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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork – Book Give-Away!


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Ruth Chamberline’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork (which I reviewed about five years ago) is an excellent instructional book in silk and goldwork embroidery. Meandering through my bookshelf the other day, I took the book out and started browsing through it. Next thing I knew, I was reading it again, cover to cover. It’s a terrific instructional book!

Beginner's Guide to Goldwork

While Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork does not cover every aspect of goldwork, what it does do is introduce the embroiderer to the wonderful world of goldwork and silk embroidery in a most beautiful, pleasant, and clever way. Ruth uses a gorgeous silk and goldwork sampler to take the reader through various approaches to goldwork embroidery, most of which focus on working with couched goldwork threads.

All the basics for beginning goldwork embroidery are covered in the book – from choosing the right materials to framing up fabric, transferring designs, and so forth.

Beginner's Guide to Goldwork

The instruction in the book revolves around the different elements of the silk and goldwork sampler, with clear illustrations and explanations along the way.

Beginner's Guide to Goldwork

There’s plenty of instructional stuff in here to get you started in the basics of combining silk and goldwork!

Beginner's Guide to Goldwork

And of course, there are beautiful pictures of beautiful embroidery. (I do love beautiful pictures of beautiful embroidery.)

So, to celebrate finishing the end of the Medallion Project and to help spread around a wee bit of Goldwork Affection, I’d like to give away a copy of this book. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll find it a great addition to your reference library. I promise!

To enter the give-away, please follow these Really Simple Guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on this article on the website (not via e-mail and not any other article on the website). The easiest way to get to the comment form is to click this link, and it will take you straight to the comments.

2. In your comment, tell us a little about you and your relation with goldwork: Are you a beginner? Or have you tried goldwork embroidery before? What appeals to you most about goldwork? Anything along those lines will do!

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name, either in the comment area or in the “Name” line on the comment form.

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am central time (Kansas, USA), Saturday, June 2nd. I’ll announce the winner this coming weekend.

This give-away is now closed! Thanks for participating!

And that’s really all you have to do! Crossing your fingers, kissing the computer screen, spitting in the wind, throwing salt over your shoulder – these things are all optional.

If you’re hankering to add this book to your own stitching library, fill out the comment form today!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

It may take a little while for your comment to appear, since comments are held in queue before they are admitted to the website (to prevent spam and to give me a chance to read them). If your comment doesn’t show up right away, please be patient. It will eventually!

Where to Find It

If you want to add Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork to your needlework library, you’ll find it available through the following book affiliates:

In the US, you can find Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork here through Amazon.

Worldwide with free shipping, Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork is available here through Book Depository.


(479) Comments

  1. I am a total beginner at goldwork but after seeing your work, I’d love to give it a try. I’m a crazyquilter and am always looking for new additions to my quilts.

  2. Hi mary.
    After watching the progress of your latest gold work project, it has inspired me to have a go at the stand alone Tudor rose. So inspiring was you piece that I have already decided how it will be mounted & the wooden box with aperture lid has arrived & is waiting to be polished varnished & lined with plush red velvet so that the finished gold work can be mounted in the top to make an heirloom trinket box.

    being a newbie to gold work and fascinated by watching your medallion grow this book would be a godsend to a newbie like me & help me work with gold & satin.

    keep up the good work & your inspiring tutorials. Your how to videos have been especially helpful.


  3. You give away such treasures, Mary!

    I have done a little goldwork so I am not an absolute beginner. Maybe I could describe myself as an ‘improver’ now. And

  4. I am a complete beginner to goldwork. This book would be a great help as I get started. Thank you!

  5. You give away such treasures, Mary!

    I have done a little goldwork so I am not an absolute beginner. Maybe I could describe myself as an ‘improver’ now. And I would like to improve so I intend to do more goldwork projects. I especially like projects that combine silk and goldwork.

    Thank you for another opportunity to win one of your treasurs.

  6. Up until last year, goldwork was one form of embroidery I had relegated to the “not interested” basket. Then I did a course in stumpwork with a tutor who is also a goldwork expert. Through her, I discovered the many beautiful applications it has and have wanted to try it ever since.

    Thanks for another great giveaway Mary 🙂

  7. Hi Mary,

    Oh my goodness. As I am just at the point in an ecclesiastical hanging that it is time to do the gold work, (which I have been avoiding as I’ve never done it before,) this would be soooooo helpful. I have been trying to do this project based entirely on your instructions from the gorgeous medalion project that you have just finished. I would love to read this book from cover to cover. As always, your comments have been extremely helpful and I could not have gotten as far as I have without them Thanks again

  8. This is amazing. I followed the medallion project, as did my husband, with no idea that there was such a thing as gold work. Now I want to try this striking work. This book and article make it seem possible. Thanks for your practice and research on gold work and for bringing it to all of us.

