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Stumpwork Tiles Book Give-Away


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Well, because I love the book, and because I just love my readers and I think you all deserve a copy of the Stumpwork Tiles book I reviewed yesterday for your own libraries, today I’m going to give one away!

Stumpwork Tiles Embroidery Book by Jane Nicholas

If you’d like to win your very own copy, read on!

Here’s how the give-away works:

1. It’s open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Once I have a winner, I’ll order one and have it shipped directly to you.

2. To enter, you need to leave a comment on this post, on the website (not via e-mail). You can just click on that link and it will take you to the place to leave your comment.

3. In your comment, answer the following question:

Of all the projects featured in the book, which you can see on Jane Nicholas’s website, what’s your favorite and why? (Yep… I’m making you work for it!)

4. Make sure you leave a recognizable name on your comment, so that there’s no confusion between winners’ names. (For example, if your name’s Kathy, you might want to add where you’re from, or some other recognizable tidbit).

5. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 13th, so to be included, you must leave your comment by 5:00 a.m. CST on September 13th.

6. The lucky winner will need to contact me with a mailing address within 48 hours.

It’s simple, really! So if you want to win a free copy of the book, do leave a comment below! Best of luck!


(285) Comments

  1. Hi, what a wonderful giveaway! I love the Persian Peony Tile for its colours and the beautiful balance of the flowers, the gold dots and the border.

  2. Hai Mary!
    What a wonderful book! I would like to have that on my bookshelf!
    I would choose the Knapweed Roundel, I’ve never done stumpwork and I’m amazed with the things you can make. I sure would like to try it! The Knapweed Roundel is supposed to be ‘easy’, so maybe I could have a go with that one…
    Let’s see if I’ll win!
    Gwen Kok.

  3. Hi Mary – very generous of you. Got my fingers crossed. :o)

    My favourite is the Turquoise Peony Tile, for several reasons but mostly I just love the unusual colour combination. The other reasons are that I have circle motifs on the brain at the mo as one of my City & Guilds assessment pieces is all around embroidered jewellery and I’m planning on circle designs and that, thanks to it’s small size and relative lack of complexity it actually feels ‘achievable’!

    Looks like a gorgeous book – I have her stumpwork beetles book, which is full of inspiration!

  4. Hello Mary, I love the Turquoise Peony Tile because it’s so rich in the colours of the Middle East reminding me of a peacock’s colours. Many of the projects are with shades of red which makes this one stand out for me. I love Jane Nicholas’s work especially when she combines silk and gold.
    From Jacqui UK

  5. Hi,

    I like the stump work and gold embroidery because, as a beginner, I am so fascinated about the 3 dimensional effect of stump work. I also feel that stump work is challenging because in my experience, the chances of getting the thread tangled is more in stump work.Hence , a comprehensive guide on stump work is always helpful.

  6. What a wonderful give-away, Mary! I have to choose the Persian Peony Tile as my favorite. I love the colors and the flowers but the grace of the border especially appeals to me. Many thanks for offering such a fabulous book!

  7. My choice is the Turkish Tulip tile because I have studied turkish embroidery for many years love the designs and think Jane tile is in keeping with their traditional turkish motifs.

  8. Goldwork is my favourite technique and peonies are my favourite flowers, so I’ve been drooling over the Crimson Peony Rosette. I love the way the outside petals are separated by the gold. (I’d never have thought of doing it that way.) And I’d like to find out how she made the outer gold rim.

    Margot in Halifax

  9. The Cherry Flower tile reminds me of summer and delicious cherries in my garden, when I can hide them from the birds.
    Suzy from the UK

  10. I like all the projects shown but the Tulip Needle Book is one of my favorite. I have a small collection of needle books that I have made & this one would be nice to do.

  11. Hello,
    I went to Jane’s site and found Zippit bags,, the bags come in different sizes and prices aren’t bad either..

    Linda J

  12. Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my favorite pattern. First of all, I LOVE pomegranate! To add to my pleasure, I like the way this design flows, and I love the color combinations!

    Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway!

    Lace-lovin Librarian – Diane

  13. Hi Mary. I tried the link in your webletter and I cant get it to work . 🙂
    But in saying that from the little titbits that you have showin and from what we know from Janes previous books, then my comment is. How can we stop at working just ONE design. I just love her style and I find it all inspirational. And like you I love the endpapers.
    I hope I win as it would be a fabulous book for my collection.
    Phillipa from New Zealand

  14. The knapweed roundel captured my interest immediately because of its simplicity and its unexpected color combinations.

  15. Dear Mary,
    I look forward to and really enjoy reading your daily blog posts. You have inspired me to try new and more challenging techniques. I was especially excited to read about your Stumpwork book giveaway because I have been eager to look into this particular realm of needlework. Picture number 4 is my favorite (although I REALLY like the cover piece) because of the tulips. My mother’s favorite flower was the tulip, and whenever I see one, it reminds me of her. It’s also such a beautifully vibrant piece with it’s intense colors and the beadwork. I would love to own Jane Nichols’ book and thank you so much for the opportunity to try to win a copy.
    Thank you, too, for the daily inspiration your needle arts give to me.
    Sandra Lee D. Feck

  16. My favorite is Turkish Lale Tile. I am originally from Turkey:) I would love to be able to stitch and display it.

  17. Hello Mary,

    I would start with the Iznik Carnation tile. I love the colors, and it do not seem to be too complicated and too long.
    Thanks a lot for this giveway, Maybe this time I will be a lucky girl ?

  18. My favourtie is the iznik carnation tile simply because I love carnations and I love blue and turquoise. I am also a ceramicist and this project really captures the style and colours of Turkish tile work which I love as well.

  19. I love Jane Nicholas, especially her dragonflies, and would love Stumpwork Tiles. It’s details are excellent and the pics are so gorgeous. I especially love the pretty flower (looks like tulips) with the extraneous decoration. I visit her Web site often and have ordered kits from her. I would love to own this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!
    P.S. Love your daily newsletter and love your Web site!!

  20. Woohoo! I had an inkling that you would be doing a give away with this book and I must say, it is extremely generous of you. I only enter the give aways for things that I really want and I really, really want this book.

    Picking a favourite is not easy. They are all lovely. If I have to pick one then it’s going to be cover girl, Syrian Pomegranate Tile. Why? Because it is beautiful, it is challenging, and I want to stitch it 🙂

    Good luck every one, but extra good luck to me 😀

  21. Cherry Flower Roundel – The delicacy of this design particularly the dainty border is most amazing!
    Lynn Pyper – South Africa

  22. I like the second one with the three flowers. I think it lends itself to all sorts of fine embellishing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I love your daily update – the highlight of my day! I have to say your give-a-way is awesome and would be the jewel in my ’embroidery’ library. I have several of Jane’s other books but this appeals because it is small, complete projects.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win……

  24. I love the knapweed project. I spent time in Kosovo a couple of years ago, and there were a lot of Turkish tiles there, as it was part of the Ottoman empire for a few centuries. I’ve already told my husband to buy me this book, so please draw me.

  25. G’day Mary,

    For me, the Iris Tile / Book Cover just edged out a couple of other designs.
    Being ‘easy’ helped, but the main reason is the simple elegance of the design and muted colours. Also the ogival (I’ve learnt a new word) shape surrounding the main iris design is really appealing. It gives a simple design that extra edge, especially the way it has been embellished.

    Thanks Mary for the review and this opportunity to participate in the give away.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  26. I’m just seeing more stumpwork on some of my fiber artist friends blogs..looks like another technique to have in our artist toolbox! I really like the simplicity of the Iris Tile on Jane Nicholas’ website. Plus, the colors have just enough contrast to set up the design. Thanks for your posts (as always). Robbie Payne/RobbiesPawPrints

  27. Hi, Mary! Thanks for another give-away! From the projects on the web page, I think my favorite is Persian Peony Tile. It has an oval shape, which makes it a bit different of the other projects, the colors are gorgeous and, of course, it seems to be the biggest and most difficult. So it naturally draws my attention. But I’ll do my best to actually finish it if I win the book, ok? 😀 No more UFOs around me, please!

  28. The Iznik Carnation Tile is my favourite, because my first thought on seeing it was “a diamond! I could work lots of them side-by-side like a tiled wall” (this is why my husband says I’m a lunatic).
    thanks for your generosity in running this giveaway.

  29. I love the Syrian Pomegranite because it reminds me of pieces I have seen in Europe but it is very subtle!

  30. Since I have never done any stumpwork before, although I have done a lot of other stitching techniques (especially counted ones), I think it would be wise to start with the project I estimate to be the simplest.
    I’d love trying new different things, so this book would give me the incentive to try stumpwork seriously, instead of just saying “I’ll try stumpwork someday” and never getting around to doing that really.
    Esther (Dutch stitcher in France)

  31. There are too many favorites, but I really like the Persian Peony and the Iznik Carnation the latter because of the colors. But I would probably do the Tulip Needebook first, because I am partial to needlebooks and it seems simpler than the other two.

    Susan from Ypsilanti

  32. My favourite is the Persian Peony. the shape of this one is what first caught my eye, along with the Tulip tile, but the colours in this one are more appealing to me. I think this would be a challenge to work, but not beyond my abilities and I can already see where it would go on my wall. I do intend to buy a copy of this book, but if I could win it, I’d have more project money and I could start stitching sooner!

  33. Love your blog…an inspiration every morning !!! Of the Jane Nicholas Tiles, I like the Turquoise Peony Tile as it is very different in color composition than most of the others illustrated. I have done a number of Jane’s projects and this tile with the dark background “speaks” to me of mystery and exotica!!

