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Fantastic News from Hedgehog Handworks!!


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Hedgehog Handworks has recently been … well, “updated,” for lack of a better word. It’s always been a wonderful online shop, and a great resource for needlework books, costuming supplies, goldwork supplies, and threads. But nooooow, they’ve gotten better! Let me tell you all about it!

Hedgehog Handworks is an online-only needlework shop; there’s no brick-and-mortar Hedgehog. The online store is run by a super nice lady named Joady, and I love her taste in supplies!

Hedgehog Handworks Needlework Supplies

What will you find new on the website?

For starters, Joady is now carrying some fantastic linen – Legacy linen in different weights as well as some Strathaven linen that’s similar in weave to 17th century linen.

You’ll also find at Hedgehog the whole range of Hardwicke Manor hoops, which I recently discussed with you here on Needle ‘n Thread.

And – jolly, jolly! Are you looking for slate frames? She’s got plenty of sizes available!

Recently, I reviewed the book Letters and Monograms from the House of Malbranche, and you’ll find it available at Hedgehog, too.

But here’s the icing on the cake: During August, to celebrate their 22 years in business, Hedgehog Handworks is offering FREE SHIPPING to US customers.

(Murphy’s Law: I placed an order last week!)

Hedgehog Handworks Needlework Supplies

Now would be a good time to indulge in a few trial supplies, like different goldwork threads (she also carries the range of Gilt Sylke Twist – and it’s less expensive than anywhere else I’ve seen it!)

Goldwork Supplies from Hedgehog Handworks

If you’re looking for goldwork supplies, you’ll find a whole range of real metal threads available. The last time I splurged on goldwork supplies, I bought them from Hedgehog. Maybe you just want to “try” a thread, but didn’t want to pay shippingn on top of the cost? Now you can!

Update, 2017: Hedgehog Handworks is now closed – the owner retired earlier in 2017. Sorry!


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  1. I ordered 2 hoops last Thursday and they arrived at my apt. today (Monday)! Really great service. And the free shipping was like icing on the cake. Thanks for the tip.

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