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Embroidery Threads, Inspired by the Garden


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Cottage Garden Threads is a “home-grown” Australian thread dyeing business. It’s one of those stories I just like reading about – a lady who started dyeing threads in her kitchen, and now carries a wide range of beautifully colored threads that are stocked in retail shops and used by needlework designers.

Cottage Garden Threads

The threads at Cottage Garden come in different weights of perle cotton and in stranded floss. If you like overdyed threads, you’ll likely find the colors to be quite sumptuous. I think it’s really neat to read on their blog what inspires the colors of their threads. Yes, of course, there are gardens, but there’s also this kingfisher! Talk about color!

Cottage Garden Threads

Some of the colors are subtle and subdued…

Cottage Garden Threads

… and when they’re named things like “café au lait” – well, you understand why when you see the thread!

Cottage Garden Threads

Some of the threads remind me of autumn and winter gardens…

Cottage Garden Threads

… while others evoke images of late spring and summer.

Cottage Garden Dyed Felt Trim

Besides thread, Cottage Gardens also supplies overdyed felt – Cottage Garden Trims.

Cottage Garden Dyed Felt Trim

In 1/2″ and 1″ widths, this scalloped trim would be great for felting projects…

Cottage Garden Dyed Felt Trim

… but I was looking for something for little bookmark gifts. And this is perfect. The top 1/2″ trim can be stitched and adhered to the larger 1″ trim, to make little 4″ bookmarks – perfect for student gifts! Kind of like mini versions of these bookmarks hand embroidered on felt. Fun, eh?

I don’t use overdyed threads a whole lot in my stitching, but occasionally, the bug bites, and I feel obliged to indulge! I’m looking forward to playing with these. The colors and the variations make stitching fun, so I’m planning on having a little fun – I’ll let you know what I turn out!

Cottage Garden Threads are distributed primarily in Australia, but there are some stockists world wide, if you want to look for them. You can find the lists of stockists on their blog

Like I said, I love success stories like this one!

So, what about you? Have you used Cottage Garden Threads (probably a more pertinent question for my Aussie friends, I suppose!)? And how ’bout that felt trim? Any other ideas for it? Leave a comment and tell the rest of us your ideas!

Finally, don’t forget the Silhouette cutting machine give-away this week! If you haven’t signed up yet, feel free. After all, I’ve got to give it away to someone – it may as well be you!!


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(23) Comments

  1. I can see this used on a child’s wool jacket or a little jumper or dress. Would add a great touch of color to give some pizazz to a seemingly bland creation.

  2. Mary, would love to see a column one day on your thoughts on how you decide what threads to use on what projects. You come up with such lovely things.

    1. Aren’t they fun threads? They definitely made me want to play!

      Oida – ah, that’s a hard question. I don’t quite think there’s a formula for it – but I’ll think about it a bit and see what I can come up with!

  3. Oh how pretty! You are as much if not more, of an enabler than I am… and around my neck of the woods, I’ve got that title locked down! LOL

    Off to see if I can find a local or online retailer…

  4. Mmmm, what yummy colors they have.
    I love overdyed threads. I’ve used overdyed perle cotton for smocking on solid-colors. They make even a plain geometric design look festive.
    Great link!

  5. Where could you buy these beautiful threads and how can I find out the price??
    I just love them..as a beginner what would I use them for and what weight??
    Just don’t know where to start.

    1. Hi, All! I’m glad to hear you’re enchanted with these delightful threads!

      There’s no outlet in the US at this time. You’ll need to check the “stockists” page on the Cottage Garden website: http://cottagegardenthreads.typepad.com/cottage-garden-threads/stockists.html Those are the places that carry the threads, and from there, you’ll have to check with the individual stores to see where to buy them. I know The Embroidery Den has a website (http://www.embroideryden.com.au/) so you may be able to find a price list there. Hope that helps! ~MC

  6. Thanks so much for this one Marymentor ! 🙂 It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to complete the multi-colored pillow case edgings I’ve been wanting to do.EXACTLY ! I have just pasted it on to my homepage right next to “Needles’n’Thread”……:-)
    Judy in Pittsburgh

  7. very very nice thread, but I try to get the color chart and my computer did not want to gave it. Bye and always thanks

  8. These threads are both gorgeous to look at and delightful to use. The colour range is fabulous it’s difficult to stop buying more just to have the pleasure of looking at them.I’ve not used the felt yet but what a great idea to have it on a roll like that.
    Another fantastic range in Australia is Colour Streams, by Robyn Alexander, a huge range of silks and colours makes you want to eat them too. We are so lucky to have these threads on our doorstep just makes you want to stitch and stitch. Helen.

  9. Mary,
    These threads are lovely! I can see why this is such a successful business. I have tried my hand at dyeing (and I do mean my hand, that dye took forever to wear off) and seeing these fantastic colors makes me want to give thread dyeing a try. Or, on second thought (purple hands come to mind) maybe, I will just purchase
    some from Cottage Gardens! I did not see a supplier in the states.

  10. I have not long ago purchased quite a number of these threads and had a little play with them. They are so lovely to work with and I hope that you American girls will get to play with them too. So worth it.

  11. Hallo, Brenda Ryan has website with “stitcheries”
    using Garden Cottage threads. Brenda also sent me a sample of Hippeastrum colour thread and as I love variegated threads just love this range. If you would like to visit this site here it is:
    I have also sent email to Cottage Garden threads but as yet had no reply to obtaining threads in USA. If I do I’ll post it. Hope you don’t mind Mary but also gave your site & Hedgeworks to reply directly
    Just want to bring some Aussie Sunshine, Colour and Excitement to you.
    Susan Sampson

  12. Dear Mary
    USA source for threads is through Needleye on the Etsy website, so enter Needleye in Search:


    Then the wonderful threads & delivery in USD.

    Trust this helps people create colourfully.

  13. No tengo palabras para describir tanta belleza.
    ¿ Cómo se puede agradecer semejante generosidad ?
    Que Dios te bendiga Mary

  14. Hello, I am looking for cottage garden thread felt, wondered if you have purple or mauve or lilac, it to go with the pattern, daisies pied by brenda ryan…………hoping!, kind regards Caroline.

  15. Can you tell me if there is SOURSE FOR THE COTTAGE GARDEN THREAD IN THE USA.
    I have tried every way to fine it. And had no luck
    Best regards, Doris Bear

    1. Hi, Doris – I haven’t found one. You can always contact the folks in Australia and ask if they have a distributor here. Hope that helps! -MC

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