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Stumpwork Holly and Promises of Gold


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Looking for a stitching challenge – a beautiful, small stumpwork embroidery project perfect for Christmas?

I’ve been a fan of Sandra Vass’s beautiful embroidery – her stumpwork and goldwork – for a while, enjoying her photos posted on Stitchin’ Fingers, a vast social network for needleworkers established and maintained by Sharon Boggan (of Pintangle) down in Australia. My favorites among Sandy’s work include her goldwork gecko and this beautiful piece:

Goldwork by Sandy Vass, from Hinda Hands Goldwork Sampler

This is Sandy’s rendition of the Goldwork Sampler by Hinda Hands, from the book Church Embroidery.

Isn’t it Stunning?

Well, the good news is that Sandy has started a blog! It’s called Gold n’ Stitches. The first project she’s featuring is a little goldwork and stumpwork holly project.

Goldwork and Stumpwork Holly Design by Sandra Vass

In her first post on the Christmas Holly Stumpwork design, you’ll find a downloadable pattern, a thorough supply list, and the first instructions for completing this pretty project.

This is a perfect little project for delving into stumpwork – it’s small enough to be manageable (without being overwhelming), and it’s perfectly suited to the season. I was thinking it would make a really pretty inset for a box lid – a nice gift idea!

Please take a minute to stop by Sandy’s new blog, Gold n’ Stitches and welcome her to the world of blogging. I’m sure that she will have much to give us, when it comes to beautiful goldwork and stumpwork projects. I’m looking forward to seeing her website develop!


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  1. Thanks for the resource, Mary! How exciting to have another goldwork and stumpwork website to refer to. The gecko is wonderful. I would love to be able to stitch that well. I like the holly design, but I don't have time to work it before Christmas. Maybe for next year?


  2. This project is lovely I have done embroidery and cross stitch, your pattern invited me to do stump work.thank you marsha taylor

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