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Embroidery Classes with Susan O’Connor Announced


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Speaking of Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth, the author, Susan O’Connor, is teaching quite a few neat looking classes around the globe this year – maybe you’ll be close to one and can take advantage of what looks like some really nice embroidery classes! Here’s some information on upcoming classes in various parts of the world….

In case you don’t know who Susan O’Connor is, she’s a designer whose work is regularly featured in Country Bumpkin’s Inspirations Magazine. If you’ve been following my latest book-gushing, you also know she’s the author of Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth. I’ve always been drawn to her projects in Inspirations. I like her style of embroidery. Though I haven’t been to a class with her, I bet they’d be fun, so I thought I’d pass on some class information, just in case you think they’d be fun, too!

Embroidery Designs by Susan O'Connor

Right around the corner, from March 16 – 19, 2010, she’ll be teaching in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Here’s a PDF brochure with details:

Embroidery Classes in the Hunter Valley

Embroidery Designs by Susan O'Connor

If you happen to be in Paris, France, in April 2010, you’ll find Susan teaching at Au Ver a Soie from the 26th – 30th. Here’s the PDF brochure, in French and English:

Embroidery Classes in Paris – French
Embroidery Classes in Paris – English

Embroidery Designs by Susan O'Connor

Are you going to be in Dublin in May? Susan is teaching in Dublin, Ireland from May 4 – 10, 2010, and here’s the PDF with information on that venue:

Embroidery Classes in Ireland

Embroidery Designs by Susan O'Connor

She’s teaching a variety of projects, some of them pictured here. It looks like the projects at the classes in Dublin are slightly different – she has some smocking in there, and an embroidered blanket project.

If you happen to be nearby any of these venues at the right time, maybe it would work out that you could take a class with Susan! I think you’d be pretty lucky! (I’d do the mirror project. It would look utterly perfect on my bedroom wall!)

From what I hear, she’s also looking for a venue for the US. If you belong to a guild that would be interested, you might use the contact information on the brochures to see if something can be arranged.

You can see what’s up with her embroidery classes on Facebook, too, in case you want to keep abreast of these kinds of things!

No affiliation here, by the way – just passing on information!

(And if you go, by the way, you have to let me live vicariously through you – I want the details!)


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(16) Comments

  1. Thank you for showing us Susan's extraordinary work! I was fortunate enough to take a "Plums & Honeysuckle" class with Susan at the Country Bumpkin's Beating Around the Bush convention last October in Adelaide. I would say to everyone out there who is nearby when Susan teaches: don't miss one of the best learning experiences you can ever expect to find. My understanding and skill in three-dimensional silk embroidery increased enormously from Susan's class. She is so informed and the bonus is that Susan is also very funny and a joy to be with. I was also lucky to see her Elizabethan Flowers blanket "in the wool", so to speak and it is even more fantastic than the photos could ever show.

  2. I am also drawn to her style of embroidery. I enjoy looking through the issues of Inspiration magazine and seeing what she has embroidered. I have been collecting the materials for the Honeysuckle amd Plums project, and only need about 4 more AVAS colors. Wouldn't it be fun to take a class from her if she comes to the US? If you hear anything, keep us posted. I am looking for a needlework trip thisyear. Thanks, Mary.

  3. Thank you Mary.

    How absolutely beautiful are all those designs.

    A picture says a thousand words.

    Cheers, Kath.

  4. It would be wonderful to have a class with her. What a great possibility. The Facebook page says that she'll be on the West Coast of the US.

  5. Hi Girls, Fiona here, I help to organise Susan's Classes. I have been trying to find a venue in the US on the West Coast (and East Coast) without much success…so if any one knows of a great hall/community centre near them with reasonable accomodation nearby I would love to hear about it and I can take care of the rest!!! Where would you all prefer…East or West!!! Now that opens a can of worms! Also what do you think about July, or is everyone away on Summer holidays?
    Would love to hear your thoughts, Fi

  6. Hi Mary,

    I am going to visit my daughter in France in April and now you got me dreaming… Susan O'Connor, I love what she does.

    I've printed the little poster and see what happens. Maybe some generous soul will treat me to a wonderful birthday present – it happens to be on April 20th. Dream on.

  7. Oh gosh, and I already had two courses lined up for this year! Don't know whether to thank you for the information or complain bitterly that my already fractured focus is now absolutely splintered!

  8. Hi, all – glad you like the info!

    Maryvonne – I hope you can swing the class in Paris! That would be a fantastic b-day present!

    Sorry Rachel! 🙂

    Gail – you're lucky! That sounds like Great Fun! Well, the whole Beating Around the Bush conference was one of those things that I daydreamed about! It sounded fantastic! Would it be possible for you to contact me? I'd like to ask you a question via e-mail, if it's all right with you. The chances that you'll read this are somewhat slim, but I thought I'd try!

  9. I have the book “Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth” and am ready now to start embroidering however the wool required for the border and lattice states 4 skeins of 751 dk old gold.I wonder if there is a mistake here. Could you please clarify how many skein I will need.
    With thanks in anticipation


  10. I have just seen a blanket in the Bobbin Tree shop from ‘Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth’. It is wonderful so why can’t the book be reprinted? It is obviously very popular – and inspirational. I am happy to buy a secondhand copy even. I do hope Susan O’Connor can be encouraged to do a reprint of her book.

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