  9. I love embroidery and have done many different techniques but I have never done goldwork, which really intrigues me. I guess I would be considered a beginner when it comes to learning goldwork. Thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful book.

  10. Dear Mary

    I have never done goldwork before, I am very interested in thread painting because of the shade gradiation. Have played with some stumpwork in the past, candlewicking, embroidery. I would love to learn how to do this and a chance to win the book. One has to crawl, before one can walk, wise words from my Mom. Thank you for all the amazing inspiration you give us all, not only the eye candy but also the more challenging topics, like our needles, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Yours in stitches, Maggie

  11. Love the book! I am still a beginner in embroidery and I would love to learn goldwork. It is so beautiful and almost looks as if it could not be done by hand. I have so fallen in love with embroidery and I thank you for all the wonderful information on your site!

  12. Hi Mary,

    I am a complete beginner but i have started to plan my goldwork design and buy my backing fabric (possibly blue velvet). This book is on my list to purchase so i get get started in my goldwork project. I would get so much enjoyment and learnings from this book! Please consider me for your give away! Many thanks

  13. I am a beginner. A senior. I love to sew. I would like to try gold work but have never done it before and this looks like a wonderful start. I hope I am lucky, but if not, will continue to watch and wonder at your wonderful website. All sewers and embroiderers should be watching and listening to you and your instructions to make the most beautiful work, which I call art work. Thanks

  14. Goldwork – a beautiful mystery. I love to look at it, can look at it for hours. Stitch it, not so much. I don’t have a clue about what gold to purchase, does it take different needles, or in general anything about using it. I’d love to learn a new technique.

  15. Mary,

    What a lovely giveaway! I have never tried Goldwork embroidery although I’ve read many articles about it, and avidly followed the progress of the Goldwork Medallion project.

    It boils down to this: I am just plain terrified of the idea of trying goldwork embroidery – yes! It seems to delicate and so complicated, and so..intimidating. I think this lovely book, with its emphasis on creating a sampler, and going step-by-step would be just the solution to help me overcome my “goldwork jitters”, and would love to own it.
    -Sharon in France

  16. Wee bit? Mary, this is a generous helping of goldwork affection’ that I’ll happily overdose on. I’ve never tried goldwork before but its too enticing to ignore for long. I want to begin but don’t know just how and where. I’d love to own this book and create shiny, burnished motifs on a kurta, a framed ecclesiastical cross for a priest friend something for a sari. Thank you for your generosity. Fingers crossed.

  17. About 25 years ago, I took a beginning Japanese embroidery class at an EGA National Seminar, the project is still unfinished. So I am still a beginner in goldwork and this book might would help me complete the above mentioned project.

  18. I was so thrilled to see the book for beginners on goldwork! I am getting ready to
    finish a piece of goldwork for our Altar which came to my church in Charleston, SC from another church and had never been finished. I am a novice embroiderer and I think I can do the goldwork with some help from a book like this.

  19. I began stitching when both my children left for college. I was lucky enough to have a next door neighbor who did beautiful work, attended many EGA and Japanese embroidery seminars. I now belong to a small embroidery chapter and once again lucky enough to have some excellent and enthusiastic stitchers. Although I love goldwork, I have never done it. I would like to but just too scared and simply lack of knowledge.

  20. I have done a little goldwork, but have always admired this book, particularly the beurtiful sampler on the cover. My favaroite part is the tudor rose! I would love to wint the book.

  21. Hello Mary,

    I m from India i have never tried goldwork. I m a beginner and definitely want to try this and want learn the techniques the best part of goldwork which attracts me more is beautiful colors and shading.my fingers crossed 🙂


  22. Embroidery it’s what I do. I live and breathe for my embroidery and Gold work is a vital part of it. My 1st venture into “Goldwork” was 20 years ago when I tried it with a visiting tutor from the Victorian Embroiderers Guild (Australia.) I did not touch it again until 4 years ago at Koala Conventions when I did a workshop with Alison Cole and followed it up again last year with another workshop with Alison, called The Iris. I have just started some Elizabethen Embroidery for the 1st time and I love the gold work incorporated in that too. I love the richness and the sumptiousness of the gold. It conects me to all those embroiderers who have gone before me and left their skils and knowledge for me to enjoy. I would love this book to help build my gold work skills even more.

