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Needlework Website Hopping for the Weekend


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If your Sunday mornings are a bit more relaxed than other days of the week, you might have time to do some needlework website hopping. Here some features and websites I’ve seen lately that I like, if you want to join me for a quick tour…

On Materialistic, Kelly is still featuring her Jacobean leaf series. She’s up to leaf #7 of 8. Besides showing you her finished leaf, she includes a nice line pattern for free, in case you want to try out some Jacobean leaves, too.

BibliOdyssey has up some strange and funky and kinda fun-looking Indian Designs that would make interesting embroidery patterns. They caught my eye as especially suitable for embroidery because they are very clear line drawings for the most part. If you like stitching the unusual, you might check them out.

Completely unrelated to needlework, Lifehaker has a great little idea for adding outdoor “atmosphere” for your summer evenings in the form of jar candles. The only reason I point it out is because I think it’s a great idea! Actually, it’s something we’ve been doing for years – only we use the little half-pint, faceted mason jars and a larger candle (so they last longer). We set them on the porch railings, outdoor tables, up the steps, and so forth. They’re great when you have a multi-table outdoor gathering in the evening. I never thought of hanging them in trees…

Wow, that was completely off topic, wasn’t it?

Sibling Rivalry has a cute little free embroidery pattern page up – called Seafood Salad, which is a great name! It features fish of all sorts, including jellyfish and sea horses, with all kinds of expressions! As far as seafood salad goes, it looks rather scrumptuous.

You know how much I like keeping up with the Plimoth Plantation Jacket Project… well, here’s a great way to support the project and come out with a little something really nice – they’re selling notecards featuring different stitched motifs from the jacket. And they are really pretty! They would make an excellent gift for stitching and non-stitching friends alike. If I get them (still, uh, balancing the budget after vacation!), I’d use them as cards, but I’d probably also use them a bit as stitch guides!

Following up on the Temari post from the other day, Jeanne of Just String has posted some information about her beginning Temari adventures, which is very interesting to read! She points to some good sources, as well, and talks about the length of time involved in making a core for the first time. Now I’m Really Excited to give Temari a try. I’ve ordered a couple new books, which I’ll review for you once they arrive – I think they’ll be much better than the last one I purchased!

Over on CraftyPod, which is always bedecked with one creative idea after another, you’ll find that Diane has produced an e-book called “Weaving Un-Loomed” featuring some great little weaving-without-the-loom projects. If you like weaving, or the look of woven things, but agree that looms are too complex, large, expensive, and so forth, you can satisfy your desire to be a weaver through these little projects that look like loads of fun. My mother has always wanted to be a weaver…..

Elizabeth over on Sew in Love has posted some beautiful finished embroidery projects that you’ll enjoy seeing. My favorite is the strawberry wreath, stitched in silk, and I love what she did with the blue dragonfly project! Check those out!

Finally, this little stitched postcard over on Nini Makes is really cute – and she details instructions for making your own.

Well, that’ll do for this morning, won’t it? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

PS. I cleaned up the studio yesterday, and for the first time in weeks, picked up a needle and did some stitching (at 10:30 last night, finally!). Oh, it isn’t a very exciting project – just very simple and relaxing. But I did organize and make lists, plans, and so forth for upcoming events. Yes, the long and short stitch is still in the works. Just bear with me as I catch up!


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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful blogs and ideas for stitching. I have been oh so inspired. It's been a lovely Sunday evening

  2. I'm a new reader of your blog and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. I'm also excited to see that you are looking into temari.

    I found Barb Seuss' book on Temari at a bookstore and have wanted to go back and pick it up, as it looked like a really fun project. Can't wait to see what you do with it and what you think of the books you have on order. 🙂

  3. Wow! Thanks for the listing Mary! I've had 53 visits from your link so far!=) I'd better get my needles going again soon or else folk won't come back!!!!

  4. Hi Mary – I haven't any time to stitch because I'm spending so much time checking out the links you post. They are just terrific! Thanks.

  5. Hi Mary. Thanks for the mention, it definitely sent some visitors my way. I've also been mulling doing some temari – the latest issue of Inspirations features a project. I've been saving all my offcuts for the core, but still have about nine projects to go on the list before getting to temari. So much to stitch, so little time…

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