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Italian Needlework Supplies – A Resource


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Last summer when I visited Lacis in Berkeley, CA, I picked up some great embroidery iron-on transfer packs from Italy, via the company that produces them, Mani di Fata. I’ve long been a fan of many European needlework products and publications, and lately, I’ve come across a nice resource for Italian needlework supplies, including linen and threads for the various types of whitework and drawn thread embroidery that are popular parts of Italian needlework traditions.

Italian Needlecrafts is a retail website dedicated to… Italian needlecrafts! On the website, you’ll find a whole selection of the aforementioned Mani di Fata embroidery transfers, with a nice variety of beautiful embroidery designs for household and other linens.

Italian Needlecrafts: Estense Embroidery

But of all the nice things on the site, this is really what I was after. Inspired by pottery designs from Ferrara, Italy, Estense embroidery is beautiful and colorful. A while ago, I saw a reference to this book somewhere online, and of course, I lost track of the resource! I was thrilled to find the book here.

Besides books and design resources, you’ll also find some very nice Italian linen available on the website. Careful, though – the prices reflect the price for fat quarters, so if you’re looking for a whole meter, you have to multiply the price times 4. Still, if you’re looking for Italian linen for whitework, cutwork or Assisi embroidery, and you wonder what linen is used in all those beautiful examples of Italian needlework, this is the stuff.

I’ve added a few items from Italian Needlecrafts to my list, and when the budget is conducive to making an overseas purchase (shipping’s a real bear!), I’ll pick up a few things that I can’t find available here in the US.


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  1. Thanks, Mary, for the link. I just was browsing there, and there are a lot of wonderful design and instruction books. I am glad that you wrote about it. I know that I will probably have to order from them someday, also!! The linens are BEAUTIFUL! Sandi

  2. Oooo, an Italian needlework source! Yea! I had a less than satisfactory experience buying directly from Mani di Fata/Canetta. Much as I love the things I bought from Mani di Fata/Canetta, I won't buy from them again. It was a lot of trouble. (I'm in the States and had customs problems and other issues.)

    Among the items that I bought was a selection of Italian linens (they're wonderful). I am so happy that you found another place for Italian linen because I want more! I think that this site has a better selection of linens (especially colours) than Mani di Fata/Canetta.

  3. G'day there Mary,

    Veeerrry interesting and intriguing. I went into the site and is great for a fan of old style and/or different things like me. Now, does that say I'm old and/or different or the things on the site? Probably both right!

    Thanks Mary, Cheers, Kath.

  4. I am looking for a needlepoint kit that features a design based on classic Italian pottery. Do you know where I could find that?

  5. Vorrei acquistare uno starter kit per un amico e mi chiedo quale potrebbe consigliarmi, a un prezzo ragionevole. È interessata in particolare ai disegni di animali e piani

    Grazie Mille

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