  23. I have not tried goldwork yet, but will some day. The thing that draws me to it is the bling! Combined with silk it is truly decadent.

  24. Reading about and viewing goldwork so far , starting my first small item end of summer , I enjoy reading your site very informative.

  25. Hello Mary,
    Yes I am a beginner, very beginner. I have been following the médaillon work and with this book I could learn the basic of goldwork.
    I am a teacher in knitting and crochet and I do embroidery on my knitting project.
    Goldwork techniques would be a plus for special garments.
    Thank you for every tips and usefull information I get from you.

  26. Oh, What great timing!!! I’m working on a project that I was thinking of trying to do some gold work on. Boy, would this book come in handy! I’m a little apprehensive of starting to do gold work, since I really don’t know the proper way to do it. I GREATLY appreciate the opportunity to win this book!!! Thanks sooo much! Elaine

  27. Oh, this a a book that would be of great help for me, as a beginner in embroidery! I would love to have it! Thank you for this opportunity!

  28. Since discovering your blog Im addicted to Goldwork and have started to do a little bit of work for my Church. I would love a bit of extra assistance so this book would be great! Plus if I keep buying all the books you review Mary, I think I might have to take out a mortgage!

  29. Hi Mary, Gee just looking at the illustrations in that book makes one want to start a project right away. I have just started a Jacobean Project of a cushion cover in browns and old golds with a fair amount of emblishment to boot. It has made me start looking at Goldwork in general. I must admit that once i was all set up I just acnnot put it down, and I can imagine the goldwork would be worse. The result one gets is quite amazing. It would just be nice to have a book which would give you the tips etc to make getting started easy. Once again, thanks for all you tips and inspiration. I really look forward to your daily emails.

  30. Oh Mary…I am in love with gold work! I have lots of the necessary supplies and have all the enthusiasm and desire to make beautiful things…what I lack is the confidence to work with gold. I have been looking for a great book with instructions and designs that inspire me to really sit down and DO this! The book you are offering looks like it might be it. I love all needlework and am currently working on a stumpwork design, which should be finished soon. I would love to sit in a shady place this summer and really immerse myself in gold work! Watching your progress on the Medallion project really whet my appetite for adding this skill to my bag of tricks. Thank you for being an inspiration and for offering this wonderful book! Laurie

  31. This book looks amazing. I’m pretty new to embroidery – I’m working on my first self-designed silk shading project and am set to start a two week course at the Royal School of Needlework in July studying Jacobean Crewelwork – but it’s such a wonderful skill. Goldwork is the next thing I would like to start learning as I’d love to understand the technical skills.

    For me, embroidery is such a wonderful thing to learn because of the way it grounds you in a rich heritage. A family friend gave me a stack of old embroidery silks and books that were her beloved aunt’s; it felt like a gift from a master embroideress to a fledgling and was a real honour. Learning to do something that honours tradition and real creative skill has got to be a great thing.

  32. Bonjour Mary!
    I confess I’m a total newbie to this type of needlework, I have never tried goldwork embroidery but would be more than happy to give it a try, it seems so gorgeous! Gold add depth and magnificence to the embroidery.
    I think that these golden threads add even a touch of magic and “make sing” the colors.
    Have a lovely day, Mary!

  33. Wow, this book looks so awesome! I am totally new to goldwork and am living vicariously through your daily posts. This is one thing I am really anxious to delve into and this book would be just the perfect thing to have!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. I haven’t tried goldwork yet, but I would like to. Following your medallion project, I keep thinking of making something for the priest at my parish. So I need to get practicing!

  35. Just what I’ll need: a guide for beginners! It seems to be really well explained.
    Following your project my desire to try goldwork increased and, as I told in other comments, I’ll like to bring lightfull shining in my whitework.
    So… thank you and… I’m crossing my fingers!

  36. Mary, thanks for another opportunity to learn more. I am a beginner and looking through the photos in this book makes my fingers itchy to start. Such elegant beauty!

  37. I’m a fiber artist that combines embroidery work in my art quilts. I’ve never done any gold work but seeing your work and just a peek at this book I would love to attempt my hand at this technique. Thanks so much (again) for all your tips!!!! You keep us inspired and educated!

  38. i would love to win this book, i am into silk ribbon and cotton embroidery know but need to continue to learn to invest in gold threads…thanks for this opportunity…dianne

  39. watching you complete the medallion for the vestment makes me want to improve my gold working. I had taken a 2-day course (and even completed the project). Your work is truly inspiring!

