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Reader’s Embroidery: Pomegranate Corner!


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Ok, ok. So I’ve been a lazy schmuck and haven’t gotten very far on the Pomegranate Corners wool embroidery project! But where I have failed, a reader has stepped up to the plate! Mary Martin (Magnolia Needlework on Flickr) finished her interpretation of the Pomegranate Corner design – and it’s Really Lovely!

Reader's Embroidery: Pomegranate Corner

I love the fact that Mary interpreted the design her own way, using her own choice in fabric, thread, and stitches. The design looks completely different stitched on a dark background, doesn’t it?! The light tips of the top leaves are a perfect touch to make the leafy areas come alive.

Reader's Embroidery: Pomegranate Corner

Mary used a combination of silk, metallic, and real metal threads in her design. The inside sections of the pomegranate are stitched with a Kreinik braid, the pomegranate itself is outlined with passing thread, and the dark blue swash under the pomegranate is outlined in stretched pearl purl – a very nice edging! I like the clustered stars in the middle of the swash, too. They really add interest and contrast to the design.

Mary’s rendition of the Pomegranate Corner design looks regal – it reminds me of a badge of honor! And I think she deserves a badge of honor for completing the design…. and for stitching all those leaves!

A beautiful job, Mary! Thanks for the photos! You’ve encouraged me more than you realize! ….. I don’t suppose you would want to finish mine? (Well, it never hurts to ask!)

I’m always interested in seeing what readers are up to with their needlework! If you’d like to send photos of your recent needlework adventures, feel free to drop me a line! For your browsing pleasure, did you know there are all kinds of articles here on Needle ‘n Thread that feature embroidery projects from other readers?


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(4) Comments

  1. Mary Martin’s Pomegranate is quite lovely! It bears an exuberant charm and I think that there is a bit of patriotic color palette there, which looks great with the silver-green leaves (or leafery!) I agree that a dark background changes things substantially. Are those Algerian Eyelets nestled in the scrollwork? It has a colonial flag style-very “Oval Office”-ish!

  2. Thanks Laura! And yes, those are modified algerian eyelets. That middle part was too empty, and I tried a few things before I settled on that.

    Thank you so much Mary for featuring my project. This was my first goldwork project, and while there are definitely things I wish I’d have changed, I’m happy with how it came out. Your site was invaluable to me in the learning process and I’m very grateful. I think my next big challenge is going to be learning how to photograph embroidery, which is difficult!

  3. I tend to stay with the light fabrics myself but I admire those brave enough to stitch on dark fabrics. It makes the colors seem so much more vibrant. I’m always happy to see sparkly threads added.

    I didn’t know you had a spot for readers to share their photos. Now I need to take a peek. 🙂

  4. Dear Marymentor”

    A nice refreshing reminder (the white-tipped leaves) that we are all free to use artistic license to embellish our work !…..Nice !
    Judy in Pittsburgh

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