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Seventh Day of Christmas: Little Kits & Other Goodies


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I love little things! And little embroidery kits are wonderful to have in one’s stash, because they make the perfect “quick fix” when you want to work on something – but not something big!

Today’s give-away includes little kits, plus some miscellaneous goodies, all contributed by The French Needle. I’ve divided the collections into two packages, so for today’s give-away, there will be two winners, each receiving one of the packages.

Hand Embroidery Kits and Accessories

One package of goodies will contain a copy of Mains & Merveilles Magazine, which contains a great collection of embroidery patterns and projects. Though the magazine is written in French, it is filled with pictures and diagrams that can be easily read by anyone. You can see some samples of this magazine here in this review I wrote quite a while ago. This particular edition included in the give-away is not the same edition as the ones I reviewed, but it is similar in set-up and content.

In addition to the magazine, you’ll find two already stitched little pin-keep pillows, one in red and one in blue, with a fleur de lis stitched on them.

Hand Embroidery Kits and Accessories

There are two small kits in the package as well. These kits are produced by Rouge du Rhin – they contain the pre-printed fabric, all the threads and silk ribbons necessary to complete the little floral wreath design, needles, and instructions. In cases where the instructions are in French, there are diagrams that clarify. These are fun little quick kits that would work up well into your own pin cushions, box tops, or what-have-you. They’re great for beginners!

Hand Embroidery Kits and Accessories

Each package also includes two wooden thread keeps. These are tools you use to keep your threads separate, by stringing them through the drilled holes along the edge of the bird. They’re pretty cute! (They remind me of The Partridge Family, for some reason. Did I just date myself?)

Hand Embroidery Kits and Accessories

The second collection of goodies may seem a bit unbalanced, with five kits (two of each style in the above package, plus one “April” heart kit), but when you consider the Mains & Merveilles magazine and all the wonderful projects and transfers available in there, I thought this was a good balance! Besides two each of the small Rouge du Rhin kits described above (you could make a whole matching set of pin cushions! Or best yet, you could stitch one or two with a friend!), the winner will receive this colorful little April heart kit.

Hand Embroidery Kits and Accessories

This is a sweet little kit, again suitable for beginners, with plenty of color, flowers, a butterfly – very springy!

The second package also includes the little pin cushion pillows and the wooden bird thread keeps.

Give-Away Instructions

Today’s seventh day of Christmas give-away winners will receive one or the other of the above collections of fun needlework goodies. Please follow these (simple) instructions to be eligible:

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on that link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

Do you collect embroidery scissors? If so, what’s your favorite pair? If you don’t, do you know people who do? Do you think you’d be inclined to collect embroidery scissors? Are you a collector of such things in general? Just what are your views on collecting scissors? (Don’t worry – I’ll tell you mine in an upcoming give-away post!)

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box. For example, if your name happens to be Lucy, you might include a last initial or a location to differentiate yourself from any other Lucy that might join in.

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Seventh Day of Christmas! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.


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  1. Embroidery scissors and other sewing items e.g. needle keeps have been on my list of “I’d love to collect” but have never got around to. I started with thimbles some years ago but haven’t got very far. I love looking at the sewing tools of yesteryear.

  2. I don’t collect scissors, but I have such a hard time keeping up with things that a collection might be a good solution 🙂

  3. Dear Mary

    First of all a very Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope the new year will bring peace and happiness to you and lots and lots of inspiration on embroidery.
    I haven’t collected scissors but I would dearly love to and I would be inclined to collect the lovely designs shown above especially the Marguerite scissors #27 and #28 aren’t they gooooorrrrrgggggeeeeeooooouuuuusssss but all of them I would dearly love, I just love the different shapes, styles, sizes and colours but out of my price range, but I could afford the medieval scissors shown on French Needle or the Rooster scissors, I also love the Mireille scissors but which one the gold, chrome plate or antique OH I love them all even though they may not be practical I would love them for their designs.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. I do collect embroidery scissors. My fav is my gingher. I keep them in a glass flower frog on my desk in my craft room. I have several different colors, and have attached matching beaded fobs to some of them.

  5. I have been known to buy new scissors at least once a year. One gal I knows has over 75 scissors (never counted mine). Favorite is an old pair of Gingher’s bought 25 plus years ago. And anyone who stitches is a collector of threads, fabric, patterns, and accessories. I do like scissors that really cut as opposed to some of the fancy handle scissors that can be disappointing for more than cutting tails.

  6. Wow!! Your giveaways’ keep getting better and better!! Would love to win either of these little kits!!

    Becky in upstate SC

  7. What darling kits! I too love little things and quick to stitch kits! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win, and have a very blessed New Year!

  8. Sorry, I was so excited I did not finish reading your instructions. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors. I have a couple of pair of folding scissors that I can take just about any place without any problems. I use these on anything fabric/threads.

    Becky in upstate SC

  9. Almost forgot to leave my comments regarding collecting scissors. Have never considered collecting embroidery scissors but sounds like a fun idea. Since I already collect needlework kits and books and other things that’s probably one less collection I need to have, lol!

  10. Hi,

    I am just a beginner. So, I am yet to collect beautiful embroidery scissors and I dont know anyone who collect embroidery scissors

  11. Yes, I love embroidery scissors and have several pairs. Not to say that I am a collector, but I do love a good pair of scissors. So handy to have stashed with this project or that. My favorite pair is by Honey Bee. they are razor sharp and I always keep them in their sheath. I also own a small Gingher scissors which were my favorites until I bought the Honey Bee. Good weight and feel, nice and sharp. I’ve bought “pretty” embroidery scissors,too, but you get what you pay for with scissors, which must mean you get a lot with Marguerite! Love, love, love the little kits!

  12. Do you collect embroidery scissors? No

    If you don’t, do you know people who do? No

    Do you think you’d be inclined to collect embroidery scissors? No

    Are you a collector of such things in general? No

    Just what are your views on collecting scissors? While I have many scissors, they are all functional and do not think of them as a collection.

  13. I wouldn’t say that I collect pairs of scissors, but they do seem to breed in the drawer :). I have some awesomely sharp and pointy ones, not very pretty but very functional. I have a lovely gold bird with a little holster and long chain that was a gift from a friend for some blackwork I did for him. I have some small floral ones, not very functional but very pretty indeed. I also recently bought some of those airplane-approved flower things with the blades, so clever!

  14. I LOVE pincushions! I’d love to win this set because the little kits would be perfect for me as a beginner, and fit right in my bag to take to chemo. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new art!

  15. I love embroidery scissors, and have just started collecting them. I dont as yet have a favourite pair though. And those scissors at French Needle are just superb.

  16. Oh, my what a lovely give-a-way. I do not speak French, however have a friend in France who could translate for me.

    Absewlutely adorable!!!

  17. happy New Year.
    in the name of embroidery anything is collectable. it would be fun to collect embroidery scissors. would love to read others view on this. ansu chennai

  18. Happy Seventh Day, Mary.

    Oh, how perfect these little kits would be for two of my granddaughters whom I’m teachng to embroider.

    I have a few pair of scissors, but I don’t think it’s a “collection.” I do know someone who does collect scissors, though – the president of my local EGA chapter.

    Collecting scissors would be fun. There are the “pretty” ones (of course), the “unique” ones (certainly), the fine-tipped scissors for cutwork, the serrated blades for metallic threads, the big-holed ones for large fingers, the curved bladed scissors, the lttle stitch snippers, the special scissors handed down to you from your mother and grandmother … Wait a minute – I think I AM a scissor collector!!!

    Thanks for assisting in my revelation!

    Have a great day, Mary. 😉

    P.S. I forgot the stubby little heavy-duty pair my father used when working with small pieces of leather.

  19. I cannot resist a beautiful little scissors and all things connected with embroidery, little pincushions, thimbles, needlecases, you name it…
    Little projects to have handy when waiting somewhere, is wonderful to have ready at a moment’s notice. When they are finished they make lovely little gifts to give to a friend. Whether made up into a little needlecase, pincushion or simply framed.

  20. I am a collector of many things but in my crafts I collect buttons, beautiful threads and fabrics.
    I love scissors but I don’t collect them because it is something I have not run into at price I can afford. I do love the embroidery scissors and the vintage sewing items
    thanks for the chance Kathy in Missouri

  21. G’day Mary, and a very, very special New Year to you and yours, with love.
    I’ve been a collector of many things needlework related incl Needle ‘n’ Thread posts!
    Unfortunately, I’ve had to sell a lot of my things and in the scissor line I only have a couple of old rustic little pairs now. My favourite was an antique stork embroidery pair. It was hard to sell those. I do love the little rustic ones though. They tell such interesting stories, if you can believe them!
    I have a reasonably ornate embroidery pair now, of Mums, that I found amongst her things recently, so that is my treasure.
    And, I have quite a few wonderful old buttons. Some I’ve collected myself and some from family, which is nice.
    The biggest thank you to The French Needle and yourself, Mary, for this astoundingly wonderful giveaway.
    Cheers, Kath.
    ps, looking forward with anticipation to hearing of your collecting.

  22. I don’t collect scissors, although I seem to have amassed quite a collection over the years. My favourites are the ubiquitous stork scissors and also lace scissors, which are very useful when you need to cut something very close to the background material and don’t want to cut that material by mistake. I’ve also got a lot of scissors fobs and cases and pin cushions – small kits made while travelling.

    I can understand why someone would start collecting scissors. There are some beautiful ones (antique and modern) on the market and they’re useful too.

  23. Dear Mary
    First of all : Happy New Year!
    Second, you are finding out a lot about us with your questions…we all seem to be collectors of one or the other thing!
    Embroidery scissors are one of my passions – I really like Dovo – have relinquished all the other ones to “travel or classes” and now am even hesistant to take them at all and usually resort to taking a chance and taking one of the Dovo scissors instead. The only other scissor I use daily is the professional scissors/clips used in Japanese embroidery and the serrated one for metal threads by Hummingbird designs.
    A while ago I started collecting antique etuis – absolutely exquisite but had to stop myself… can be quite expensive… I used to use them sometimes but lately they are beautiful ‘eye candy’….. the Dovo anniversary sets are just as luxurious and beautiful while being very useful.

  24. I don’t collect embroidery scissors but I do have one favorite pair I use all the time and that would be my “stork” scissors.

  25. I do collect embroidery scissors. You can never have too many pairs of scissors!!! My favorite pair is a pair of Dovo’s that I really love!

  26. They are two gorgeous small packages that anyone would be pleased to receive. I always like to have a small project on the go as well as a larger one.
    No, I don’t collect scissors as such but I do have several pairs to suit different needlework needs – such as hardanger scissors, small embroidery scissors etc.. I have see some beautiful scissors available but have not really been tempted to collect – wouldn’t say no to receiving scissors as gifts though!!

  27. Hi Mary, once again you have provided a delightful gift. I love little things and they are just fun to embroider. I think the wooden thread keepers are just wonderful. Would love to win these
    Doto, Wanneroo, Western Australia

  28. I do have a collection of embroidery scissors. I would have to say my favorite one is the stork scissors made by Gingher. I also collect antique sewing implements. It started when my grandmother passed away an I received all her sewing and embroidery things. I love the old items they are made so well and are still useful.

  29. Had a phone call–this early in the AM and did not get to finish my comments: French Needle is such a beautiful site and the emb scissors are to die for. I do not collect them, if fact since my move to Denver area from SD, I must replace my emb scissors I am unable to locate and can’t wait to unpack the rest of my boxes–only 40 left. HA

    Happy New Year!


  30. Hmmm, I wouldn’t consider myself a collector of scissors, but I do own about 5 pairs! I can see why people do collect them, there are so many pairs suitable for different jobs, plus the funky ones now available. I do see my collection growing!!

    Great giveaway prizes – the French mag would be interesting as I speak (fairly) fluent french but doubt I speak fluent embroidery-jargon french!

  31. Hi Mary,
    I’ve just taken up embroidery again (I did a few little kits when my children were small) so I haven’t yet had the opportunity to purchase embroidery scissors yet, let alone begin collecting them. I would like to pick up a few pairs…..one for my needle kit, one in my current work tote, another for my craft bag….gee, sounds like a collection in the making! I’m a fairly practical person, so if I were to collect embroidery scissors, they’d have to be the workhorse variety instead of the pretty kind. The only thing I collect is supplies for my art, knitting, CQing, tatting……….lol
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these little kits. They look like they’d be fun to do.
    Happy New Year!

  32. Yes, I collect scissors although my collection is modest. I probably should not state this to the world, but…my collection is rooted on PRICE and contains abot 7 pair (but give me time as I have only been collecting for a couple of years). It is also based on what I LIKE I do not buy every pair I could afford.

    I cannot afford to be a real collector who in my eyes, is a collector of old scissors that may have historical significent. So, with my modest income, I collect scissors priced between 6 and 20 dollars.

    So, guided by PRICE, I collect based on whim…WHAT STRIKES MY FANCY. If I were a millionaire my collection would contain scissors owned by historical persons and scissors made by revered makers, and old, old specimens.

  33. Embroidery Scissors Collector…no, I’d have to say that I don’t purposely collect them. But, I do have five pairs…my Gingher ones in silver and in gold colors are my most favorites. But I grab the little cheap ones with butterflies painted on the handles often as well. So, I suppose…I use what’s handy at the moment I need them.

  34. Of course I collect scissors. My favorite ones are by Sajou with faux Mother-of-Pearl handles. I love their sharpness and they are very light.

  35. I have a few different modern pairs of scissors. I had no idea that it is possible to collect them and I don’t know anyone who does. I shall now be inclined to keep an eye open for them in future. I would love to own some of these on the site – and like you, they are out of my spending range but I can look and dream. Thank you Mary, these kits and magazine look great. I have been put off from looking at magazines in languages I don’t know but will consider in the future.

  36. Good Morning Mary,
    I enjoyed learning about the scissors and I am in shock, like you, over the prices!!! I have never collected scissors (or thought of it) but if I ever did, (being a Scot) I would certainly buy the plaid ones. But once again I thank you for link to the website which I look over again and for the information on Mains and Merveilles….I would love to have a copy. I will have to take a further look into that one too.
    Thanks again,
    Dottie J.

  37. No, I don’t collect them, but I know someone, who does.
    I have got two embroidery scissors, and two of the normal blunt craft scissors for my little son. Oh, and one absolutely useless pair of cheap scissors which can be folded, that I like to use, because I got them when I was a child.

  38. My husband saw me looking a display page of scissors and asked how many scissors a woman really needed. I replied, “we need a scissors to coordinate with every project we do”. Thanks so much for this wonderful 12 day give away.

  39. Happy New year everyone.

    I have never thought of myself as a collector of scissors but I do have quite a few pairs. But then I am drawn to anything to do with stitching and have at least two of everything (in case you can’t find one. That would create a panic attack)

    My main collection is of SILK, GLORIOUS SILK……Now I need to become an expert stitcher to do justice to this lovely thread and fabric. To cut silk you need beautiful scissors.

    I must say this little competition has been thought provoking and a joyful exercise that I have looked forward to each evening

  40. I don’t collect embroidery scissors as of yet, but I’m tempted by some that I’ve seen I am a collector by nature – porcelain forget me not platew, vintage gloves, hankie holders and the list goes on. This giveaway you’ve put together is delightful!

  41. I have many pair of scissors, because they frequently “vacation” without me, and the quickest way to summon them home is to replace them. That’s why my scissors are not in the price range of those offered by the French Needle. But I too, drool over their website from time to time.

    I don’t collect much of anything — except dust bunnies and thread ball, that is — because I’d rather be stitching than cleaning !

  42. Happy New Year, Mary,
    I was given my first pair of “real” embroidery scissors for Christmas this year. My hubby bought me a pair of Gingher Lion tail 3 and one half inch scissors. They are wonderful. I have quite a few pairs of scissors but it is not what one might call a collection, more like an amalgamation. The only thing I truly collect would be Santa Clauses. I have around 70 Santas..ranging in size of one inch tall to 24 inches tall. It is a fun collection.
    Vicki W

  43. These kits are lovely! I’m going to have to bookmark her site. I do not collect embroidery scissors, but I do have several pairs…my newest is pink with white polka dots – and it is sharp and cuts well.

  44. I don’t collect the beautiful scissors though I enjoy looking, I do have a pair of stork scissors that I use alot, but I also use cheap school scissors too to cut thread.

  45. Well, Mary what a grand idea! I had never thought of collecting embroidery scissors but I just might start. My family is always asking what I would like on my birthday and Christmas. I never know what to tell them. Scissors are a great idea especially with all the sites available on the web. I could just email them sites to go to.

  46. No, I do not collect embroidery scissors but that is because my husband stops me. When I retired from work and took up embroidery I went round various haberdashery departments and I did look at the scissors, but since I already did have various different pairs my husband said that I did not need any more. That does not mean that if I were to see a really nice, different pair that i would not ‘collect’ them.

  47. I only have my one pair that I treasure and keep protected. I do love to look at others but my needlework budget is focused on collecting threads,fabrics and books. I’ve maxed out the frame portion!

    Your comments intrigued me so I had to peek at the scissors you mentioned. My oh my, they certainly are beautiful and the price? “gasp”!

    I do have a weakness for the tools of the trade.


  48. I love seeing needlework scissors, my favourite are my stork scissors. I don’t collect them, as my budget doesn’t allow me to do so, although it doesn’t stop me drooling over other people’s

  49. Mary,

    Another great giveaway. No. I don’t *collect* scissors, although these are terrific looking – love the ‘fox and grapes’. I have a few pair, to keep in different project bags, a lift n’ snip, a hardanger pair, and one for metal threads.

    No, don’t know any collectors – certainly not at these prices. ‘Marguerite’ is great eye candy but I’d be afraid to use it.

    My collection is more threads and charts than tools.

  50. No I do not collect embroidery scissors for 2 reasons not sold where I live so would have to buy online and second reason I will not be around very long so the 2 I have a plain stainless steel and one purple marble effect are enough for the time I have left for embroideries > I enjoy viewing pretty embroidery scissors online!

  51. Mary, can you be a true embroideress at heart and not collect scissors among other things needlework? (well at least that’s the justification I tell my husband!) I have a collection including one pair of antique button hole scissors from my grandmother 🙂 I have to say though that my favorite pair is my curved blade Gingher embroidery. I use them all the time. They aren’t my pretties pair but they sure don’t ever let me down.
    Happy New Year Everyone

  52. Well, at the current time, no, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but little things like that do catch my eye. I renewed a subscription to a magazine once, just because they offered a pair of stork scissors (free haha) and I’ve used those scissors for years! It was a really nice pair, I was expecting a cheap one, but I love this little scissors. I’ve looked at them, seen many of the prices, and thought, I think I’d rather spend the money I have on threads or fabrics, patterns etc. But I could certainly be enticed 🙂 Karen Gass

  53. I don’t colect scissors, but I have several pairs i keep with unfinished projects. I also keep a pair in every little sewing kit I own. This comes in handy when I “”grab and go”” with a project.
    I love these little projects you’ve put together
    I don’t collect anything, but my husband would argue with that. I will admit I like a large inventory of whatever I happen to fancy. (fabric,thread, patterns, ribbons)
    I’m going to look at that website right now!
    Thanks Mary

  54. I don’t collect embroidery scissors – I tend to lose things like that too easily, especially in airport security lines. When I moved here from Montevideo, I lost three pair of kiddie Fiskars out of my carry on bag. I’d not even realized they were there. So… no, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but my husband buys me at least one classroom set of kiddie Fiskars each year! Does that count as a collection?

  55. 2. In your comment, answer the following question:

    Do you collect embroidery scissors? If so, what’s your favorite pair? If you don’t, do you know people who do? Do you think you’d be inclined to collect embroidery scissors? Are you a collector of such things in general? Just what are your views on collecting scissors? (Don’t worry – I’ll tell you mine in an upcoming give-away post!)

    I looked in my stash to get the answer to this. I end up with collections of things without meaning to do that! I have four pairs and I bought my 13 year old daughter a pair of scissors with the pretties holder for a Christmas gift. When I look at tools of any kind, I see different purposes and uses for them, so that’s how I end up with “collections”. I have my Dad to thank for teaching me the real purpose in use of tools. So, yes, I do have a collection of embroidery scissors. My favorite — the first one given to me by my Grandmother. A very simple pair to which a piece of red yarn is attached with a needle threader at the other end. It is given with love and I remember that when I use it.

  56. I love scissors. I have a couple pair lol. This is so much fun and very informing. I am looking for storage system for my floss. I will also bookmark this site.

  57. happy new year mary!
    cute kits – i especially like the one with the april heart. it would make a nice b’day gift for my april sister…
    i only have 1 embroidery scissors, which i leave in my sewing box full of threads. i do have way too many other scissors everywhere in my house tho – you never know when you need a scissors! i even have a pair out in the barn 🙂

  58. I own 3 or 4 embroidery scissors one of which is kept exclusively for Hardanger embroidery. I am not a collector properly speaking although I have a few timbles that were given to me by friends returning from their vacations. I seem to be able to collect only pieces of fabric and balls of wool “just in case” someone needs an apron or a scarf or a pair of mittens! And as I speak French every day, I will surely enjoy the kits and magazines. Thanks again.

  59. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
    Although I don’t collect embroidery scissors, nor do I know someone who does, I have seen some very beautiful embroidery scissors that I would have loved to/should have purchased when I had the chance. But that’s still OK. At least I had the pleasure of seeing them in the first place.

  60. The best embroidery scissor I own is Gingher. I love them. I do collect other scissors. And the funny part is some of them are intended to be used for saloon purpose, which has a very thin blade.

  61. Well, I do have several pair of scissors, but I got each pair to use, not to collect.

  62. Yes, I confess, I collect embroidery scissors. Sometimes by design, and sometimes because I have mislaid all 5 or 6 or 7 pairs. I go back and look at the most beautiful embroidery scissors in the world periodically. They are to die for.

    Thank you, Mary, and The French Needle!

  63. I have not start collecting embroidery scissors and am inclined to do so. Having learned to make my own jewellery, I collect all sorts of tools, gems and minerals. Hoarding will be a better word, so I am very sure I will soon collect embroidery scissors.

  64. No, I don’t COLLECT scissors, I just own about 24 pair. Or, at least I didn’t start out to collect them, the collection (like Topsy) just grew. If I have to choose 1 pair for my favorite, it would probably be my ‘bunny’ scissors that my husband gave me, or perhaps my red, white and blue scissors with the sheep fob, or perhaps my ‘preemie’ scissors, or perhaps my black Gingher, or … Sorry, I guess looking at it, I don’t have a favorite pair.

    I think collecting scissors goes right along with collecting charts, floss, and fabric. It is part and parcel of stitching.

  65. Happy New Year Mary, and all your followers.

    I recently expanded my embroidery scissor collection, I now have an ‘ordnary’ pair with fine points, Hardanger, Goldwork, and Lift and Snip. I think that’s about right for me. It’s pincushions I have too many of – I don’t dare count. Maybe I should give a few to friends.

  66. Hi; I love scissors–my latest pair is a Floral Gingher embroidery scissor. I ahve a lot of the old Singer scissors and pinking shears from my mother. They still cut beautifully but my very favorite embroidery scissors are a pair of Stork scissors that I bought in the early eighties. They cut hardanger to this day and have never been sharpened. I hope I get a chance on one of the giveaways. Thanks Rena.