  34. It’s difficult to pick a favorite tile from the book, but one that is calling my name is the Persian Peony Tile. I love the shape of it. I love the peonies, and I love, love, love the cobalt feathery knapweed. I love the material and threads that are used for this project. Did I mention? I.Love.This.Book!

  35. Well, I’ve narrowed it down to the Iznik Carnation Tile. I’m making a quilt. Each block is to embroidered in something meaningful to me. The first block is a duplicate of one of a series of quilt blocks made by my mother, with my own embroidery skills and techniques, of course! For the remainder of the quilt I plan on putting in something representing the different countries I have visited. My first overseas trip included a visit to Istanbul, Turkey where I fell in love with Turkish pottery! What a great quilt block this design would make. Brenda D., Wilmington, Ohio

  36. I would love to win this book, Mary. Thank you for the opportunity. My favourite is the Persian Peony Tile, because it’s oval, and because I love peonies, plus the rich colours just popped on this one more than the others.

  37. Hello Mary,
    I love the Turkish Tulip Tile since my daughter loves tulips. As well, the blue flowers in the tile remind me of a flower/weed that grows by the side of the road in Ontario. My daughter would pick a few of these blue flowers to give to her grandma each summer. ( And both my daughter and her grandma thought these blue weeds were as beautiful as roses from the florist!) I also like how Jane blends the embroiderey with delicate beading.
    Thanks for the chance to win the book.
    Ruth Ann W in London, Ontario

  38. I choose the Turquoise Peony Tile. It uses all my favorite colors, and just shines in its simplicity. By the way, I just ordered a new floor stand, influenced by your wonderful information in a 2008 article. Thanks for all the help you give us!

  39. My fav is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I love the scalloped border and the colors. Oh, how I love this goldwork and hope someday to try it. Thank you so much for your blog. I can’t wait to open it each day. jane12734@aol.com

  40. I’ve been trying to resist going to her site again, because I love all of the Jane Nicholas kits and books. If I am forced to choose a favorite, it would the Knapweed Roundel. I realize that it’s depicting Knapweed, but it looks very much like thistle, and I have a collection of thistle needlework projects in many different techniques.

  41. I really like the Knapweed Roundel. I LOVE the flowers of the knapweed in this, they make me want to work on them right now! I enjoy all these designs and would love to make one of them for my Syrian grandmother, Tita!

  42. I like the Iznik Carnation tile because it reminds me of beautiful pottery. I like the striking and unusual colors used. Thanks!

  43. Oh my goodness! All the pictures were great eye candy! The pattern in the book that I was able to view was the square turned on its point and the design looks like a grape vineyard. I think it is simple yet elegant enough for myself (a royal beginner) to spend time working on and something an expert can do to past time.

    Since I just started learning stump work and have been reading about gold work…this will be amazing to have in the “How to” collection of mine. I have collected a few patterns here and there to motivate me to learn more about the various techniques in embroidery.

    Sorry, rambling on. Now I have the urge to break open the stump work book and see if I can get some of the stitching down and try a sampler. Thanks!


  44. Thanks for your daily update. This is a wonderful giveaway! It is difficult to choose one tile, all of them are so beautiful. I love Miniature Tulip Tile because it looks great for me as I have never done goldwork. Hugs from Venezuela.

  45. My favorite is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile, just for the sheer beauty of it! I would love to have this wonderful book.

    Gina S. from FL

  46. Dear Mary,
    I cannot makeup my mind as to which I like the most.If i had a chance I would love to try all three of them. I love the POMEGRANATE Medallion.
    I am especially fascinated by the 3 dimensional gold bead at the center and the delicate purple petals of the pomegranate. And then balanced and completed with those tiny prunus blossoms.
    The other tiles like the peony and the turquoise tile, reminded me of some of the most beautiful and breath taking tiles I have seen on the exteriors and interiors of Persian architecture.(when i was a student of architecture)Today, I felt like I was sitting in one of them! I love the colors.
    Thank you for a possibility,
    lavanya challa, New Jersey.

  47. The cover tile is my pick. I love the fabulous colors, the irises (my favorite flower) and the intricate border. This design just begs to be stitched.
    PatsyDet, MN

  48. My favorite tile is the Crimson Peony Rosette. I like the simplicity of the overall design and the intricacy of the repetitive elements within the flower.

    I study contemporary jewelry in Italy and have recently started working with textiles. Over the summer I have been doing a lot of reading and research in different areas and have really found surface embroidery and all related techniques an area I would love to explore in my work. I find traditional patterns and projects a good place to start and learn the techniques!

  49. Re: Jane Nicholas’ book: STUMPWORK
    I love the combination of colors (purple, YUM!)and the layout of the design. It has some large areas as well as some delicateness to it.
    As an additional note, I want to thank you Mary for your great site (which I just discovered) loaded with information. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter now, as well as discovered Jane Nicholas’ site and Hedgehog Handworks, which I have already ordered from. So much knowledge everywhere I look now….. Thanks again. Colleen in Nova Scotia CANADA

  50. Turquoise Peony Tile. I love the color but it is always so hard to work up without becoming blinding, and this tile, with my favorite flower,uses olive green silk for a background–an interesting combination. This is just my first choice today because I was FORCED to make a decision.

  51. I like them all but the the Syrian Pomegranate is gorgeous and my favorite! The colors and composition make this a stunning design. I have never done stumpwork but bought the Country Bumpkin stumpwork to get inspired and give it a try. The goldwork fascinates me, it’s beautiful and I always though it was for a professional, but after reading your posts for awhile it now seems more like something I could try. I would probably make the Ottoman Tulip Panel first because of it’s simplicity. They are all beautiful. Jane is a talented artist and I would love to receive this book. Thanks Mary for bringing us techiniques that most of us would not necessarily tackle but now seem attainable.

  52. Mary,
    What a generous offer – to give aay one of these fantastic books.
    I am torn between the Ottoman Tulip Panel and the Pomegranate Medallion but I think that, for me, the Pomegranate Medallion has the edge. Something about the balance, symmetry and the richness of the purple centre that really appeals. I have been wanting to try stumpwork for ages and have Jane’s other books, but this is really going to be the tipping point. I absolutely have to try this.

  53. What a gorgeous book and outstanding give-away! I love the Iznik Carnation Tile because of the vibrant color combination. It is beautiful. Many thanks, Mary, calling this book to our attention and for making it available.

  54. Always go with what strikes you first and the Persian Peony did just that. It starts with the border, what could be more intriguing, with all the curves and angles. Then the peony itself, along with the buds and the knapweed, the colors utilized, the thread chosen and lastly the beadwork. My “Crazy Quilt” heart just went, well, “Crazy”. I thought the use of the goldwork especially drew your eye to this gorgeous and memorable example of Stumpwork. Krin

  55. I just love the Turquoise Peony Tile. It just jumped of the page at me. I’ve just started reading your blog and I just love it. Thank you.

  56. This book looks amazing…even though I have never done any type of stumpwork. I love handwork. I think right now, today, my favorite is the Crimson Peony Rosette. It is lovely and the skill level is listed as easy. Ir might be a good place to start!!

    Debi Erbes

  57. Hi Mary!
    Wow, yesterday I spent ages crawling through the book and drooling! So many great ideas for edges and combining cords for a very refined and professional look.
    My favorite is the Persian tile. The scallops are the crowning finish.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win this fabulous book!
    Helen Of Beautiful Colorado

  58. hi
    I love your blog and it is a good learning place for beginners like me. and
    the answer for your question is too difficult as all the projects are amazing.but to pick one then it is syrian pomegranate tile.
    i like this most because the colors used in this project are attractive and work is awesome.hope i win it.
    thank you so much for the giveaway.

  59. Hello, Well I think the first project would be the red tulips and blue flowers. Bright and cheerful, next would be the iris and then ….

  60. Hi Mary!
    Looks like I was typng too fast and dropped part of the tile name….I love the Persian Peony tile the best.
    Thanks again for a great uplifting morning blog! It puts my head back whee it should be after reading the morning news and making the plans for the day.

  61. I love the Syrian Pomegranate Tile (cover piece). I think it would be interesting to compare it to the Pomegranate stumpwork box I made several years ago.
    Dinah in New Mexico

  62. I would start with the turkish tulip needlebook project because 1) its design and colors appeal to me and 2)most important, it is described as “easy” and this would helpful (and encouraging) to me as I build up my confidence as a beginner in goldwork. trish from rapidan

  63. I could not choose just one project from this book. I would have to make them all. They would add an elegance to any room or decor. They’re just so beautiful.

    I would treasure this book as an an edition to my library.

  64. Hi Mary! The hard work part of this contest is picking just ONE favorite tile! I love them all, and would be happiest with ALL of the kits. :o)

    Okay, if I have to pick just one, I guess it would be the Syrian Pomegranite. I love the color combinations and the flower motifs. The shapes in the motif appeal to me also, the scalloped outer edge and the way the flowers form a motif that seems to have its arms open to embrace the world. :o)

    I must say that the Iznik Carnation is my second favorite. :o)

    Sigh…I really, really, really want this book. It is on my Christmas list. :o)

    I love reading your blog! I look forward to it every morning. Thank you for your very generous give-aways!

  65. Hi,
    I am fastinated by Jane Nicholas´s embroideries.
    I have choosen the” Syrian pomegranate tile”because first, I like pomegranate and this project use many techniques.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Sorry, I am French, my English is deficient.