  40. I am a total begineer at goldwork but would love to try. I have embroidered albs for my son and would like to try a chausible and stole. Goldwork would really enhance this. Thank you for the opportunity. Sue

  41. I’ve learned alot from your website. I embroider in silk, but I would definitely like to try goldwork if I the opportunity arose. It would be wonderful to win such a beautiful book! Thanks again for all the great lessons on your site!

  42. What a beautiful book! I have done some gold work but can always use more instruction! My passion is surface embroidery…where gold work works so well! Would love to add this book to my library. Spit, toss, kiss-kiss and fingers crossed!

  43. What a great book! I know very little about goldwork and after watching your Medallion Project (with bated breath) I am more interested in the possibility of trying it myself. I use a simple gold thread for that touch of bling but didn’t realize just how many different styles of thread there are. Thanks for another great offer!

  44. Hi Mary! I would love to have a relationship with gold work, but alas, have not had the chance yet! I love your blog posts with all their inspiration! And the fact that it comes directly to my inbox, doesn’t hurt either! 😉 Seriously, gold work looks like so much fun, and gold is my favourite colour, well next to pink! All that bling-y, shiny, glinting metal, my heart skips a beat! Thanks for the chance to win such an awsome book!

  45. Oh, my! I’m just beginning to do embroidery again after starting in my youth. But I’ve never done anything so beautiful as the work that I see on your website. I so glad that I found you. I’m 71 and I am loving the time that I work on something beautiful to give to my children and friends. Thank you again for the most-helpful tips and beautiful work.

  46. Hi Mary – what a wonderful book!! I have not done any gold work, your medallion work has got me thinking I might like to give it a try and the book would be a great way to start – thanks again for your wonderful emails full on inspiration and you great giveaways – happy stitching everyone 🙂

  47. Ciao Mary, qui in Italia tutto trema……. Almeno un libro che ci faccia sognare ancora un po’. Sei bravissima… E’ un piacere seguire i tuoi post. Un bacio Michela

  48. Oh Mary! Another beautiful book giveaway. I have not tried goldwork but I have drooled over examples of it and would very much like to try this technique one day. I’ll be honest. It looks scary and intimidating. Maybe if I am lucky and win this book, I’ll work up the courage to give it go!

    Thanks again.

  49. I have not tried goldwork before but have been VERY excited and inspired from the Medallion project. This book would be a wonderful addition to my needlework book collection!

  50. Mary, I am in the process of making a third cousin of your beautiful Medallion. Though mine will most likely be a framed gift.
    In this second attempt at gold work I am finding a dire need for more instruction in photo format to hone my metal working skills.
    I know their are hundreds more deserving than me, but I sure would enjoy such a book as you are offering in this give away. I can truly say I hope I win! Hugs and great blessings to you for your tremendous generosity and fantastic teaching skills which you so lovingly share.

  51. I’ve never done any silk or goldwork embroidery, but I would love to try it. I love the richness and the sparkle of the examples I’ve seen and I also love the historical connections, the links with the past it has.
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win this beautiful book

    Kathy Penningto
    Diggins, MO

  52. Thank you Mary for offering such a lovely beginner book! The strawberries in pic#4 above look shortcake-ready. With a few classes under my belt, I’m not a newbie but not an expert either. Class notes are semi-organized in binders so this book would save the rummaging & might even help finish some UFOs. What’s NOT to like about goldwork!?! But to pick one element–it’s the bling of course. Here’s hoping I win–or know the gal who does!

  53. hello.
    i am a beginner in goldwork embroidery and i really want to make some..

    love vicky

  54. I would love to win this book!
    I have bought a couple of other books you have recommended and they are all that you said:-)
    Being a beginner in goldwork I’m absolutely sure that I could learn the basics from this book that you recommend.
    I’ll cross my fingers, kiss the computerscreen and even play with a cat if it helps me to win!

  55. Mary, já pensei em importar esse livro. Ele tem o passo-a-passo fácil? Sou do Brasil e fica difícil se o livro for só de leitura. Importo os livros e aprendo olhando o passo-a-passo. Obrigada,abraços, Algecira

  56. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful!!! I love all types of embroidery and lacework, and I wanted to learn goldwork more like enhancement of embroidery, so beginner/intermediate level is enough for me (at least this is what I think now). To my wishlist definitely it goes. Thank you again, for recommendation.