  67. Hi Mary – Me again!… just went to the link that you had posted and spent some time perusing the French Needle’s website… dangerous place and an interesting way to start the New Year with more temptations! The scissors are beautiful… I was aware that Nogent made good scissors but was not aware of these handcrafted designs!!! And then were some other beautiful things on the site… Thanks…I think ;0

  68. I actually do collect scissors, but not because they are beautiful or unique. I have a fettish, I think…when I see a coupon that I don’t need, I buy a pair of ghinghers!

    And yes, I do have an older friend who has collected scissors for years from various places.

  69. Good Morning & Happy New Year!
    I don’t “collect” embroidery scissors but do have several pair always within reach. I know ladies who are collectors and have seen some very unique items. I have my Grandmother’s and my Mother’s scissors along w/their thimbles. Thank you.

  70. My favorite pair of embroidery scissors is inherited from my mother in law. My second favorite is a pair imprinted with flowers on the handles.
    I don’t collect them. I am guilty of collecting tatting shuttles.
    Bye, Winnie

  71. I love collecting scissors, my husband can’t understand why I need more than one pair, I think it must go with the craft. Only anyone who does Embroidery understands.

  72. I have 2 pair of embroidery scissors but nothing as beautiful as the Marguerites! I have a very basic pair and the traditional stork pair. I love how sharp these little guys are! I have a (small) collection of thimbles but no matter what I get I still find it awkward to sew with them.
    Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  73. I can’t say I collect scissors but I have 5 pairs! Each are special and get some use. The favorite is my davo–they feel so good in hand…not to big and not to small. Just right! I have managed not to get into collecting as I collect certain charts but the scissors sure are calling louder! LOL
    would love these kits. Thanks so much for providing an opportunity to win such wonderful kits.

  74. I “somewhat” collect scissors but I use what I “collect”. I’ve always loved the French Needle and have drooled over the Marguerite pair for a long time. I’m not sure I could ever pay that much tho. Or use them! But what a treasure they would be to own.

  75. I do have a small collection of embroidery scissors. My very favorite is the small gold with a filagre design. They are super sharp and have a very small point. I cannot remember where I purchased them, but I do know it was a mail order!
    Will be checking back on the 9th to see if I am a lucky winner.
    Happy New Year!

  76. I guess I’m a scissors collector, although not limited to embroidery. I am very proud of my stork scissors. I like to find tools that do the odd thing when you need it — especially ones that allow me to clip threads without leaving little trails of thread debris, and ones that let me get very close to where I want to make the cut.

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  77. I have never really thought of collecting embroidery scissors. I do collect floss, buttons and books. Maybe I would if I was able to get a hold of a variety of them.

  78. I myself have not started a collection of scissors. I have a few pairs and use them as needed. I have enjoyed seeing the many varieties of designs and have thought of starting a collection. Since many are very pretty, they would probably be for display more than actual use. Maybe this can be a one of my goals for 2012, to start a collection.

  79. I do collect scissors, although I’m just starting my collection. My favorite pair is the rooster/chanticleer scissors. I love the whimsy of decorative scissors. They make me happy just looking at them.

  80. Embroidery Scissors….hmmm, I have been known to whip out my nail clippers while embroidering on my train commute…I would love to have a nice pair or two, but alas, expendable income must be prioritized elsewhere. Perhaps in my old age, when the children are gone and I can book tickets on the Orient Express…I will ride through the winter landscape draped in furs, sip a vibrant espresso and embroidery (with silk thread)and nip the ends with a pair of silver – no gold – embroidery scissors. People will comment, “my, what lovely embroidery” and I will reply – “and look at my darling little scissors”. Okay – its a dream of mine… scissors: would be a really big luxury for me. Happy New Year!
    Mary Ann
    Beacon, NY

  81. No, I wouldn’t call myself a collector of embroidery scissors. I get some if I need them, so I have a couple of general pairs (I would have only one, but I got one as a free gift, I think), plus petit point scissors for hardanger cutting and goldwork ones for wires and metallic threads. Other than that, no, I don’t have much of a collection.

    To be honest, I’m a very practical person and I won’t collect for the sake of it – only if I think I need and/or will use an item. So, whilst I have a lot of threads (and eyeshadows, for example!!!), I bought them to use, not just to collect. I doubt I’ll change and I think my poor hubby will be glad of that….=)

  82. Omg they have such gorgeous scissors but I sure don’t see myself owning a pair in the next decade 🙁 I didn’t realize there were such collectible items like needles, cases, thimbles, scissors. Here in Florida it seems that there aren’t a lot of hand embroidery things local. I’m new to the whole idea but most of what I see here is cross stitch which I’m not such a fan of. Embroidery is so much prettier! Happy New Year!

  83. I don’t collect scissors per say, but anything sewing that is vintage. Notions, patterns, books are in my collection. My favorite pair of scissors are Italian. I’m not sure of the brand, but they are short, little things, perfect for snipping embroidery threads.

  84. I’ve never collected scissors though I enjoy looking at some–the swan-shaped ones in particular. I tend not to be a collector, though I am also a calligrapher and I do collect interesting papers.

  85. I’m not a collector of embroidery scissors. I have two pair that I use. One is ONLY for “fine” fibres, and the other is for metallics and other things that I don’t want to use my good scissors for. The reason I don’t collect scissors is not because I don’t like them, but because I always end up spending my money on threads, fabrics and patterns instead. 🙂

  86. Yes I do collect scissors – not a large collection but a nice collection. My favorite pair are an antique pair of embroidery scissors that my husband surprised me with a couple Christmases ago and I love them. I think it’s fun to collect what you love!!

  87. Seems like I can never pass up a pair of scissors. My newest favorite is an Omnigrid, with a long thin point. But, who knows what my favorite scissors will be next week? I love scissors

  88. My gosh Mary, you are making it seem like Christmas every day, how wonderfulyou are!
    Pam in Cape Town

  89. I don’t have the room to collect anything else but fabric.

    I have a pair of scissors that I use strictly for embroidery threads.

  90. I’d love to win! I do not collect scissors but a stitching friend does. I’m not inclined to collect scissors but I do collect needle minders.

  91. Collect scissors? Golly gee whiz..wish I did, wish I could! The realities are my one pair of embroidery scissors that are NEVER to be touched by any other human/vegetable/mineral. I do collect buttons…not collect really..old family button boxes I rescue and use the buttons on embroidered Christmas ornaments…Familial Recycling!

  92. I don’t collect embroidery scissors. would I ever? Would I like to? I like to look at all of the different ones available, but I guess I just never thought of starting a collection. Some of them are expensive, so I’ll have to ponder on that thought for a while. Happy New Year and thank you for all you do.

  93. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for reminding us about The French Needle, their kits are delightful!

    I don’t collect scissors and I don’t know anyone who does. I’m just starting to collect the basics: threads, fabric, hoops, books, needles, etc.

  94. No, I do not collect embroidery scissors. I love the beauty of the scissors but am far too practical to spend money on the collectible scissors when I think of how much other fabric and thread I could buy.

  95. I don’t collect embroidery scissors but I have small collections of other stuff, such as postcards and glass paperweights.

  96. These are adorable – I love the style of some of the kits! I only have one pair of embroidery scissors. I’d love a pair of those bird-shaped ones sometime. I don’t think I’d start a collection, though – I already collect too many other things! 🙂 I do think they’d be a neat thing to collect if I had the space and inclination, though.
    Thanks for doing this!

  97. Yes, I collect scissors ($8-$15.00 a pair, due to my budget). My favorite pair is the Gingher 3 ½ inch Stork pair, with a leather sheath. My view on collecting scissors is, “you can never have enough”. I make ‘to go needlework bags’ with matching colored scissors ($5-$8) for my friends and children who want to learn beginner embroidery with me.

  98. Hello Mary,
    I certainly do not collect scissors – good ones are too expensive, and cheapy rubbishy ones ar no use. So saying, I have four pairs around me: one large pair for cutting fabric, one with zig-zag blades (don’t know the name for them in english), a small pair of embroidery, and one for cutting paper.
    Don’t know anyone who collects them either, but then I don’t have any friends interested in needlework. Love small kits, because at least I am reasonably sure they will be finished before I lose enthusiasm

  99. I have never thought of collecting embroidery scissors, but after seeing all of these, I may have to start! And the kits in the boutique (and the giveaway) are so precious! What a great way to start the New Year.
    Diana B. in La.

  100. I am not a collector – consciously at least. It is strange that I end up with so much stuff. I have many small scissors that I use for embroidery that have found their way into my possession. The ones I use most frequently is a set of three pairs that my husband purchased at a fishing show. They were made in Italy and the case reads Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers.

  101. Happy New Year! to all
    I do not collect, but have a few pair of scissors, one for my “carry and go bag”, (always ready when going in the car), one in my travel embroidery bag (when I house set at my son & dauther in-law or go to the cabin).Then I need a few at home, for a seem to misplace things.
    Thanks Mary, and to French Needle!

  102. As much as I would like to be a collector of embroidery scissors….no I am not. A little out of my price range. I don’t know of anyone who collects them either. In fact I’m the only one of my family or friends that do embroidery work (self taught). My mom use to embroidery, but she’s lost interest at her age.
    I love collecting buttons, old thimbles,some scissors, threads,all kinds of gadgets related to embroidery and all kinds of books on any type of sewing and embroidery work.
    This giveaway is so cute as well as functional. I’d love to win it!
    Happy New Year Mary!

  103. No, I don’t collect scissors, but probably because I have neither the time,the money, nor the space to add another collection. I think that any collection that interests one is fun. These little kits are just the thing, as you said, for a quick project to finish and not add to the growing pile of ufo’s!

  104. I don’t have a collection of scissors, but I could sure start one! I keep seeing so many beautiful ones! For years I used cheap ones, bought in my early stages of needlework. But a few years ago I bought my first pair of Ginghers, and Have never gone back! They are the most beautiful, functional, well loved scissors! No one else is allowed to use them! For Christmas last year I got another pair of Ginghers, Sofia, which I also love! And recently at an open house at my LNS, us attendees got to take home a lovely little package with chart, fabric and scissors, so I think I have the start of collection happening! Thanks again for offering such a wonderful prize in your 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!

  105. I don’t collect scissors at this time as I already collect too many things as it is and don’t want to end up in the “doghouse” by hubby. lol

  106. I have recently started collecting scissors. The are so delicate and dainty. I love each one I have. It is hard to pick a favorite for me but right now the one I enjoy the most using is my gingher swan styled ones.

  107. I don’t collect scissors, but I do admire ones that I see at different websites. If I had an unlimited budget for embroidery I would definitely collect them!
    Ren. Mondragon Taos New Mexico

  108. I wouldn’t call myself a collector but if I run across a great find at a flea market or yard sale I will pick them up. I recently purchased a grab bag of sewing notions and to my surprise were a pair of embroidery sissors and a pair of pinking shears from the 1940’s. I like the idea of collecting usable items.

  109. Collecting scissors hmmmm well lets see. I have so many. From cheap safety scissors to expensive
    sewing scissors. The best ones I have found are ones that were given to me from a medical staff
    member. Love them, they are pointy, small and very sharp. Great for embroidery because they are not to long and not to short! I do not look to buy scissors necessarily just happenstance lands me with a bunch!!
    Avis in Va.

  110. Hi Marymentor:
    No, I haven’t started collecting scissors yet, primarily because I’ve been channeling my meager money into things I need more, depending on the pair of scissors I have to serve me. I must admit, however, that they’re not nearly as delicate and Lilliputian as I wish they were. Kinda bulky. Thanks for this lovely interplay for 12 days. You’re a sweetheart. I’d love to meet you someday, God willing.
    Judy in Pittsburgh.

  111. I don’t really collect them but I have two pairs bought in Toledo – a stork design and a small sharp pair. Neither is my favourite as they are for different purposes.

    I don’t actually know any other embroiderers so I don’t know people who do collect them.

    I would like to get scissors of different sizes and purposes. That would give me an excuse to collect some. The French Needle scissors are gorgeous – I would collect those as beautiful objects and find a reason – if I had the money.

    I tend to take a practical approach of finding something I need and then trying to get the best and most attractive I can find and afford. However if I see something really beautiful that I can afford, I can usually come up with a justification.

  112. Hi Mary, Happy New Year! I am a rather accidental collector; I seem to keep buying more pairs of scissors (they’re cute, they’re little, they’re useful) without really admitting I am A Collector. I use them all and I like having cases and fobs for them too! My favourite are a Sajou Eiffel Tower pair. Whenever I use them I am transported, thinking of the workmanship it took to make the blades come together so effortlessly.

  113. Mary,
    What interesting give aways you are having…these especially. I love anything French & it would be a great test of my worn out French to try to read the instructions! I don’t collect embroidery scissors, just have a few of them. I did buy one just because of your review at one time & really like them a lot. Sheila K in CA

  114. My favorite pair of scissors, at the moment because it changes now and then, are the little scissors with a sort of lacy print on the handle – very pretty. I have 17 pairs of embroidery scissors so I do indeed collect them. I also collect other sewing items – especially vintage needlebooks, thimbles, pin cushions, pinkeeps, spools and other notions.
    Today’s giveaway sounds wonderful – as they all have been. Happy New Year to all!!

  115. I guess I do collect scissors, although not just embroidery ones. I have some old, full sized ones that don’t cut anymore that I got in an estate sale box. They are hanging on pegs at the top of the pegboard by my sewing machine. Some are unusually shaped, and I like seeing them every day.

    I like to have little embroidery scissors to keep with various projects so I can grab one and go. Several of my little scissors are from quilt shops. There is always a display of cute little scissors by the register and I can’t resist grabbing a pair.

  116. No, I don’t collect scissors of any kind, although there does seem to be a lot of pairs throughout the house! I love an enameled embroidery scissors I bought many years ago. As you said, small is cute!

  117. I have a small collection of embroidery scissors because through the years people have passed on other family members ones to me. I collect a lot of different things…so why not scissors? They’re all sewing related and I love to collect all the old sewing things. Thanks for a try at this kit, it looks so nice.

  118. No I don’t collect scissors but if I see a pair that I like and know that I will use them then I will buy them if they are reasonably priced but not at 580 dollars..The Margurite scissors are beautiful but pricey…My favourite scissors are my gingher made in Italy that is the most expensive scissors I own and they don’t come out of the box to often..I use them for Hardanger which I don’t do much…These kits look beautiful and they would make great little quick gifts to make some one special…Thaks for the opportunity to win one of these neat kits…Happy New Year Everyone

  119. No, I do not collect embroidery scissors, but I have one very fine pair. It was given to me as a gift. I love it and use it a lot, but when it comes to buying needlework things, I usually go for threads or fabric. And the FrenchNeedle is an awesome website, thanks again,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  120. I collect so much things related to embroidery…. and of course scissors. My favorites are two witches scissors,because I collect witches too……..

  121. Happy New Year! I don’t collect embroidery scissors yet, I don’t know anyone who does. I’m not much of a collector of anything. I have seen a number of collecting worthy embroidery scissors though, they can be so cute!

  122. Although my collection is small, it is dear to me. My favorite is the pair that my mother used until her death.

  123. Hmm , when does a collector become a hoarder ?I often have the air of ‘Gollum’ about me when I find and fondle ‘my pretties’ I love old antique needlework tools and love reading about them and looking at them. I think it’s the link to like minded women that attracts me . I love to try to dream what they would be thinking while they stitched. I also love scissors and can’t resist a new pair although my favourites are a blue and white Italian pair to which I’ve attached a needlethreader whith a red silk cord.

  124. I don’t collect scissors but I certainly would love to. The budget just doesn’t allow but I do love to check out pictures of them.

  125. I don’t collect scissors on purpose, but I seem to have aquired quite a few one way or another: tiny cutwork scissors, several to pop into my bags with projects underway, goldwork scissors, and several inexpensive pairs that I won’t cry over losing to take with me to seminars, etc.

  126. Scissors. No, I don’t collect them because I would want the very, very expensive ones, such as the hand made ones by the man in France. Oooooooooo, they’re lovely, especially the ones that come with their own wood case. I need to have a serious talk with Santa, they’d be perfect to find in my stocking.

  127. Oh yes, I do collect embroidery scissors! My favorite pair aren’t the fanciest, but work so beautifully – Dovo hardanger scissors. I don’t collect many things, unless you consider “stash” items a collection! 😀 I do have a bit of fabric, threads, yarn, and suchlike. And I’m always lured into trying just about any needlework “toy” that I come across.

  128. I do not collect scissors. I own a pair of the everyday stork scissors. I also have a tiny 2″ pair I purchased from Nordic Needle that I love to use when I travel. I don’t think I would be inclined to collect many pairs of scissors because there are so many other things I do collect.

    The give-a-way collections for day seven are wonderful. Oh-la-la!!!

  129. Yes, Mary, I do collect embroidery scissors. Not because I have to have the latest style or because it’s a hobbby, but because my scissors are NOT respected by others and have been used and abused and ruined for fine work. Therefore, I have about 10 pairs of scissors ranging from semi-sharp to laughably dull which I hang on to because, like children, even if they are laughably dull we love them! So, there they are, ready to use by the household for anything from poking holes in jar tops to cutting cardboard (and this while the person is complaining that they should be bigger and easier to use)! One of these days I envision having pristine, razor-sharp, scissors waiting for ME and ME alone, untouched, unsullied, points intact…sigh

  130. I collect scissors in general, not just embroidery scissors. But my favorite is a pair of Gingher Stork 3 1/2 in embroidery scissors. I just love the way they feel! Thanks for the lovely giveaways, I hope I can win one! 🙂

  131. J’aime les ciseaux à broder mais je préfère ne pas commencer un collection car collectionner peux parfois amener à de tels débordement j’ai 2 paires de ciseaux une de ma grand mère et une cadeau d’une amie et avec ces 2 là je suis satifaite .

  132. I don’t, actually, or know anyone who does. But I think I could be inclined to do so, if I ever found any that were within my budget and awoke the “oo, pretty!” in me. For instance, the ones you linked definitely awoke the “oo, pretty!” but $580 is way out of my budget. I do admire the crafting that goes into them, though.

  133. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but perhaps I could! My husband gave me a lovely pair with red floral handles that I use. I also have a pair that belonged to my grandmother. They aren’t old, but they were hers!

  134. Im not a collector. With 6kids in the house, we have plenty of stuff without me adding to it. When I need scissors, I’m happy to find any pair!!

  135. Do I collect embroidery scissors? No, I have a favorite pair that my sister bought me when she was in Sweden, a pair of stork scissors. But my all time favorite embroidery scissors is a pair of Squizzers, they have a little hook on one side and is perfect for cut work. Hubby isn’t even allowed to gaze in their direction.

  136. No Actually I don’t collect scissors although I have many pairs. I just like to try new things:) I do collect thimbles and have many of them probably the same amount of thimbles as I have of scissors. Well I guess I do collect scissors especially vintage ones but my favorite ones are the ones that look like surgical scissors (I can’t remember the brand) they are so great at snipping silk.

  137. I do have many pairs of scissors just for needlework. I am not really a collector but have the appropriate scissors for a project. I also like thimbles and unique pincoushions. My favorite embroidery scissors would be a small Gingher and a Vanadium Stainless from Japan. The Vanadium is so razor sharp I use it for Hardanger or any tight spaces to cut away fabric. The small projects are wonderful to take along and so quickly enjoyed. It would be good to put a few herbs inside the work to give a pleasant smell to our sewing baskets.

  138. Oh I would just love to have one of those sweet little kits. I didn’t realize it but I must be a collector of embroidery scissors. I only have 7 that are in active use and one that I’m saving for something or other. Seems silly when I write about the scissors that I have, save and each for a special use and no one else is allowed to use them.

    Have a Happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.

  139. Do I collect embroidery scissors? Oh Yes, I do collect them, I have 11 pair at this time and I still look to see if I can find another pair I might want to have. Which ones are my favorite, that is a hard question to answer because it really will depend on what kind of embroidery I am doing. I have scissors for metal threads, scissors for cutwork, I have little ones that are only 2 & 3/4th’s inches tall, I have rounded point airplane scissors, and more. I like Dovo’s and I have several pair of those. I really love a pair which, I have had the longest; they are 3 1/2 inches and say Felix on them. I can’t find much information on who or where they were made, but I do love them, especially when doing crewel embroidery. I love the things that are being given away today, hope I get lucky.
    Sharon K.

  140. I haven’t gone out of my way to collect scissors but I do have quite a few pairs to use for specific purposes and it’s all the better if they can be pretty or interesting as well. And woe betide anyone who uses my fabric or embroidery scissors for anything but their designated purposes! I’m the only stitcher that I know personally so I can’t say that I know anyone that collects them. Good tools are a joy to work with but I probably wouldn’t collect them just for the sake of collecting.

  141. Happy New Year from a South African, out of Qatar!!!No I am not a collector of embroidery scissors, not yet. As I am a collector by nature I know that it is just a matter of time before I start collecting them.

  142. Although I don’t collect scissors, I have a couple of them: as I have to travel a lot, sooner or later I find myself somewhere with my embroidery project and without my scissors; this means that I have to buy another pair, if I want to keep stitching!

  143. I do not collect embroidery scissors but I have read blogs with people who have some neat vintage ones. I think if I spotted one in a thrift store I would most likely pick it up though. I think people should collect whatever makes them happy. I have collected things over the years, gotta rid of the collections and then moved on to other things…its an enjoyable pastime!

  144. I do not collect scissors, primarily for budget reasons. I do love them though and have a number of them. My favorite pair is still an older one that I have had since I was a child. They are storks of Italian manufacture, still sharp after all these years. Second are a Victorian pair that belonged to my mother in sterling. They have a wonky screw at this point and do not work properly but they are lovely to see! I would love to have a set of scissors; special ones for metallic threads, Hardanger, cutwork, etc. If I could, I would collect antiques scissors.

  145. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I’d Love to – for a LONG time I limped along with one really simple pair until a stitch friend gave me a second pair (which I love). I’m always seeing lovely little scissors around and often think about just buying them to buy them!

  146. I must admit I have never thought of collecting embroidery scissors until now but it does seem to be a really good idea. Something that could be looked for in, say, boot fairs, charity shops etc. I don’t think that scissors collecting is very prevalent in England, where I live, at least I’ve never heard of it before, so come spring off I’ll go all over Kent looking for bargains in embroidery scissors.

  147. How funny this question should be asked today after I went out and bought 3 new pairs of embroidery scissors yesterday. Went to get a new pair because I was doing some reverse trapunto and needed a new sharp pair to cut away the batting and couldn’t resist getting every pair I saw! So I think I will be on the lookout in the future for some vintage ones as well.

  148. Hello mary, i’m mary varma here, yes i collect sissors. I dont have a particular favourite because i would never collect if i dont like, so everyone of it is my favourite. My grandmother is also a collector of sissors, unfortunatly she lost a lot of here collection including patterns in a riot in srilanka. I collect everything that i can afford from ornaments, beautiful drawings, patterns, decorations and so much more. Thanks for this great giveaway that i would die to win. Its just lovely, wonderful, i dont know how to express my joy for this giveaway, its great, thanks, and i know to read, write and talk in french so i’d love to win those lovely magazines and merry 7th day of christmas.

  149. I wouldn’t say I have a collection, but I do have four pairs. Two are very nice precision French pairs – beautifully ornate. They were a gift from The Resident Male. The others are more humble – a folding pair I’ve toted around for 35 years, and a Fiskairs orange handled pair – a gift from a friend. The folding pair is unusual in that it has small slivers of sharpening surface mounted inside the folding mechanism, and snicks itself sharp every time it is opened or closed. I’ve never seen another folding pair like it.