    Louise Chouinard, Québec, Canada

  66. They were all very beautiful, but the one I liked best was the Syrian ! Thanks for all the information you send out daily. Every time I read about your classes it makes me wish I was in school again. Blessings,
    Tifton, GA

  67. i would like to make the purple flower because it would be gorgeous in my daughters room!But i also love the grapes..i love them all!

  68. I’m having a hard time picking my favorite, but I adore the simplicity and contrast of the tulip needlebook. The turquoise peony tile is a close second though. What gorgeous rich colors.

  69. I love the page showing the jewel box and the line drawing. Shows what one can do with the instructions. And I would love to do stumpwork. Thx.

  70. My favourite is the Iris Tile or Bookcover. The simplicity of the design, the soft, gentle colours and the way the iris is framed by the beads amnd pearls all work together to create something stunningly beautiful. I can imagine a myriad of uses for the finished piece but I think to use it as a bookcover for a personal journal would be quite special.

  71. Good Morning!

    I am surprised as I read all the projects people would do that no one has said the Crimson Peony Rosette! I loved it! The goldwork in the different circles makes such a great eye catching piece. It would be my first because I KNOW there’s gonna be a second…third…

    Thank you for the daily smile you send in the newsletter and the generous give aways!

    DebbieCZ, Chicago, IL

  72. This book looks wonderful. Being Dutch I thought I’d like the tulips but lately I’ve had a thing for irises and went straight to that one. BUT, I scrolled down further and found the Mughal Grapevine Tile and am totally in love with it. The scroll work in the background and the way it is framed by the goldwork are to die for. I haven’t done goldwork before but I think I’m going to have to try this one. Then comes the really hard part, how to finish it. I have no room for more wall art, and no one to gift more wall art to, so I need to use this for something else. Maybe a purse.

  73. I especially like the Turquoise Peony Tile. The color combination is what caught my attention. Beautiful!
    Thanks for asking, Laurie

  74. I really like the Pomegranate Medallion because of the beautiful colors and the use of gold leather. If I received the book I’d buy the kit for this one and start stitching immediately. Thanks so much for the giveaway. It’s very generous of you.

  75. It’s hard to choose because they’re all beautiful, but I think the knapweed roundel is my favourite. I like the colours in it.

  76. Hi Mary! Wow another great giveaway! I think the Persian Peony Tile is beautiful. I would love to win a copy of Jane Nicholas’ book. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Kaysee in Canada

  77. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for this lovely opportunity, the Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my favorite. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to learn.

  78. Hi, I love the Turkish Tulip Tile project. I visited Turkey 10 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the country. This project reminds me of all the beautiful tiles and buildings that I saw, and of the beautiful ceramics that I brought home. The tulip is native to Turkey and is their national symbol on all their tourism advertizing. I have been studying the Turkish language and would love to make this project for my Turkish teacher who has spent so much time teaching me her language, her culture, and her love of country.
    Thank you for telling us about this beautiful book!

  79. I love them all but I think my favorite is the Turquoise Peony Tile. I am a big Peony fan and those colors are just fantastic. Can’t you just imagine this as the top of a candy box full of decadent truffles?

  80. They are all quite lovely; however, my personal favorite would be Mughal Grapevine. The green, gold and purple play off of each other so well. And it doesn’t hurt that they are three of my favorite colours. As well, I love the symmetry, especially the gentle curves in the goldwork border. Just splendid! Thanks for the opportunity.

  81. Oh Mary, this is too easy! My favorite design from Jane Nicholas’s website for her new book “Stumpwork &Goldwork Embroidery inspired by Turkish, Syrian and Persain tiles” is the “Tulip Notebook” (SKU: BK7.03). I like it because my last name means tulip BUT for stitching reasons it is an easy kit, which means it is probably something I could complete since I just started really exploring goldwork this summer.

  82. I like the Mughal grapevine! The grapes are so dainty and I just love interlacing designs like those vines (or celtic designs for the same reason) There are definitely some fun projects in there!

  83. Did I mention you are a dangerous blog to read? I never knew Jane sold kits for her books! I think I am going shopping, lol. I have all her books except this new one so I would love to add this to my collection.
    I love the Turquoise Peony Tile but the crimson peony is almost as beautiful.

  84. Love the Syrian Pomegranate Tile for a beautiful addition to a little girls dress, but the Turquoise Peony Tile is beautiful for my living room pillow.

  85. Just one???? Selecting just one is impossible. But the one I keep going back to is the Ottoman tulip panel. It just seems to stand out more than the others, saying “Buy me!! Buy me!!.” And it looks like it is a little easier than the others.
    Louise B.

  86. I guess I would pick the Syrian Pomegranate featured on the cover. The colors and flowers are just breathtaking. Definitely cover worthy.

  87. I have never done Stumpwork and would love to try it. I like the Syrian Pomigranate Tile the best but the others are interesting especially both the peony ones.

  88. Hi Mary, I’ve been drooling over this book since I got a note from Amazon about it. Thank you for your generosity! I like many of the designs, it was hard to pick just one to call favorite. I finally decided on the Syrian Pomegranate, because of the shape of the tile (circular) but also because it features irises, one of my favorite flowers.
    Jane C

  89. I do love stumpwork and Jane Nicholas creates some of the best. As it happens, I think Jane chose the best for the cover of her book, Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I love the beautiful scalloped border, iris are one of my favorite flowers, the pomegranate itself is wonderful, and the tiny detail flowers fill out the design with a marvelous charm. There is nothing that seems extraneous; it all fits together perfectly. And it looks like it would be a good challenge without being too intimidating. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  90. All are beautifull but I like best the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. As a begginner I would be very happy if I could do the Crimson Peony Rosette… 🙂

    Thanks, Mary.

  91. The Iznik Carnation rests in a square
    But it could be placed anywhere
    A corner, a center, a border, a line
    Many articles it would suit just fine
    Dismantle it, spread those flowers around
    A bold bright center, or scattered background.
    The book is a treasure, a stitcher’s goldmine
    So useful an item; I wish it were mine.

  92. I love the Turkish tulip tile. The shape is so graceful and the colors are so fresh and vibrant. Jane Nickolas is the best teacher and designer of stumpwork. I’ve been lucky to have taken two classes from her.

  93. I like simplicity and I love turquoise colour. Therefore I choose Turquoise Peony Tile. Guess this would be the first thing i’d do if i won this book. And I never tried stumpwork, by the way :).

  94. Hard choice because they are all beautiful, but I think the Persian Peony Tile speaks to me the loudest. It’s graceful border alone would draw me in, but the colors are just me. I can hardly wait to stitch it!

  95. All of the kits are fabulous!! My favorite one is the Turquoise Peony Tile. The rich jewel tone colors and design of this kit just speak to me. Thanks Mary for another great give-away.

    Jean B.-Puyallup WA

  96. I have always wanted to do stump work but it seems so intimidating. I have a small kit. Perhaps if I had this book it would get me started. Thanks for your wonderful site.

  97. It’s really hard to pick just one favorite; they are all so beautiful. I think though that I like the Syrian Pomegranate Tile the best – the colors are bright, cheerful, and draw you into the design. The design and the way it is worked (stitch directions etc) remind me of the rosemaling the Pennsylvania Dutch do. I have always loved those designs and this fits right in. The design also looks like stained glass too – something you would find in very quiet inspiring church where the art is vintage and soothes your spirit with its beauty.

    Suzanne M. Pratt

  98. What a decision to make! Since I’m a beginner, that narrows it down, so that helps some–I love the tulip tile because it includes beautiful goldwork and is so elegant.

  99. I like the Syrian Tile from the cover best. It seems a bit more complex than many and I love that red in the center. But, really, the one I’m most likely to do is the nametag derived from this book and published in Inspirations magazing–that’s what made me realize this was going to be a really good book.

  100. I would have to say my favorite is the Turquoise Peony – so elegant a design with bold beautiful colors!

    Thanks for a wonderful contest 🙂

  101. Thank you for being so generous with your experience, instruction and patterns. You are a favorite resource for the embroiderers in our house. My favorite project from Ms. Nicholas’ book is the Mughal Grapevine Tile. Grapevines are very meaningful to my family aesthetically and symbolically, so those patterns always catch my eye first. I would love to win this book. Thank you.

  102. Oh, it’s so hard to pick! But I think I’ll choose the cherry flower roundel, for the lovely round border and the beautiful but simple design.

  103. I love Stumpwork. It is a medium that really allows an abundance of individual creativity. These tiles are beautiful and I love the patterns inspirations.

  104. Oh my! It was hard to choose a favorite. I changed my mind at least 3 times…but finally settled on those grapes!

    What a great give-a-way! Whomever wins will be a lucky person indeed! Thanks for thinking of us!

  105. Thanks for the opportunity. Today’s my birthday, so lucky day!! My favourite is the Tulip Needlebook. I like that it is on darker ground fabric, and I like the simplicity of the design (leading me to believe that I would finish it). Wouldn’t it be great to do a series of them, and frame them together or as a set?

  106. OK Dear Marymentor:

    I love the Persian Peony because it embodies all three mediums, stump, gold and surface embroidery, worked on “silk” and embellished with beads and features long/short stitches in the (cornflowers?……all of the aforementioned items are areas where I really need more work and the beads would be a challenge. Also with the Muslim tension in our country, this enables people to appreciate their art…..magnificent !!

  107. Sorry, in all my excitement…I forgot to say “why” I liked the grapes the best. The BEADS finally just drew me into it. I kept going back there to look again and again. The symmetry of all those grape clusters was hypnotic!

  108. Mary,
    The beautiful history of the Middle East should inspire everyone. It is wonderful of Jane to have designed her Turkish, Syrian and Persian designs with this in mind. In a world of such strife, I would hope items like this book would help bridge the gaps among us.

