, with a very long letter about why this piece seemed so significant.
    Thank you for your generosity and wisdom shared through your messages.
    Abby W. in PA

  109. I would love to win that kit. I have done just one or two small things on other work, and find it very enjoyable. I would probably frame it so It can be an inspiration to me to keep learning.

  110. Wow. Just wow.

    I've been reading the blog for about a month now – my mother passes it along as we share a common interest in all things needle-ish, and this piece looks knock out gorgeous!

    As I was reading other comments, it came to me what I would do with this kit if I were to win – yes, I'd try my hand at a new skill, and yes, I'd definately enjoy it! – but once complete, I have a bit of a different spin for its eventual resting place.

    Living in a large city, there are a number of women's shelters to volunteer at, to donate to, and to try and share a little light and joy to those coping with some very challenging situations. If I was the recipient, once completed, I would donate the completed, framed piece to a women's shelter in the hopes that it would brighten someone's day, bring a bit more joy in the world, and be proof that people do care.

    Thanks for writing this blog – you inspire us all!

  111. Hi Mary,

    I would definitely frame this in a gold frame with burgundy matting, to show off how clever I am! (assuming I'm clever enough to finish my very first try at thread painting)

    Alison in Sydney

  112. I would love to win this beautiful kit. I immediately knew I would frame it and sit it on a chest in my front hall at the foot of my stairs with all the pictures of my granddaughter that I keep there so I can see them every day.
    I have a Trish Burr book that I purchased after you had written so highly of her. I adore her work. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to possibly have this kit. joanne gledhill

  113. Hello,
    What a lovely kit! If I won it I would sit down with my granddaughter and teach her the art of needlework the same way my grandmother did with me over 40 years ago. I think it is extremely important to share times like these with family and to teach the next generation this art.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    Colleen Lim

  114. Hi Mary,
    I am fairly new to stitching and having your videos and advice has been invaluable. If I were to win this kit, I would frame it for display in my home.

  115. I would frame the finished piece and give it to my mom. She is elderly. She also lives all the way across the USA from me. I would be a very nice treat for her. Thanks, Karen

  116. This needle art project will look beautiful made into a pillow for the bed in my guest bedroom. The flowers will complement the colors in the quilt. The pillow will be finished with dupioni silk, a very pale color. I love the look of needle painting, and it has been one of those things on my list of things to learn. What a terrific way to learn!

  117. That is so beautiful. It would look great in my living room, but I'd probably give it away as a gift to a close friend.

  118. a kit this pretty deserves to be framed or in a pillow…somewhere where one can enjoy it (without damaging it with constant use)
    Pillows are also a tempting choice…

  119. I haven't tried thread painting… I'd like to give the finished kit to either my mother or my aunt (who's undergoing chemo for breast cancer).

    Thanks for another great giveaway! I'm sure the kit will find its way to the right spot. Good luck to everyone!

  120. I would love to learn needle painting and this kit seems perfect. If I win, I think I would either frame the piece or perhaps incorporate it into a pillow.

  121. How I wish I could have that??? Sigh!!!!!
    I would love to do that as it has clear instructions and step by step guide. That way i feel would make the work faster

  122. I would complete this lovely kit, and make it into a pillow to give to my aunt who will celebrate her 100th birthday this October. She loves flowers and was an expert needle worker in "her day".

  123. Thank you for offering this beautiful give-a-way project. I would frame it in an ornate metallic frame and show it off on a table-top easel.


  124. Hi Mary,
    I would like win this kit.It's so beautiful and I don't have nothing like this in Brazil,where I live.If I win,I frame it ,no doubt.

  125. phew, 127 comments already, but I am still throwing my hat into the ring for this one.
    I would use this piece as a central motif for a CQed wallhanging.

  126. Hello Mary,
    This kit is very beautiful. I'm new and I've been reading pass & now present from your site. It’s very exciting because I will see new projects and learn new things. To be honest I've never done this type of project. I was not going to join at first because I was afraid if I won I would make mistakes. But I thought, "You know if I don’t try new things life would be boring!” As long as I take my time follow the instructions and believe I can do it. I will. If I won I would bring it to a store were I live, she frames all kinds of stitching projects. Then I would want to hang it so it could be seen. Every time I saw it I would say wow I did this!
    I’m looking forward to the challenge.
    Thank you for this chance.
    Nicole L

  127. If I was so lucky as to win this Trish Burr kit it would become the center panel for a pillow to decorate my newly redecorated bedroom. It would look so good on my new duvet. Please, please, please pick me.