    I’d be hard pressed to pick my favorite, although I tend to use the ornate French ones the most. As to making a formal collection – I’m not that into accumulating things for the sake of having them. They have to serve a purpose. But I understand the joy that others find in such things.

  150. I don’t collect embroidery scissors. I do, however, own several pairs but they are all for different purposes. Some slightly larger than the others for cutting between the threads of fine count linen, little ones with a hook at the tip of one blade which I use for cutting Hardanger threads, small ones and folding ones for travel, etc. But no, I do not consider myself a collector per se. I do read French though, and I would love to have that magazine!

  151. Happy New Year!
    I don’t collect embroidery scissors, though I have 2 pairs, one for embroidery and one for papercutting. Actually I think there must be about 10 scissors around here, but they aren’t collected, just used for different purposes. I’ve collected things in the past, but not right now, although I am getting quite a large stash of threads and yarns because “I may need it someday.” But I don’t think that counts as a collection. The magazine looks fascinating!
    Vivian M.

  152. I don’t collect scissors, but My friend does. She has a small collection of embroidery scissors. I admire hers every time we work together. I have other collections at the moment. Chickens mostly.
    And embroidery projects, crochet projects.
    Happy New Year!

  153. Lovely prizes today. I love the little kits!
    I really don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I am the lucky owner of an antique sewing kit that belonged to my Grandmother. It is from the 1800’s and it contains scissors with beautiful gold metalwork. Also, there is a what I think is a seam ripper, and another that has a little hook on it. Then a beautiful needle case. All of it is in a wonderful leather case, lined with satin. The case is marked “made in France”. I am a lucky girl and treasure something so beautiful that my Grandmother used.

  154. Mary,
    I love all things related to stitchery. If I had the means and the space to collect scissors, I would. Thanks for this opportunity.

  155. I don’t collect scissors, but I love to go to websites and peruse the pictures. I had no idea how truly beautiful they could be until I looked for a pair. The ones I use came from wal-mart but maybe someday…

  156. I do collect embroidery scissors, my favorite pair are Ginger lions tale. I do collect things, angels. All sizes and mediums. But those scissors??? Holy moly how beautiful. I found a pair that I want to collect now.

  157. I have a few pairs of scissors – a nice Gingher set and one I recently got from Country Bumpkin, but I also have my husbands great-grandmother’s stork scissors that I use. I think they may be Gingher, and they are a little “loose”, but I love using them for the history. I also have my mother’s beeswax disk for waxing threads. I like to collect old, well-loved things – and, of course, fibers. I am fortunate to have all the Appleton wools and all the DMC floss. I am afraid I could fill my sewing room up with threads just to be able to look at them all!

  158. I wouldn’t call myself a collector of embroidery scissors. I do have several inexpensive pairs that are stuck into various project bags so thay are always handy. My favorite ginghers are kept in a sewing box next to my recliner were I usually stitch. My special pair of scissors is my mother’s blunt nosed, bent bandage scissors from her nurses training in the 1940’s and they are engraved with her name. I used them to cut around tight areas such as applique pieces or doll clothes.

  159. I don’t collect embroidery scissors. I do have several pairs picked up over the years, but it’s not really a conscious organized collection.

  160. I am a collector, but not (yet) of embroidery scissors. I do have quite a mix of scissors in general, for all different uses. My embroidery pair (the stork kind) actually are missing right now, and I’ve been putting off buying new ones, thinking I’ll find them. Boo hoo! I should have more than one pair, since I’m so disorganized! Anyway, thanks for hosting this swap. These are fun!

  161. It’s a good thing I don’t collect embroidery scissors because the Marguerite ones offered by French Needle would be a sore temptation! I do have good scissors because I believe in having the right tools for the job, but while I’d be sorry to lose my Gingher shears, I wouldn’t go into the deep decline that would be caused by loss of the Marguerite beauties! I do collect affordable vintage sewing items, but I try to limit the amount I spend on items meant for viewing pleasure only (it’s so easy to go overboard!).

  162. I do not collect them yet but I tend to always be collecting something so I am sure I will one of these day. Happy New Year

  163. Do I collect embroidery scissors? I guess I do now that I think about it. I have a little stork-shaped scissor with a hummingbird fob that I reach for most often. I have two or three others in various sewing kits around the house. I also have my grandmother’s embroidery scissors. They need sharpening, but I made a beaded fob for it and attached a piece of silk ribbon with grandmother’s name written on it. I mostly just pull this one out to look at it.

    Cheryl in San Diego

  164. I have to say I collect embroidery scissors and other things, but I only buy what I truely love as I have to budget. Beautiful threads, thimbles, vintage sewing objects, and yes, embroidery scissors. I have a favorite pair that I found at an antique mall and don’t use very often but like to admire. They have delicately engraved bows and came with a fob that looks like a tiny doll. Not an expensive pair but well loved by someone in the past and now by me!

  165. Well Mary I am not a collector per se but if I were to ever find all of the embroidery scissors that I have lost in my houses over the years yes I could be counted as a collector.



  166. I have a lot of embroidery scissors but I really can’t say that I collect them. If I see one I like I buy it. I do know people that are true collectors and when I hear about their collections, I get the bug to buy scissors.

  167. I do not collect scissors. I do however collect antique pincushions and have a huge collection of them. Well over 50 of them! I absolutely love them – all the different styles, textures, sizes and colors.

  168. I don’t “collect” scissors, but I have several pairs of embroidery scissors none-the-less and I see the utility of having more–especially pretty ones. There must be utility in pretty. My favorite ones have a bunny on them–alot like the stork scissors. I just love rabbits!

  169. My favorite scissors are a little pair that were given to me by the lady who taught me to quilt. They are old stork scissors; not expensive ones, but the first time I ever set eyes on stork scissors! I don’t collect scissors but I treasure this one pair. Thimbles are my favorite collector items. I only have a few but what I have, I treasure!
    Thank you Mary, for the 12 days of Christmas. Makes the doldrums of ‘after Christmas’ exciting!

  170. I do not collect embroidery scissors but not because I don’t want too. I have to choose where to spend the few stitching funds I have….

  171. What adorable little kits! Love the thread keepers and pin cushions! I love accessories! I like to look at scissors and there are some I would really like to own. I thought about collecting but only have about 6 pairs right now. I have a pair of stork scissors I use all the time. They are gold colored and didn’t cost much but I just love to use them.

  172. I don’t actually collect emboidery scissors, but after counting all of mine a few weeks ago, I discovered I have about 12 pairs. One pair for each project on the go and several extras – and they are all different. I don’t think that really counts as collecting though, does it?

  173. Hello, Mary –

    Those little projects look like such fun! And, sometimes I just need a little thing for a gift or to make someone feel better. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    The scissors I have – I inherited from my mother. Tiny, razor sharp and fantastic for getting down to the tiniest threads.

    For some reason, I am reluctant to say; I have never purchased a pair! My mothers’ that she left me are nice and I have less than half a dozen…but, I do have favorits, depending on the project. Most sewing shops carry scissors – but, they are not displayed…so, what an eyeopener to see these beauties!…and French Needle is only 45 minutes from my home! Plan to drive down and see what they have in stock.

    Thank you again, Charlotte

  174. I have had a fascination with scissors since I was a little child and saw my first pair of stork scissors. They were magical! There are a number of scissors in our home , each serving a particular purpose and NEVER to be used for another. My favourite is still my small inexpensive stork scissors and my small embroidery scissors with the up turned ends for those very close snips.

  175. While I wouldn’t claim to collect embroidery scissors, I find that I actually have three pair, never mind that I can only use one pair at a time! Honestly, once I discovered the Kai brand scissors, all others seem irrelevant. That said, I do find myself grabbing my little pair of Ginghers if only because they have a fob on them. My view on scissors is that they’re like any other tool. Buy the best you can – quality over quantity.

  176. I actually just purchased two pairs of embroidery scissors! Maybe my collection is just beginning???

  177. I am always on the look out for a good pair of scissors, I have a quite a few now but hadn’t thought of myself as a collector, but with all the pairs I have, I suppose I must be. I wish you all A Happy New Year.

  178. Good Morning Mary and Happy New Year,

    Hope you and your loved ones had a Blest New Year. I love collecting Scissors and have a few pairs. I think the smaller they are the cuter they get. Thank you for another opportunity to enter in a give-away

    Jennifer G.

  179. Oh Mary, I have been so busy with family etc. I haven’t had a chance to visit and see all of the wonderful goodies you are giving away. I need to catch up! The question is do I collect embroidery scissors? Silly girl, of course I do! Can you have too many? I have pairs that range in price from a couple of dollars to close to $100, and everywhere in between. I do tend to gravitate towards a couple of pairs out of the dozen more often than not. My teeny tiny Dovo lace trimmers are my favorites for small work. The one pointed blade is great for picking and snipping and the tiny duckbill blade is great for unstitching without as much risk of snipping a thread I don’t want to snip. Thanks so much for your generosity.

    Martha B
    The Southern Matriarch

  180. Happy New Year Mary! I missed out on yesterday’s contest preparing for the holiday. So on with a new day and year!
    Yes I love scissors! Although some of them are way out of my price range there are nothing like a pair of sharp, pointed embroidery scissors to snip out those threads! I have 3 pair that I adore. I also collect stilettos and would love to find an antique laying tool! So here’s my request for the contest today! Sure I would greatly appreciate the Goody Kit and thank you to The French Needle for their contribution!
    Again, Happy New Year to All! Elizabeth Oliver

  181. I am starting to collect embroidery scissors but didn’t mean to. They just won’t stop making such cute ones. Everytime I go into a quilt shop, here they are right by the register. I can’t resist. Oh yeah, my hubby thinks I collect embroidery floss. You can never have enough floss, right?! Hee hee

  182. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I was just given my 2nd pair as a gift from a friend. They’re very pretty. People collect all sorts of things. Sadly, I already have too many collections and sewing tools, so I don’t see myself having too many more. 🙂

  183. I don’t collect scissors right now, but I could see myself doing so in the future. One woman I know collects them, including both current and antique scissors. Happy New Year! Theresa/OctoberLace

  184. Hi Mary, I do have a few pairs of scissors that have each their own uses. Also a few to go with embroidered sets. I don’t seek out new ones but I guess what I have would be considered a collection. Thank you.

  185. A dear friend of mine introduced me to a 4″ pair of german gingher scissors which I adore. I do a lot of wool applique and these scissors are very sharp and great in cutting wool. I have about 4 pairs and keep them with my various projects. I have not thought about collecting scissors. Now if they were given as gifts, they would be very special to me.

    Suzanne from The Woodlands

  186. Ooh, these collections are lovely! I’d love to own either but the French magazine does look especially yummy.
    I have started a small collection of scissors which I keep in a beautiful antique “flower frog” (do you remember those?). None of mine are as expensive as the gorgeous French ones (drool) but lovely just the same. I guess my favorite pair would be the antique looking ones I received from a friend in Japan just before the tsunami hit there. Wish I knew what they were called but I’ve never seen them anywhere else. I believe every one should collect what ever calls to them.Unfortunately, being both a stitcher & a quilter I feel somewhat guilty spending money on scissors that could buy me fabrics and flosses.
    Thank you for these wonderful “12 Days of Christmas” opportunities.

  187. Mary–you are killing us–your readers–with kindness! Each day there has been a wonderful giveaway that causes the heart of a serious stitcher to skip a beat. While I own lots of scissors, I wouldn’t call myself a collector. Each pair, however, is specific to a particular sewing box: “just metal” scissors for goldwork, Gingher blue blades for x-stitch etc. My favorites are KAI & the Sajou Eiffel tower. The KAI don’t look like much but they are super sharp, super pointy & sold at RSN. Excellent for silk threads & hardanger. The Sajou Eiffel tower pair? They stay in a gamelle (an enamel miner’s lunch box) with other French-style sewing items. They are quite sharp & suitable for needlepoint. BTW–the bird thread keeps are delightful. I bought several for stocking stuffers & the recipients were thrilled. They may not be quite smooth enough for silk threads, but cotton should be OK. The gals who win today will get some great stuff from Lisa at French Needle & you!

  188. I had no idea anyone made such beautiful embroidery scissors! I have two pair-my grandmother’s and my mother’s-both stork scissors from different generations, which I still use and which are still sharp. I also have a pair I purchased when starting embroidery-so that makes them over 50 years old. Love this contest and reading the comments!

  189. Happy New Year Mary,

    Well, I don’t collect embroidery scissors … although I do have a lot of them … there’s the ones I strung on colorful ribbons good for loaning out to other people during classes, the ones I let my grandson use, the sharp yellow bee striped ones with a case for the tips just because my sister loves anything “bees”, the good Gingher ones, and MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pair:

    A little leather sheathed pair of Gingher scissors with tiny little micro-serrated edges so small you can hardly see, but can feel if you run your fingernail along the edge. A wise lady in a needlework shop asked what kind of embroidery I do, and my reply was silk threads and silk ribbon. Her response was to pull those scissors out of the case with the comment “These are the best scissors for you”. At the time, at $38.00, I gasped too; my husband was in an indulgent mood that day and bought them for me LOL … and she was right. Those little serrations don’t snag anything, but no more threads slipping out of the blades of the scissors. I keep a CLOSE watch on that pair as it is truly my favorite, but I admit to drooling in wonder at those fine French scissors along with you 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and everyone in this great community!

    Cathy in PA

  190. I am not a collector of scissors; wish I were. But I do love to look at them and when possible, pick them up and hold them. There is something compelling about some of the scissors I’ve seen over the years. And actually, just now thinking about it, I guess I do have a rather smallish collection. Not planned, but definitely enjoyed.

  191. Define “collect” ;-)…I certainly own enough pairs of scissors, but this is less a function of my choosing to purchase many lovely pairs for their own inherent loveliness, and more because they get lost, wander off on their own, and, more often than not, used for heaven knows what by everyone else around me! I do own, and treasure, a pair of beautiful gilt handled floral embroidery scissors owned by my grandmother – they reside in my jewelry box at the moment until I can complete my plans to display them properly.
    I am only beginning in embroidery (learning entirely through watching your videos!), so perhaps as I progress, I will end up collecting scissors for more reasons than replacing pairs that were used for paper, wire, *kitchen shears*…

  192. Mary, I’ve never considered myself a collector until I was looking for something and ran across quite a few pairs. I’ve got one I received free with a purchase over 40 yrs ago and still use. I found a sterling silver pair, one with fancy handles. Love them all.
    Terri b

  193. Thank you Mary & French Needle for the chance to win such great prizes!
    As for the scissors, I do collect them, but not obsessively. My favorite pair is patinad in peacock colors & has a beaded scissor fob in peacock colors with a peacock charm (it’s the fob that makes them my favorite!). I collect other stitchery related items as well, but again not obsessively. Collecting vs. stashing comes down to stash every time!

  194. Oh yes I do collect embroidery scissors! I love using beautiful tools & I have a lovely collection of scissors started. My favorite pair is still my old stork scissors. They’re 26 years old & still as sharp as they were when I got them. My 2nd fave are the antique looking black Ginghers. Can’t have too many scissors!

  195. I do collect embroidery scissors. My favorite is a pair with a bent nose. They are small, but pick up easily unlike other ones I have to grapple around to get off the table. They are very sharp. I got them a few years ago and do not remember the brand name.

  196. Mary,

    I’m eagerly waiting for my Home Sweet Home book (Thank You for telling about where to locate a copy!).

    Your little sewing kits look like wonderful “rainy day” projects, or take-alongs for found moments.

    I have a collection of sewing scissors. I’ve purchased many over the years from antique auctions. I believe a few are sterling, all are charming, and they each have a personality …. not all are usable. some are so dull they couldn’t cut butter. my favorites I purchased as applique scissors from Karen Kay Buckley. they are lightly serrated so as to “catch” what I am cutting (it doesn’t “run away” from the snip). and the super fine points are great for taking out the stitches that I don’t want to keep.

    Happy New Year. I hope 2012 is filled with good health and much happy stitching for You.

  197. Yes!! I am catch this addiction too!! 😀 … they always are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I need always have one!! …
    My special is Faux tortoiseshell Scissors and Faux Mother of Pearl Scissors they are fantastic!!! …
    I love collection threads too … love can see all color lika a rainbow table …. remind me when I was a little girls at first day of school with new box of color pencils!!
    Thank you!!

  198. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors — I like to go for quality over quantity. That is not to say I keep things simple and spare! I wish I did! But there are so many related things I like to do (sewing, quilting, knitting) that I have tons and tons of STUFF, and not a lot of space to put them all in. Result: although I don’t collect anything in particular, I seem to collect things in general. I have many, many scissors: embroidery scissors, thread clippers, tailor’s points, a couple of longhandled shears, rotary cutter, a couple scissors for pattern paper….. and I just know I am leaving out some favorites.
    Thank you for another wonderful giveaway, and happy new year to you.

  199. I don’t collect scissors nor do I know anyone who does. I’m not much of a collector of anything.

  200. I love scissors! I have many many pairs, mostly ‘cheap’ ones. I collect them because I need something to attach to the many many scissor fobs I make :-D. I do have two pairs of Gingher embroidery scissors that are the ones that I use.

    Donna G

  201. I do not collect embroidery scissors nor have I ever known anyone who does. I’m a collector of a few things so someone collecting scissors really doesn’t bother me. In fact after drooling over a few of those marvelous beauties myself, I could very well be tempted to collect them as well.

  202. I don’t collect embroidery scissors per sey, but I seem to have several pair. I always seem to be misplacing the pair I am using and have to buy another set, only to find the ones misplaced when I get home
    Dolly In Niagara Falls

  203. Scissors are the one item I never thought of collecting! But I used to receive embroidery magazines from France for years (Modes et Travaux) I never heard of Mains et Merveilles–I would love to see one, and the kits look great! Thank you for doing this.

  204. I have several pairs of scissors, so I guess I do! I have a pretty blue-handled pair that are my favorite, and a stork pair that I use quite a bit. The Marguerite scissors are lovely!

  205. Hi Mary!
    I do not collect embroidery scissors, but if I did I would love the ones with the stork beak as the scissor part. 🙂 They are quite interesting, very creative! I inherited a little pair of scissors from my grandmother. They are not expensive or cute, but they sure do work good and I think of my Grandma when I use them! 🙂
    Jen in Oregon

  206. There’s always a first time for everything. I would love to collect embroidery scissors. I have always used regular large scissors but I would appreciate the change to begins using these specialty scissors. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  207. no, i don’t collect embroidery scissors…i have a pair made in japan with a curved blade and they’re wonderful to small work….if i could have a pair of ones that are out of my price range, i’d pick the kangaroo set that country bumpkin has…

  208. Hello and Happy New Year…

    I’m not a collector of scissors…but I do have a nice pair of gingher embroidery scissors that I keep close; have to keep in my budget….

    Fredi SW

  209. Scissors are a secret indulgence of mine – BUT no matter the price they must have a precise cutting point.

  210. Does going around the house every couple of months, and collecting my scissors into one place count? My favorite pair, the closest one.

  211. What beautiful things.

    I went to the website to order the magazine, but they no longer list it.

    Thanks you for all the beautiful offers.

    Happy New Year.

  212. I didn’t intend to collect embroidery scissors but I have my regular embroidery scissors which were a gift years ago, scissors for metal fibers, hardanger scissors, a small pair for traveling, a fold up pair to keep with a kit that I can pick up and take with me, and my newest Ginghers which were a Christmas present from my cats, by way of my husband. So, I don’t collect embroidery scissors on purpose and probably don’t need any more, of course, need has little to do with it.
    Thanks to you and the designers for all the information you provide as well as the give aways.

  213. Although I didn’t think I was an embroidery scissor collector, packing to move from Ohio to North Carolina has shown me otherwise. I have found five pairs so far–and that doesn’t count the Fiskars I just bought that have non-stick blades. Some pairs are utilitarian, one has a bird on the handles (a gift, of course), and I KNOW my Gran’s are buried around here somewhere. When I find hers, that’ll bring my total up to double-digits!

  214. Two really nice giveaways. I do not collect embroidery scissors, although it may look like I am, since I never find the pair I am looking for when I need it, and I keep buying them. I like well made scissors, my favorite is a pair of small Nogent.

    Myriam R.

  215. What a nice kit to win, either of them. I do not collect them, nor do I know anyone who does. I am a collector of many things, mostly craft supplies and quilting fabric, with a good stash of stitching kits thrown in there for good measure. lala

  216. I love the French Needle. When I get the newsletter, I get a cup of coffee and sit down to dream as I peruse the boutique then the products.

    I do not collect scissors per se, but I love scissors keepers, especially that little coffin shaped one. I’m also fascinated by the different types of needle keepers out there. (I do collect Hummel figurines, china Teapots and cups, and tin boxes as well as certain authors’ books. I’ve cut down my “collections” as I’ve gotten older and have less space.)

    I do, however, have a number of scissors, including two that could have been used by the common woman in Revolutionary War times. I guess I have a “beginners collection.” I am fascinated by others’ collections. Two ladies’ collections that hold possibilities for me are biscornu and laying tools.

  217. I wouldn’t say I collect scissors but I have quite a few pair. My favorite are the little gold stork scissors that belonged to my mother. I don’t use them. I tend to give little scissors as gifts to my sewing buddies sometimes.

    This is another sweet give-a-way!! Is this my lucky day?

    Debi in MS

  218. Happy new year!!
    I do not collect scissors, but I easily could! There are a lot of beautiful, unique ones availble.
    Thank you again for the opportunity to win such great prizes!
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  219. Yes, I do collect scissors, and my favorite pair is one my husband bought for me without my asking: a Sajou veined ivory…….I do think I need a pair of scissors for each project so I don’t have to look for them.

  220. I do love scissors. I have a couple of pairs of the Ghinghers. The ones you showed that were a bit above your’s and my budget were spectacular. I too would be afraid to touch them also. I would hang them on the wall. there is nothing better than a good pair of scissors. Thanks, Carol W, Windsor, CA

  221. Mary, I do own a few pairs. I find that my all around favorite is my Solwigen small pointed pair. I have had them sharpened so they cut like everything is butter. This doesnt mean I dont use my Sajou (lovely to look at) or my goldwork ribbed (holds those metal threads tightly) or my “sacrifice” Fiskars and my curved Fiskars for trimming turkey work. So yes, I do collect scissors. A good tool gives a good product! I would love to win either kit!

  222. Oh yes, I do collect embroidery scissors! I have them everywhere…in totes, boxes, baskets,on and on, so that I don’t ever have to search for a pair. I love the ones that look like storks, roosters or cats, etc., but my latest favorite is the little Karen Kay Buckley with a micro serrated edge.
    Karen in Breezy Point

  223. I only have a couple of embroidery scissors and love the ones I got from Gunther. They are still very sharp and fit my needs very well.

  224. Hi Mary
    At first I would have said no I do not collect embroidery scissors but then I started to think about it and I guess that I do. My favorite ones are the tiny stork shaped ones that I just love as they are so small. Hope you had a lovely new years eve. Again thanks for the lovely giveaway.
    Joan Turrell from Canada

  225. Hi Mary,

    I don’t collect scissors but oh my! the scissors on The French Needle website are absolutely gorgeous. If I had the funds, I would start collecting some of the handmade scissors just because they are so beautiful and would make embroidering so much more fun. WOW. In general, I don’t collect anything but I do like to browse and window shop for collections.