    My favorite stumpwork piece from this new book of Jane’s is the Syrian Pomegranate Peony and Iris,

    Thank you for offering this book. My son is about to be deployed to Afghanistan on his 4th deployment. In a small way, this would bring him closer to me while he is gone.

  109. it is tough chosing just one, but pomegranate medallion, for it’s simplicty, yet is it so exquisite. i find myself drawn to the entire composition first, then am drawn into the detail. thanks for offering this give away.

  110. Oh, so many inspirations on one webpage! As a Renaissance recreationist, I tend to look mainly at embroidery projects within the pre-1600 time period…but I must be part Oriental from a past life (lol) because the Turkish Tulip tile strikes a note with me (I`m half-Chinese and half Heinz 57 American…) I love colors, and the opportunity to use them! Throw some goldwork in there and I would be in heaven!

  111. I am an artist and am always looking at designs to paint and embroider. I love the Ottoman Tulip Pattern in the book as the scroll work is so so pretty. I like the one on the cover also- they are all so unique with the use of beads and I love the colors. I want this book!!!!! There is one that has gold threads with blue couching as I recall and I would love to do that one. If I happen to win this book it would be Heaven on Earth! The designs in this book are all fabulous! I would love to embroider any one of them. I have some spools of silk thread and am waiting for the right design to use them. The Ottoman Tulip would be perfect! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!!!! Whoever wins it should be thrilled!

  112. I did not intend to indicate Jane’s intentions in writing this book. From MY perspective, it meets my needs for wanting to generate good will and understanding cross culture.

  113. In these choices, at first I was drawn to the Turkish Tulips because of the variety of colors – like the opportunity to use all the crayons in the box.

    But really, I would pick the Cherry Flower Roundel because while stitching any other color I would be thinking how I could hardly wait to get to the red. I love the red and the relative simplicity of the design so that the red is so prominent.

    Also, I like how the simple flower/design in the border looks intricate in total. I think I’ve talked myself right into getting this!

  114. Wow! Pick a favorite…you picked a difficult task for us! I love the deceptive simplicity of the Pomegranate Medallion, but I love the textures going on in the Syrian Pomegranate Tile! Having said that I think my choice is the Persian Peony Tile! It has all the textures and then some! I particularily love the central flower’s “smoothness” contrasted by the “spikey-ness” of the thistle flowers. Not matter what one is someone’s favorite, they are all gorgeous!!!

  115. I fell in love with the Iris Tile or Book cover. The isis is my favorite flower because that is the first flower that I remember being in my mother flower garden. Being a school teacher and looking each year for different Christmas presents for my students, I think a book cover for each student would be a marvelous idea, even for the boys.

  116. Oh, Mary … what a difficult but fun choice to have to make! This work is just stunning, and your website makes me feel like I could try this form of embroidery for the first time. I’m torn between the Tulip Needlebook for the colors and size as a good introductory piece that reminds me of the gorgeous tulips I saw in the Netherlands this past spring, and the Syrian Pomegranate Tile for the breathtaking beauty of the colors, flowers and borders so representative of real tiles … I think I’ll choose the Tulip Needlebook and work my way up to the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. Thank you for your wonderful work on the website, and for sharing this book. Cathy D in Pennsylvania

  117. Tulips are my favorite flowers, and I am besotted with pomegranate motifs in embroidery throughout the ages. That means of course (it makes perfect sense) that my favorite tile is the Mughal Grapevine – I love the sparse elegance of the piece, its balance, and the way the design flows from the center.

    All that being said, I will thank you for your generosity, and the chance to share my opinion, but decline to be entered for the give-away.

    While I would love to have the book and ogle the designs, I cannot see stumpwork in my near future; even though I would certainly use the designs for surface embroidery, I think it would be a better idea for the book to go to someone who would use it as intended.

  118. I think the Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my favorite pattern. I love the flow of the motifs around the center. That and the techniques were enough to win me over 🙂
    Thanks ~ K

  119. Wow this will be a lot of work for you to go thru all these comments, Mary!
    I like the Persian Peony Tile the best. I guess it is a more complex design and pleases my eye. It seems to have a variety of stitches to keep me interested, too.

  120. My favorite is the Cherry Flower Roundel. Thanks for sharing this information because I’m making a rosary and rosary pouch for my grandaughter’s First Communion next April. I’ve been been looking for a “how to” book for decorating the felted wool pouch and this will be most helpful for me. Thank you so very much!!!

  121. Every design has charm, but I love the Persion Peony Tile as it uses blues and reds togther in a way that appeals to me when they are colours that I would not normally use together. The border is delicate and with a feminine feeling that is still controlled enough to get a second look from my husband who hates frills.

    The book would not be for me as I live far away in Cape Town, but as gift to a womderful lady I met in America who has become a best friend in stitching:Peg Foy

  122. It was very difficult to choose a favourite as they were all gorgeous. However, it finally came down to the Turkish Tulip Tile as there were tulips and carnations included and those are my favourite flowers. The Iznik Carnation Tile and Knapweed Roundel were very close seconds.

  123. I really like the Persian tile. I like its complexity and it has all the things I’m interested in. Stumpwork, goldwork, and surface embroidery. What more could you ask for.

  124. to enter your contest for the stumpwork tiles book by Jane Nicholas:
    I would make the Persian Peony tile in silk thread on dupioni silk as the centerpiece of a softly stuffed pillow. The beautiful design just speaks to me of quiet reflection while embroidering, on a stone balcony overlooking the inner keep of a medeival castle. Perhaps one belonging to one of the Marcher Lords between England and Wales. There is a distant view of gradually deepening blue grey hills, I’m wearing something long and graceful, it is warm but not hot, there is a slight refreshing breeze, and I am content.

  125. Oh, Mary! Such a generous givaway! I think I would choose the Iris Book Cover to start as it looks relatively uncomplicated. I haven’t done much stumpwork, but I understand it an this looks like a simple start for me. Of course the one on the cover is sumptuous!

    Thanks, Mary

  126. O my hat!!!!! It is the most beautiful goldwork embroideries that I have seen. I am absolutely fascinated by each and every one of the projects! The hardest part is to choose one but if I must, it will be the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. The border is so precise and really sets off the beautiful color combination of the flowers. It is delicate but also bold enough to draw your eye into the border to focus on all the different colors and stitches and little tit-bits within the scalloped border. I would really LOOOOVE to do this project and can’t wait to receive MY book!!! Hoping and wishing!! Here in South Africa we do not have all the beautiful books that is available to you lucky ones, so I pray and believe that I will be receiving MY book soon!! Thank for your great website and the wonderful inspiration that I receive from you. Can’t wait for my daily embroidery fix from you!!!! Kind regards Belinda Burger from South Africa

  127. I enjoy doing Stumpwork and especially love Jane Nicholas books.
    I think my favorite would be the Turkish Tulip Tile, because of the carnations. My favorite flowers are carnations, thistles, and bachelor buttons, so this pattern could be adapted for any of these flowers. Also “inherited” some goldwork threads that I have been itching to use.

    Carol B. in OKC

  128. I would like to try the Stumpwork Tulip Tile. It’s small enough that I know I would finish it. LOL

    Thanks for offering!

  129. My first choice would be to make the one on the cover – Syrian Pomegranate. Followed closely by the Persian Peony and Turkish Tulip tiles. I love those rich colors with the goldwork. We’ll not discuss the facts that they are rated medium to experienced and that I have never done either stumpwork or goldwork.

  130. My favorite is the Tulip needlebook. The colors are beautiful and I love stitching needlebooks. Also, I think I can adapt some of the techniques to ecclesiastical embroidery.

  131. Computer problems prevented me from replying as soon as I read your message. I am awed at the beautiful works in this book. It is so hard to choose which one should be tackeld first. It is a real treasure to have in one’s handwork library.

  132. I like the Syrian best. I love them all I have not done any stumpwork but some ladies are doing it at my local quilt shop. I just started crazy quilting and am planning on trying some stump work soon. Thanks for the review. I have to be so careful because I so book happy when i see a new type of handwork I dont do yet.

    Thanks again you are my favorite email each day

  133. I love the simplicity of the Iris Tile. The beige fabric is the perfect color to show off the beautiful purple iris.

    What a fantastic book. I hope that one day I could accomplish stumpwork that is half as beautiful as what Jane has created!

  134. well what can I say… every since I saw the book review on your blog I dream about it. I am a ceramist and I teach mosaics. On the other hand I am working on fusing mosaics and textiles two pasions on my life… do I need to say more???? oh! yes! the project I like most is Turquoise Peony Tile. Thanks for the chance to participate internationally.
    Mariel from Argentina

  135. First I want to thank you for your wealth of information that you share so generously. If I have to pick just one it would be Iznik Carnation Tile. I love the colors and the layout.

  136. You want us to pick just ONE!? Oh my! This is like being a “Foodie” and going to a gourmet feast and being made to choose just one out of a table full of delicacies!! I must be a “Stumpie” because I want to get my hands on each and every delectable morsel! Okay, okay…I’ll choose!
    The Cherry Flower Roundel is so sweet with it’s perfect little red flowers and darling border ring. It reminds me of a precious piece of old cloisonne’ jewelry that you take out of the folds of velvet in your great grandma’s jewel box and just sit and admire. This piece just gives one pleasure in its simple beauty.

  137. I love the Crimson Peony because of its simple, perfect elegance. Although I design and make jewelry, and this piece is suitable to be made into a brooch, I would mount it in a small box-lid and keep it where it would be seen by everyone who comes in my house.

