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Some Gorgeous Needle Painting


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This morning, I thought it would be nice to slow down a bit and just look at some beautiful pieces of embroidery. To that end, I’m going to share with you some needle painting embroidery projects worked by Margaret Cobleigh.

Margaret’s the gal who will be teaching needle painting class here on Needle ‘n Thread in March. She’s one of those stitchers who has perfected her needle painting skills by adopting and adapting the techniques of good teachers, and then agglomerating them all into her own style, in her own projects.

These are some of the projects Margaret has stitched over the years. You’ll recognize a good many of them, as many are (or have been) available in kit form from teachers such as Trish Burr and Tanja Berlin.

Needle Painting Embroidery

We’ll start with one of my favorite pieces that she’s stitched – Trish Burr’s Spartan Iris.

Needle Painting Embroidery

It is a Beauty! I love the ripples on the right side and left side of the large front petal.

Although Trish doesn’t sell kits for the Spartan Iris anymore (it’s available as a project in her Colour Confidence book), you can find the kit for the Spartan Iris still available through Nordic Needle.

Needle Painting Embroidery

This is Margaret’s resurrection of a “Society Silk” design from A Treatise on Embroidery with Twenty Color Illustrations from Original Models, Art Needlework Series No. 8 by M. Heminway & Sons Silk Company. You can find this book online over on Antique Pattern Library, and a review of it here on Needle ‘n Thread. You can also find the pattern for Margaret’s carnations here on Needle ‘n Thread, as well as some information on how she embroidered them.

Needle Painting Embroidery

This is Tanja Berlin’s wild rabbit needle painting project – I absolutely love this little guy! The kit for the wild rabbit is available through Tanja’s website.

Needle Painting Embroidery

This is Trish Burr’s blue bird, which is included in Trish’s DVD set, The Long and Short of It.

Needle Painting Embroidery

I love his little eye!

Needle Painting Embroidery

A pretty little violet, a la Trish Burr…

Needle Painting Embroidery

… and some lovely pansies, also designed by Trish Burr.

Needle Painting Embroidery: Strawberries

The online class Margaret will be offering in March is from her developing series of resurrected designs, in particular this little strawberry bunch. I’m thinking I may have to take the class. Not only do I have a penchant for strawberries, but I absolutely love the coloring in this project.

So there’s some embroidery “eye candy” for you – just a little touch of color for your day!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Hi Mary,

    Wow… My mouth just dropped what a beauty… I think I’m in love hehehe… Lets see what happen from here to March God Willing will take the class

    Jennifer G

  2. Those are so realistic that I want to touch them. I look at the closeups and wonder how anyone can know which color to put where and exactly how many threads of this or that to put over the darker threads. That little bunny is fabulous. I don’t even know what to say.

  3. Mary, I love these pictures and the needle painting, I want to do it myself! I have a kit!!! Just haven’t put needle to fabric yet! A little afraid, I don’t want to mess it up. I know the only way is to jump right in…but still afraid it won’t look close to the picture! I do have Trish Burr’s DVD so I guess I need to just start!!!!!!!

  4. So beautiful, Mary. Thanks for the post. I just received the Colour Confidence book and will find it an invaluable tool for putting threads together. The multitude of examples for shading is fabulous.

  5. Mary,
    I’m stunned. Can’t believe those irises, the bird, the rabbit have been embroidered. What kind of magic does she have at the end of her fingers? In my second life, I want to come back with this gift.
    Thanks. You really made my day.

  6. It’s georgeus, specially those designed by Trish Burr!
    want to embroider some part of them – I’ve got Long and short stitch embroidery. Collection of flowers.

  7. Ooooooooh, lovely, every one of them! That bluebird eye is almost life-like. And the way Margaret captured the way light reflects on irises.

    1. Hi, Marianne – the needle painting class is a bit behind schedule. It’ll be announced here on the site when it’s ready to go. I’m hoping that will be before summer, but we shall see! Thanks for asking!-MC

  8. Comme j’aimerais pouvoir réaliser ce genre de broderie mais je pense que cela est difficile !
    Il n’y a pas de mots pour dire combien c’est splendide !! J’aime à la folie!

  9. Wonderful work! The bunny made me smile 🙂
    The eye of the bird looks so real, even in the close up, that I hardly could tell if it’s stitched or a bead!!

  10. Trish Burrs embroidery is the most awesome I have ever seen, does she have a book or kits for sale? Thank you

  11. These are exquisite!!!! I used to do needlepoint and bargello many yers ago but have not done it in the past 40 years..Would like to try this

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