    Happy New Year!
    Tania in Brooklyn, NY

  226. I’m not a collector, but do covet. On a recent trip to Barcelona, l found a store specializing in scissors, knives, etc. and couldn’t resist another pair with a curved tip. My favorite pair are my hardanger scissors made by KAI.

  227. I don’t collect scissors, but I do have several pairs. I think scissors don’t like me, they’re always hiding themselves when I need them.

  228. Happy New Year, Mary! Based on your review, I actually bought a couple of things from the French Needle—not too much because they’re pricey, but they certainly carry wonderful things. These are lovely!

    For embroidery, I have Gingher scissors for home and an inexpensive pair for travel. I do enjoy the Gingher scissors: they’re pretty and sharp. I think branching out to a collection of embroidery scissors could get expensive.

    On the other hand, I have multiple sewing scissors, including my husband’s mother’s and grandmother’s. I also have many vintage patterns (which I do actually sew), vintage notions and fabric, and several sewing machines—from my own Elna to my husband’s grandmother’s 1920s Singer to perfectly good though old machines needlessly discarded as trash that I “rescued.” Most of this stash came from family, friends, and thrift shops. I don’t collect them, exactly, and they certainly don’t have the coherence of a collection; they have to be useful or have some sentimental value. I do love using old materials—well-drafted patterns, beautiful Bakelite buttons, heavy scissors, solid metal machines, etc. I’m sure we all feel that way; good materials and tools make all the difference in the work.

  229. I do not collect embroidery scissors. I have several scissors, but not because I collect them, but because I followed your advise and keep scissors for different tasks. One for paper, one for fabric, one for yarn and threads.

    I do not do gold work embroidery, but if I ever decided to do it, I would definitely also get scissors appropriate for gold work too.

    Happy New Year to you, Mary



  230. I have three pair of embroidery scissors, one in each tote, and one of those fob cutters that we used to need on planes. I never actually used it. The only thing of embroidery genre that I collect are patterns, notebooks full of patterns, books full of stitch instructions, and magazines with more patterns and tips. I couldn’t do all of them if I lived another hundred years, but they are delightful to peruse when looking for the next project.

  231. Well, I do seem to have a number of pairs laying around! in various “sewing baskets” — It is always fun to pick up a basket and see what scissors are inside!! (there is the counted-work sewing basket, the whitework sewing basket, the silk sewing basket, the ribbon embroidery basket, etc.) So I guess I DO collect. Some are so cute, some have such a nice feel in one’s hand, and some work well for their purpose. I must mention that my all around favorite 4″ scissor isn’t very cute, but the blades are the best cutters I have EVER used — Kai. (By the way, I LOVE French Needle stuff…..)

  232. My first reaction to the topic was – no. A perfect pair of each type of scissors is all that is needed. I looked at the price of the one you like and had a violent reaction – papukatsch. Then I had a more measured thought – when I was teaching art at the high school level, my students would have the same reaction when I showed them watercolour brushes advertised at $5oo+. And I thought of the adage “a master is worthy of his tools”. I guess some people have the need for a collection, but I think they arise out of the purchase of items that really do not work well and so accumulate. Scissors as art objects do not raise my acquisitive nature, but all antique needlework tools do.

  233. While I don’t collect embroidery scissors, I do have one pair and they are my favorite! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The French Needle!!!!

  234. So looking through the Botique made me want to collect the beautiful scissors displayed there. I am amazed at the designs of the simple scissor. Unfortunatelly I am usually using a simple pair of scissors, and my kids like to take my embroidery scissors, so I am sometimes left using my kids school scissors, you know the ones that are rounded on the end so they don’t hurt themselves….but eitherway I get the job done, would love to have something that nice though……

  235. Hi Mary, Happy New Year! I do collect lots of things, scissors among them. The most precious is a tiny pair that someone brought from Germany and gave to my great Grandmother in the late 1800’s. They are very small and plain, but obviously meant a lot since they were kept passed down to me. Thanks for all the fun these past few days!

  236. A very successful New Year for You Mary.
    I love magazine eventhough they are difficult to find. I do not collect scissors but enjoy looking at all the beautiful accessories on different web site. I think your giveaway is fun, fun, I very much like small projects.
    Thank You
    France from Canada.

  237. No, I don’t collect scissors but do admire all the beautiful ones available. To me scissors are utilitarian but talk to me about purse patterns——-that’s my weakness!

  238. I do have a small collection of embroidery scissors, none as expensive as the ones at French Needle. I thought paying $64 20 years ago for gold plated scissors in a leather sheath was a very daring thing for me to do. Luckily, I am addicted to the $4 scissors at the fabric store check out counters…I do like the Sajou scissors and they don’t seem to be such a bad price when compared to the other items.

    Carole Krause

  239. Wow, those kits are beautiful!! I inadvertently collect scissors by misplacing them and then buying new ones. But it would be nice to do it more deliberately.

  240. Happy New Year everyone! What a wonderful giveaway (and I could work on my high school French!) I love embroidery scissors and first became enamored with the stork one my Grandmother bought for me when I was a child. I went to the French Needle website and found beautiful scissors…..might have to save my pennies! 🙂
    Sandy O. in WA state, USA

  241. ooo – collect? Not sure, over the years I seem to have accumulated several pair. does that make me a collector?

    I use a tres claveles (made in spain) pair most often. I bought a couple pair several years ago and they seem difficult to obtain in the USA.

    Some special Gingher are with scissor fobs, or scissor pockets – which are beautiful sets.

    Other pairs are with kitted up projects – and inexpensive pairs are with my ‘go along’ pouch of needlework supplies.

  242. I don’t “collect” embroidery scissors, I only have one pair. There’s a couple I’ve been admiring on 123 stitch, a Union Jack pair and an Old Glory pair. I collect embroidery patterns instead. 🙂

    Anne Westlund from WA State

  243. I don’t collect scissors– I use a little pair of blunt tip kid’s scissors. My SIL uses ones from a surgical kit that isn’t suitable for medical use anymore. I’ve always wanted a pair of the stork scissors but I haven’t made the purchase yet.

  244. Yes, I am scissor collector. My favorite working scissors are DOVO, they are the absolute best. I have 3 sets, a gold handle set of 3 in leather case, from the centennial collection and a 3 scissor blue blade set from the same collection. Also,a brushed steel set of 3. These scissors are the sharpest and cut perfectly! The tips are very pointed and sharp. I have a beloved ivory case of 5 pieces made in Paris about 1847, 18K gold handles and thimble. I don’t use those, but the pieces are usable, and the scissors still cut well. Have many others but the DOVO are the best. I do LOVE embroidery scissors!! Mary E Jensen

  245. I do not collect scissors nor do i know anyone personally but some of my bloggy pals do, i think embroidery scissors are quite beautiful and something that is worth collecting as they are useful and lovely!!

  246. You’ve done it again. Another exquisite giveaway. I don’t collect embroidery scissors per se. But I must admit I have quite a collection of scissors. My favorite are gingher. I really enjoy your daily tips and tricks for embroidery. You are truly inspiring. Happy New Year!

  247. No, I don’t collect scissors, but i do have about 3 pair in my embroidery box along with some thread cutters, i have seen some really beautiful pairs of scissors but they were so expensive and since i already have some that work i couldn’t spend the money. i do not know anyone who collects them either, maybe someday i will start a collection, i love old embroidery and needlework products, such as books and patterns and worked pieces.

  248. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, and don’t really know anyone who does. I know thimble collectors, pattern collectors, thread collectors, fabric collectors and book collectors. Personally I am a book junkie, though I do stray into collecting threads and patterns as well.

  249. No I do not collect embroidery scissors. My favorite pair are an older pair of Ginghers I bought when I first started stitching. The smaller they are the cuter they are! I don’t think I would collect them but wouldn’t pass up the chance to buy a cute pair if I fancied them.

  250. What great embroidery kits! No, I don’t collect scissors, but they seem to find me! I have inherited several and received some as gifts.

  251. Oh yes, I collect embroidery scissors. I have about a dozen or so pair of these, mostly the stork in a variety of colors and designs. I would have to say my favorite would be the stork with the black and white floral pattern on them.

    Thanks again for this wonderful give away.

  252. I am not a collector of embroidery scissors–though I do have several pairs. I think I am still trying to build a respectable materials stash so don’t want to spend money on extra scissors. Thanks again for the 12 days of Christmas.

  253. Oh I hope i don’t have to choose. I love love floss holders as lovely little objects representing my love of needlework. I also adore the Mains & Merveliieus magazine but rarely actually see it. I also love the pin keeps. I would be honored to have you make the choice for me!

  254. I love these beautiful little kits from The French Needle. Would love to make up all of them.

    Thanks Mary

  255. Pardon the drool on this post. Those scissors are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t collect embroidery scissors because I can’t get past the “I don’t really need another pair of scissors”, but the Marguerite Scissors…oooh…I may have to start saving my pennies. I do have several pair of the small stork scissors because I have scissors in every place I “might need them”, but I don’t call it a collection, lol. As for the small projects, they are just right. I love some of pin cushions I saw when I followed the link to the French Needle.

  256. One can never have too many pairs of scissors -can one? I have accumulated scissors over the years instead of collecting them and have found a magnetic strip available from Ikea (used for knives) very handy when I’ve lost the latest pair! A Very Happy New Year Mary
    Sue….Good Old blighty.

  257. I do not collect scissors, or at least I didn’t think I did but looking around and counting and thinking of the ones my daughters have and the ones I can’t find over 40 years, I probably have had quite the collection. I would love to collect scissors now that I have realized to put things back in their proper place and they magically stay there and are there when you need them!!!!

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  258. I don’t collect scissors. Not something I want to spend money on. Besides fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, beads, ribbons, etc., I collect trinket boxes!

  259. Boy! Do I ever collect embroidery scissors! My best friend and I have been buying them as gifts for each other for years. My favorite pair (for use) is a gold-plated Solingen hardanger scissor. I bought it at an EGA seminar from my instuctor, and it is absolutely the best. Another pair I like (actually a set)is from Gingher’s limited edition collection from a few years ago and features a leopard print design. Mediocre scissors but pretty. My next pair will be the tortoise shell from Sajou. I have been collecting all kinds of needlework tools since the 1970s. (Yes, it does look like the bird from the “Partridge Family”!) I have tool sets in wood, gold plate, and sterling. My most extravagant purchase to date: A full range of artist-made sterling emboidery hooks. No one else knows how much I paid for them, and no one ever will!

  260. The only reason I collect embroidery scissors is because I’m quite adept at misplacing them! Unfortunately I’m now intrigued and will now have to investigate this part of embroidery I’ve never thought much about….

  261. Of course I am not an embroidery scissors collector! And the fact that I only have about 25 pairs is proof of that. They are scattered all over the house, with ufo’s, and on various tables and desks. I tend not to spend too much on scissors because sometimes they hide for months. There is one pair that I received as a gift which I tend to use more than the rest. It was from a special friend and I treasure it and the friendship.
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  262. I loved your article. I’m new to your newsletter and am looking foreward to more. I have a number of scissors in my stash and have been looking at the sissors you mentioned for some time. Fabulous sissors. I would love to win the small kits. They look like such great gifts. Ganet B

  263. Oh I wish I could afford to collect all the wonderful scissors that are available today! There so so many different styles, classical to whimsical and everything in between. However, my resourses don’t spread to buying scissors and supplies both. So new projects and supplies take a priority. Now, if I win the lottery, all bets are off!

    Alice in Las Cruces

  264. Those scissors are beautiful! I just spent a very enjoyable morning browsing through The French Needle. Thank you for the link – plus those Sophie Digard necklaces and Petrusse scarves that Lisa sells in her shop are *swoon* worthy.

    Wow! For me, not a collector of such finely made, absolutely gorgeous works of art. I tend to lose things, and am very forgetful. Very absent-minded, usually with my head in the clouds, thinking. I could see buying one pair, and it would likely become an heirloom, should my daughter ever pick up embroidery. In fact, it would make a great High School, or College graduation gift for someone who was studying or interested in textiles. But I digress. What was your question again?

  265. Lovely gifts.
    No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I would like to, because I have some friends who does. I’m a buttons collector, I love them, specially the old ones, that’s why I’d prefer to collect old scissors too.
    Happy New Year!!!

  266. Oh, I can remember my mother who collected scissors. All kinds of them. Then at the quilting guild there was a prize given for the most amount of scissors one had on them that day and one gal had seven pairs with her! For me, just owning a beautiful pair as the prize, well that would be beyond my wildest dreams to own. The kits are just made for me as I am a beginner. I not sure I am a collector as I just bought my firt embroidery siccors called Gingher Stork (Italy) and my mother’s pair is Weck Stainless, USA. Gee, I guess I am a colletor and hope I am the winner! I sure thank you Mary for this wonderful opportunity.

  267. I am not a collector with a capital C but I do have at least six embroidery scissors which have come into my life in various ways. The first pair came to me as a gift from a co-worker when I retired. They are very old (not sure if they’re antique) and so cute to look at. Others I’ve bought for utilitarian reasons: to see if they work better than those I already have. The one that works the best for me now is actually the least expensive one I’ve ever bought. Keeping scissors sharpened is the key for me. That and making sure the little hinge works smoothly.

  268. The little kits look delightful. I do mostly large projects, but sometimea a tiny is just what you need. Thanks for a wonderful blog and these great opportunities… Ellen

  269. Dear Mary,
    Your contest and prizes are wonderful!

    Yes, I have a small collection of scissors. They are hanging on the wall next to my collection of biscornu that I have made. My favorite pair belonged to my dear mother who gave me the genes that are responsible for my creativity! There’s nothing in the world I would rather do than get lost in one of my many stitchery projects.

    Presently, I am making scissor cases to give to friends who stitch. I mail packages to my friends in Norway. So far I have included a biscornu, a needle book and next will be the scissor keep which will complete the coordinated set.

    All the best for 2012 and thanks for introducing me to the French Needle!

    Karen from Minnesota

  270. I love scissors! and yes I collect them. Each one for the proper purpose. I would have trouble picking my favorite pair of scissors. It depends on what type of embroidery/quilting that I am currently working on.
    Susie Jarosz in Omaha

  271. Only by accident – I have about 6 pairs so I can misplace one and still have something to use!

  272. I love to collect all types of needlework tools, but especially scissors. I love the animal and ornate ones. My favorite pair are a shaped like the Eifle Tower. I don’t really use them, but they are unique.

  273. I am thrilled with this giveaway, so much in one package wow! The magazine will be interesting, I’ve heard that embroidery is alive and well in France. Yes I collect scissors, my favourite pair is the ones I use all the time, made by a german company they are wonderful, not decorative, purely utilitarian but the best, Then my hubby came with me to Alexander Palace show and bought me a special decorative pair in a silver case. Oh boy am I spoiled. Those little wooden thread keepers are really nice. I think a lot of crafters collect scissors, we need them, and then the beauty of a really lovely collection. It can’t be beat. Regards Mandy (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  274. Hi Mary and Happy New Year to all!

    Yes, I have quite a big collection of scissors but I use all of them at different times for different projects. I have a fairly big collection of embroidery scissors. My favorite scissors are by Dovo but I also have a pair of Ginghers with a curved blade that I love for cutting threads very close.

    Jan B. in Florida.

  275. I do not collect scissors, however I have friends who do. The pair that I use primarily, I purchased when I was working on my first hardanger project. I soon realized that the scissors that I was trying to use to snip all those threads just didn’t cut it. I have an adequate pair of Gingher which pretty much meet most of my needs.

  276. I have several pairs of embroidery scissors but don’t consider myself a collector. I just like to have a pair at each place in the house where I might be working.

  277. Happy New Year!
    I’ve been lucky. I don’t collect scissors, but have won a few. Don’t have a favorite pair, usually use what is nearby or whatever the job calls for.
    I never leave the house without some type of stitching project and the featured embroidery kits are not only beautiful but the perfect size to tote around. I would love to win a set.
    Thank you for all the beautiful items to look at the last few days.
    Escondido CA

  278. Yes, I do. My favorite is a pair of Gingher designer scissors. I like having enough scissors to keep onebwith each serious WIP. Not sure if I have enough yet ;-).

  279. Just as you do, I love little things — most particularly little things that will fit into my purse so they’re always there when I need them — e.g., if I get to a meeting a bit early, or while I’m waiting for a medical appointment. As for embroidery scissors, no I do not collect them; I have far too much stash without a scissors collection. I love the various scissors that I have and use but really do not need more than those, and I replace them as necessary. I’m not a collector by nature except for stash, and I exempt scissors from that addiction.

  280. This is really wonderful! I should love to win one of the packages.

    Embroidery scissors are not a collectors item for me, it are just very handy tools. Nevertheless I need several of them, because every project of me has it’s own bag (scissors included).

  281. I don’t collect anything except “dust bunnies” (LOL) when I’m busy embroidering or sewing. I use my smallest applique scissors when embroidering…they’re curved and do the job. Thanks for a wonderful 2011 with you Mary! Sandy

  282. I have a box of antique scissors from my grandmother and a few from my mother. I have more than a dozen of my own, 3 pair of embroidery, 2 pair electric and about 4 pair of shears for fabric, plus several rotary cutters. My favorites are my grandmother’s really old stork scissors and a tiny pair of Ginghers. I also have quite a collection of my gram’s thimbles which I love because she used them all, they are not unique, only old.

    Thanks so much for a really awesome website and Happy New Year!

  283. I went from having no embroidery scissors to three or four pairs now. I haven’t set out to collect them, but am beginning to find them a little irresistable. I have one pair I particularly like that looks like a stork or heron and the beak of the bird is the scissor. I have started a collection of vintage sewing notions in general and will buy sewing kits or baskets in thrift stores. I love the wooden spools and old needle cases.

  284. Oh do I collect scissors. I need a 12 step group to help me thru it. Every time Joann’s has a sale I get another pair. I wish I could get the dover? scissors but truly out of my price range. I love my Gingher 3 inch embroidery scissors with the larger finger holes. My friend asked me just last night as we were stitching together” Jan, do you have a pair of scissors I can borrow?”. I was thinking about if I did and then we both laughed. Duh…. just about 15 pair… Thanks Mary for all you do to keep me current on all things embroidery. Just Jan

  285. I don’t collect scissors. I have only one pair that I use for embroidery. I’m not really a collecter at all, don’t like the clutter.

  286. I don’t collect scissors and I doubt I ever would, there’s only so many pairs you can use right? I can see how people would get into them though, there are some seriously beautiful scissors out there. My spare crafting cash goes on vintage needlework patterns and books…

  287. I wouldn’t say that I do collect scissors, but I certainly want a few more pairs. I find it convenient to have more than one pair so I can keep one at home and one with a project (or multiple projects). Plus they are pretty and who doesn’t want pretty things surrounding them?

  288. Scissors I have. Not a real collection. I am left-handed therefore the ones I do not use from family and friends are my collection.
    Happy New Year!

  289. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, though I have 3 or 4 pair – all in different tote bags with unfinished projects! These little pillows would be a wonderful way to begin the art of embroidery now that I am retired.

  290. I really love little projects that go fast and you can take to stitching clubs etc.
    I generally work on large projects at home.

  291. Hi Mary
    Now that scissors is the perfect gift for the person who has everything but can anyone afford it I wonder – beautiful but I think it would be staying in that wonderful case to be brought out on high days and holidays just to have a look at it. I invested in a lovely pair of fine scissors when I left South Afria and I thought I paid a lot but looking at those ones they were really cheap! You really need a good pair or two of scissors for embroidery and guard them for their lives from children cutting paper. Again lovely give-aways many thanks.
    Eleanor – Isle of Man

  292. I only have the scissors that have been my great aunt’s or my grandmothers. My favorite pair is a crane bird. I do admire victorian style items. I have the thimbles of ancestors as well.

    Today’s kit, the birds for thread are so cute.

  293. Manifique! Je parle un peu de francais — my high school French has stayed with me all these years, and the small scale of these projects would be parfait — perfect — for me.

    I don’t have a scissors collection per se, though I do have a pair that belonged to my grandmother, which I treasure. I never met her — she died before I was born — but I know from things that have been passed down that she did a number of hand sewing projects. I like to think a little of my interest in sewing comes from her. The scissors are of the stork pattern and are in silver. I have a “bird” pair that I use for everyday sewing, to keep my grandmother’s pair safe.

    As they say in France today, “Bonne Annee!”

  294. I cannot afford the time, money, or space needed for a collection of anything, but golly, what gorgeous scissors are on The French Needle! My fave was the Fox & Crow scissors.

  295. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but then, I’m not a person who collects things (except dust bunnies!). In fact, I tend to lose them, so I don’t spend a lot of money on them. Happy New Yer from Houston.

  296. I don’t intentionally collect scissors but I think I have enough to be called a collection. Scissors are a lot like my reading glasses. I think I’m careful where I put them but I can never find them and need another pair. Scissors are truly wonderful things – beautiful in their looks and their function.

  297. I do not collect embroidery scissors, and really not much of a collector, unless it is designs for my stash. My embroidery scissors are just like my grandmother used and my grandmother is responsible for teaching me how to stitch, so that makes them very special. However, I will be going back to this website to look at the scissors featured there-that might make a collector out of me!

  298. Of course I have a collection of embroidery scissors. I have one pair that stays with my sewing machine to snip threads and rip out small stuff, these also ae curved to reach under the sewing foot if necessary. I have a pair that stays in my stitching basket and I have a pair that I wear around my neck when I am teaching sewing. Then there are the stork scissors that are just beautiful, the foldable pair that stay in my purse, and not that they count as official embroidery scissors, but I confiscate the finger nail scissors out of the manicure sets and use them in my embroidery as well. I also have sewing shears, pinking shears and several pairs of paper scissors that I keep handy for the family. And I still struggle to have the right pair when I want them. Debbie Thompson, O’Fallon, IL

  299. What sweet little kits! These are right up my alley. Instant gratification type of projects. 🙂 No, I don’t currently collect scissors and I hope I don’t get a taste for them. I have too many other collections going! But I do really appreciate having a good pair to use when I need them.

  300. I have a small collection of scissors on of my favorite are the embroidery scissors my grandmother gave me while teaching me needle work! She said to always keep them with me for any use that might come up! When my daughter was old enough to start using scissors for needle work I in turn gave her a pair similar to the gift I was given…In addition I have the pair my grandmother used and one very beautiful pair my grandfather brought home for her from France! I love the sentimental value and how beautiful they are! I have a small collection but love my embroidery scissors the most!

  301. I do not collect embroidery scissors and I don’t know anybody who does (apart from the ones I just read above, but since I don’t really know them, I’d have to say nope).
    I might be inclined to collect them (since they are really beautiful), but I just said to myself this morning that this year (ahum…) I would start with cleaning out my closets and getting rid of all that I do not use…
    Overall I don’t consider myself a collector (although my man does say that I collect shoes, but I don’t agree with him…).
    I also find the Marguerite scissors very beautiful, but a bit above my budget, but I have to say that the Petits monstres are really cute too, simple but very cute!

  302. Happy New Year one and all!
    I didn’t think I collect scissors….but now that I think about it, I do have pairs stashed all over the place so guess that would be a yes!

    My favorite pair is a little one that was my grandmothers. I am the only granddaughter that does needlework, so I got her sewing stuff. I love that pair, but they are no longer sharp. I have tried to sharpen them but didn’t work ….maybe I need to take them to a professional. Only the people who sharpen stuff here do fishing/hunting knives and not sure I trust them with my grandmother’s 3 inch scissors!