    I just discovered your website and immediately saved it as a favorite – can’t wait to explore all of it. Thanks for providing so many beautiful ideas for embroiderery.

  138. Hi, Mary. Well, I’ve decided to finally enter one of your give-aways because this is a book I would LOVE to have. I know you’re reading a lot of answers, so I will keep this (semi)short. I think the Iznik Carnation Tile is the one for me for several reasons: 1)First and foremost I like the color combination of deep blue with turquoise – you don’t really see that too often; 2)I like the balance of the design because it is very graceful and, from afar, one doesn’t see only one feature, but the whole; and 3)It’s smaller and would be quite versatile with finish options from a box to a paperweight and, joy of joys, I could get it done! So much, Mary, for a “short” explanation. Thanks!

  139. Mary,
    I love the Turquoise Peony Tile – I’m a sucker for any blue/green project.
    Have a great weekend,
    Nita Carroll

  140. I love the Persian Peony Title because of the red portions contrast so beautifully with the rest of the design.

  141. I would love to make the Syrian Pomegranate tile. I just love the way it flows, and I think I might just be challenged (a little bit) by the project. I never miss your posts, and I love the works you show us all how to do. Mostly, I love that I can do the same pattern as you are doing, but interpret it in my own way. Thanks.


  142. Knapweed Roundel is my favorite because I love pink and I love thistles and this combines both!

  143. Kanpweed Roundel would be the choice for me. It reminds me of thistle and I would love this piece because it has a touch of celtic design even though the description says it is not.
    Great giveaway! Thanks again,

  144. Hi Mary,

    My favorite is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile which is the one I would really like to make. I like anything with pomegranates be it needlework or quilting or applique’.

    Helen in SW FL

  145. Dear Mary,

    This book is stunning and so are the projects. I looked at Jane’s website and was hard pressed to choose a favorite but narrowed it down to two – the Syrian Pomegranate Tile and the Persian Peony Tile. Both designs are so appealing to me and I love the colors as well as the mix of embroidery techniques.

    Thank you for offering this beautiful book as a give away.

    Brooklyn, NY

  146. I think the Persion Peony Tile is so beautiful, it reminds me of my peonies in my garden. I would love to stitch Jane Nicholas’s interpretation. Also would like to learn how she does the thistles. I have done peonies and thistles in thread painting, it would be exciting to do them in stump work guided by Jane Nicholas’s instructions.

  147. Really very impressed with this book but you have set us all a difficult task, choosing one is worse than going to the dentist! After an hour deiberating I think I will opt for the Turquoise Peony Tile. The cool blue and turquoise seems to transport me to far lands and cool courtyards and a beautiful calmness.
    Good luck to whoever wins and may they have many wonderful hours working on their tiles.
    I must also thank you for your wonderful news letter, it is always the first mail I read when it pops up in the morning.
    Jean, Cape Town

  148. Hi Mary
    I’m a new fan off your site, and I just adore the Crimson Peony Rosette. I love the small changes in colour, the bright sparkles of green and gold, and the simplicity of the patthern. I would love to try making on, two or ten.

  149. Hi Mary, I love Peonies so I would love to try the Crimson Peony roundel, but I am a novice at stumpwork, so I would probably try the Knapweed project first as it looks very simple & easy to do.

  150. Mary,
    I just love the syrian pomegranate tile. I have never worked on stump work and I would love to do it. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  151. My favourite tile is the Turquoise Peony Tile. I love the vibrant colours of this tile. The contrast of the olive green silk background and the turquoise of the Peony.
    Margot of Auckland, New Zealand

  152. The Persian Peony Tile is exquisite! So it will be the first … with several others that are also demanding stitching.

  153. My favorite is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I have not tried stumpwork but I do bead embroidery and I can see this design easily executed in bead embroidery.

  154. A really tough decision, but I guess I would go for the Persian Peony – it just feels very balanced and the colours are beautiful!

  155. Eu nao conheço os assuntos desse livro,intrinsicamente, mas ja acompanhei muitas informaçoes deles pela internete. Eu conheço o trabalho maravlhoso que a autora Jane nicholas faz, e a muito tempo pesquiso sobre ela na internete e no picasa adoro as coisas delas, mas é muito dificil comprar um livro desse fora do Brasil pois alem do preço tenho ainda que pagar a taxa de importaçao, Tudo que aprendi em materia de bordado eu aprendi na internete e consegui muitas coisas com o seu site que foi o primeiro que achei e atraves dele descobri um mundo em bordados.
    Eu nao tenho livros pois aqui quase nao tem nada em bordados como os europeus e americanos ;
    Eu realmente gostaria muito de ganhar esse livro
    Agradeço sua atençao

    Maria Cesira

  156. The colors and softly rounded curves of the Syrian Pomegranate tile really appeal to me. It doesn’t hurt that it looks like a complicated design and uses several different goldwork threads, either. I tend to gravitate toward the fanciest of a collection of designs.
    This book is really beautifully presented and all of the designs and projects are gorgeous.
    -Kathy P in Pittsburgh

  157. The Syrian Pomegranate Tile is the one that I’ll vote for! The colour combination and placement of flowers are better than the others,,,

    Aaliyah Mehdiyah / Dubai, UAE

  158. I would love to make the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I love the tile designs from the Arabic country’s, they are simply beautiful! And this design would be a little bit of international in my home 🙂 I have a file on my computer, of inspirational tile pictures from these country’s, and when I need a bit of inspiration, that’s where you’ll find me! 🙂 Thanks for the offer!

  159. I believe that truly civilized and cultured societies have become great, and have survived, by their ability to create art. Those great societies have risen to a point where they have the luxury, the time, and the psyche to make and create art. They have risen beyond a subsistance society and entered the realm of spirit and soul and meaning. In publishing a book that reveres middle-eastern style art tiles, I believe Jane Nichols is helping to promote peace on our planet. Great art goes beyond imaginary boundaries of city, state, country, continent. Great art resides in man’s soul. If we can understand the making of the exquisite Middle Eastern tiles and interpret them using the art of embroidery, I believe that every small stitch taken will contribute to world peace. Every stitch will say “We are one people.” We will move beyond religion, politics or divisive boundaries of any kind and we will create art – and create a better civilization for all of mankind. We will speak with our needlework and say “We are one people.”

  160. Hi Mary,
    All the projects in this book are so beautiful, but having to pick a favorite, I will choose the Iznik Carnation Tile. Partly because of it’s simplicity, but mostly because I love blue, and it is so very blue!
    Thanks for your wonderful, informative and entertaining blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

    Susan R. in WV

  161. I have been an avid follower of Jane Nicholas’s work since I was introduced to her first book back in 1995. The next project I will be doing is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. It is just simply stunning.

  162. What a wonderful give away you are so generous. I think as a relative beginner I would have to start with an easy project like the Turquoise Peony Tile and hopefully eventually gain enough experience by working my way upwards towards the difficult Syrian Pomegranate Tile which I think is the most beautiful.

    I so enjoy reading your blog and look forward to seeing everyday.

  163. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for offering yet another awesome book giveaway! 🙂 This is a very hard decision as they all are georgeous, but I’m leaning towards the Turkish Tulip Tile as I admire the colors of Red & Blue against the White and then the stunning Gold to bring it all together and make it pop!Very attractive! Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is of this book .
    Tess ~USA

  164. Hi Mary-
    My favorite is Knapweed Roundel because it reminds me of the thistles that grow in the area where I live. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. You are certainly a generous stitcher!
    Sandy in WV

  165. I just love your blog and look forward to it every morning. I so admire you for finding time in you day to show us things we may never have come across other wise. I haven’t done any Stump work just a little embroidery. The things in you show in your blog keep giving me ideas to expand on what I know. I did read how you said this Book with the Mughal Grape Vine tile would not be easy for a beginner But it sure makes me want to try. That last shot of the Iris surrounded by gold work and beads. Would be where I would start LOL.

  166. If I really need to pick only one then it would Syrian Pomegranate. they are all amazing.

    Connie in Baltimore

  167. Hello
    I am new to your wonderful website and newsletter.Thank you for your artful illuminations in this fiber arena!

    I loved everything – it took awhile to just choose one – but finally Syrian Pomegranate tile.

    I am always partial to mixed media and am just now begining to incorporate threads of all kind
    into my traditional painting and drawing works.

    this book would be a constant inspiration and companion on my new art journey.

    Thank you for this opportunity;
    Dayan Cameron in NM

  168. I like the Persian Peony tile, mostly because of its shape. I think it would be a good way to stretch my skills.

  169. HI, MARY,

  170. My favorite embroidery of Jane’s is the Turkish Tulip Tile. Why? I guess it is because my husband and I were in Instanbul a few years ago and in a visit to the Archeological Museuum, a “tile House” was in the courtyard. It was full of the most beautiful ceramics, tiles, vases and ancient household dishes. As you probably know, the tulip is a native flower and a national emblem. It is featured in their fabrics, pottery, weavings, carpets, gardens as well as their tiles. I loved the delicate designs that always displayed the tulips. As a point of interest, it was from Turkey that the dutch imported their tulips for which they are now famous.

  171. Turkish Tulip…hands down. I’m taking a workshop from Jane in two weeks. I wish we were stitching one of these tiles but alas, I didn’t make the selection for the workshop. It doesn’t matter…Jane is by far the best teacher I’ve ever taken a workshop from. And, if I don’t win your copy…I’ll just have to buy one from her myself! Thanks for being so super duper Mary!

