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The Nesting Place – Some Fabulous Finishes!


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The first round of The Nesting Place – an online class offered here on Needle ‘n Thread through October and involving a darling wool, silk, and linen embroidered needlebook designed by Bobbi Chase – came to an end a little over a week ago. It was a lot of fun! I find myself still checking the classroom forum to see if anyone is still participating. I miss it. It’s kind of like summer camp coming to an end!

If you’ll allow me, I’ll do the Teacher Brag Thing, and show off some of the finished projects worked by the participants in the class.

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

The most stitching-intensive part of the project is the front cover of the needlebook, where you’ll find two little birds embroidered in wool, sitting on a branch among leaves and berries, all encircled in a silk oval outline, and surrounded by trellis work.

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

Just as it should be, each participants work comes out unique. There’s quite a bit of leeway in the way the birds can be shaded, in the placement structure of the leaves, and so forth.

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

Everyone’s needlebook has slight variations, which is very nice to see! This is one of the great pleasures of surface embroidery – there’s room to wiggle things up a bit and to personalize surface embroidery. Perhaps that’s why I love it so!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

The materials we used for the project really went over well with everyone. The Fine D’Aubusson wool stitches up so nicely!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook


Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

This is the inside of the needlebook – literally, this is the nesting place!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

The thick Scottish felt is perfect for nesting needles!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

And it’s fun to decorate, too!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

One participant finished just in time to give her needlebook away as a birthday gift – a Happy 95th Birthday to Nina!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

The inside of the needlebook features a subtle little pocket, perfect for nesting other treasures, too.

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

And the other nesting place – on the back of the needlebook. I love the personalization on this needlebook! So perfectly and neatly done!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

So sweet!

Nesting Place Crewel Embroidered Needlebook

And a bonus – I even got to put some faces to names!

Congratulations to all my Fellow Nesters on your fabulous finishes!

Did I mention that I thought the class was a lot of fun? I can’t wait until the next time!

I’ll be running the class again in January, for those who would like to participate. The class in January will be the last time the class is run, but I am expanding the number of participants, so the chances are greater of getting in. I’ll be sending out an advanced notice e-mail to those on the waiting list, so if you’d like to be part of the waiting list, just drop me a line. You can read more about the Nesting Place class details here.


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  1. Oh, I got such goose bumps as I looked at all the wonderful FINISHED products! They look fabulous. Everyone did such a terrific job — and I love all the personal touches. (a 95th birthday gift — wow!) I also very much enjoyed all the student commentary. It is really gratifying because I am a teacher at heart, and when I design things — it is always with “learning new stuff” in mind, and to make it very “learnable.” Mary did a super job at teaching the class (no big surprise there!! — thanks Mary!) and the students seemed to be pleased to pick up new “tricks.” I am so gratified and send my heartfelt “congradulations” to every student in class. Thank you so much for making my day!

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