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Wool Embroidery Project: One Leaf. One Lousy Leaf.


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Oh, I wanted to give you a marvelous step-by-step update today on the Pomegranate Corners Wool Embroidery Project! Instead, I have one leaf. And that’s all.

But it’s a better leaf – and I am actually happy with it, and ready to move on and finish up the leaves this weekend (at least on one corner!!).

Wool Embroidery: Pomegranate Corners

I know the dark seems a little too dark, but once the other leaves are on top of it, It’ll be ok. Some of the difficulty of shading on these leaves is that the colors don’t blend perfectly together. This is a disadvantage right now of working with Fine D’Aubusson here in the US – we have a limited color range available, and while there are three greens here that belong to the same shade range, the other two (I’m using 5) don’t. The dark looks extremely dark, and contrasts rather sharply with the medium green before it. There’s no “bridge” between to the two to smooth out the contrast. But contrast is good, and I want a Very Dark green in there. Once the bunch of leaves is finished, I hope to show you that the dark green works well here.

So that’s my very brief update on this project for the week! This weekend, I’ll dedicate some more intense stitching time to it and get that bunch of leaves done.

I’ve received a bunch of very kind e-mails lately, asking how things are here in Kansas and expressing concern over the recent attack of the Creepy Crawly Crud Monster. Thanks very much for thinking of me and cheering up my day! Fact is, it’s sub-zero temps here in Kansas, as I am sure it is in many other areas, and though we had a good bout of ice and snow, we didn’t get hit as badly as other places, and in the scheme of things, considering the major weather events in other parts of the world lately, our little snow and freeze here is not much to speak of! Still, we had three days of closed schools – and I spent those buddying up with this cold or flu bug. Oh, we had such fun together! It prevented me from getting much stitching done on anything serious, but the micro-Cluny project got some attention along the way, which is nice.

I hope you are well and safe and warm! And for those of you enjoying summer, I hope you are well and safe, and not too warm!

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you a different kind of book – needlework related, but not a technique book – and then Saturday… well. Who knows?! (Have you thought that far ahead yet? Me, neither!)



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  1. Glad you are feeling better, Mary. My daughter attends Kansas State for vet school, and she also had 2 days off. Here in mid-Michigan, we had 19 inches and blizzard winds, so I am in my second snow day – but also sick. Not much stitching going on. I wanted to ask how the spot samplers turned out? Is the class over, or are you onto second semester and a new group of students?

  2. “Have you thought that far ahead yet? Me, neither!”

    I have! I’m having a stitching weekend with a couple of friends, woohoo!

    Have a great weekend, whatever you get up to.

  3. Mary,
    I have a quick needle question for you. Do you have a needle measuring guide of some sort to tell what size a needle you have? Once I get them out of the package, I’m not able to decide what is what.

    1. Hi, Paula – Actually, I pretty much eyeball it on needles that are already out of the package and have gotten mixed with other needles. I’ve not come across an “actual size” needle chart out there that’s printable, but it would be a great thing to have available. Maybe I can find one or come up with one! I’ll put it on my list… ~MC

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