  57. I have never done any goldwork before. I’m loving the goldwork that you have done. I would love to win this book, so it would give me extra incentive to learn how to do it. Thank you for having the giveaway.

  58. I have never done gold work and never thought much about it, til I saw you do it. I’m planning to try it. Thanks for all you do to show us great stitching!!

  59. I have not tried goldwork but would love to do so. I drool over the pictures of it a lot.

  60. I’m involved in a project of repairing altar vestments for our church, and have had to replace some missing goldwork. I’ve managed as best I could, but I’m not totally satisfied with the results. I’m going to be creating some new pieces, and could certainly use some instruction in proper goldwork techniques and materials, as well as inspiration regarding the possibilities! Thank you for your enjoyable website!

  61. I stitch may things in many styles as you can see on my blog but i’ve never tried goldwork,I’m a complete beginner & this work is amazing for me.I cross my fingers as you told us & thanks alot to you for this giveaway!Béa

  62. Thank you Mary for one more beautiful book!! wish I could win…I am not a beginner or did projects in gold work..only tried on few motifs with what we call Salma/jardosi..

    Lakshmi Sadala

  63. I am at the “pondering investing in” goldwork and looking at kits online stage. There’s something comforting about having a reference book to support a project. It’s probably something I would buy before I invested in materials.

  64. I have never tried goldwork, and in fact only heard of it a couple years ago. Of course, now that I’ve seen your work, Mary, I can find it every time I go to church. It’s so very lovely, and, because it involves the use of something precious as well as lovely, it is perfectly suited for ecclesiastical work, where our very best is what is required. Thanks Mary.

  65. The pictures are really beautiful and what an inspiration to try this
    beautiful form of needlework. I would love to have this book.

  66. What a beautiful book!!
    I am completley new to gold work but am working on a project which I am dying to add some goldwork to. I am hand embroidering a king size quilt. Each square is made up of hand embroidered trees inspired by botanical drawings…..I think gold work would be the perfect addition to turn this into a family heirloom piece.
    Thanks for such wonderful tips by the way…embarrassingly, I couldn’t do stem stitch until I came across your site one day 🙂

  67. Beautiful color close-up photos. These examples will make it so much easier to follow the text.

  68. I have yet to try any gold work but have been keen to try. I am currently studying the Cabinet of curiosities course and would like to include gold work in my design if I find myself able to do it. This book would certainly be of use in this.

  69. Mary, I am new to goldwork, but I would love to learn more. I would love to have a book like this, it looks so beautiful. I love the medallion that you just finished. You should be very proud. It is good to know that even you, sometimes have to take out stitches. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone.
    Sharon K

  70. I have taken a few beginner’s classes on goldwork, and I think I am now ready to try some projects on my own. Your description of this book makes it sound like a great reference to get me going. Thanks for offering it.

  71. What a lovely book!!! I’m a complete beginner in silk or goldwork embroidery. I find these a little intimidating. But I would love to take my courage and try them. I absolutely LOVE botanical arts and silk and goldwork are ideal for this kind of work. Thank you for the generous giveaway and congratulations for the Medallion Projects. It’s exquisite and so beautiful!

  72. I love your work and look forward to seeing what you are doing each time. I do embroidery for church work and this book would be a splendid addition to my collection of ‘how do I do each item’.
    Thank you so much already for your lessons.

  73. I am about to start a needlework casket course and i think this book would be very helpful!

  74. I am new to goldwork, I love the look and the texture it adds to the embroidery. The pictures in the book look just beautiful. I love the ellegance of goldwork. It adds a richness to the piece. The colors in the book look wonderful and the pictures you show remind me of victorian times. Which is one of my favorite time periods.

  75. I am a long time stitcher, but haven’t done goldwork since the 70’s and 80’s and am in the need of a review of this technique.

  76. Embroidery is not new to me but goldwork is something I want to do and have not done. I have some gold thread and am saving to buy more. All I need is a good instructional book. I live in the country so there is no one close to give me instructions so I am hoping that this book will help me. Thank you for taking the time to show methods, stitches, hints, etc. It has improved my work.

  77. I am a total beginner but … having watched the Medallion project evolve has made me fall in love and I am on fire to learn goldwork!

  78. I really enjoyed watching you work the medallion – the result looks terrific. Having recently started doing some voluntary needlework for church projects Ruth Chamberline’s Beginners Guide to Goldwork would be a tremendous help to a newie at goldwork


  79. Hi, I have just started following your website and just started learning Modern Jacobean.Gold work is the next technique I wish to learn and I just ordered the Hare Bell Kit from Tanja. Your website is excellent for showing me how to do the stitches and having this book would be wonderful. Your Medallion was wonderful a true labour of love and you should be very proud of it. Well done!!!

