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Miniature Embroidery Project Update!


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Just a quick little update this morning on the miniature embroidery project I’m currently working on, so that you can see how far my 15 Minute Approach took me this week. Not very far!

Miniature Embroidery Cluny Tapestry

Still, there’s some progress on the project, and some progress is better than no progress, right? That’s what the whole 15 Minute approach is about, I suppose!

The flag in this miniature version of the tapestry looks a little bizarre when seen close up, but from afar, it looks really neat. I’m eager to get the foliage done around the flag, which I think will change the look of the whole thing. Maybe by the end of this coming week, I can finish this whole section of the panel. That would leave me only two more chart pages to go!

Next week on Needle ‘n Thread, I’ll be giving away a Silhouette cutting machine, so look for that later in the week! I’m not sure what else I’ll have up for you at this point, but I will be working out in the workroom, getting some organization done – so you never know what I’ll unearth! It’s been pretty hectic here in Kansas on my side of the computer screen, so I’m a bit behind on e-mail. If you’ve written lately, don’t worry! I will catch up soon!

I hope on your end of the screen, the weekend affords you an opportunity to indulge in some creative and relaxing pursuits!


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  1. I too saw Mike’s presentation at the Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery and the wonderful patterns and pieces by lilly. Everything was simply stunning. You have a wonderful website by the way. He told us about you and you’ll probably find many of our members showing up!

    1. Thanks, Lynne! I’ve been playing with a few of Lilly’s patterns just this morning. They have so much potential! It’s a lot of fun to work with them. I’m so glad the presentation went so well! ~MC

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