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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Wool Embroidery Project: Pomegranate Corners Index


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This is an index of all the articles for the Pomegranate Corners wool embroidery project. The index will be located under the first section of “Tips & Techniques” which can be accessed through the top menu on the website and where you’ll find a collection of other step-by-step embroidery projects featured on Needle ‘n Thread.

Wool Embroidery Project: Pomegranate Corners

Here is a list of all the articles relating to this particular project so far:

Pomegranate Corners – Free Embroidery Pattern
Setting up Pomegranate Corners – fabric selection, transferring the design, and preliminaries
Wool Embroidery Thread Selection for Pomegranate Corners
Framing Up the Project for Stitching – mounting the ground fabric on stretcher bar frames
Pomegranate Corners Wool Embroidery: The Stitching Begins
The Leaves – Stitched and then Removed!
Just a Leaf
Padded Satin Stitching on the Pomegranate Begins
Pomegranate Parts Satin Stitched

I’ll be adding more to the list as this project develops!

Incidentally, it didn’t progress too far this past weekend. While I had high hopes of getting some stitching done, I only managed one leaf and an outline on Saturday afternoon. I was feeling the onslaught of the latest Cold-or-Flu-or-What-Have-You bug going around, to which I dutifully succumbed. Sunday was a wash. Today we’re having a snow (ice) day in my part of Kansas and the schools are closed, so I didn’t have to call in sick. But it’s doubtful that I’ll do much stitching!

Hope you had a great weekend – and I will see you tomorrow, hopefully in better form!


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(21) Comments

  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    My husband always swears by hot lemonade and whiskey for a cold. Whilst I doubt its medicinal qualities, it always makes him feel better for some reason …… 🙂

  2. Dear Mary,

    Hope you feel better! I followed your wonderful 15 minute advice and made progress on one of my projects this weekend. I was surprised how far I progressed in just 15 minutes. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the pomegranate.


  3. Sorry you are not feeling well Mary, but so glad you have an extra day to rest. It is fun watching your projects develop. Thanks for sharing all these details. Hope you feel a lot better soon 🙂

  4. Hi Mary,
    Truely hope you’re feeling much better soon. Don’t know if you can get it in the States or the equivelant, but we use Vicks Vapour rub here in Oz. Great stuff. Especially for steam inhalations.

    You take care of yourself.

  5. I have a personal rule that goes “never do any needlework or knitting if you don’t feel well.” I don’t know how it is for other people but for me it always involves ripping and I’m sorry I did it.

    It is the comforting thing in the world and you want to do it!

    Elaine Baeza

  6. Get Well Soon Mary – I’m sure you have a lovely embroidered hotwater bottle cover somewhere; put it to good use and stay warm!!

    Like Tania, I too have been adopting your 15 minute advice (when everyone else at work goes for a cigarette break, I do my sewing – I call it my cigarette break… why shouldn’t I get 5 minutes to relax too!?) with great result (even though I am still finding it hard to tear myself away when its time to get back to business!)


  7. Hi Mary,
    Hope everything is well you you all over in the States. I appear to be having a small problem with my internet access to your emails. Namely, I’m not getting them at the moment. Thankfully I have your home page in my favourites and accessed through that. Would you be so kind as to see if there is anything your end and let me know. I had this with another site and discovered I’d been deleted courtesy of a young friend.

  8. No matter how I feel in the morning at my computer, I am cheered by your breezy talk and show and tell of your project in progress.
    So glad I am meeting you this way. Thank you.

  9. Mary, really thankful i found your website.. 😀 can’t move away from my laptop whenever i went here.. so inspired by your embroidery.. tq tq, that’s all i can say…
    by the way, how long you usually spend to finish embroidery, let say a flower.. because i took quite a long hour to finish it.. is it my technique was wrong?

  10. Hi Mary, How’d this turn out? I can’t find the finished thing. I am thinking that I will try this. I have a piece of the Legacy Round Linen that is about 16 x 16 before shrinking it. Would that fabric work for this?

    1. Hi, Katherine – I did not finish it. I got interrupted with a project with a deadline and just never got back to it. Funny, I was just looking at it today! I prefer a little higher count fabric for crewel work, especially when it comes to getting nice smooth edges on satin stitch and the like. But it wouldn’t hurt to test a little sample with the round yarn linen and some of your wool to see how you like it.

      Hope that helps!


  11. Hi Mary,
    I love your site so much; it’s a daily inspiration. Do you think that you will ever return to this piece? I love to look at your work with silk and gold, but something like this is much more likely to find its way onto my hoop. (I’m on the waiting list for a Necessaire stand & Millennium frame :-)). I would love to see how you are going to use seed stitches for the “seeds”. Thanks again for all your beautiful work.

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