  172. My favorite stumpwork tile is the Turquoise Peony Tile. Olive green is my favorite color and is a great compliment to the turquoise. And then beads and spangles – could it get any better?!

  173. Hi Mary:
    I just found out about your web site in Inspirations Web letter Sept. 10th. I’m so glad I checked it out because I love stump work and Jane Nicholas is my favourite. I have her first 5 books and have made 2 projects from them. I submitted one piece of my work in the fall fair and won 1st prize as well as judges choice.
    I am quite taken with the Mughal Grapevine Tile by Jane N. I find the pattern soft, flowing, elegant. The beaded grapes look yummy and the boarder is so rich.
    This is such a fabulous site I’m saving it in my bookmarks.
    British Columbia,

  174. I think my favorite out of this book is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I love the colors but I think what I love best about it is the scalloped edge border – it’s just gorgeous!

  175. Oh Mary how hard you make it. They all are so lovely it is hard to choose but I would love to do the Turquoise Peony Tile. It would look great on an evening purse. I can’t wait to see which one you will do.

  176. Mary, the book looks wonderful and thank you for your review.

    For me the simplicity and charm of the Iznik Carnation tile makes it my favourite. Not to mention that it is also noted as an “easy” project. The cobalt blue & turquoise are a lovely combination.

    Lovely of you to do this wonderful draw.

    Linda A in Ontario, Canada

  177. I like the Persian Peony Tile. It combine different king of embroidery and also gold metallic threads, beads and tiny spangles.
    A kind a projet that I like.
    I hope that this time I’m going to be lucky.
    Thank you

  178. Hi Mary,

    No doubts: Iznik Carnation Tile was literally quite obvious to me. The luminosity of colors and the simplicity of the drawing spoke to me at once, as if I waited only it to put me in the stumpwork!…

    Diane from Québec

  179. Of all the projects, I love the front cover. It seems to be a timeless treasure that mingles different styles for a beautiful result.

  180. Mary, thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Jane Nicholas is great! I would love to try the Turquoise Peony Tile–after I finish the surface work beetle from her beetle collection that I am doing for my daughter as a holiday present. Cheers.

    Pam in Austin TX

  181. My favourite is the Mughal Grapevine Tile. I like it’s elegance and the flowing of the vines. Janes borders on all of the projects in the book area wonderful combination of the different threads and would be all the framing needed.

  182. Dear Mary,
    What opulence! Jane does incredible designs- she is amazing. I would like to try the Turkish Tile- and then work through the whole book. I love her directions which are always clear as could be. This particular design just seems to incorporate so many of her lovely techniques. Thank you for this opportunity. Peggy Foy from NJ- a big Jane fan

  183. Syrian Pomegranate Tile, I love the goldwork, which is similar to a project you did once. I like the symmetry of the design and the colors and how they flow. I need a book on stumpwork especially one that shows the steps necessary to create such beautiful work!

  184. Hi Mary,
    My vote is for the Syrian Pomegranate. Among all the designs ,it has a presence ,it stands out. Thanks for this giveaway.Iam taking part coz I want to win this for someone else.If I win, the book goes to her.She loves stumpwork and dimensional embroidery and I do want to give her something she likes.

  185. I would love to win a copy of the book…my favorite tile is: “Syrian Pomegranate Tile”…I love all the detail and color.

    Thank you for reviewing all these lovely books…My shelves are filling up with all these books I just must have.

  186. Dear Mary,
    I live in Australia and have recently joined your blog and your website and I enjoy both.

    My favourite would have to be the “Iris Tile or Book cover”. My mother’s name is “Iris” she doesn’t have a second name. I would truly love to be able to embroider this as a tile and frame it to always have a reminder of her. I think this tile is very elegant and beautiful and would be a timeless treasure for my family. My mother is 90 years old and in a nursing home. Thank you for this opportunity to be in the draw for this book as I have wanted to do this type of embroidery for a long time. Usually I would think twice before purchasing a book like this on my budget.

  187. What I love most about these designs is that they combine beadwork,goldwork and stumpwork.I’ve wanted to learn these for a long time. I had a very hard time, as I’m sure everyone did, choosing ONE design. I’d have to go with the Persian Peony for the gorgeous color combination, a selection of different flower forms and that border. I just marvel at the immense diversity of designs available for stitching now.I can’t help wondering how in the world people come up with these things! There is something for everyone. Thank you for giving someone the opportunity to own this fabulous book. Of course,I hope it will be me!
    SusieQ in Minnesota

  188. Oh, Mary, what a treat this book would be! Wonderful eye candy! My favorite tile is the Persian Peony-a ‘knock your socks off’ design. I also love the Miniature Tulip tile, for its simple elegance (not to mention it is more nearly in my skill range!). We will all be waiting with bated breath for the results of this one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  189. Hi Mary, I too would go with the Pomegranate tile for several reasons, just love the overall look of it as well as the colours. I find the tile very restful and easy on the eye. All in all it is just one of many beautiful Jane Nicholas designs. Would just love to work on something as beautiful as this. Thanks again,
    Joan from Richmond BC Canada

  190. Thanks for giving us the chance to win! I must admit I like the Knapweed tile. Being an Aussie it looks a little like a pink flowering gum, which is one of my favourite non allergy inducing flowers. The book looks lovely, and I could add it to my “Want to try when thesis is FINISHED” pile.

  191. Hello Mary,

    I saw your email and thank you for your very generous offer! Its really very difficult to choose from amongst so many pretty tiles. But I must say that the Syrian Pomegranate Tile has my vote because it has all the elements of stumpwork that has been mentioned and the design is just right. Its not crowded, the work is not over the top and yet all the techniques have a place on this tile. I have been wanting very much to do stumpwork and what better goal than to have a delicate design like the Syrian Pomegranate Tile.

  192. I actually have several favorites. But my most favorite favorite is Syrian Pomegranate Tile. Yep, the one on the cover. I like the use of the purple iris with the red pomegranate, white pearle flowers, beaded prunus blossoms, and the green leaves. It combines all my favorite things – embroidery, stumpwork,and goldwork. And I do have to confess to a fondness for Turkish, Persian and Syrian designs.

    Thanks for the chance, Mary! And congratulations on being invited to Beating Around the Bush as a tutor! Whoo Hoo!

  193. OOOOooooooOOOOOO the 13th is my birthday!!!!

    I really like Mughal Grapevine Tile I could see myself doing that on a collar of one of my Victorian evening gowns. or maybe as a bertha to be worn with a gown

  194. Oh, my goodness, such a gorgeous book! Your review had me salivating already, and now this giveaway – so generous!

    I’m sort of stumped (see what I did there?) as to picking a favourite, but I think I’m going to have to say the Persian Peony tile. They’re all beautiful, though – and if I had the book, as a stumpwork/goldwork novice, I’d most likely begin with something less intricate 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!


  195. Hi Mary. Looks like another voter for the Syrian Pomegranate Tile as the favourite. My reason may be a little different though. I’m finding I’m liking colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel together more and more lately, so this project worked in purple and orange just jumped off the web page for me. It’s probably one of the most detailed designs and is definitely my favourite. Thanks for entering me in the prize draw,
    Hooroo from Christine in sunny Sydney Australia

  196. Hello.
    I like the Iznik Carnation Tile. Its not as ornate as some of the others but has an interesting shape. It is clean, crisp, elegant, and, blue is my favourite colour.
    Having said all that – you can’t not like any of Jane’s designs. Even her beetles (eugh!!!) are stunningly beautiful.

  197. Hi, Mary

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I like the IZNIK CARNATION TILE because the colours remind me of Jaipur Blue Pottery and I love the simple yet elegant design which I can attempt as a beginner.

  198. I am caught between the simplicity and elegance of the Iznik carnation and the rich pomegranate medallion. To be honest I have never heard of stumpwork, perhaps we could compare it to the Indian version of Jardozi, not sure. I am simply fascinated with your knowledge and website. Wish I were younger to dabble with the intricate handwork your website explores.
    Wonderful work, Mary.

    Mumbai, India

  199. This is an amazing book. I’ve never done Stumpwork but if I won the book I’d have to give it a try and I think that The Iris book cover looks like something possible to do while learning.

  200. Hi, Mary

    I like the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I really like the look of the goldwork framing the work, but it’s probably well past my skill set. The book looks like a good read and full of beautiful pictures. Thanks for your great website.
    Elaine Brown

  201. Mary,
    My favorite design is the Turquoise Peony Tile. I have a great passion for the Arts and Craft movement, and know that Iznik tiles and Persian influences are reflected in work by several British Arts and Crafts ceramicists. It would be a great tribute to British Arts and Crafts history to reproduce an embroidery tile which was inspired by ceramics from the Persian influences, as well.

  202. What a wonderful give away!! If I had the book, I would probably do the Iris Tile mainly because it is simple & a beginner item. I’ve never tried stumpwork but after looking at your review of this book, I will be tempted to try it. Thanks Mary!
    Sheila from CA

  203. I absolutely love the Crimson Peony Rosette pattern. The goldwork around the petal edges sets off the lovely crimson color. I envision this made up as the 32mm brooche, adorning a gray business suit, with just the right amount of color and flare.

    If I don’t win the book, I will surely purchase a copy. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to new ideas.

  204. Actually – not one of the tiles as shown in the kits – I’d like to do the more horizontal variation of Turkish Tulips which you showed in your review – I think it’s inside a music box? I’d have to enlarge it (by quite a bit, probably), and probably change several of the stitches, but I have this tall, narrow window for which that design would make such a perfect tailored valence!

