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Notable Needlework Stops


In case you’re looking for some needlework resources or inspiration, I thought I’d compile a list of a few places I’ve come across over the last few weeks, coupled with some needlework news, specials, and resources…

First, some needlework shop news:

Hedgehog Handworks Needlework Shop

I mentioned already that Hedgehog Handworks is offering free shipping during the month of August. This is a really good deal, methinks. How many times do you look for something online, only to be deterred from ordering because of shipping? Especially if you’re just looking for one little thing – like a certain color or type of thread! I had a project underway a few years ago and ran out of a specialty thread that I had to order. The shipping more than doubled the cost of thread! I’m always happy to find a free shipping deal! And, as Méri pointed out, international shipping is half price. So check out Hedgehog this month to see if there’s anything you need! (Floche is on my list before the month is out…)

Threads in Bloom Brazilian Embroidery Supplies

Threads in Bloom – specializing in Brazilian embroidery supplies and kits – is also running a little deal in August to celebrate 22 years in business. (That’s a long time! Congratulations, Sharon!) During August, Sharon will be including free mesh zipper bags with any orders $10 and over. For orders of $10 – $25, she’s including a small bag; $25.01 – $35.00, a medium-small bag; $35.01 – $50, a medium bag, and orders over $50 will include a large bag. These mesh bags are terrific project bags – I have a few and I use them all the time! I’ve taken to using the large mesh zipper bag to store multiple projects of a particular kind. For example, all my Trish Burr kits are safely tucked away in a large zipper bag.

Brodely - Specialty Embroidery Supplies in France

If you’re looking for specialty embroidery supplies in Europe, Aurélie Clay and her mom have recently opened an online shop in France. The shop is called Brodely, and you can find it in both French and in English. Brodely has just opened up, so I’m sure we’ll see some expansion on the shop. What I like about it: they carry goldwork supplies! They also carry some harder-to-find supplies for embroidery on tulle, including cotton tulle and tambour needles in a variety of sizes. You can also find silk fabrics, sequins, beads, and so forth. And, they accept Paypal, which makes it very easy to place orders from overseas! I like this little shop – it’ll be fun to see how it develops.

Paint by Threads Embroidered Art, Linens, and Kits

Paint-by-Threads is an interesting online shop specializing in embroidered art (already embroidered) and kits (for you to embroider) in the Arts & Crafts Movement style. The Framed Needle Art section is quite inspiring to browse through, but what really catches my attention about the shop is the selection of linen available to purchase by the yard. The prices on the linen per yard look quite reasonable. I haven’t seen any of the fabric upclose, in person, but I’m going to order some swatches. There are some Belgian linens and Irish linens on there – and, like I said, per yard, they are priced quite reasonably.

Now, onto some Fun Stops online….

Needleprint - great resource for counted thread Quaker samplers

Have you visited Needleprint? This is a site devoted to a huge world-wide stitch-along on the Mary Wigham sampler from the Ackworth school. The designs that abound on the website are in the “Quaker” style of samplers, and the historical information about needlework from the era and from the school is all rather engrossing. I found myself whiling away quite a bit of time, reading through the posts and seeing what’s offered on the website. If you like the Quaker style of needlework, you will really enjoy this site. The stitching is counted – and it has that old world charm that is beguiling, I think. I love it! There are some nice projects and freebies on the site, too, so browse around and dig deep!

Betz White Website - bucket hat - think embellishment!

Ok, I know you’re going to think this is really weird – it’s not really “needlework” – why is she sending us to a hat pattern? But, anyway – enough of that! Let me explain! On Betz White’s blog this week, she featured her new reversible bucket hat pattern, which she has for sale on Etsy. Ok, ok. I’m not a hat person. I’d like to BE a hat person! But I’m not. But I know several people who are – and I think this pattern (while cute as anything in Betz’s fabrics) has some potential in a needleworky-sort-of-way. So stay tuned for that in a while – my niece and I are working on something! It IS a cute hat, isn’t it? And think: embellishment!

Those are a few sites that have caught my eye recently! Hope you have fun looking through them!


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  1. I recently ordered a book on Wessex embroidery from Hedgehog, and I love the Needleprint site too! Participating in the Mary Wigham stitch along has been great fun! Thanks for posting about your favorite sites…I love surfing them!

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