  303. I would LOVE to win one of these kits! I do not collect siccors, but I have seen several beautiful one’s on different blogs/websites, and I have lustd after tem, but alas, I have to many othr thing i collect! I don’t know anyone who collects embrodery siccors, but my husband seems to think he eeds more than one special kind of cigar cutter, and they ar about the same size/shape as a embrodery siccors!
    ~Shelly E.

  304. What a lovely gift today! It would be lovely and a learning experience for me! Desiree, Oregon

  305. Today’s question was directed at me – right between the eyes! – so, yes, I definitely collect embroidery scissors. It’s a guilty pleasure and my favorite pair is one I bought in Florida while on vacation, with very short blades and round, pastel thumbholes. The scissors are cute, functional and very easy to find in the box with my other tools. Thanks, Mary, for making reading about embroidery almost as much fun as stitching!

  306. I do collect scissors, but not of the quality of the pair you linked to. I have a pair by Floriani that I particularly like for their sharpness and larger finger openings. One of my favorite pairs- though not for sharpness- is one that is painted like a blue cat. It makes me smile just looking at it. I have stork ones in black and white mosaics that are delightful too. You can never have enough scissors.

  307. Of course I collect scissors! I have about 9 pairs if Gingher designer collection, scisoroo pair, few pairs of premax and so on. And still enough :))

  308. Mary,
    The French needle has lots of beautiful things, especially the scissors.They are to die for.
    Thanks again for the give away. Nancy R.

  309. I don’t collect scissors and don’t know anyone who does. However, I’ve recently bought my first pair of “proper” ones. The brand is Gingher and I don’t know why I waited so long.
    I tend to collect books on stitching and one day I’ll start using them.
    My views on collecting? I think it’s up to the individual. Anyone who has a hobby must be a bit prone to collecting.

  310. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have over 20 embroidery scissors. Then there are the shears, the pinkings, have one vintage pair that has a ball bearing in it. Don’t ask me where they all are though. Some are tucked in plastic bags with stitch projects, others are loafing away their time in drawers, on end tables, I have four in chatelaines that are necklaces(I tell people that I wear them around my neck to avoid losing them, then abruptly finding them when I sit down!)

  311. I didn’t think I collected scissors until I made a quick count of how many I have. They range from the smallest (and sharpest/pointiest)to my large dressmaking scissors. I love the feel of ‘good’ scissors and know my embroidery is given the best tools to work with, which it deserves. Any extra scissors would be most welcome.

  312. Mary, I don’t collect scissors in the strictest sense of the word. I do have quite a collection, although I am usually only able to come up with one or two pair at a time. The rest are kept with on-going projects, so I can grab the bag with the project and go. It contains everything I need (unless I rob it for another project!)

  313. I don’t collect scissors, and I don’t know of anyone who does. That said, I have a large variety of scissors. I am a believer of keeping one kind of scissors for one kind of cutting. I have a variety of paper scissors for large cuts and for detailed work. I never cut paper with my fabric or floss or nail scissors. I think some of the designs are fantastic, but the price will keep me from buying a pair just to have it to look at.

    One thing I do with my embroidery scissors is to cut stranded floss with the tips of the scissors and cut metallics close to the hinge of the scissors. That way, I don’t need two pair of scissors for a project, but I am cutting only one type of material with one part of the scissors.

  314. I do not collect embroidery scissors or know anyone who does, although I do have a pair of embroidery scissors that belonged to my grandmother. If you know that I am 65-yrs.-old that might give you any idea of how old the scissors are! I, too, like The French Needle and would love to win the first grouping of giveaways. Since I speak a little French and can read it pretty well I might actually be able to understand the directions. It’s been a long time since I’ve had much to read so who knows! This 12-day giveaway is loads of fun. I can’t wait to see what’s there when I get up each morning. Thanks.

  315. What wonderful kits. I have a couple of embroidery scissors, not of the quality or beauty of those you linked, but I don’t collect them. I’ve never done any project as small as those either. What a great treat! Of course, the magazine would be the icing on the whole kit! Thanks for the opportunity. Happy New Year!

  316. I wouldn’t consider myself an ardent collector, but I do see I have five pair of embroidery scissors in my basket at this very moment! I would say my fave pair is the ones with sheep incorporated into the handle. They make me think of my neurotic Border Collie every time I use them.

    I do have some separate, exclusive scissors for things like metal threads and paper.

  317. I have a couple of pairs of embroidery scissors but they’re practical and from years ago. I love (and often drool) over the embroidery scissors I see today. I would LOVE to collect them but being on disability, it’s difficult to buy all of the crafty things and kits that I want. If I could, I’d probably have dozens of scissors! hahaha. OK, call me strange – I don’t mind. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Christy (ChrisTea)

  318. I do not collect scissors, but I do pick up different types of scissors when I find a pair that interest me and I may find useful. For instance, I had no idea how to use curved embroidery scissors and was sure I would hate them, but I bought a set anyway to give them a try and I LOVE them now. I also have a set of stork scissors. I intend to give them to my daughter when her ability begins to match her enthusiasm for all things embroidery and sewing (she’s 5 now and tries so hard!).

  319. The French Needle web site always enchants me. Today I was browsing the scissors fob and needlebok kits…..and now to look again at that Marguerite!
    No, I do not “collect” scissors, but I do provide a home for several old delightful pairs acquired at garage sales. They will not cut a thing; they just followed me home.
    Thanks to: Sue S. ….. Magnetic strip idea. (above)
    You, Mary. … For your website
    The French Needle…. The contribution.

  320. I’ve never really thought about collecting scissors. I do collect old bobbins and such but I never consider scissors, although I own several pairs of various styles and uses.


  321. Mary, I can’t say that I am a collector of embroidery scissors but like you I drool when I “Window Shop”. The reason I hold back from purchasing those tiny, adorable scissors is that I splurged a year ago & bought my all time favourites, DOVO. I LOVE them. Along with my splurge I bought a cased set of DOVO sewing scissors as I also sew children’s heirloom dresses & do quilting. The set also has a bit larger embroidery scissor. What more could a girl want? Shoes, perhaps.

    Best Wishes to you, Mary for a Wonderful New Year.

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  322. I love embroidery scissors. I only have 3, but they are always ready to use. My first scissors were purchased to use with Hardanger embroidery cutting the fabric away threads of the fabric inside of little designs. One of the wonderful thing about embroidery scissors is that most are works of art all by themselves. I could not afford to invest $500 plus dollars in the beautiful one you have in your article, but as you said, it is really nice to window shop.

  323. Happy New Year! I collect USABLE high-quality embroidery scissors. I love having scissors handy with each project and in project bags. So I occasionally splurge on a new pair, but have not yet purchased any of the incredible scissors available at the French Needle. They are (to me!) almost too beautiful to use. I’m sure if I had them I wouldn’t use them — they are works of art!

  324. Yes I collect embroidery scissors but not in the sense that you are talking about. Mine is functional collecting. I’m always looking for the best cut! I would love to collect scissors as an art form those that are on the French Needle site are mindblowing in their beauty! Crow&Fox and the Cat were 2 of my favs. I do collect different things like vintage beaded purses,enamelled compacts till I ran out of room. Very small condo. My favorite pair of scissors right now are made by KAI they are so sharp and tiny tips. Answer to your last ? I think that if you find an item that you really feel strongly about and it talks to your soul than Yes! start collecting!

  325. Hi Mary,
    Yes I do collect embroidery scissors, although none like the ones on the French site. Oo La La!! They are beautiful, truly works of art that I could only hope to own. My favorite pair are about 3 to 31/2″ and are from Germany. They have very sharp blades and I have 2 pair; one for quilting and one for needlework. The writing is so tiny I can’t make out the brand but I love them and they go where my needlework goes:) I have a pair of the stork scissors that a friend gave me 20 years ago that belonged to her Grandmother and she had no use for them. I also have a couple pair of Gingher’s smallest scissors that I find useful. My views are that if a person collects scissors they must be someone that likes fine working needlework tools like me! One day I will spend an outrageous amount on a pair….

  326. I don’t collect scissors – although I do collect almost everything else! I remember when growing up how my Mother had “paper scissors” and “material scissors” and the two were never mixed. Thanks again for some beautiful gifts and introducing us to another great resource.

    Toni in Lakeview Oregon

  327. I look at the different collectibel scissors, dribble, and then look at the price. They are out of my league, unfortunally!

  328. Gasp right back at you, Mary! While I loved the beautiful scissors, they are not for me. I don’t want to keep my scissors in a lock box!
    I have two items for embroidery thread cutting but I do not “collect.” Also do not know anyone that I would call a “embroidery scissor collector.”
    First pair I have is Fishar embroidery scissors that I purchased for myself and the other is a pair of little black nippers that I was given as a gift. I have had both for years. While neither is left-handed, they both work quite well for a leftie.
    Love those colored handles on new scissors especially the red, plaid ones, but I will just keep what I have.
    Good luck to the two winners of today’s give away.
    Thanks, Mary, for another great give away.
    Best regards,

  329. I might add that I won’t buy a pair just to have more, unless they are something I just can’t do without, like something in the design of the handle etc. I collect a lot of other items too, just ask my husband! And thank you for the beautiful kits for this day:)

  330. Hi Mary,
    I do not consciously collect scissors. Wow ever, I do seem to have quite a few pairs of them that I have acquired because they looked pretty or useful for a particular task. While I do not know of anyone else who collects, I am aware of a number of other ladies who follow a similar habit to myself. And you are right, the marguerite scissors are beautiful. In fact, the French Needle website has a few things that are just calling my name -when my finances recover from Chiristmas.

    Thank you Mary and the French Needle for this competition.

  331. Oh my yes I have scissors. Not quite a true collection as I use all of them one pair with each project. My favorites are a pair of oiled bronze with filigree handles from the mid to late 19C. I use them in my sewing box when I am doing Living History reenacting. The little projects for today are just the kind of thing I love to do. I carry one around with me everywhere in a zipper bag. that way i always have something to do.

  332. Yes, I have started collecting scissors. It was unintentional. All of a sudden they seemed to multiply! My favorite pair? The pair I can find at the moment!

  333. I didn’t think that I collected embroidery scissors, but when I start gathering up all the pairs I have, there are 8 of them. Yikes!

    I have 3 favorite pairs. One is the traditional “stork” scissors. They’re lightweight, nice and sharp, and I like the way they look. Another pair is one that I use exclusively for Hardanger embroidery. They have very narrow, very sharp blades and work perfectly for detailed cutting. The third pair is a basic pair of blue-handled 4″ scissors. I can’t even remember the brand name but I’ve had them for about 20 years.

  334. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, mostly because I’m not a collector by nature! But I do enjoy looking at them on websites and think they could sure make a beautiful display on a craft room wall :-).

    Thanks for the links to the French Needle’s website. I love the Counting Sheep Pin Cushion Kit!

  335. I collect scissors, period. I am not sure why just an obsession. Trying different scissors or snips, curved or straight. I think my favorite are ginghers (for expensive) and a small pair of yellow handled Omnigrid for cheap.

  336. I do not collect scissors, but I know several people who do. I never understood having more than a few pair. But, when I kit up projects, I like to have all the supplies needed in each tote, so multiple pairs of scissors is beginning to make sense. I also have lots of small projects that make great scissor fobs, and they sit in my completed box with nothing to do. So, now I have two reasons for collecting more pairs.

  337. Hello Mary
    Happy New Year to you!!

    The pair of gold scissors which you have displayed is truly amazing. Yes I do have a collection of scissors big ones…small ones but none can compare with the one you’ve displayed. Would love to have your items on display.


  338. Yes, I do collect embroidery scissors. To be really honest I love any kind of scissors. I even have a large number of kitchen shears. Well, more than most people. I have a dear friend who says, “no more Elaine” when she sees me eyeing a new pair while shopping.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  339. I have jsut started to teach my grandson yes my grandson to sew. With that I am teaching him the proper use and care of scissors. Cute project.

  340. I don’t collect scissors, but own many pair of the small portable spring-tension style. Whenever I do come across this type, I do pick up a few pair, just to have for project bags, and to give away on a fellow stitcher’s gift bag.

  341. I don’t collect nice scissors, my husband swipes them and uses them for non sewing purposes. I have a gingher crane embroidery pair with a leather sheath that I hide away. I do like pretty thimbles and sciccors

  342. What a wonderful give-away today, I love the delicate french style patterns. Umm as for scissors, i am not a “collector” but I do have a number of pairs. I have in-expensive stork embroidery scissors for using away from home and wonderful scissoroo for using at home. I thought the scissoroo scissors were expensive until I saw the French Needle ones !! I also have dressmaking shears and little papercraft scissors.

    My biggest problem with scissors is keeping my sewing/craft ones away from my husband and son’s who just don’t understand that embroidery scissors are not suitable for cutting electrical cables and the like.

    Happy new year to everyone

  343. I don’t collect sissors or know anyone who does. I do have an assortment of them that I use. I have one with a VERY sharp fine point, I can cut individual threads in silk gauze, that a freind who works for a hospital got me. to a set of very clunky historical ones that resemble sheep shears.

  344. Hi Mary, this is Lisette Root from Oregon State. Happy New Year! You posted another great pair of prizes. I casually collect scissors myself, but my favorite pair is a freebee when I ordered from a mail order catalog. They look like a stork, and were gold plated, probably worth under ten dollars, but I love using and looking at them:)I love all tools, including scissors, and I guard them carefully! I do collect all manner of tools because I do many different forms of art and crafts. In my house, I am the tool master, lol! I let my husband “borrow” some of my tools, but he has to bring them right back to me! To me, tools, including scissors, are to be treasured:)

  345. No, I don’t collect scissors, but do enjoy
    looking at other people’s collections. I
    probably would not start a collection, but
    could use one or two more nice scissors to use
    on a daily basis. I am of an age that I should
    not begin another collection of anything. It is time to think about disposing of other things that I have collected over the years.

  346. I don’t collect scissors, but collect I think everything else! My favourite scissors are the one’s I got from Hampton court embroidery shop. I will I treasure these.

  347. I never heard of collecting embroidery scissors. I have a collection of scissors in general: kitchen scissors, 6-7 sizes/styles of sewing scissors, several plain paper scissors, couple dozen paper scissors that cut fancy lines and 1 beautiful gold pair of embroidery scissors with a fancy filigree design.

  348. I don’t collect embroidery scissors deliberately but I have several pairs to keep by different projects in process. These are purchased for usability and not style, though I love style too! My current favourites are a gold pair given to me by my embroidery guild.

  349. Mary , What great little projects you have shown us today , they would certainly be great for those times when you dont have lot’s of stitching time . I am not a collector of scissors but do love the ones I have & have different pairs for different uses .I do however seem to have shelves of books & boxes of threads & ribbons & beads & needles & fabrics galore so guess I am a collector of what I like No one I know collects scissors but we all seem to have lots . The ones you linkesd to on Silver Needle today are beautiful & one can surely dream . Doreen .

  350. I don’t collect scissors but do have a nice pair of the gold coloured ones that look like a bird. I use them a lot. I do enjoy collecting thimbles though – not the kind that say “Victoria, BC” but older ones that were made years and years ago.

    The embroidery packets look very promising. Again, thank you for all the giveaways.

  351. Hi Mary,
    I love my first pair of stork embroidery scissors I bought many years ago. I havent intentionaly collected scissors but I suppose after a quick count up I have a ‘collection’. (oh and theres this one too, woops, a few more than I thought I had.)Love them all!
    Thank you Mary for all the fun of the Twelve Days of Christmas 🙂

  352. in todays busy world it is refreshing to find a site where timeless values are treasured.
    I dont think I would collect scissors but value really good ones that I use all the time
    maureen m

  353. Hi Mary, Happy Seventh Day of Christmas.
    This is a nice give-away!
    Let’s see, No, I do not collect scissors, No, I do not know anybody who does. I never really thought about collecting them..However, i do have several pairs. Not expensive, but i do have several project bags with scissors…. and don’t always know exactly….where every single pair of scissors is located….I collect… kind of … threads. I love to try different threads, and i can fall into the collection catagory with this, because i don’t quite use them as fast as they can appear, so for the average on-looker, it may appear that I COLLECT threads….
    I do have a small bit of scissor trivia though…There is an order of nuns called the Visitandines of the Visitation Order that are required to carry a small pair of scissors as part of their habit. It is tied on a string to a peice of their clothing…. Long story bedhind it, but that is some trivia.
    Have a nice day,
    p.s. Happy 2012!

  354. I have quite a few pair of embroidery scissors.
    My favorite pair is a black & white flowered stork design pair.

  355. Hi,
    I do not collect scissors, nor know of anyone who does. My Klasse embroidery scissors are my favourite.
    I must confess to a fabric fetish

  356. Hi Mary, I was looking at your past posts on scissors and saw that you like to use the Dovo scissors. I went to a site and found them so now I know where to buy them. I also found a pair by that company that I own called “Aubrey” that I bought years ago because they were cute. They are one onf my faves. Happy stitching!

  357. Hello, Mary! No, I don’t collect scissors but my favorite pair is my ‘stork’ scissors. Not only are they sharp and pointy, but they were given to me decades ago by a dear, multi-talented friend. I think of her every time I use them.

  358. I don’t collect scissors for collection’s sake, but I do acquire scissors for what they can do for me! I sew, quilt, yarn, and embroider at home and while I travel. I think I have 13 or more different pairs of scissors at this time. I never realized that such beautiful embroidery scissors existed!

    I’d love to do up that avril heart kit in the second collection for my sister April!

  359. I do not (yet!) collect embroidery scissors, although I would LOVE to! There are so many pretty pairs, I am especially attracted to the ornate, old fashioned types. I am a wanna-be collector of such things, I have not yet been able to do it (as you said, out of my grasp for now). I think collecting scissors and needlework items is wonderful… just imagine what such a collection would mean to great-grandchildren! Not to mention they are beautiful to keep out for show!

  360. I would totally collect embroidery scissors if I had the budget. As it is, I have a few that have come to me, including a couple from my grandmother.

  361. I am not a collector of scissors for their own sake. I don’t know anyone who is, although my mom ended up with a number of scissors when she passed, that I now own. I see scissors more for their function, and so I’d only purchase or use scissors that I would need for a specific function. I prefer to collect boxes.

  362. I don’t intentionally collect scissors but I do have several pairs of Gingher in different patterns. My favorite pair has a leopard print handle. I do enjoy useful objects that are also beautiful.

  363. My granddaughter asked me why I have so many pairs of scissors (of all sizes!). She wouldn’t have understood that it is just my fetish, so I told her that different ones have different uses. But I really think I just like scissors! My favorite needlework scissors are Italian, with little 1 inch blades, that have very tiny, very sharp points. But I also like Ginghers embroidery scissors. If I were to win one of these darling sets of needlework, I would put one of my embroidery scissors with each kit I was working on.

  364. What nice sets!! The small projects would
    be great to use in getting back into embroidery
    and introducing my granddaughter to this age old art.
    I have many scissors but the ones that attract my attention are the “cute” embroidery ones that “show”when I use them in the family room.

  365. These little kits are darling! I have allot of pairs of sissors but don’t really colect pretty ones yet. I do seem to think I have to have a little pair of sissors in every container of the different types of embroidery I do. I’m always afraid I won’t be able to find a pair when I need them LOL.

    Robin Marks

  366. When I began to dabble in hand embroidery, I probably had two pair of scissors…and they were the big shears for actual sewing of clothing. But as I progressed, I found myself adding scissor by scissor until now, I guess one would think I was a collector. Japanese embroidery brought out some special scissor needs, as did Hardanger, drawn threadwork, and goldwork. By now, I’m not sure how many embroidery scissors I have collected, but know I don’t want to give a one up! And I’m always leaving them with a project, so can’t tell you exactly where they all are at one time.

  367. Dear Mary, if I had unlimited funds I would collect all sorts of sewing notions. 🙂 I do own a few pairs of scissors that I love to work with. I guess, for me, function and beauty are equally important.
    Thanks so much for this give-a-way!

  368. Happy New Year, Mary

    I’ve never considered myself a collector of scissors, but after looking in my scissor drawer,embroidery basket and sewing stations in my studio, maybe I am. I have always loved the beautiful scissors in shops and catalogs. Yes, I tend to “collect” many things, thread, ribbon, trims, buttons and believe everyone should collect what they love.
    Fran Johnson, Red Oak, TX

  369. Mary!!!

    I LOVE, LOVE this giveaway!!! What sweet treats, and for beginners, too! Yay! lol Not to mention the opportunity to brush up on my French. 🙂 The pin keeps are a treasure.
    Now, that I’ve begun to breathe again, (gasping indeed! lol) after looking at those GORGEOUS scissors I’ll say I sort-of collect embroidery scissors, but I’m a piker compared to those beauties! gggg
    My small collection is fun, uh, not exquisite. My favorite pair is special because my dear, sweet husband bought them for me. He had gone fabric shopping with me, and saw the scissors. He sent me off to another part of the store to see something while he surreptitiously made the buy. lol Miles down the road he pulled out the bag with a cute grin, and said, “I thought you might like these.” The gold scissors are lovely, very sharp cutting clear to the end of the blades, and the handles are fashioned into a rooster. They are a dear gift from a special guy. 🙂

  370. I haven’t started collecting scissors, but I’m tempted (very, very tempted) each time I see a gorgeous pair of scissors. I keep having to remind myself that I already have 2 gorgeous pairs (a mini Stork and a pair with ornate pink handles – love them both!).

  371. Happy New Year, Mary!

    No, I do not collect scissors (or I try not to collect, but I have some 5 or even more 😀 ). I collect only thimbles. And maybe I’ll have a collection of scissors too (I use all of them, that’s why I do not call them as collection). But some of my friends collect them. For stitching I like my “Dovo” scissors the most. They are the best what I have.
    Agne (Lithuania)

  372. You are so right. These Margurite scissors are exquisite. As an embrooiderer I do have a few pairs of scissors that I cherish but I think my favourite is a pair from Japan used for Japanese embroidery. However they are more utilitarian than the exquisitely beautiful marguerite scissors which have stolen my heart!

  373. I am a French American so this sparked my interest indeed. If I could just stop looking at everything you are giving away ten times each, I could actually get some embroidery in.

    Miss Lorraine

  374. I never intended to collect embroidery scissors, but I have inherited some and I have bought some, so I have quite a collection. My favorites right now are a tiny pair of Bernina scissors (real sharp point). I love my stork scissors, too. I’m all for having good tools – makes the work easier and more enjoyable!

  375. i do not collect scissors……. yet. i just recently discovered embroidery/needlepoint so i didnt know there were so many wonderful toys/accessories to go with this craft/art!! i am learning so much from your posts so far, even if i dont win any of the giveaways, im a winner in the knowledge im gaining! thank you so much!!

  376. I have a pair of stork scissors that I have had for years. I do love some of the fancy scissors, but my wallet does not agree! I don’t have any specific collections, but recently I have been feeling the urge to collect things.

    Dawn C
    Sothcoast, Ma

  377. Yes, I do collect scissors. I would hazard to guess I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 at this time. I use most of them at one time or another depending on what I am doing.It is almost as bad an addiction as collecting thread. I believe one can never have too many scissors or too much thread!

  378. I do collect scissors – but not those mentioned in your newsletter. My but they are just gorgeous. I do have a friend that collects them but I think these would be beyond her reach also. I have lots of scissors, in all my different project bags. I think you can never have too many scissors! My favorites are Ginghers and Carol Ahles. The little embroidery kits are quite nice also. I love complete kits.