  80. The goldwork shown here is breathtaking. Have you ever seen it done on a quilt? Thanks. Linda White

  81. I have never tried goldwork before but am eager to learn! I hope to win this giveaway.

  82. Hi Mary – I have never tried gold work as it seems a little intimidating, but I have dabbled in stump work. I am really drawn to gold work because I love really beautiful embroidery and aspire to doing some ecclesiastic alter linens for our parish.

  83. I love gold work. I have only had one class on it. It was with Wendy Schoen. It was awesome. I am very tempted to start it again!!!

  84. Oh would love to have this book. I have not tried gold work yet but your recent project has me itching to give it a go….but need a book to have handy!
    Thanks for the giveaway and the inspirations!

  85. Hi Mary,
    I have not done gold work yet but really want to.So I have to be honest and say the book would never be dusty. Like my few needlework books that I own they are never on the shelf long enough. I am constantly drooling over them and trying to decide what I want to do next! So whoever wins will be very lucky!!!!!
    Thanks again!

  86. Hi Mary,
    I have embroidered a lot, but have never attempted any goldwork yet. I have always wanted to…and after seeing your absolutely stunning medallion it makes me itching to do it. This book would be fabulous to teach me how to start. I love your emails everyday as I have learned SO MANY things about embrodiery that I didn’t know before. Thanks for having such a wonderful site! Yes, I threw some salt over my shoulder and kissed the screen in hopes I would be the lucky winner this time. Sherry

  87. Dear Mary, I have never done goldwork embroydery, I have read about it for the first time through your blog and by following your work I have grown more and more inlove for this type of work. Unfortunatelly courses for this type of work are scarce and I haven’t found one near me… who knows one day I can learn.

  88. Mary,

    As I followed your Medallion Project I got emproidery fever – especially goldwork fever. I have never attemped to do goldwork and definately want to try it after watching your project. It will be such a treat to win this book – thanks for the opportunity. Amanda

  89. Another Great giveaway Mary, thanks. I have done a fair bit of goldwork, but each book I look at teaches me something new. Since I don’t have this book, it would be a wonderful addition to my shelves. Who knows what precious tidbits I’d find withing its pages.

  90. I have barely had an opportunity to try this direction of needlework . Like you, I can pour over beautiful pictures and Glenn bits and pieces from what I see. But to delve deeper, I need a better approach. 🙂

  91. Your work is beautiful! I’ve never done goldwork but seeing your artistry really inspires me to want to try. Thank you for the opportunity to win your book. :0)

  92. Hi,
    I’m not an absolute beginner. I worked through an EGA General Correspondence Course on Goldwork a couple of years ago. It was a fun experience and very interesting to work with metal threads. I’d love to have a resource for future projects since I still have much to learn.

  93. I’ve been working for over a year, on and off, on a massive embroidered waistcoat project which you can see on my website. Prior to this I had never done any goldwork. I’ve been picking it up as I go, but I would really benefit from any instruction I could get. The waistcoat is designed with a particular singer in mind, and I know I can rest assured that, no matter how splendid I am able to make it, it will never be good enough to distract from his voice. 🙂

  94. Watching the progress of the medallion project has really made my fingers itch to try some serious goldwork. I am a rank beginner, having tried a little of it one time, but I’d like to do more.

  95. Stitch jewellery for me is absolutely fascinating. And I seem to be inaccessible 🙁 Win a book of these could change my life 🙂 And, of course, would make a kid (me!) happy:)
    So. .. that the goddess of embroidery help me:)

  96. ohhhhhhh…. I’d love to do this. I live close to the RSN at Hampton Court and am tempted to take a class in Goldwork there.

    1. Oh you lucky girl I did a tour of the RSN last year and am pea green with envy that you are close enough to do courses.The bush in Australia is a bit far from everything Chris

  97. I have not done any goldwork, but found a few spools of something or other in the clearance aisle and snatched them up, figuring I’ll figure out what to do with them eventually 🙂 I have no idea where to start though 😉

    I have been drooling over your work for a while now, and would love to learn how to do goldwork 🙂

  98. I’m a beginner, (only used gold thread to embellish Christmas stockings–the stars on trees)and because I love the work that I’ve seen in your column, I’m eager to learn. Thank you for the opportunity to get the book.