  128. Hi Mary,

    I'm an ardent fan of your Needle'nThread, ever since I came to know about it this January :). I'm inspired to try my hands at embroidery on reading your posts…

    This month's give away is truly awesome – thanks to you and Trish for being so generous… 🙂

    This thread painting kit is awe-inspiring. If I'm lucky to be chosen for the give away, this will be my first ever hands-on in thread painting. After finishing this embroidery, I'll frame it to decorate my living room. Currently I have adorned my living room with a fine flower basket done in Nib painting (the finishing looks similar to that of thread work). I had used pink, blue and green combination in that for the flowers and leaves. So I'm sure the embroidery will excellently complement my nib painted work 🙂


  129. Hi Mary,

    This is a beautiful kit that you have chosen for your giveaway.

    If I get to work on this I would frame it as a stand frame and place it on my vanity table

  130. I imagine as a beginner it might take me a little while to finish. So honestly, I'd frame it and hang where I could look at it every day!

  131. Everyone has such wonderful ideas and thoughts…as for me, I'm not sure what I would do with it after it was finished, but I do know I would love to have it!

    Annie in Michigan

  132. I think I'd come under the "beginner" category! But I would love to give this a try. I think I would frame this and hang it as a mini picture in one of my girls' rooms. Or maybe use it as a centrepiece on a cushion.

  133. Two Big Thank You's to Trish and Mary for this beautiful needlework project….
    This piece upon completion would be framed and placed in a place of honor where everyone would see and enjoy and hopefully would give inspiration to my lil' Grandaughter,who sat with me last night sewing on her sewing cards stitching up and down…. need to keep her interest so I will have a stitching buddy….
    Many thanks again Mary,
    Kathy K

  134. Oh this is just wonderful…I love it….I would put it in a shadow box and hang it and actually the shadow box that I would use would be made with like a cherry wood…..thanks

  135. I would work this into a vest–so pretty! I would want to wear it so I can also hear all the oooohs and ahhhs! I also think the pattern and instructions will greatly help me improve my hand embroidery-thread painting skills greatly!

  136. Dear Mary,

    I love this little ribbon and flower kit! I haven't done any long and short stitch (still waiting your online lessons! I hope you can still do that this year!). If it is possible to learn the technique for me, this looks like a good way to do it.

    What would I do with this? Why, frame it of course! I can't imagine needleworking something like this and putting it in a situation that it could get ruined in! I would frame it behind glass and hang it on the wall.

    I'm 17, but I hope I am still eligible.

    Thank you!

    Weiser, Oregon

  137. That's a tough one. I got away from counted thread embroidery for a variety of reasons, but including that I'd had enough of making things that went on the wall; I was interested in something more utilitarian. I still feel that way, but also wouldn't want it to get too worn. Paradox! I would most like to put this in a frame with a mirror. I may be inventing something that doesn't exist, so otherwise as the cover of a box for special treasures. My oldest daughter will be 13 this year, and my father is giving her a special piece of my late mother's jewelry. I'd like to make her something to keep her special jewelry in.

  138. Thanks Mary and Trish for ever expanding our horizons!
    I would frame the lovely piece and hang it on a wall in my sitting area.
    Karole King

  139. It's a beautiful kit! But everything Trish does is great. I would make it into a cover for a journal. I like journaling and enjoy having unusual and interesting covers for them.

    Thanks for all your inspiration and for lovely give-aways!

  140. Needle painting is something that has been peaking my interests just lately! I would frame the piece and hang, just to admire that I had completed stitching it, it looks so delicate! Thanks for having this give-away, it really sweet of you!

  141. How cool is this. I would frame this with pieces of fabri as my frame. I also would put needlepointed butterflies on the fabric.