  379. I don’t have a collection of embroidery scissors, nor do I know of anyone who does. I wouldn’t start a collection. When I think of a collection, I think of items that are put on view and not used. I use what I purchase for my stitching.

  380. Oooh, sharp pointy things! 🙂 You bet I collect (well…’accumulate’ is probably more accurate *grin*) scissors, and the more beautiful and easy to use they are, the better!

    Favorite ever pair of scissors (and if anyone knows where I can get more, I’d love to know) is a small pair of folding sewing scissors that lives on my keychain, given to me by a very dear seamstress friend. I’m on my…third?…set, but I dread wearing this one out, since the only ones I can find are seriously LeCheapo tinwork that are just miserable quality!

    My favorites were the ones that came a few years back in the ‘bonus’ sets of Boye crochet hooks–I have more ‘hair hooks’ now in those sizes after buying several sets just to get the scissors…!

    But yes. I love fine tools and their use, especially if they are A) sharp and B) beautiful!

  381. I do not collect scissors per se’ but I do have a lot of scissors that I have accumulated over the years. When I was growing up, it seemed that scissors were a very precious item in our house and my mother took very good care of them and we always had to put them back when we were done. Her sewing scissors were especially valuable and woe unto us if they were used for paper or not returned to her sewing basket when we were through. I guess that is why I like a scissors with most every project and in every room of the house. I too, have some favorites that only I, use and for that matter know where they are. By the way, I do have my mother’s sewing scissors and they are very special to me.

  382. In the short 3 years I have been stitching, I soon realised you need one pair of scissors per project, plus a few various sizes, and of course a few “floating” pairs. Hence my collection is growing.
    These small kits would be great for taking away on our sailing trips together with a good rustproof pair of scissors!!

  383. I don’t really collect embroidery scissors, though I have several pairs. My favourite pair are plain silver-coloured ones, small with very short sharp blades. No brand name, but they are stamped “Italy”.

    The French kits are beautiful!

  384. I use a pair of stork scissors most of the time. I like the Ginger scissors and have a couple pairs. I lost one in my chair and it got caught, could not be fixed. I inherited a couple of old pairs with nice designs on them but they are larger for fabric. This pair of Marqurite has the most beautiful design. Thanks for sharing such beautiful work and tools. The kits are great and you can do the basic or add to them.
    Debra Puma

  385. I don’t intentionall collect embroidery scissors but have to admit to owning about 15 pairs. I do love the gingher ones though.

  386. I don’t collect scissors – well not yet anyway. It is always a possibility for the future. I seem to collect plenty of other objects! 🙂 Sue, New Zealand

  387. I do collect scissors, although my collection of scissors are more utilitarian, than beautiful. Having just the right scissor for a task makes it more enjoyable I’ve found.

  388. I don’t collect scissors but I do have two pairs. A not so wonderful pair of little fold up ones and a golden crane pair my fiancé gave me for my birthday last year. I love my golden crane ones! Not only are they beautiful but they are nice and sharp with nice long blades.

  389. Wonderful to know of this unique resource. What beautiful things they offer. Especially noted are the samplers as they are unique from much of what is found here. They are beautiful and you are right that the Marguerite scissors or just exquisite!! This site for the first time makes me want to stitch a sampler.

  390. I love to collect all things sewing related – antique ones are best. I have just recently discovered that I must have an obsession with scissors because I have a lot of them. My favorite pair, this week, are my ginger pink embroidery scissors with the pink leather case. I also love pictures of beautifuly detailed scissors.

    OH MY GOSH!!! those Marguerite scissors are gorgious!! I’ll have to put them on my “some day when I’m rich” list. Hey, I know! Why don’t you give away a pair of them, Mary?

  391. I certainly have a fair sized collection of scissors for a variety of crafts, but only a few for embroidery. Don’t know anyone who collects, but the ones you link to are stunning. I imagine you would have a different attitude towards your work if you had the pleasure of using one of these lovely tools.

  392. Happy 7th Day of Christmas all! When I was 5 years old, my Grandmother and Great Grandmother, who were avid quilter/embroiderers, sat me between them on a big stack of pillows and taught me how to thread a needle, use small very sharp scissors that had to be wiped down after use, make a knot in the thread, and how to sew a STRAIGHT, PERFECT LINE! I think it took me a good year and several scrap pieces of cotton cloth to sew a straight line to their satisfaction. Then I got to add my talent to a few quilts that were worked on a hug, room-sized frame. I loved Grandma’s scissors because they had large holes for your fingers. As an adult stitcher, I use a pair of Ginghers but my favorites are an inexpensive pair of stork-shaped, very sharply pointed scissors. This sounds corny but I think small scissors are sort of sexy and they lure me to stitch on!!!

    Missy Palmer, Grand Junction, CO

  393. Dear Mary,
    No, I do not collect embroidery scissors and, in fact, it was not until I found your website that I even knew such scissors existed. Since I have priced them and to time I have been unable to afford to purchase a pair, but intend someday to do so. So, up to now you are the only person I know of with a collection.
    Mary of the Prairie

  394. I am not a collector of embroidery scissors but I do have more than one pair. My favorite pair I bought after Mothers Day more than 20 years ago. They are what I told my family I wanted and when they did not get them for me I went on Monday and bought them. I love to look at the Sanjay scissors but only window shopping for me.
    I like to look at the French Needle site. Diane

  395. Hi Mary.Boy do I collect :).
    I have a huuuuge stash for my mixed media and crazy quilting and scissors are part of that.
    From the enormous dressmaking type down to teeny embroidery ones. All get beaded keepers on them.
    Another fabulous giveaway. Thanks.
    Phillipa in NZ

  396. Embroidery Scissors hmmmmm – no not a collector – I am amssing a collection of vintage embroidered items (I have he fortune of being within driving distance of the Pasadena Swap Meet) – I’ll have to keep an eye open for embroidery scissors. Once again you’ve opened my mind up to another world.

    mabbettLorraine at yahoo dot com

  397. WOW…what a great gift. Im in awe!
    Thanks for offering this as our 7th, very lucky to win these items Thank you again and again.

  398. I don’t collect embroidery scissors per se but I do seem to collect many sewing related items, especially antique ones.

  399. Uuuuhhhh…yes, I do collect scissors. I hesitate to say how many. My favorite pair is a set of delicate black Dovo scissors my husband gave me.

  400. I don’t collect scissors, or other things like that.
    If I had one of those beautiful pairs I would use them everyday. Things end up with a special magic if they are used and enjoyed and in the process many special memories are created. Those memories then get passed on ( eg…I remember my mother/aunt always used that……when she was stitching) and then that item become treasured by the next person. Otherwise, they are just ” things” and are valued just in monetary terms

  401. Mary, This is another wonderful “give-away”. I cannot say that I am a collector of embroidery scissors. I haven’t the time nor the resources to do so. However, I do a great deal of machine and hand work and have scissors for every method. In fact, I include among my scissors a pair of “eye surgery” scissors which I use for my Hardangar. My favorite “little” scissors are embroidery scissors I purchased some time ago while taking a wonderful embroidery course. They are Kai and I have since purchased 2 other Kai scissors. I took a class in machine needle felting and the teacher was selling wonderful scissors which I also purchased, love and use. If I counted my sewing scissors they would number more than 2 dozen I think, though I’m not counting!! Thanks again.

  402. I don’t collect scissors but I seem to have a lot of them anyway. I really like my stork pair.

  403. I do indeed collect scissors!
    My favorite pair is a little gold scissors by Dovo. I bought them on impulse and I love them.
    I also have a tiny pair of Dovo’s designed for applique that are great.

  404. I do have a small collection of scissors. Some just call to me so I try not to seek them out because I am already addicted to pattern collecting. I do also love fibers so I have to limit my addictions. There are very cute and I love french designs.

  405. Yes, I collect scissors. The stork ones are my favorite–given to me by a wonderful aunt, who tried to teach me how to tat. It didn’t catch! The nice thing about collecting scissors, is that they can be left with incomplete projects and rediscovered!

  406. I am a collector in general. I collect anything i like. Right now i have a decent sized collection of lace, material, yarn, and knick nacks. My favorite pair of scissors i got from my mother as a present. They are golden, stork shaped, with the blades making the beak of the bird.

  407. Mary
    Eu não coletar tesouras.Eu tenho 2 pares que foram de minha mãe. Eu não tenho coleção nenhuma. Obrigado pelos brindes. Feliz 2012. Abraços.

  408. I have little stork sissors and one other little pair, the stork ones are 36 years old. I love to collect!!

  409. Was so excited to see the scissors forgot to add: yes I do collect, but I as well could not afford these beautiful pair of scissors. My first stork scissors I bought 40 years ago. Thanks so much

  410. Scissors are one of my weaknesses. I’ve been collecting the Gingher special edition scissors in 8″ and 4″ for several years now, and also tend to pick up any cute embroidery scissors I pass along the way. My husband even got into the act, buying me a lovely pair of Solingen 4″ embroidery scissors on his last business trip to Switzerland. I’ve also got some specialty scissors for applique, goldwork and hardanger work. I’m currently saving up for a pair of Sajou mother of pearl handled embroidery scissors. One of the projects on my New Year’s List is to make an inventory so these lovely tools don’t wind up being donated to Goodwill or some such.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  411. I admire good quality beautiful scissors and wish to be able to collect them. When I was at the craft section in Bon Marche one day, it took me a while to decide not to buy those wonderful Sajou scissors due to the price. Probably, my quilt teacher has a collection since she talked about her good scissors one time.

  412. Hi Mary, *sigh* so many lovely things I would love to buy from French Needle including many of their lovely antique scissors. Sadly, I find (at the moment) that I don’t have the funds to buy any and not feel guilty about the purchase afterwards.

    Marian (NZ)

  413. Aloha Mary,
    Your generosity is so lovely, please don’t fret about how you choose to do your gifts,
    Regarding scissors, I am fortunate that in this state we have Japanese made nail scissors that are finely made, sharp and have the finest of points. I love scissors and each is suited for a different job. Thread is my other big collection- just can’t resist those colors.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  414. I don’t really consider myself a scissors collector, but I have several pairs. Can a person really have too many scissors? One of my favorite pairs is my mini scissors, from Kelmscott, a little pink pair that makes me smile every time I look at it.

  415. I’ve not collected scissors, not yet 🙂 I’ve been making some very cute scissor fobs lately and I’m needing some new scissors to put the fobs on. If I give the fobs as gifts I like to make sure that I find a matching pair of scissors to make it a complete gift. I don’t know anyone who collects them, but maybe my gift(s) will inspire some of my friends to start a collection. I like to collect small handmade baskets to keep my needlework smalls in and to place them in spots that I like to stitch. I think collecting scissors is a unique and interesting hobby.

  416. I am not much of a collector, with the exception of books. At this time of my life I am all for simplifying and sreamlining. My daughter bought me a very nice pair of embroidery scissors that I try hard not to lose!

  417. I don’t collect embrodiery sissors per say although I do have several pair. Keeping a pair in every project that way their always where they should be. My favorites and the ones that are the sharpest, I purchased at Michael’s of all places. They came 3 to a set, all they say on them is Pakistan, I’ve not found them in a while. If I win this give away perhaps my collecting will become more serious.
    Theresa N

  418. I don’t consider myself a scissor collector, although I do own 5 or 6 pairs, with one pair dedicated to hardanger projects. I just like to have a good pair in each of my WIP containers! Since there’s a pair of reading glasses in each container as well, one might say I collected them, too. lol

  419. I don’t collect scissors, I have trouble with my hands so less is better for me.
    I do love my thread snipers. The scissors are beautiful though. I love the little
    kits in the collection. Happy New Year!

  420. I have one pair of fairly cheap scissors, I would love to get some really good quality ones sometime. I wouldn’t collect them, as I like to use the things I have and already have too much stuff anyway!

  421. How many pairs of scissors do I need for me to be a collector? I’m more a collector of pincushions, but scissors could be added. My hubby would say I collect anything so scissors are certainly a possibility. Love everything in the giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  422. Hi Mary,

    While I gaze with wanting at the vintage scissors in the nearby antique store, I’ve not purchased one….yet! I do, however, collect “little” things and have a curio cabinet full of a variety of things, some of which include my doll house pieces from my childhood as well as the trinkets my motherlayed with as a child. I treasure them. I am also blessed to own (and use) my grandmother’s thimble.

    It would be a joy to receive one of these awesome “little” giveaways!

    Thank you, too, for this blog. I am an avid reader and have applied some of these instructions in my fledgling attempts at embroidery.


  423. I am not a scissor collector but my favorite scissors are the one that where given to me by my best friend who taugth me embroidery.

  424. No I don`t collect embroidery scissors.At this time I have grandchildren who are here most every day and do they love to get into stuff, I`d have to put up where they couldn`t find it, then I`d forget where they (it) are.LOL My views on collecting scissors and or whatever it is you`d like is, If you can do it and enjoy!!!

  425. I don’t collect scissors…but I have 5 pair) and I use all of them. But I think Im collector of treads. Thank you!

  426. I love beautiful little embroidery scissors. How many do I need? As many as I can get. I like to put my projects up with everything ready to use. I also make stitchery baskets for charity and for my needlework guilds so we can bring in funds for great teachers. Scissors to fit the supplies inside is a necessity. — But I am sure if I win, these scissors stay with me!

  427. What beautiful scissors…
    Well, I would probably not really admit to collecting scissors, but as I look around my sewing room, I realize that I probably am. Oh dear.
    At some point I started to keep a pair with each project that was in progress…so they really started to accumulate. And didn’t really keep track after that. I really can’t seem to resist specialty scissors…hardanger scissors, sharp snips for drawnthread work, Kyocera ceramic scissors (super sharp blades), lace scissors, etc…
    As a needleworker who wants to keep the art alive, it seems like it is our responsibility to keep our vendors and craftsmen (and women) in business!

  428. hmmm – I don’t collect scissors as such, but I do have a range as each pair has it’s own ‘job’ – some for embroidery, some for paper craft, some for dressmaking,… maybe I have a “working” collection!!

  429. I don’t actually collect embroidery scissors but I do have about ten pairs. My favourite pair were a present and I love them because they have long thing blades and are very, very sharp. They came with a little leather sheath as well, so they travel safely, too.

  430. I do not collect scissors not yet,just using one I was given from my mother’s collection, but sometimes I am tempted to collect them – they all look so pretty. The Marguerite scissors looks so delicate I too would be scared that it would break if touched!

  431. My embroidery scissors are my treasures. My collection has two. A pair w/pink flowered handles & one/gold pair from “Country Bumpkin”, included w/renewal to “Inspirations” magazine. Any time spent w/handwork is to be lost in time & space. Making something is one of life’s biggest pleasures. Next is thinking, learning, collecting supplies & planning new projects.
    thanks for all the knowledge you share

  432. Hi Mary,

    I don’t collect scissors (although my husband would probably beg to differ) nor do I know anyone who does. My scissors are entirely functional. I do have one pretty pair of gingher embroidery scissors…..my only “fancy” shears. I can certainly understand the desire to collect these breathtakingly beautiful instruments……but, alas, my wallet won’t cooperate! I was blessed with my husband’s grandmother’s small thimble collection which I cherish and have added to modestly.

  433. Judging by the number of scissors I have, you would think that I collect them! No! However , i have my special pair of embridery scissors I bought when I was at college training as a Needlework Teacher. They have very fine short blades. they cost 10 shillings, now about a dollae, but then a huge price.

  434. I dont collect embroidery scissors as such, but I have 10 pairs because a pair for each project and I cant resist buying a pair if they catch my eye. They must be sharp before I buy them with pretty good balance and feel sturdy in my hand.

  435. Hi Mary, I love kits!! I especially like the April Heart embroidery kit….so cute! One of the smaller kits I would stitch with my best friend which would be fun! I took a look at the Marguerite scissors (I’m a scissor freak!!) and I love them!! Waaayyyy too much for me to purchase but I can drool over them. I have about 35 pairs of scissors and that is not enough!! My favorites are a pair of Dovo mat gold scissors with very sharp points great for hardanger, and a pair of Italian Premax scissors that has a pretty flower pattern on the handles with a sharp point. Thanks so much again for the opportunity of maybe winning and always for your inspiration!

  436. I do not intentionally collect scissors but I have many. It seems that I am often searching for the “perfect” pair to fit into whatever needlework project I have most recently finished. My latest are a tiny pair of Davos scissors that fit into a needle book that I designed to fit into the Strawberry Sweet bag that I worked from a Lauren Sauer class. They were perfect and I HAD to have them!

  437. I do not know scissor enthusiasts. I could be persuaded to become a collector. After becoming an avid reader of your site, I have begun to collect thimbles and needles and have enjoyed the history behind these tools. I looked at the Marguarite scissors you referenced and I could easily become a collector of such fine jewels.

  438. I don’t think I could collect scissors since someone is always using the ones I have to cut paper >< Sometimes it's me 😛 I know I shouldn't but I always forget to not do that when I buy new scissors so I've never really had a dedicated pair. Maybe one day 🙂 But since I have trouble keeping one pair in shape I doubt I could care for a whole collection 😛

  439. Hi, Mary Happy New Year!
    I do collect embroidery scissors (and other chatelaine accessories also). I always tell myself it’s just to improve my historical look but it’s really because I love them. For “looks” I have some fancy ones with celtic or art nouveau design holders, but my favorites for actually working are an old pair of gingher scissors with a slightly scrolled handle, fairly plain but sharp and they fit my fingers without any fussing. Having seen those amazing hand-made scissors on the French Needle website, it’s a good thing my budget is currently at -0- or I could do some serious damage. OMG, those are incredibly beautiful!

    Thanks for this as for every other contest — what fun!


  440. , I have several adorable scissors, the French made runnning hare/bunny and cat scissors are favorites and were gifts. My most often reached for however are spring loaded Fiskars.

  441. What charming kits! I’d like to work on one with my grand-daughter. Collect scissors? Not yet but I’ve seen some very charming ones. I’m not likely to start collecting as I’m trying to downsize and redistribute many of my unnecessary worldly goods. Sue

  442. I don’t collect scissors but I like to look at them. I like to look at them and wouldn’t mind having a small collection but I think I’d be too nervous to touch the really expensive scissors so I probably wouldn’t buy them.

  443. I don’t collect embroidery scissors per se, but I have inherited several beautiful scissors that belonged to my mother and grandmother. And I have purchase antique embroidery scissors and other gear that I’ve found in antique shows.

  444. No, not a collector but I do have a few pairs to use for projects in different rooms so I don’t have to go hunting for a pair in another room.


  445. I don’t collect scissors. I do enjoy looking at them. I have my favorites that I use daily and that seems to be enough for me.
    I have a tendency to collect books and I also collect elephants.

    Mary in Oregon

  446. You got me on the scissor collecting! I have recently started a collection of my own and I blame you for it! (I really do, when my husband makes a comment, I always refer him back to you!)
    I am the proud owner of four pairs of Gingher scissors – straight, curved, applique and sewing! I did not get my letter to Santa in time this year but I am still hoping to one day own a pair of the Sajou Little Monster scissors! Sigh…. As far as my views on collecting scissors, I am still a newbie but I believe strongly in the importance of good tools. So much so, that I gave my girlfriend a pair of Gingher straight Embroidery scissors for Christmas eventhough she is not a habitual stitcher- I guess I am looking for a cohort!
    Happy New Year!

  447. I do not collect scissors. I love the looks of the little antique scissors and recently seen a pair with mother of pearl handles. Way too much money for those but would really love to have them. Instead I use a pair of small plastic black handle scissors I picked up at Joanns Fabrics. I think they are Gingher’s brand.

  448. I have to admit that I have a weakness for scissors. Discerning as I am in buying the right threads and fabric for the projects that take up my hard earned spare time, I justify my scissors collecting habit by insisting that the tools of the trade, sharp and well functioning scissors, are equally important. My daughter asks if I really need a pair for each new project? Maybe not, but it sure fuels my motivation and gives me that extra spark when I can cut a piece of thread, fabric, or yarn so cleanly and with a beautifully machined, sharp little tool, too! I think she only questions, because I’m so very selfish with my best pairs.

  449. Seem to collect scissors but not specifically for embroidery. My favorites are the very tiny ones because they slip into a small carry along project easily.

  450. I don’t collect scissors but I do have some really nice pairs. I am so not a collector that I can’t tell you who designed the ones I do have. I really like pretty scissor fobs and have a few of them, too, and many patterns in my stash to make more. I would like to have a pair of scissors with a fob for each of my 7 granddaughters. What do I collect…….hmmmmm……I worked in a cross stitch store for over 9.5 yrs so I have quite a collection of cross stitch supplies…..I love to knit so I have yarn….I quilt so I have fabrics….I bead so I have those supplies……so I guess I collect a bit of everything……LOL As for what I think of collecting scissors…….I say go for it if tha’s waht you want. We all have our weaknesses. Thanks for the chance to win your nice prizes.

  451. I do collect scissors!

    I have two favorite pairs. The first is a pewter scissors from Gingher that I bought when I started doing hardanger. The second is a set is “Scissoroos” that I bought in Australia–they are shaped like a kangaroo, and I made a scissors fob with the colors of the Outback to attach to them.

    I also collect some of the Gingher special edition sets, not all though. In total, I would say I have 25-30 pairs.

    Carol S.

  452. I am not collecting any scissors, but I do have a pair that my Grandma had when she was younger!! 🙂

  453. I think I do have a collection! When I started thinking about it I do have several stork scissors, a rooster pair, a pretty green Victorian pair, and probably more tucked away in various project bags. My very favorite, because of the quality, is a pair of Gingher embroidery scissors in a leather case. I would love to win either package in this giveaway. It is always good to have a small project on hand. Thanks, Kendra H.

  454. I have a tiny fragile embroidery scissors which belonged to my Grandma. It’s one of my most treasured possessions. In and of itself, it’s not a collection per se, however when it’s put with all of the other well used and well loved sewing items i have from her it becomes a collection of monumental sentimental value!

  455. I collect old brushes, but love the patina on old scissors and probably have 5 on my wall. My Mom recently passed away so I will inherit all of her wonderful old scissors and Singer sewing machine. Everytime I use them I will remember Mom.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  456. I don’t collect scissors for the sake of collecting, but I do occasionally get extra pairs so that I can have them in different project bags. 🙂

  457. I am obsessed with scissors! I try to avoid the notions and tools sections of craft shops because I know I will find something I cannot live without. I hardly ever use anything but a simple pair of fiscars I purchased in the 70’s. I just like looking at the others 🙂


  458. I have several pairs of embroidery scissors, one of which I consider my favorite. I do not “collect” scissors, but have a small number of old thimbles, needles and other sewing implements which I treasure. One can never have too many scissors! The two packages in this giveaway are lovely and either would be a joy to have.

  459. Over the last few days, here in 40 degrees South Australian heat (!) I have patiently been struggling to produce visually acceptable eyelets. I have at my disposal 2 pairs of scissors; the first is my husband’s Christmas present – a pair of mini camping scissors and the second is my well- used pair of pointy Stork embroidery scissors. At this point in time I am trying hard not to ‘blame my tools” for my less than perfect eyelets. I would love to collect scissors!

  460. I neither collect nor know a collector of scissors. I do find that I collect patterns, hoping one day to have a good collection of nice embroidered things for my bare walls–as well as nice things to give away. Every time my extended family adds a member, I cross-stitch a Christmas stocking for him/her, so we have quite a collection of those!

  461. I do have a tendency to “collect”/use vintage sewing notions. I have 2 pair of embroidery scissors that are my favorites: one is a small
    gold stork, and the other is a plain pair that has white handles with different colored polka dots. Thanks for the giveaway!