  99. Oh I have not tried Goldwork but I WANT to! This would be so awesome to win! Thank you for your newsletter and all you do for us, including these wonderful contests!

  100. I’m a beginner in goldwork (just now moving beyond looking at pictures). This book looks like a great resource.

  101. I’ve been following your gold work medallion from my first visit to the site and would love to learn to do gold work. I have to say your site has inspired me to take up my needle and thread again!

  102. I have been doing hand needlework since I was a young girl. The goldwork embroidery looks like something our business could add to the bags we use to deliver very special items. Thank you for the embellishment idea – it takes something very special like this to stand out in the crowd.

  103. Not entering into the competition but just wanted to say what a marvelous book this is. I have had it for a few years and enjoy it thoroughly. Ms. Chamberlin has done a marvelous job with the goldwork embroidery.

    If you don’t win but enjoy goldwork, it is definitely one to purchase yourself.

  104. Hi, I’m Carrie and have never done goldwork. But I LOVE working with my hands. I do some basic embroidery, cross stitch, tatting, hand sewing, but mostly crochet. I’d love to have a place to start with goldwork, since I think my skills are pretty good, but I don’t have the creativity to design a new project. Thanks!

  105. Oh Mary How I NEED This Book ! ! Being continually and increasingly addicted to Stumpwork I save my pennies to buy the gold threads. I love the look. So regal and eye-catching. I drooled over this last ecclesiastical rose ! But my efforts with gold all come out clumpy and lumpy and irregular. My finished threads gold looks like a snake having a seizure ! HELP ! …Judy in PIttsburgh

  106. Nice book and a wonderful review. I have never tried goldwork earlier. but will be glad to learn this type of embridery
    thank you

  107. I’ve only admired goldwork from afar but your medallion project inspires me to at least attempt it at some point. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I love it! Thanks for all the amazing and free information! And now a book giveaway!

  108. I would love love love this book. I’ve watched your work Mary and I’m totally blown away with it. I was recently at an exhibition and saw the most amazing goldwork, many from a book you reviewed. Free standing beetles and caterpilar, etc. I would love to try goldwork but am completely in awe of it and just don’t know where to start. This really would be a fabulous and essential addition to my library
    Kindest regards

  109. I love goldwork and I am trying really hard to learn to do ecclesiastical embroidery. The best way for me to learn is through books (and your blog!). I would love this book!!

  110. What a beautiful book! I love the chance to win it! I would definitely be considered beginner- I’ve worked with a thin gold Kreinik thread and gold thread from DMC, but never the qualities you’ve discussed and used. My favorite thing about goldwork is the metallic shine it gives. It really enhances other colors in the embroidery and adds a great textured effect.

  111. I have done many many crafts but I have never tried goldwork. I am in the Cabinet of Curiosities class and I would like to know how to do goldwork.

  112. Oh, I really hope I’m the lucky one. I just started working with gold pearl purl for the first time, and I love it. I’m determined to do more, so this would be the perfect addition to my library.

  113. WOW! What a wonderful book that looks to be. I have had no relationship with goldwork until i stumbled across your site, Mary. Had actually never even heard of it. I had not done any hand embroidery other than counted cross stitch in close to 40 years. i became so enthralled with the depth of your knowledge and skill, not to mention the extreme beauty of goldwork, that your site is the first one i log onto each day. i have done a plebeian copy of the tudor style rose using DMC and Kreiniks, that i really want to do one with the real stuff and would be thrilled to have a copy of this book to drool and plan over. thanks for all the knowledge you give us.

    shary in cincinnati

  114. Hi Mary,

    I have dipped one toe very slightly into the waters of goldwork, having added some Japan thread to two small projects. It was fun, and the end results were lovely. It’s definitely a technique I want to learn more about.

    Thank you for doing such wonderful giveaways.



  115. I am fascinated with goldwork but am a little afraid to try it for fear of making a complete mess of it!

  116. I do some goldwork for priestly vestments. I also help others who want to learn about all the different aspects of vestment making. I have someone working with me now that would just LOVE this book. If I am the winner of this giveaway, it will make two of us very happy and grateful!