    That is how I envision it.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    debbie peysen

  142. Like you, I adore the work of Trish Burr. I would stitch the project, then frame it, take it to my 3 needlework club meetings, bask in the attention I would receive, and then hang it in my dining room for all my guests to admire – and for my own satisfaction! Trish Binkley

  143. This is so beautiful! I think I'd put it in a little frame for a good friend. Thanks for the reminder in today's post, I've been away from the 'puter for a few days and would've missed this!

  144. Good evening.

    I have just found your site, and am most impressed with your stitching. I have tremendous admiriation for those who are able to do beautiful embroidery.

    I have done a small number of cross stitch pieces, but I think that it is time for me to branch out into different forms of embroidery.

    This is a lovely piece by Trish Burr, and I think that I would frame the piece with something feminine and pink, since I live near the Chicago area, and winters here are way too long. I could dream of spring when looking at it in mid-January.

    Thank you for the opportunity to stitch an item such as this because of your generosity and that of Trish Burr.


  145. What a fabulous kit! When finished (and I would finish it), it would be framed and hung on my wall. However, should any of the younger members of the family (daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughters) admire it, I would gladly give it to her.

  146. Hi Mary,
    No doubt about it, this finished kit will be perfect to use with a length of pale pink dupioni I have stashed away – I'd make a pillow -with the embroidery centered on the front surrounded with a wide dupioni border and backed with the dupioni.
    I love needle painting and have been dying to try a Trish Burr kit!

  147. Dear Mary,

    First of all let me thankyou for the video tutorials.Great job!!!(recently found your site).

    Second,i would be very pleased to recieve something like that from you(and Trish).

    Winning is not final.Even if i won i should finish it(i am a beginner…so you know my confidence levels,however i learnt all the basic stitches from my Mother,a very sweet person,and my best friend).

    i have never tried my hands on a whole project like this except for a few stitches here and there.But my mother loves to embroider, she did embroider my dresses and skirts when i was young (then i wasnt a bit interested but now i am not the same person,coz embroidery is highly addictive,and i love to talk to my mother about the threads,designs…etc)Once finished ,undoubtedly and proudly i would gift it to my Mother.

    Thankyou Mary

  148. Dear Mary,

    first of all let me thank you for the video tutorials .Great job!!!(recently found your site)

    second i would be very pleased to recieve something like this from you(Trish) and would be very proud to gift the finished work to my Mother(i am a beginner,and my mother loves embroidery and had done some when i was young).

    Thankyou Mary.

  149. hello mary, I hope i get this wonderful give away and if I will get this kit I will gift to my sister
    Thanks for this fantastic give away

    God bless u

  150. Mary, This would be my first try at threadpainting, through your web, thesite, I have been to Trish' website. She has wonderful instructions and kits!!!! I would make the kit into a wall hanging for my living room, the colors are perfect, and I could enjoy my work with family and friends.
    Thank you for the giveway!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. j'adore Trish Burr et tous ses modèles !
    quel beau kit !
    si je devais le réaliser, je pense que je l'associerais avec des tissus coorcdonnés et d'autres fleurs de Trish dans un grand panneau quilté

    je ne parle pas bien anglais, veuillez m'en excuser

    best regards

  152. i would make it into a pillow. I love making everything int pillows or framing.

    Then i give them away to everybody.. 🙂

  153. Hi!

    This will be my first kit ever tried… If I finish this stitch kit, I would love to frame it nicely and proudly hang it on the wall in reception area at my home and will boast about it whoever comes in…..!

  154. Wow,

    another great giveaway!

    I am still trying to lean needlepainting, so this would bwe wonderful.

    This I would frame and place in my entryway, so I couls see it daily.


  155. This embroidery project is very artistic, I would love to indulge my self in this experience. It will be a pride for me to win this lovely kit

  156. So Beautiful! I really hope I could win this lovely kit. It’s a beautiful first project into needle painting. I owe my love of embroidery to my Mom. she was the one who started it all for me.

    If I won this kit I would stitch it for my Mom.


  157. I am hooked on needlepainting and Trish Burr has blended her cottons with natures colours to perfection, this kit would be every sewers dream to win.
    It would be heaven for me to win this kit.
    Kaye. November 2nd, 2011.

  158. Mary,bom dia!

    Moro no Brasil e gostaria de obter um desses projetos de Trish. Você sabe informar se ela envia para o Brasil?

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