  462. I collect embroidery scissors. I think my favorite pair is a pair of gold plated stork scissors.

    LeAnn Smith in OK

  463. I do collect scissors and presently have only 1 stork scissors which I managed to buy from an old shop that was almost 50 years old!!!
    I can do simple embroidery but thanks to you… I have been brave enough to try certain stitches.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  464. I don’t collect scissors but I collect tons oF other things. My sister collects knitting needles, but not scissors. I have lots of pairs of various scissors but only three pairs of embroidery scissors.

  465. Happy New Year Mary ~ I’m not a collector of embroidery scissors and so far I haven’t met anyone who collects them. I have a favorite pair of scissors with a frog fob that I use on all my sewing projects and would love to have some new kits to use them on. Linda 49

  466. No, I’m not a scissors collector. I have a few really nice, useful pairs, and they works for me. I have one pouch for tools that goes with me to all stitching events, so I just have a couple in there: one for metallics, and one for everything else. And a backup pair, usually.

    I like to save my fun money for the next great project and the storage space to hold the overflowing stash!

  467. Hi Mary,
    Happy new year, I am an unintentional collector of scissors, it started with a pair belonging to my mother, it is filligreed, & made in Italy I also have 8 other pairs 2 of which are the traditional stork design, if I like them and I can afford them I buy them and all are put to good use, my other fascination is thimbles but not really as a serious collector it is just because I like them as well, and they have to fit my finger so that I can use them.

  468. there kits are ideal for me as i’m just learning to embroider it will get me started as to what threads i need to embroider as i’m a little confused as to what threads to use with what pattern…the scissors are beautiful I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford them


  469. Yes, I collect needlework scissors! I have a different set for each of my stitching project bags. I haven’t been able to add to my stitching (or scissor) collection since I was laid off work 2 years ago, but I really have enjoyed stitching from my stash in these two years. I adore the French needlework designs, especially Rouge de Rhin, Long Dog, and A Mon Ami Pierre. I’ve never had access to the French magazines, but a local magazine shop carries UK stitching magazines. It’s fabulous to see cross stitch from other countries! The winners of your gifts will be very very lucky stitchers!!! What a great way to begin 2012! ~ Lorraine Thomas

  470. I have a pair of Ginghers that I use all the time. I researched some brands that are good quality for a moderate price and chose the sharpest, pointest ones I could find and the Ginghers won 🙂

  471. I have been doing embroidery since I was 8 years old. I’m dating myself too, with the one that reminds me of the Partrige Family. I love it!!

  472. I don’t really collect embroidery scissors, but I will say they seem to “come to me”. People give them to me or I’ll find them at the Goodwill and the like. My favorite pair is still a really old pair of stork scissors. They belonged to my late sister-in-law and they are either really old or she used them a whole lot because when I got them the gold was worn off the finger holes. They are still as sharp as the new. I just like the feel of them, like they have the vibes of an avid embroiderer…she was an incredible stitcher and her name was Wanda. I think of her almost every time I pick them up.

  473. I forgot to add that that these are my favorite kits so far…so femine, delicate and pretty…LOVE them!!!

  474. I collect scissors, but more the “quilting” length. And since I’m getting older, I’ve started looking for scissors with oversized handles. Fortunately, I’ve even been able to find some cute little embroidery sized guys that are comfortable to use.
    Collecting scissors may be a bit more spendy than collecting floss…at least the cotton variety!

  475. Oh…MY! I never knew such pretty scissors existed! My “collection” of embroidery scissors–such as it is–began when I kept misplacing them…as of now I have 4-5, normal everyday embroidery scissors..since taking up medieval embroidery,I have hunted for period-looking scissors…after seeing these fancy ones, I now no longer care about “period-correctness” and just want Pretty ones like these! Pretty enough to be worn as jewelry 🙂

  476. Hello again Mary,
    No, I do not collect scissors nor do I know anyone who does. What a delightful giveaway.
    Blessed New Year to you,
    Maria VF

  477. Happy New Year! Collecting scissors? If only I could. I love the intricate handles of the vintage embroidery scissors, but I mostly lose scissors and have to replace them. It is a good question to write about though.

  478. No, I admire the fancy scissors but I couldn’t spend the money on them. They’re beautiful though, and I am a little jealous of the collectors!

  479. Because I am the only one that sews in the family I get to inherit every outstanding thread box, scissors, etc. that existed in the family. One great Aunt had great taste in scissors so I have a couple of very nice ones. Not really a collection but if a shiny new scissors comes along I am tempted.

    Today’s prize is perfect for me. Graduated from St. Louis University, symbol: fleur de lis, took French and my birthday’s in April.


  480. I don’t collect scissors, but those are fantastic! They are too beautiful to use and should be displayed….hmmmm….maybe with a gorgeous antique thimble and a beautiful pincushion embellished with Victorian lace?? I don’t think I can see myself collecting scissors….I tend toward cameos, or other items to display and share…I have too many grandchildren that visit to have too many scissors out…but I do think collecting items that make you smile when you look at them is good for the soul….whatever it is.

  481. Hi Mary, Aaah, scissors. I love them but don’t collect them…I’ve just gathered a few over many years of stitching!! My loveliest pair came from my grandmother who launched a ship in the UK. They are the same quality as your Marguerite scissors, but a bit bigger! They come in a case with a date of l910 on it!!! I use them generally for canvas work.
    Thanks again for your generosity. The wee kits today are beautiful.
    Victoria, Vancouver BC

  482. I have never had a pair of embroidery scissors, but would love to own a nice pair. I have seen some really beautiful ones and can see myself collecting them if I had the money. I tend to collect stuff. I have lots and lots of books, hundreds of movies, lots of yarn, and an assortment of cross stitch supplies that I have collected over the years. I can’t make myself get rid of anything.

  483. We have never owned a home with a lot of storage therefore collecting things has never been part of my life and now at 73 I am trying to eliminate not add to. Judy

  484. Again another delectable gift—I am drooling.
    The nice thing about smalls is they have a beginning and an end that is reasonably in sight. Well, hopefully in sight.

    Cheers to all in community for a joyous New Year.


  485. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors but I do have about 5 pairs of them and treasure a pair that used to be my husband’s grandmother’s. I do have a lot of old sewing paraphernalia that I have collected over the years.

    I don’t know anyone who collects scissors either.

  486. I forgot to add that I do not collect scissors but I do have three that I use continually. That is when I can remember where I put them!!


  487. No, I don’t collect scissors, but I do have a pair of pinking shears that were my mom’s. They don’t cut very well, but I’m keeping them nonetheless. 🙂

  488. OMG! The scissors are so beautiful. I’m not a collector, but they could make me begin! I’d be scared to use them!! I have embroidered for many years and it fits in when I do Civil War reenacting, so I look for reproduction patterns, scissors, etc. Even though a little of my work has been displayed, when I see the wonderful designs you and others are doing, I feel like a novice. I would love to raise my ability to stitch to a new level and winning an embroidery kit would certainly motivate me to continue working on my skills. Thank you to all the businesses donating these wonderful kits and to Mary Corbett for revitalizing needle arts. I wish all a Happy New Year!

  489. I collect almost everything, small scissors being no exception. The pair with curved blades makes it easy to trim close when necessary, but the gold bird shaped pair are so Victorian.

  490. I dp not purposefully collect scissors, but I seem to have accumulated a lot of them…paper, kitchen, sewing, pinking, embroidery, even button-hole scissors. One simply can’t do without a variety. My favorite is a small pair in a silver holder that one wears around one’s neck…truly handy. Jean Lee Beck

  491. oh goodness. scissors. i cannot seem to own enough pairs. i have the scissors which belonged to my mum. i remember her using them to cut the patterns for the clothes she made. i loved the biting sound of the scissors through the pattern and the fabric. then i used them when she taught me to sew. i love those, her pinking shears and the gold stork scissors i use for my embroidery. i am always at peace with scissors in my hand.

  492. I don’t collect embroidery scissors. I have enough trouble making sure that I have the right scissors for the job and that no one else uses them. I think the family members of most embroiderers live in fear of using the “wrong” scissors.

  493. I love shopping for antique scissors. I have a few that I’ve found at various stores, but my favorite pair belonged to my grandmother. I will cherish those forever.

  494. I don’t collect scissors, but I do seem to misplace them. My family gives me scissors as a stocking stuffer, since I’m always saying, “Where are the scissors?” But I do like window shopping!

  495. I do indeed collect emroidery scissors! On our trip this fall to Australia, I managed to find a pair of Kangaroo scissors (like stork scissors, but with a kangaroo!). And of course, each pair of the 2 or 3 dozen embroideryu scissors needs a scissor keep – tiny designs in all sorts of embroidery tecniques or fancy tassels to identify my scissors. And then there are the applique scissors, the many sewing shears, the pinking shears,and scalloping shears….. I just can’t resist a new pair of scissors, but the basic gingher embroidery scissors are my most used embroidery scissors.

  496. Interesting question. Well, I don’t collect embroidery scissors on purpose, but whenever I do a major cleanup I find there are quite a few scattered about. Probably because I “lose” them all the time and have to pick up a pair whenever buying threads. Plus, some of them are just so darn cute!

  497. Collect? I don’t deliberately collect anything. Things just have a way of finding me and multiplying all by themselves, and that includes an ever-increasing number of scissors – pinking shears, applique scissors, thread snips, tailors shears, dressmaking scissors, embroidery scissors, and on and on. My favorite pair is the Dovo embroidery scissors I recently purchased. They’re light, tight, sharp, and they cut to the very point. Thoughts of collecting scissors bring to mind a set from the movie “Dead Again” with Kenneth Brannaugh, Emma Thompson, and Derek Jacobi. Now that was a collection.

    Thank you once again for an inspiring and creative giveaway.


  498. I love small items to work on and they make such great gifts too.
    Today I was proud of myself, I actually looked up how to do a stem and chain stitch and figured it out, so it actually looks nice, lol.


  499. Hello Mary, No I don’t collect scissors and I don’t know anyone who does. I love looking a scissors especially the antique ones. I would love to collect scissors but the ones I like are somewhat expensive and I cannot justify the cost to start collecting them. Thank you for a very lovely give away today.

  500. I have one pair of inexpensive embroidery scissors I bought at Michael’s. Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would buy expensive scissors. Don’t they cut the same? Okay, I guess I do understand. I collect books because I love to read about things I am interested in. Books are beautiful to me. I am always intrigued by the fancy embroidery scissors when I see them for sale and I will probably buy a pair one of these days…unless there is a book……

  501. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I do have a ‘stork’ pair. One for me and one for my husband (who was at one time interested in cross stitching/embroidering). The scissors in your article are gorgeous! Now I will pay more attention when I go into antique stores in the area. I may become a collector after all!

    Thank you for the chance to win. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  502. I do not collect scissors, but I might definitely be tempted to after seeing these. I have a penchant for antique needlework tools and hope one day to start collecting, when I have a bit more time, and the children are a bit older.

  503. I do not collect scissors. I do not know anyone who collects them. But I am only a beginner, who does something else for a living. If one is serious about their embroidery, then I guess it is worth having a collection – special ones for special needs.

    Resmi from India

  504. This is a news for me…i hav a pair of ordinary scissors thatz it… may be in future i ll start. now iam only a beginner…

    raji from India

  505. I do not collect embroidery scissors and do not know anyone who does. I don’t feel inclined to collect them, but my thimble collection is growing. If I began investigating the history of embroidery scissors, that would probably raise enough interest to start collecting them. Although their beauty is enough. It would be an obvious accompanying collection to the thimbles!

    Thank you for offering the lovely items in the giveaway. Happy New Year!

  506. I’m not a collector of scissors, I only have them because of necessity. I have a tiny pair of thread snips by my machine and another pair on my hand sewing bag, I like them for their simplicity and industrial look. I’d be afraid of losing fine expensive scissors. I ‘d love to have either of these kits.

  507. A new thought altogether , for me .
    never though about it. yes, If I get scissors in various styles, I would definitely inclined to do so.

  508. Hello
    I do not collect scissors. But I used to collect different types of needles, threads and patterns. Normally I use small flat scissor to cut the threads and big to cut the cloth.

  509. Happy New Year. I have recently gotten into stitching scissor fobs, they are small and colorful and give me a great sense of accomplishment since I can actually finish them. Hence, I have become a more imformed scissor collector. I have very tiny, very sharp, and just decorative. I have friends that actually collect antiique scissors which I love, being a big history buff. My favorite pair are from Germany and they are fabulous because they are surgical steel and very sharp.

  510. I say I do not collect scissors, but in saying this I do have about 8 pairs in my different embroidery, crochet and patchwork projects, so I guess I could be a collector of sorts, what a treasure these beautiful dainty ones are.
    Thank you

  511. Hi Mary,
    I really don’t “collect” embroidery scissors,
    but I do have a few. My favorite one is Gingher
    stork scissors. I do collect thread and embellishments and fabric and sewing machines.
    Blessings – Jane

  512. How thoughtful of the Frencjh Needle. This is so much fun. I love their online shop and just spent 20 minutes perusing. I don’t collect scissors purposefully but do have a nice small collection of scissors owned by my predecessors. The Bakelite and ivory handled ones are probably most valuable but the stork scissors my mom used are most precious to me. Of course I only use my Gingher scissors for my work and would be lost without them.

  513. Yes, I am a collector! I love scissors. I like to have a pair in each pouch of a project in progress (no, I don’t work on just one at a time!). My favorite scissors are a pair of Ginghers from years ago, but I am always open to new scissors. The kits look darling and I would love to work on them also!

  514. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors, or know of anyone who does. However I am a beginner and am quite new to these kinds of things! 🙂 I have seen some bird scissors in magazines which are quite pretty! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  515. I have bought 3 pair of embroidery scissors over time. Two were the stork and cut well. The 3rd didn’t. So, I realize there IS a difference in their quality!!! I don’t collect but I do go for quality and only buy for their usefulness for the project at hand. Most of the projects I do are rather large. It would be nice to have something small to work on that provides quicker gratification.

  516. I do not collect anything to do with embroidery as yet, however, I am just starting to get back into this as a hobby. All of the gifts that you are giving away are just that–GREAT GIFTS–I have really enjoyed all of the comments given by all these last few days. It has been a joy to read them all

  517. Mary, No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors and I don’t know anyone who does. I have a few pairs, but nothing that would be considered a collectible, now I do collect thread and fabric. Thanks again for the giveaways. Happy New Year!

  518. While I tend to “accumulate” utilitarian scissors, I haven’t really collected any fancy ones. I do have two pair of Gingher embroidery scissors – and hope that I always know where at least one pair is!!

  519. Dear Mary — No, I don’t collect embroidery or any other type of scissors, but I know someone who does. She is my friend Marion, a needlewoman of great talent. She showed me the French Needle site a while back. I’ve visited it at intervals ever since but only to look and imagine how wonderful a pair of hand wrought scissors might feel in my hand. I don’t think I would be likely to collect scissors. This could be a relative concept since someone who does not sew, or make lace, or embroider (unfortunate individual) might think that my working assortment of Gingher scissors are an extravagance when I think they are a necessity. In a very small way I do collect some similar types of sewing things and also collect lace bobbins but set limits.
    I’m enjoying each installment of the 12 Days very much. Thank you and a thank you to the donors. Cheers, Shirley

  520. I do not collect scissors. I have a number of pairs for different taks, but I do not consider that a collection just a need. I have other collections and I know if I started in on needlewrik tools all would be lost.

  521. Mary,
    What another great gift you have put together. The selection is so nice and something to teach us new stitches and beautiful items from other countries. Scissors… I have so many, I was starting to think I was getting to lazy to go get a pair to use, but collecting them, I guess not. I love the little embroidery scissors and I have a pair that was given to me by my mother-in-law, they are very special. I do like the thread snippers as quick and easy, not to find the finger holes. I’m sure that I will be looking closer at the antique shops.

  522. Happy New Year! I don’t collect scissors nor do I know anyone who does. As I like the historical background of certain collections, I thank those people who enjoys collecting embroidery scissors because it is convenient way to appreciate them.

  523. I didn’t think I collect scissors, but I tend to find them in places I forgot about. A few had been gifts. Nothing fancy. Some are tiny and sharp, others a little larger. What their purpose is for I really don’t know. I just know what I use them for. So if a collection equals more then two, then I guess I am a collector!

  524. Hello…I love scissors and I do have quite a few. I rationalize buying pretty or an unusual pair because it is not a project. AND…every project bag needs a pair of scissors, a quality sharp pair and a pair for cutting paper. I have many Gingher pairs and Dovo are very fine but my favorite pair is a very decorative pair (gold and silver) by Wasa Solingen from Germany.

  525. Greetings!

    I do not collect scissors… yet.

    My grandmother collected scissors of all sorts. I never thought about my grandmother’s collection for many years, until I read this.

    Her collection was mounted on the walls of her sewing room. Some were beautiful and some were rusty, but still enchanting. All sizes were mounted with little labels below them, stating the date, where she found them and who they belonged to if she knew. It was history.

    I am just starting to embroidrey once again after thirty years. In fact, I was amazed at all of the beautiful scissors that are available. It really could make a person to want to collect them! It was fun shopping for floss, needles, scissors (I purchased two.), hoops, a book and finding my first project to work on.

    I also enjoyed reading this newsletter and seeing all of the little kits offered. I know, whoever wins these will have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

    I wish everyone luck with winning this!

    Cindy Hearl

  526. Firstly, fancy embroidery scissors are really hard to come by in local shops. Secondly, thrifty me would rather spend that mini fortune on a dozen smaller kits or embroidery supplies. My mom in law gave me her iron tailoring scissors which is too heavy for her to use. I love the deep crunchy sound they make as it cuts thro fabric. But I would like to own a delicate, antique pair one day.

    On collecting, I used to snip interesting tidbits from newspapers and magazines. Then picture postcards from around the world. Now, its my keychain collection which has a place of pride in my showcase. I’m a sucker for anything unique, Mary. Or I’ll just put a creative twist to an ordinary something to make it extraordinary.

  527. No I am not a collector of scissors – I seem to collect plenty of other things though! So perhaps it is another thing I could add to the list. I could certainly handle a few extra pairs to go with my various bags of projects.
    Happy New Year to you Mary and thanks for the great gifts that just keep coming.

  528. I collect all things to do with embroidery – just love pretty things! My favourite pair are Kai embroidery scissors because they have such sharp points – especially good for stumpwork. Good scissors are important and they must be sharp and cut well. I have a few antique scissors as well – just pretty things to look at.

  529. I adore embroidery scissors and love to collect them. I love all the”purpose built’ ones like my goldwork scissors, my fine duck billed applique ones etc but my favorite pair is my victorian sterling silver ones with an ornate floral pattern I found on ebay. I am always on the look out for more pretty scissors! I think it is because they are small and can be very pretty as well as quite functional.

  530. Hello Mary
    No scissor collecting by me. Those Marguerite scissors … WOW and a wow price too. We have a pair of scissors here that are the same size and shape as the well known and used stork embroidery ones but these take the form of a kangaroo and are called Scissoroos.

    Thank you once again for this fabulous give away

  531. I don`t collect scissors, but I seem to have a lot of them…mostly because I have so many project bags with things on the go. I like to have scissors in each bag so I can grab and go without hunting up scissors.

    Thanks again for the contest Mary!!

  532. Hi Mary,

    I do not collect scissors. But I do have 3-4 pairs in different sizes.


  533. I never thought about collecting scissors though I have a few. I love looking at my little stork scissors. The Marguerite scissors are scissors on a new level – wonderful to see them! If anything I collect thimbles.

  534. Ok, confession time. Not only do I not collect scissors or know anyone who does but I don’t actually possess a pair of needlework scissors myself! The main pair I use are small craft scissors that are very sharp but have rounded blunt ends for cutting paper and which I use for cutting fabric and thread and for anything more intricate I use a pair of nail scissors. I keep both pairs really sharp with a diamond sharpener I bought for keeping an edge on the hoof trimming knives I use to keep my horses feet trimmed! I’m a make do and mend sort of person but having written this down and confessed to you all it does make me sound just a little bit crazy so perhaps it’s time I thought about getting some proper needlework scissors after all! :0)))

  535. I do really like scissors of all kinds. Most of my scissors are just the general run of the mill type, but I do have a favorite pair of embroidery scissors…They are Ginghers that have painted blue with flowers handles.

  536. No, don’t collect scissors or much else for embroidery. Am just beginning & have lots to learn. Books are my passion!

  537. I have some different scissors but am not a collector. I collect inkpots and some writting tools (not so much I would like because are expensive things)

  538. I don,t collect embroidery scissors but I do have a friend who does it. She has quite a collection.
    Todays gifts are small things and as they say- good things come in little parcels- so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  539. First I would like to thank you for this fun 12 days of Christmas Giveaway. You have taken us to some fun shops and I have seen so many new things I want to create.
    Embroidery scissors, I have lots, but I never considered myself a collector of them. Mostly I have so many as I like SHARP embroidery scissors. I have a pair of “Stork” scissors that were my grandmothers so sharp or not they will always be here. I do have a pair of Gingher in a leather sleeve, (I keep them hidden from the rest of the family) that are very trustworthy. My husband has commented before on the number of scissors in our home…but really how many screwdrivers does one man need!!!

  540. these little kits be right size to take work on from me. I don’t collect scissors.

    Joanie M in W TN

  541. I do not collect scissors, but I love the little embroidery scissors. If I ran into them at sales I am sure I would start-lol I do collect buttons, threads and lots of everything else for my craft room thanks for the chance Kathy in Missouri

  542. Mary, the scissors are gorgeous, but I do not collect them. I do have a pair of antique stork, a pair of Gingher and several less expensive pairs. Does that make a collection?

  543. I love the little kits and would especially like the April kit. Both my Granddaughter and I were born in April and I have been embroidering with her since she was three – this is our special time together.

    I have many pairs of scissors, but do not collect them. I do have several friends who collect scissors and have them on display in their homes. It is lots of fun to look at the scissors and learn about their history. I do not collect this type of item, but enjoy seeing my friends collections of anything embroidery related.

  544. I LOVE this giveaway. i think it’s my favorite yet. I can definitely see myself collecting scissors. I didn’t realize until recently just how many cute embroidery scissors were out there. It’s also nice because they’re small!! i like the ones that look spooky for halloween, so far….


  545. I do not collect scissors, but I do own a few. I love my “Fiskars” which are from Finland. I also have some stork scissors. And I know I have a few others, like the ones I use for my Hardanger stitching. I don’t know of anyone who collects them personally, but I have noticed other bloggers who are collectors.

    Please enter me into your giveaway. I would love to win one of them.

    Happy Stitching

  546. I’m not really inclined to collecting scissors, neither know any one that collects them. There are really lovely designs, such as the one you speak in this post; but for me they’re just a tool.
    Thank you and have a nice day!!
    Libertad from Argentina

  547. Ok, I am shivering all over I am so excited about this prize.

    No, I don’t you collect embroidery scissors but now that you mention it I do have a pretty big collection of scissors in general. Maybe I am a collector and didn’t know it. And now that I’m thinking about it I think I’d love to become a collector of embroidery scissors, they are all so pretty. I don’t think I know anyone who is a collector of embroidery scissors but I’m going to start looking for them.

    Do you think you’d be inclined to collect embroidery scissors? Absolutely!

    Are you a collector of such things in general? Crochet hooks, Vaseline glass, the lost goes on and on.