    Sandy D in TX

  205. My favorite tile is actually the one on the cover. The colors are gorgeous. The textures are enticing. The golwork is beautiful. The whole piece of art is just an inspiration to me. An inspiration to try stumpwork.

  206. They are all gorgeous, Mary, difficult to choose. But, my favorite is the Persian Peony Tile, with its red,white and blue color scheme. The scalloped goldwork edge of the tile is intricately done. All in all, a wonderful incorporation of her techniques. Thank you for another inspiring giveaway. Dianne in UT

  207. Stumpwork, porque é um bordado que dá vida a flores, aves, acho que é a minha descoberta deste ano com relação a trabalhos manuais, me encanta.

  208. So hard to choose, they are all beautiful, but I would really love to work the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. It is exquisite, with beautiful colored silk stumpwork, goldwork, and surface embroidery all worked on ivory silk. Ahh, a sticher’s paradise. I have always wanted to try stumpwork. I have been entranced by it ever since I saw a casket sewing box at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. I would love to try this beautiful needlework. With this work, I will have quite a few designs to choose from to get started. Thanks for your wealth of information.

  209. The Crimson Peony Rosette!
    Because I have a weakness for Tudor Roses and it reminds me of that. And it has some very simple elegant outlining in Passing Thread or Jap.
    But I’d like the colours a little darker (might just be the photography?)

  210. My favorite tile is Miniature Tulip Tile because of its simplicity. I think it is strikingly beautiful.

  211. Persian Peony Tile–I just returned from the EGA seminar in San Francisco and my roommate took Jane’s class. It is absolutely stunning in person. The colors and details of the work are absolutely gorgeous. I will not ever pass up on one of Jane’s classes ever again.

  212. I really like the Mughal Grapevine Tile. I think the simplicity of the design is so elegant and the grape clusters made with beads just make this project stunning. I have never tried stumpwork but I think after reading your review I could certainly give it a try. I am impressed with Jane Nicholas work and congratulate her on achieving a life long dream with this new book. Great eye candy too!
    Mary Ann
    Cinti., Ohio

  213. Hi Mary,
    The kit I like the best is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile one. It has great proportion, I like the colors and from a technique point of view, I know it would keep me absorbed in it for a while.

  214. My favorite is the Persian Peoney tile. First because I just love Peoneys. They smell like roses to me but las a lot longer. Second the other flower looks to be either a cornflower or thistle. I like them both. I think it is a cornflower as the leaves seem to give that appearance, but I would like it better if it were a thistle as that is the National Flower of Scotland and as you can tell by my name I’m of that descent. I’ve been working on trying to get my mother’s geneological stuff on computer before she is too old to tell me who the people in the pictures are and I’m enjoying learninig about history through my family tree. If I were to make that square I think I’d make the flower thistles. It would remind me of where I came from.

  215. I think I would have to say the pomegranate medallion. however, I am tempted by a number of the tuilp designs as well.
    I love Jane’s work and her boks are so beautiful to flip through.

  216. I love to do hand stitchery and I haven’t tried this technique before but would love to try. Each design is very unique and pretty. My favorite would maybe be Pomegranate Medallion. Thanks for the giveaway and also for your free patterns you offer!

  217. Hello Mary,
    I am intrigued by the Turquoise Peony Tile. It has deep rich Persian colors and interesting gold edgings. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a neat book.
    Michelle Christopherson

  218. OMG, I am so glad I found your website, I love it. I love the new Jane Nicolas’ book also, all of the tiles are beautiful, buy if I could select only one, I would pick the Stumpwork & Gold Embroider, inspired by Turkish, Syrian and Persian Tiles, book 7. I love gold work and I love the beautifl colors in that piece! Purple = Yummie.

  219. Well, I’ve looked at them all, and I love the colours used but my favourite has to be Syrian Pomegranate Tile as featured on the front cover, I was given some gold working materials which I haven’t been game to use yet, and the goldwork around the edge is gorgeous, looks like jewellery!! This could be the incentive and inspiration to “Go for gold”!! I’ve been inspired by you Mary, and ready for new things!

    Two days ago I received my Jane Nicholas book that I ordered, the combination books 1 and 2, so I’m already in a stumpwork frame of mind!! Unfortunately I’d had to put this gorgeous book away for a Christmas present for me!!

    Julie in Australia

  220. I would start with the beautiful Iris tile – for my sister who loves Iris.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway
    Colleen, MI

  221. Truly it’s hard to pick one favourite, as I have two – if I had to really choose just one, I’d choose the Iznik Persian Tile … the vibrant turquoise and blue just takes my breath away (my favourite colours). Second would be the Turkish Tulip Tile – once again, the colour combination of the strong primaries against the gold is just stunning. Jane does the most exquisite work, it would be a real honour to win this gem of a book. Thanks so much for offering this prize!
    Anne (Sydney, Australia)

  222. I think our likes and dislikes are never just about our own, personal feelings – they stem so much from the people we know and (in this case) the aesthetics we have inherited. I love the look of these tiles because they remind me of my grandfather, who was a professor of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian cultures and fluent even in Arabic. Him being my mother’s father, I’m sure my mom would have loved these, and hence I do too. She also loved peonies and her name was Iris. In the cover of this book, there’s irises, and several of the designs feature peonies.
    Although the more colourful designs are gorgeous, I think I would start with the Turquoise Peony. The colours in that one remind me of some tiles I saw during my first (but hopefully not last) visit to Istanbul a couple of years ago. Since I took that trip together with my sister, I would get thoughts of almost my entire family in the same embroidery – including the ones about how crazy my brother finds me when I don’t want to leave home due to some unfinished needlework.
    There’s also something that appeals to me in the Iznik Carnation tile, but more because it reminds me of Slavic embroidery designs. Living in Finland (next to Russia), Slavic embroidery has a homelike feel to me. Would change the colors of that one, though. Think they should be more vibrant.

  223. I like several of the designs, but think that I like the Persian Peony Tile the best. I really like all the edge treatments she uses, and this is what originally drew my eye to the book. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much. Sandi Hersh

  224. Syrian Pomagrantie is most appealing to me due to shapes and coloration. I find them beautiful, design balance and extremely pleasant to look at.

  225. My favorite is the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. I love the colors, style and use of goldwork, It would definitely be a challenge for me. Further, although I don’t comment on your blog often, I truly enjoy reading it every day. Thank you.

  226. Miniature Tulip Tile. This one is my favorite one because of the simplicity of it. It allows the beauty of the design, the beauty if the silk threads and the skill of the stitcher to show through

  227. I have perused this site for long periods of time and the giveaway gsve me a perfect excuse to do so again. I love the Ottoman Tulip Panel because of the content, colors and the fact that stumpwork, goldwork and surface embroidery are all incorporated. The Knapweed Roundel also calls to me, especially as it is better suited to add to my WIPs and I can make it into a pincushion to add to my collection.

  228. Hi Mary,
    How exciting, I’ve always loved Stumpwork and
    I’m fascinated how realistic some of the stitched flowers look.
    I love the Turkish miniature tile because of
    it’s simplicity and tulips are my favorite
    All of the tiles are gorgeous and would love to
    stitch all of them.
    Thanks for all your tips, I’ve recommended your
    site to my guild members.

    Teri Sanfilippo

  229. For me the Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my favorite. I love the border on that one as well as the iris looking blooms. Of course I love love love just about any of Jane Nicholas’ work. Still have not made my way through all of the projects from her first books that I just love.
    Thanks for offering this book.

  230. hi mary
    i will be very happy to be the winner.as like every time ur needle work news is very interesting.i like the turkish tulip tile as it gave me pleasant feeling to look at it.this is a very new technique for me .it looks like very tempting to try my hands on it.

  231. I loved just about all the projects that were shown on the website; but when it came down to it, I think my favorite was the Ottoman Tulip Tile. Why??? I like the symetry of the design against the ornate shape of the border, but I also like it because of how it reminds me of the rich garden history of the area – Turkey was the first area to grow tulips as a garden flower for example; and the famous Dutch tulip mania was a direct result of their trade contacts with Turkey and the Middle East. I’m pretty familiar with a number of counted thread techniques and I’ve done some crewel stitchery; but I would love to expand into the silk, stumpwork and goldwork direction. And I love your website – while quilting is very popular in my area there aren’t many resources for other kinds of handwork. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to keep this blog going.
    Kathy from Missouri

  232. Hi Mary,

    I think I would have to go with the Persian Peony tile. The colours are beautiful and it is ornate without being fussy.

    I love your site!

  233. Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my very favorite in this wonderful book. Recently while attending EGA National seminar I was able to peruse the book, but alas it was out of stock and on back order. I was unable to be in Jane’s class at seminar, but in the past have been fortunate to take classes from her. All her published works are in my collection of books and I would very much like to add this fine book. Thank you for the opportunity to enter my name in your very generous book offering.

  234. Mary – So many beautiful Tiles – difficult to decide on a favorite – but if I must, it will be the Persian Peony Tile.
    I have most of Jane Nicholas’ books and would love to win this one to add to my library.
    Thanks for this beautiful give-away
    Sharon – California

  235. Hard to choose! I like the turquoise peony tile the best, I think! I like the colors – maybe because it’s fall the darker colors appeal to me right now. And it matches my house as the outside of my house is painted a similar color. So it would look great in the entry way to my house.

    Thanks, Mary!
    P.S. I want to take your needle arts class…can you come to Alaska to teach?

  236. Greetings Mary,

    It is hard to chose, as they are all beautiful tiles, and would be fun to work up. But after some back and forth on my favorite two, I would say the Persian Peony Tile is my favorite. I enjoy 16th century history, although my taste is more western than Persian, the colors and style of the piece is what attracts my eye. I also like the way she has done her borders as well.

