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The Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit


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Well, I seem to be on a Kit Kick lately, don’t I? Today I’m highlighting a thread kit, which isn’t quite the same as a full-blown embroidery kit, but it’s sort of close.

You see, designers often design a piece of embroidery, and then, if the designer doesn’t offer a full kit but just the design, a manufacturer or a shop might put together the kit of threads for that particular embroidery design, so that customers can purchase all the threads needed to complete the design in one tidy package. And that’s what this is – it’s a thread kit (with spangles), and it’s been put together by Access Commodities for the Agecroft Sweet Bag project highlighted in the last issue of the EGA’s publication, Needle Arts Magazine.

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

But there’s more to this kit of embroidery threads than meets the eye, and that’s actually why I’m excited about it. First, let’s look at the original project the kit was assembled for:

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

In the latest (March, 2011) issue of Needle Arts, the instructions for the Agecroft Sweet Bag (designed by Catherine Jordan) is one of the featured projects. In the magazine, you can find the instructions for completing the sweet bag, along with the supply list and such necessary information. The supply list includes many shades of gorgeous Soie Perlee silk, along with gold wire #371 (for the vine work), spangles, linen, and so forth. If you’re interested in working the project as it is presented in NeedleArts Magazine, you have to have the magazine, and if you’re a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, then you probably have the last issue. If you’re not a member, but keen to do the project, you need to get an issue – and you can do that by contacting the EGA. Individual issues are $7.00 each.

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

But this is the thing: even if you aren’t interested in working the sweet bag as is, golly – the threads in this collection are stunning, and they can be used to work your own designs, too!

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

There are 13 spools of silk – 11 are Soie Perlee, and 2 are Soie 100/3. There’s one full 15 meter spool of #371 gold wire, which is excellent for vine work in braid stitches or chain stitches, and for all kinds of other gold thread applications. There are two little vials of tiny spangles. And what project do you know of that couldn’t use a spangle or two or twenty?! (Ok, I exaggerate… sort of….)

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

Ooooh. Yes. See, my problem is that I’m a thread junky. I admit it. And though I admit it can sometimes be a problem, I have definitely learned to live with it!

When I saw this collection of threads, I didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that I have to make a sweet bag with them. But I did recognize right away an excellent collection of colors and threads that would work together well for a fine embroidery project.

Not that I wouldn’t make the sweet bag… But it’s really the colors and threads that grabbed me.

Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit

And like I said, what can’t I put spangles on? After all, when the things gleam from inside the jar, how can you resist them?

There are several ways to go about getting the Agecroft Sweet Bag thread kit: you can contact the EGA and order one (according to the magazine, they’re $46 plus shipping & handling), or you can order the kit from various retailers that carry it. I think I heard that Traditional Stitches in Canada will be carrying it.


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(20) Comments

  1. If I remember right, I think one of these was done a few years ago in an Inspirations magazine. The pictures there were quite lovely.

    1. Hi, Lynne – you’re right. Inspirations ran a few sweet bags several years ago. They weren’t necessarily “17th century” style, but they have the same look. The one with the plums on it is gorgeous!

      Funny, Gail! That was funny!!

  2. Good morning Mary,

    What a pretty set of color; I had the same thought, as I haven’t been brave enough to venture into goldwork, but really like silks, and these colors. One of my little secrets is to watch my favorite supply sites; sometimes they put thread kits on sale for real bargains at later dates … a great way to get a nice selection already put together!

  3. Mary I have recently found your site and I have spent many happy hours looking and learning. Thankyou I have never done any silk work (yet) as I wanted to improve my technique with cheaper materials first. This seems like a reasonablely priced collection and would give the beginner something to start with, reminesint of a charm pack for quilters, all the colors prematched etc. How do you think the price compares to buying them seperately basically is this a good deal?

  4. Wow that is seriously doing my stamina against Stash Madness some damage 🙂
    Looks like a beautiful kit and, um, kit ^_^ Especially that wire spool. Something to aspire to, definitely.
    Thank you for your informative thought provoking posts. I don’t comment that often, but your posts always help me to keep inspired through the beginners’ phase. Thank you!

  5. The threads are really beautiful! I’m confused though, the spool of gold thread, you mentioned braid and chain stitching it…I thought you only did laid work with gold, couching it?
    And what in the wide world is a sweet bag – did they literally carry sweets as in candy in these bags? Or is it “sweet” as in cute, pretty and bijou?

  6. I love sweet bags, and have made a couple previously, but not with silks. Something else to add to the list. But I’d like to thank you for mentioning the EGA, it prompted me to find out about the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada, and that there is a chapter close to me Thank you Mary, and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh……I love those colors! I have bought kits and charts for the colors in them…..not necessarily the pattern. I love silks and stitching with them. Thanks for a great job of enabling……LOL

  8. Mary–Thanks so much for posting about the Agecroft Sweet Bag & EGA. May I just add, there is another benefit of membership! Catherine Jordan often teaches at EGA national & regional seminars or chapter evetns–see her site http://catherinesdesigns.net for a schedule–& I just returned from two of her 2-day classes in Ohio at Great Lakes Region seminar. It was time well spent. She’s a delight & shared some insight into her involvement with the project & the spangles on the sweet bag. I will take more classes from her. Two Thumbs Up!

  9. Hmm. Another kit to add to my growing collection. Is there a 12-step program for kitaholics? Wait…never mind. I don’t think I want to stop. At least thread and fabric don’t wind up on my hips.

  10. Yep, I’m a bit of a thread junkie myself, as anyone who saw my ‘Threadfest’ series postings can see!!! I think you may beat me hollow though… I’d love to look through all your stash.=)

    Yes, you can use those yummy threads for the intended design, or on other things – or both!=) [Admiring sigh]

  11. Because the flesh is weak and the silk is shiny, I ordered the kit and joined the EGA about 5 minutes after reading this post. I ordered from Hedgehog Handworks and am sitting here now looking at the packet. They ship FAST!
    The colors are even yummier than they appeared on my monitor and the spangles are very teeny, which surprised me.
    Thank you again, Mary, for enabling my collecting habit! You expose us to some of the best embroiderers in the world.

  12. Hi Mary

    I’ver ordered from Hedgehog Handworks before and always loved Ms. Joady, but wow!! I too ordered on Friday after your post and my kit is in my hands right now. She has never let me down. Just wished I’d known about her shop years ago. Thanks

  13. Dear Mary

    Thanks you so much for another lovely giveaway prise. What I would do with the threads? there are so many options……..
    For future projects I would use the silk thread for Church embroidery such as various Crosses I would use the gold thread for IHS or religious icons. Or the silks for creating lovely Christening pillows, or the gold thread on silk for bible covers. I would use the silk thread for future needlepainting to create flowers, animals or even lovely birthday/christmas cards the options are endless…………. and maybe later to create lovely tapestry work, oh to be a fully fledged, competent embroidery stitcher…………

    again thanks for the giveaway

    Anita Simmance London

  14. Mary, Thanks for this great giveaway! I would love to do this sweet little bag with this beautiful thread! The colors are so pretty. Thank you Mary and Happy Stitching!

  15. hi, has any of you ladies the description of the sweet bag digital?, just saw this article but it seems the magazine Needle Arts March 2011 is sold out. . . .

  16. I would like to make a sweet bag with my own designs. I need a pattern and instructions. I am learning to make tassels and cords. Can you help out? Thank you

    1. Hi, Abby – I can just recommend doing online searches until you can find the information and inspiration you need. I don’t really offer a designing service for individual projects for other people right now. It’s pretty time consuming to design a piece, stitch it, and write up all the instructions. :-/

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