    Just what are your views on collecting scissors? I like it gona have to start it.

    Can’t wait to here your view.

  548. I have a nice collection of needlework scissors and must admit my most favourite are the least expensive. While shopping in the city one day I saw a pair of scissors with matching sewing tape done in a black paisley design for under twenty dollars and bought the set. Just the idea of the coloured scissors caught my eye, but nothing can replace the beauty of holding my needlework stork scissors in my hand, nice sharp and wonderful to use. If I were to check my sewing cabinet and cases I guess you could say I collect small scissors as I have them sitting with each project so I don’t have to search for them.

  549. I have one pair of embroidery scissors but I do alot of window shopping admiring them. Generally speaking I am not a collector of the same types of things. Thanks!

  550. No, I do not collect scissors. I have several pairs for my multiple projects, some of them are just manicure scissors (used exclusively for embroidery and they work just fine for that). I love the exquisite scissors from French boutique, especially Marguerite ones, but I am glad they are SO expensive. Otherwise I would be really tempted to save some money to buy such a pair, and it feels wrong to spend a lot on just embroidery scissors, no matter how fancy. As for collections, I enjoy collecting fragrant soaps that I put together with my silks and ribbons, and they smell so good…

  551. Hi Mary, Oh my gosh do I collect sissors? I love this website, the scissors are to die for. I have one really small pair that I keep in a silk hussif, they are a go to pair all the time, I just love the light weight feeling. They are German but I can’t remember the name. I don’t think all scissors are created equal, some are just better quality than others. I can just imagine Marie Antoinette using something beautiful when she stitched. I guess I am a collector of pretty accessories when it comes to my stitching. My husband says I just like getting my stitching set up so I can look at all the pretties. Maybe he’s right! 🙂 p.s. I like stitching too!

  552. Until last year I had just one pair of Fiskars embroidery scissors (not counting the cutting out, ones or pinking shears)
    However I found that my trusty Fiskars were not sharp enough for doing Hardanger so when I went to the Knit & Stitsh show in Harrogate in November, I had some new ones on my list and ended up buying three pairs and have had another two pairs as presents for Christmas. So I think you could say I have a small collection, and I think it may just get bigger, they are a bit moreish aren’t they!!! One pair I bought are great for cutting threads, they are round ended but one blade has a curved cutout which holds the thread still as you are cutting, they are my new favourites!
    Love the chance to win some of your great goodies. Happy New Year
    Sue T
    in France

  553. I’m a gadget collector for many different hobbies so I have at least 4 pairs of embroidery scissors, including my grandma’s stork scissors. The Marguerite scissors are delightful, though I’m probably most taken by the little wooden box; it surely puts a leather sheath to shame. The sheath holds my favorite pair of black Gingher embroidery scissors. They’re small and wickedly sharp, critical requirements that moves them to the head of the list. Happy New Year.

  554. Morning Mary!
    I do not collect scissors. I have four pair of embroidery scissors made by Fiskars in various places throughout my house. Just depends on where I’m stitching at. About the only thing I collect, stitching wise, is hand dyed silks. 🙂

  555. I wasn’t expecting this question, lol. Do they have a group for people who ‘collect’ scissors?
    ‘Hi, my name is Marcy and I’m hooked on scissors.’
    I have no idea why I’m so fascinated by them either. I have multiple pairs of Ginghers, Dovos, Tres Clavelles, Premax, vintage, antiques …the list goes on.
    I try to switch out which ones I’m using for trimming threads on a regular bases, but my favorite pairs of scissors would have to be some of my Dovos. They feel lovely in my hand and are great for hardanger.
    I do have a favorite pair of antique scissors that I picked up a few years back. They came in an old leather covered silk lined case that I believe is now well over 100 years old. It’s one of my treasured antiques, but I do collect all kinds of vintage and antique sewing and stitching tools…not just scissors 😀

  556. I do not collect embroidery scissors. Fabric, floss, needles,and patterns but not scissors. One or two pair suit me best.

  557. Hi Mary! Another great giveaway! I inadvertantly collect just about everything! Most of the time I collect them because I can’t find one, then I buy another one, only to find the previous one!!

    Traci in OK

  558. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I would be the kind of person who could! I’m a believer that high quality work is done with high quality tools. If these tools are pretty too, that’s a plus! As I’m a self-taught embroiderer and en endanger species in my community, I don’t know any other person who collect scissors (or do embroidery, for that matter).

  559. I don’t collect embroidery scissors but I think it would be fun. You would always have scissors on hand and they would be fun to look at and use. This give a way looks exciting and would be so much fun to try!

  560. I don’t deliberately collect scissors, but I do have more than I really need. I always look at scissors in shops, thinking there may be a pair that’s better/prettier/pointier/sharper/etc. than what I have. I do like to have a pair with each ‘active’ project.

  561. Good Morning Mary and a very Happy and Healthy New Year,
    I absoluately love scissors!!! I have a pair in every project I am doing and a few extras in my work area. I love making pin cushions and scissor fobs for myself and gifts. My friends probably think that is the only things I can do, but small projects are fun and the results quicker.
    Have a great day.

  562. Yes mary I am a collector:cup of coffee,nice tableware.works of embroidery..135 thimble and I begin the scissors…only 6 (laugh ),my prefer is a deutch scissor:”Solingen”

  563. I have a beautiful pair of embroidery scissors that I purchased in Germany about 20 years ago — so I guess that’s the start of my collection! The Marguerite scissors are beautiful — but I will have to admire from afar. I am content with my German pair for now.

  564. Hi Mary,
    I did not think that I was an embroidery scissor collector but I have 6 pair so maybe I am. I have 2 Stork, 1 Chanticleer, 1 with corn or a tulip on the handle from DMC, 1 Fiskar, and 1 Gingher. I have 1…or 2 in each of my canvas bags that I carry my projects in so that I can’t forget anything. My husband calls me the “bag lady”.
    Thanks for all you do.

  565. I absolutely LOVE embroidery scissors! Although I’ve only bought a couple of handmade scissors through the years (can you say “expensive”?) I was fortunate enough to inherit a number of beautiful pairs of scissors from my grandmother (along with some wonderful embroidery hoops, her vintage collection of Corticelli/Belding silk buttonhole threads, and some really great embroidery reference materials, etc.). All together I have 2 dozen scissors. But, I actually only use 1 or 2 pairs on a regular basis–they’re just too beautiful to use. Most of my grandmother’s collection come in their own handmade boxes and are a true treasure. Even to this day they still cut beautifully and are a pleasure to use.

    Sue U

  566. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I could definitely see myself doing so. Right now I have 3 pair, two that are the same. I have seen such darling ones though that I am really tempted!

  567. I don’t collect embroider scissors. I have one pair and I’m totally putting them down and losing them. I need to make myself one of those scissor fobs along with a needlebook!
    Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  568. I do have an assortment of scissors from France, Spain and Germany. I don’t know if I would call myself a collector of scissors, I buy them for different purpose, like Hardanger.

    I do have a small collection of thimbles. I do not use these, but I like to look at them.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be in the give away.
    Esther B

  569. I don’t deliberately collect scissors, but do have a few given by friends or collected by myself while traveling. Years ago I bought a French-made pair in Brussels. They are fantastic to cut with but I almost hate to use them-I look at them a lot.
    I do have a friend who says she owns over 300 pairs of scissors. Quite amazing! Just as this give away is quite amazing! Thanks for doing it.

  570. I love doing hardanger, and I also love to collect scissors. It seems that there is always a new pair that might make the cutting easier. My favorites at this time are the Clavels (sp). I keep a pair of scissors in every project that I am working on. Usually at least 4-or 5 projectis at one time.

  571. I don’t collect scissors to collect them but I do have a few little ones. The blunt, the really pointed one, the curved one, the one that really fits my hand well. Can you really have too many scissors!

  572. Én nem gyűjtöm az ollókat, még nagyon kezdő vagyok a hímzés területén, de el kell kezdeni valamikor. Gondolom, egyszer engem is elér az olló gyűjési láz.
    Nagyon szeretném megnyerni az egyik készletet

  573. I don’t intentionally collect embroidery scissors. It just seems to happen because many of my take along bags need to have scissors. Also, goldwork requires scissors for cutting the goldwork (has serrated edge) and then a pair of really sharp for Hardanger, Then a special Santa pair and on it goes. I’ve never really counted how many I have! i think I would be surprised. If I counted them I may just decide to start collecting, who knows? I do have a thimble collection, but in general I shouldn’t collect anymore because it can go on and lead to more stuff.

  574. I don’t collect scissors, but I do collect sewing and knitting items. I have my great-grandmother’s sewing table, my paternal grandmother’s knitting needles, and my maternal grandmother’s sewing chest. I have a few other items I’ve acquired mostly on Ebay. When I find things in shops I rarely buy them because I can’t bring myself to spend that much on myself for something that is purely a luxury.

  575. I don’t *intentionally* collect scissors, but I tend to accumulate extras of things like that as I lose them and find them again. I’m generally just happy if I can find something other than my teeth to cut my thread!

  576. Hi Mary ,
    I’m not a scissors collector but I do own a pair of scissors that is my favorite when embroidering. I purchased it from a website company and I love it as the handle has a lot of cheery character design therefore they set a cheery atmosphere when I work on my embroidery projects and they seem to stay super sharp. Those Marguerite scissors are a gem but like you say Mary, no harm in just “window shopping”.
    Terese USA

  577. Hi Mary!
    I don’t collect scissors… The one I have now needs to be replaced. I so love these little kits! They are indeed a quick fix when you need it! I usually work on big things and I admit i sometimes put it aside to make something small. So, maybe one of these kits?…
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  578. I am a scissor collector! The Marguerite scissors are beautiful, they are a bit out of my budget as well, but I would take them in a minute. My favorites are 3.5″ Dovo’s stainless steel and a pair of gold TreClaves. I’ve had both for many years and they are in use constantly. I do have 72 pairs from antiques to the new whimsical scissors!! I have used them all at one time or another…depends on the project and my mood.

  579. I never collected embroidery scissors because they can be a little costly, but they are beautiful to behold. The detail and artistry are quite stunning on some of them. My most beloved possession will always be my mom’s sewing scissors, plus I have some smaller pairs for my needlework. That’s good enough for me right now.

  580. Don’t we all collect embroidery scissors? Maybe unintentionally, but it’s still a collection! I love mine! I tend to have many pairs so there is one for each project. Sometimes, as Vicki pointed out above, you need an extra to cut different fibers. My favorite pair is a little pair of Tres Claveles that I’ve had for about 30 years. They’re missing right now due to a move, but always the best. I still haven’t found a pair with a finer, tighter tip for cutting very close in finishing lace work and cutting blocks in Hardanger. I love to discover little sewing kits at estate sales and find scissors in them that “may just work” for various threads. My best “find” was a tiny pair that was sprung and works perfectly for my Honiton lace.

  581. I own a few pairs of–I was going to say “mostly,”–inexpensive scissors, but relative to the collectibles available mine are all inexpensive, and some just plain cheap. But I’m okay with that. I spend my “savings” on kits and materials. I do have a friend who collects scissors though; it would seem it is the history that attracts as much as the scissors.

  582. I don’t deliberately collect scissors, but I do have a number of pairs, out of necessity. I like to keep a pair with each project, and since I always have more than one one project going at a time….

  583. I don’t collect scissors. I do collect pincushins. especially the one I make myself. they are fun little items to make

  584. I don’t currently collect embroidery scissors, however several of my stitching friends do. I think I will soon be joining them, as I recently purchased several decorative boards with hooks to display scissors!
    Kathy from McKinney

  585. What treasures! I collect scissors of all kinds. My favorite scissor depends on the project I am working on. Recently I have been doing drawn threadwork which requires a tiny curved blade.
    RebeccaM in Texas

  586. No, I haven’t collected embroidery scissors, nor do I know of anyone who does. Guess I’d rather spend my money on materials and on finishing projects than on lots of scissors, and I know that they can be expensive. I do admire them, but I’d rather just have one pair that I go to all the time because they fit me.

  587. I think everyone who stitches collects embroidery scissors. I seem to have a pair in each project bag. My favorite changes depending on the project. One thing I need is for them to cut completely to the end of the scissors. I like occasionally getting a small project I can finish in a weekend,
    Barb from OR

  588. Dear Mary,

    I am a scissors collector. I have 31 pairs of scissors. My favorites are a pair of pewter ginghers with curlique finger holes. I love the articles about antique scissors and needlework tools.

    These two assemblages are really cute. Thank you.

  589. I don’t collect scissors, but having quite a few workspaces I’ve recently made an effort to aquire a few, so I don’t need to carry the one I had around to different places every 5 minutes. My one pair of embroidery scissors goes with any actual embroidery now, another few small scissors are for thread-clipping at the sewing machine, the quilt frame etc.

  590. I do not collect scissors, but like many others I do have several pairs. I usually have one pair with the project I am currently working on and several others floating around the house. Mine are not expensive ones my any stretch of the imagination though. I could see myself possibly collecting such things one day, however right now I am still working on my antique rosary collection.

  591. I think that I’m an inadvertant collector of embroidery scissors, because I keep losing them, and have to buy more. I collect enough thread, kits and charts, so I’ve managed to avoid collecting scissors!

  592. I don’t consider myself an embroidery scissors collector, but I do have more than a few pairs. My scissors have usually been purchased out of desperation when I misplace one. I have been looking and pawing scissors recently with an eye to buying myself a pair that is a treat to the eyes as well as a practical necessity. I don’t know anyone who collects embroidery scissors. My personal weakness (other than fabric and thread) is teapots. I am a tea drinker (my daughter calls me a tea addict) and I use all of the pots in my collection.

  593. i never set out to collect embroidery scissors, but i guess i do. i have about 12 pairs. when i buy a pair it is usually for looks, but it has to have a sharp edge to seal the deal. 5 of mine are heirlooms. my favorite pair were my grandmothers.

  594. I did not start out collecting embroidery scissors but when I need a pair I can never seem to find them. Now I just keep a pair with each project I am working on. However, my favorite are a pair that my daughter gave to me when she was little. I think of her everytime I use them.

  595. I do not currently collect embroidery scissors, but after seeing those at The French Needle, I see I must start doing so!
    Thank you for introducing me to this lovely store! As a longtime Francophile with a French persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I see that I will be purchasing many things from her store in the future.

  596. I have a whopping two pair of embroidery scissors: a pair of Ginghers that I bought for myself, and a pair of cheapos that were my grandma’s. I do wish there was some identification on them as far as the brand, because they are almost as good as my expensive Ginghers, and I know she wouldn’t have spent much on them! I don’t collect scissors, and I don’t know anyone who does. I’d much rather have just one or two good pair and spend the rest of my money on threads.

  597. I have never thought of collecting embroidery scissors but have to admit when this came up I counted mine. Oops! it seems that I do indeed. No telling how many I have accumulated but assure you that none are in the same league as those you mentioned. By coincedence I am stitching a delightful Rouge du Rhin Duo de Soire pattern.
    Cheers from down under
    New Zealand

  598. I don’t collect embroidery scissors, but I do have several pairs. I used to have just one, they lasted me for years and years. When they finally died I couldn’t get another pair the same and somehow I’ve ended up with 3 pair – one from The French Needle (Maison Sajou’s Faux Tortoiseshell); it took me some time to save up for them! Although I like all the scissors I have, I still prefer my old scissors.

  599. I won’t say I’m a collector but I do have four pairs of embroidery scissors. I keep one in my sewing room one in a kit I take along with me and I guess the other two are backups. LOL

  600. No, I’m not a collector of scissors or of anything else. Used to when I was younger, but I’m just too practical and boring now to buy too much of anything or hang on to them. I would just as soon pass them on to others.

  601. I have acquired 6 pair of embroidery scissors, intentionally purchased 2 pairs and lovingly inheireted 4 pairs. I too like to keep several pairs about the sewing area for time saving purposes. My family always tries to wear a pair attached to a ribbon chain around the neck for quick reference during a project. Those tiny dickins always manage to sneak away when my back is turned.

    Does any one have advice on how to properly sharpen these petite curved and straight blade?

  602. I had to really think about this question. I don’t collect scissors as a collector, but I do have a number of pairs that I purchased and use purposefully. I like to have a pair in each project bag and buy them for particular purposes. I use folding scissors in my knitting bag, 7 inch titanium ones for hand appliqué projects, Italian fine point ones for cross-stitching and my favorite – a pair of scisseroos for crewel or other embroidery. I have bought scissaroos for my daughters and granddaughters – every girl should have at least one pair!

  603. I can’t say I’m a collector of them, at least that wasn’t my intent. I have about 10-12 pairs of them though. I’ll see a new one I think I’d like to try, so I buy them. I have two favorites though and both are titanium, but I don’t recall the manufacturer.

  604. Scissor collector? Not me. I have 2 pair of embroidery scissors and think one pair is meant for metalic threads, since the blades seem to be serrated a little bit. My tried and true scissors get the job done.

  605. Scissor collector? Not me. I collect lots of stuff, but have only 2 pair of scissors for embroidery and I think that one paor is meant for cutting metalic threads only.

  606. I have to confess that I love embroidery scissors and have collected quite a number. But I use them all and would love to make fobs for them. Gingher scissors are part of my collection (except for the one lost to an airport inspector – forgot to pack it in checked bag). I replaced that pair with some beautiful stork scissors so all was not lost! I also LOVE the Dovo scissors and the pair obtained in a kit which was made by an English craftsman whose identity I cannot remember.

  607. Well, I don´t collect embroidery scissors nor do know anyone who does. But it would be a wonderful exibition, one of a collection of embroidery scissors…I am sure I would like to visit it…

  608. Hi Mary,
    I have not collected embroidery scissors nor thought about it till now. Nor do i now anyone who does collect. Maybe if I knew someone in the past who did, i would have been inclined to do so! But I have read been an avid reader of your blogs and I have realised that there is so much to learn in embroidery apart from threads and stitches! As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I do wish I become a wizard at embroidery!

  609. No, I don’t collect embroidery scissors but I did buy myself a lovely pair ($40!)as a birthday present and every time I use them I am glad I spent the money. Everyone collects something; I collect old etiquette books when I’m not spending my money on embroidery and knitting books!
    Karen from western NC

  610. I am not a collector of scissors as such but JUST Love anything old from the sewing world… I have the most fascinating coin shaped safety pin holder which nobody has seen before.. any clues……i am fascinated by how much beautiful work was done with such beautiful tools of our trade .

  611. I would have to say in a way that I do collect scissors in many sizes and shapes… But that is mostly because I seem to lose my scissors faster than I can finish a project! Occasionally, I find a pair, but there must be a small brownie running through my house, collecting scissors, I’ve lost so many pairs! It makes me afraid to by the really cute embroidery scissors. 🙁

  612. I do not collect embroidery scissors but funnily enough you might think my husband thinks I should as I have six different pairs, all courtesy of him! Most of them I believe are made by Gingher, my favorite is a pair made by Gutermann.
    I do not know anyone who collects embroidery scissors but I think I can understand those who do when I see such examples as the “Marguerite” scissors on The French Needle website, ooh la la!

  613. Although I have several pair of embroidery scissors, it’s because there’s a pair everywhere. In the pocket of my sewing machine rolling case, at the sewing machine table in a lazy susan tool keeper, stored vertically in an antique silk bobbin next to my favorite stitching chair, etc. etc. So I don’t collect them as much as want them close to hand.

  614. Hello Mary.. OK.. I admit that I am a collector of scissors (along with anything to do with hand embroidery used in the past!) The collection lives in my prized 1849 antique sewing table. Amongst the treasures I have a pair of beautiful fine gold antique scissors with the sharpest blades. Like you, I also covet the Marguerite scissors and am presently plotting to work out how to afford a pair! I also love my “functional” scissors..ie Ginger for day to day work, fine bladed KAI, goldwork scissors etc etc etc.

  615. I don’t collect embroidery scissors and because I come from a family of collectors, only too happy to send me gifts of a dozen of anything I might give the appearance of collecting, I’m very careful not to get extras of anything that might look through their eyes like a collection! I’m not much of a collector of things, and I’m forever trying to pare back to a more minimal lifestyle – if I’m not using something, it shouldn’t be in my house. It doesn’t work very well, but I try. (I’m a quilter, just learning embroidery, so my biggest collection of course is my stash of quilting fabric. Every year I make the same resolution: this will be the year of using fabric I own, not buying fabric I want. Maybe it’ll work this year?)

    I only have one pair of embroidery scissors, and you could probably call them starter scissors. They’re adorable though, to me anyway, with pink handles and a little green leather case to store them in.

    My grandma used to have quite a few pairs of embroidery scissors, and I remember when I was a kid coveting her pair with a gold stork for a handle.

  616. Collect? Did you say collect? Oh what a great word that is! Yes, I do indeed. My favorite pair is KAI brand. They are sharp and easy to handle. Not very pretty but sure do the job. Chris Beresford from Michigan

  617. I do not collect scissors, however I have several pairs. Some of mine are decorative, but most importantly they are all very functional. I like scissors that work well and are comfortable to use. If they are pretty or cute all the better.

    Cathie Bridwell

  618. I don’t collect embroidery scissors nor do I know anyone who does. However, after taking a look the French Needle’s collection I could definitely see myself starting:)


  619. Discovered French Needle through your blog. Love their boutique. Would love to win this giveaway.
    Happy New Year 2012!

  620. I don’t have a big collection of scissors. But one, my best, has been missing for months. The bright side of the story is that I don’t believe it left my house!! I love looking at and for all the little accessories that you can collect – yet are useful in our stitching endeavors. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately – deciding if I should give up and replace that missing part of my scissors collection (and with which one?)!

  621. Hi…well actually, I do have several scissors for needlework…all varying sizes and metal colors…I cannot say I have a fav tho..just tuck them in different projects so I have one handy…should say I collect scissors in general lol…such a junkie! ty for a chance

  622. I don’t collect scissors. I have one good pair and might like to have an additional one. I don’t think I know anyone else who collects scissors. In general, I would rather spend money on fabrics and threads than on scissors.

  623. I try not to collect scissors, but my friends say I do. Scissors seem to jump out at me when I am in an Embroidery shop. Pretty and small and ofcourse fine pointy ends are always a must.
    Rosemary V Australia

  624. Hi Mary,
    I do not collect scissors nor know anyone who does. I actually an looking to collect needle cases (etuis). I have a beautiful one from my great grandmother that is hand carved wood and was made in Germany.

  625. I don’t collect scissors, but I have a bunch. They just sort of arrive. But I use one pair of spring assisted scissors mostly. Very easy on your hands. I know several people who collect scissors. I love thread and yarn and have a good collection.

  626. I don’t collect scissors, but I need to have more than one pair since I always misplace them….but I always seem to find them again. It’s like a natural scissor rotation!

  627. Honestly the thought of collecting embroidery scissors never occurred to me before I read this post! I don’t think I would ever collect scissors, I’m more inclined to collect embroidery/design patterns, books, and magazines – I have tons of designs and ideas on my computer or bookshelf.
    I guess I just view scissors as tools – but then I did pick out pretty metal gold colored ones instead of pink and white plastic scissors so I must care a bit about how my tools look as well!

  628. Lovely website and such fun to dream about the possibility of winning some wonderful fibers, etc!

  629. I don’t really collect any one thing – although I am a soft touch for needlework gadgets. I have a pair of Gingers from my Mom, and a Dovo, and another pair of Gingers I got for myself. I don’t have a stork scissors and I always liked those.