    Thank you so much for this chance to win this beautiful book, which I hope to get sooner or later. 🙂

  237. My favourite is the Miniature Tulip Tile. It is a nice combination of goldwork and a little bit of stumpwork that is not too intimidating. The size is perfect and would be a nice challenge for me – I’ve done a coule of goldwork projects and only one beginner stumpwork project, so this would make a good next step.

  238. What is not to like about any of these projects? But there is just something special to me about the Syrian Pomegranate Tile ( I guess I’m not the only one there since it is on the cover of the book). I just love the intricacy of the design, the overall shape. And appreciate and am in awe of the talent necessary to carry out such work given the symmetry of the design. It is so nice for there to be a book which combines different embroidery techniques and shows you what is possible to achieve with a needle!

  239. My favorite design from Jane Nichols’s Stumpwork Tiles book has to be the Iznik Carnation tile. It is so appealing to me! It makes me think of my years in northern New Mexico, with the drought-tolerant blue cornflowers, the turquoise blue of the fantastic native jewelry, and the gorgeous teal of the Sangre de Cristo mountains as evening approaches. I would undertake this project with wonderful memories and much love!

  240. Though my skill level is nowhere near yours I have never embroidered anything and kept it and this particular tile Crimson Peony Rosette is my oldest daughter’s favorite flower. If I work diligently I might be able to get this done in time for her birthday. After reading the description of techniques used I might be able to tackle it with some sense of accomplishment and will also learn about goldwork. Either way I do so appreciate your website and have learned so much from reading and watching your short videos. Thank you!!

  241. My favorite project is Syrian Pomegranate Tile.

    I’m new to your site and newsletters and am enjoying them greatly.

  242. Hi Mary,

    I have to say that the Persian Peony tile tempts me most, due to its unusual shape and gorgeous center focal point. That said, there are many in this book I’d love to stitch.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway. I’ve been wanting this book ever since I saw the earlier announcements!

  243. Mary,
    The first kit I would like to do is the Tulip tile book cover then the Turkish Tile. I just love the richness of Goldwork and Beads,lots of beads. I was going to order the Tulip kit but I need the book for the instructions. So please put my name in the hat for me. Thanks a bunch Mary. ( Ha 🙂 Julie Newman from Australia I do the same thing. I buy something for myself every Christmas.)
    Maria in Kansas

  244. Hi Mary:
    The gorgeous Syrian Pomegranate Tile is my favorite! I love the bright colors and the intricate elements in the design. Just gorgeous!
    As a beginner to stumpwork, I think I’d choose the Tulip Tile to stitch; it’s so delicate and beautiful, and would probably be one that a beginner might be able to accomplish.
    Thank you for the opportunity to own this gorgeous book!

    Carolyn in Murrieta, California

  245. Would really enjoy having this book. I would like to learn how to do stumpwork. I do crewel embroidery, something I enjoy doing very much.
    Thank you

  246. Mary,

    Thank you again for your generosity. My favorite project is the Syrian Pomergrante Tile. The design is breath taking! I love your site, I read it everyday faithfully.

    Colleen Lim

  247. First, it’s very hard to pick, because they are all so beautiful, but I think I would have to say the Ottoman Tulip Panel. I love the colorful flowers, and the simple, yet very elegant design of it. But I think what I love most about it is the outline, and how it just frames it perfectly. Very nice.

  248. Hi Mary,
    You are so very generous with this lovely give-away.

    I think my favourite design is the Cherry Flower Roundel. The cherry flower design is simple but still looks very sumptuous. I also love the border.

    A bonus is that it is described as ‘easy’ so perhaps it might just be within my capabilities.

  249. Hi Mary,
    as always, thank you for a wonderful website.
    My favourite of is the Syrian pomegranate tile. For me, it has the right balance of “white space” (giving it openness and simplicity) and fabulous use of colour (giving it complexity). For me, the irises at the side look like open welcoming arms and I would love to have this hanging on my wall. Having now seen similar tiles in their natural habitat (in Morocco), this sort of work also brings back memories of warm days, fresh fruits, and helpful people.
    thanks for the opportunity Mary, Louise T from Australia (PS looking forward to seeing you at BATB in Sydney)

  250. Mary,
    Another vote for the Persian Peony Tile…the central flower and border are lovely, and the whole design is beautifully balanced.

    Another Mary 🙂

  251. This is such a hard decision to make. The Turkish Tulip is wonderful with it’s pretty little blue carnations. Then there is the Persian Peony with it’s peony buds and those pretty little thistles. But, I have to admit my favorite is the Mughal Grapevine. I am so partial to those pretty little grape bunches and those wonderfully green ivy leaves. It is so wonderful that you are giving away this beautiful book.

  252. I was raised in Upstate New York by hard working parents who loved to garden. The neighbors used to call it our local “Park” because of all the beautiful flowers and finely manicured lawn. Jane Nicholas’ Syrian Pomegranate Tile reminds me much of my home and the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounded me. I would love to create my own “garden” with these flowers.

  253. Knapweed Roundel is the one I like the most. Although I don’t know what Knapweed is (hello Google), it looks like a thistle to me & I overall like the design.

  254. Of all the beautiful tiles shown, the Syrian Pomegranate Tile would be my choice. Having lived in the Middle East for years and loving fresh pomegranates made the choice easy. This stylized version remins me of the tiles one sees in buildings there. Damascus was at one time the cloth merchants major purchasing center. Soooo much history tied to needlework there;from the Mongols with their Chinese inspired quilted coats to the Silk Route, Syria has seen it all.

  255. Hi there,
    Love your site and blog! Thanks for offering this great give away. I’ve ordered more stuff after reading about it from you:) I think it’s great you have a little advertising now!
    Now for the drawing question…..I have to say that although we all agree that every design is amazing and wonderful, I’m drawn to the Turkish Tulip Tile because it has the feeling of the design reaching outward to continue on past it’s borders and that’s how I long to be. The others, beautifully I might add, seem to circle back to contain themselves but not this one 🙂 Thanks for all you do for the rest of us, Bless you, Vickie

  256. My favorite was the Syrian Pomegranate Tile. Not only am I attracted to the colors, but the shape and movement of the border impresses me.

    Your webiste is such a treat!

  257. Hi Mary,
    This is very generous of you – I have this Jane Nicholas book on my ‘Wish List”! I think I would like to do the Iris Tile or Bookcover. It looks to be within my scope and I really love iris – they are so elegant.

    Thanks again for this opportunity – I really love your blog!

    Penny B from sunny Tsawwassen, BC

  258. Mary, Love your website.this is a very generous giveaway. My favorite is the Miniature Purple Iris. My mom planted the little purple Iris for my daughter Hillary because it was her favorite color. The first time it bloomed Hillary, 4 yrs. old at the time ran in saying “mom the little purple Hillary flower is smiling!” I would love to do this Iris picture for her. She has been teaching English for the past four years in Tokyo, Japan. I know this would bring back a special memory for her. Mom passed away June 93. She was a wonderful seamstress and quilter. I think it’s because of sweet ladies like her the Art of Embroidery is kept alive.

  259. The deliciously complex circular Syrian Pomegranate Tile by Jane Nicholas delights the eye with its stylization, its symmetry, its fullness through stumpwork, its color , and its sumptuous enrichment with goldwork. The scolloped gold beaded and metallic border emphasizes , simultaneously, the symmetry, the roundness, and the flow of the design elements within.
    Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful collection!

  260. I enjoyed Jane’s book Stumpwork: Medieval flora so much but did not have the materials to make a project. However I did use materials on hand to make just one motif from the book , a grasshopper to put in my grandsons ” quiet Book”. I’ll share pictures later. This new book looks challenging and fun. The Syrian pomegranate would be the dream project. I love learning new techniques! Thank you for your work in prompting and teaching embroidery. You make it fun. Blessings, Sharon in WA

  261. Greetings from sunny S.A.Mary, where the cherry blossoms are blooming at the start of Spring and my vote goes to the Cherry Flower Roundel – it has all three disciplines of goldwork,stumpwork and surface embroidery and I love the intricate border design. I’m delighted to have discovered your site Mary and so enjoy your daily updates – thanks for the inspiration!

  262. Hard to pick a favorite, but if pressed, I’d go for the Syrian Pomegranate tile. I like the slightly more “crowded” design. . . more similar to other stumpwork pieces I’ve done. And yes, since the chances are I won’t win, the book is going striaght onto my Christmas list!

  263. It’s so very difficult to make a choice, to be honest.They are all lovely. But, I think I love the Tulip tile most. Because: I’m Dutch and tulips belong to Holland. This tile has been stitched so very delicate. The colours are beautiful.
    By the way: I love the blog.
    Best wishes

  264. hello Mary
    i thought that it would be nice for you to know that you have a fan here in Jordan i love your work and really you’ve opened my eyes on many beautiful things
    thanks for your help for your time and for your love to all of us
    rula fatafta

  265. I liked the Persian Peony Tile Stumpwork piece the best. Peonys are my favorite flowers and I thought the oval scalloped-shaped outline went with it very well.
    Karen Carroll

  266. Oh! I just found your site and got so excited about this giveaway! Then I realized that the contest was from 2010! I am so in love with the Turqoise Peony Tile! My sister lived in Tehran for several years, and had many beautiful hand carved boxes, jewelery etc. from her time there, but when she passed away, many of her beautiful things went missing. This is truly a beautiful piece and I would have loved to have made this in memory of her. Thank you for such a wonderful teaching site! Your gift is amazing!



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