  117. Mary,
    Oh my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous book! Would love to have this. I am new to goldwork having done only a small amount on a sampler. Needless to say, it was intimidating. I think the instructions in this book are very clear & would help me get over my fear of gold! Thanks.
    Sheila from CA

  118. Please disregard this one if you received my first one. It went away and I do not have a clue where. Anyhow one of my greatest desires is to learn goldwork. I have finished long and short with T. Berg and would love to learn goldwork. Embelishments to one’s work is what makes it all so special. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Georgia Gal

  119. Hi Mary,
    I’m from Romania, a beautiful country of Europe, with certain tradition in embroidery. I’m a beginner, probably I’ll never do goldwork as I hardly can do projects for children. I did not write this message in order to win because this is too much for me. I just want to let you know that I enjoy very, very much what is written and shown here.You’re a such a nice person, a source of inspiration for everybody. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  120. Oh, what a lovely give-away! This is a must have for me. I love working with silk threads but have been afraid to try goldwork. As a relatively “new” stitcher I am always on the look-out for great instructional materials.

    Thank you for such a great site with soooo much inspiration.

  121. Hi, I just came home from OKC where we were packing my 90 & 92 year old in laws to move to Colorado so they can be closer to us…while there I got t look through old needle work of her moms & great grandmothers! Very old hand work that was just beautiful using gold work & silk embroidery! I learned to embroider from her Mom our grand mother! We didn’t get to learning goldwork or silk but I have loved the art of embroidery since then. I have started embroidery & silk ribbon embroidery just recently (I have severe arthritis in my hands) but love gold work I would be a beginner it is so wonderful sitting & creating something beautiful I would be considered a beginner. The book is so beautiful and would give me the opportunity to really learn how to do something beautiful to hand down to our daughter! It is a wonderful give away & I would love to have this book available to use to get started in a craft I would love to learn! I love reading your articles & it would be so great to win this give away & do this beautiful project & learn all the correct methods that are in this book! Thank you so much for such a wonderful chance! Best wishes on a wonderful year…looking forward to reading your articles each time they come out!!! Happy stitching Donna from Highlands Ranch Colorado!!!

  122. I have never tried goldwork before but your beautiful medallion project and the pretty pictures in this book sure do make me want to try!

  123. Hi Mary,
    I have taken one class on Gold Work. I was so fascinated by the elegance of it that I went ahead and purchased various types of Gold threads, but never had the courage of working with them. This book would free me from my inhibition and apprehension of doing gold work. Needles to say that your Gold Thread Medallion was Super. What an inspiration.
    Thanks for your generosity.
    Esther B

  124. Good Morning Mary,
    WOW!! What a great book this would be. I am deffinatly a beginner in gold work and this book Im think would be of so much help, especially at 2 AM when everyone is sleeping 🙂 Gold work is soooo important in ecclesiastical emboridery that one must master this to make a complete piece for the church. This is a must for sure. Thank you.

  125. I am so intriqued by the illustrations in this book. As a teacher of traditional Japanese Embroidery I have done a fair share of goldwork techniques and this book could give me a foundation for comparing the two – J.E. and English style. I will be starting a new project this year called Cabinet of Curiosities, along the style of 17th C. boxes covered with embroidery. A daunting project but one I am anxious to get on with and this book would be a good starting point. Thanks for the opportunity to add this book to my collection. Shirley

  126. Hi, love your site!
    I have never done gold work but my mom passed away in Jan. and she had an unfinished picture with gold work that I would love to finish! I do Brazilian embroidery and am trying to learn Hardanger embroidery to finish some of my mom’s Hardanger also. My mom did beautiful embroidery since she was a little girl but unfortunately she didn’t get it all done!

  127. Oh – how I would love this book. I am a beginner to goldwork having only stitched a couple of things, I usually do thread painting. I have seen this book for sale on-line and drooled over it, the picture on the front cover is fabulous. Please, please let me be the winner.

  128. I have looked on and marveled during your beautiful Medallion project and followed every step. I’ve been in awe, having never tried goldwork. What a lovely give-away for some beginner who, like myself, has never dared to try such a beautiful project. My fingers are crossed!

  129. I’ve been following you and your beautiful stitching for some time. I’ve never done goldwork but would love to learn how to make some gorgeous pieces. This book would be perfect for a beginner who wants to progress to an advanced goldwork stitcher.


  130. I’m an absolute beginner – I guess I haven’t tried it because it just looks so daunting! I think with a wonderful book like this though, I surely couldn’t go wrong!

  131. I would love to win this book. I have tried goldwork when taking Tanja Berlin’s Shining Needle Society class featuring her Love Birds design. I really struggled with the goldwork. Had to do it twice. Would have redone it a third time but I didn’t want to stress the fabric any further.

    Thank you, Mary, for your posts and all that you have taught me!

  132. Ooooh – this is a beauty! I’m an absolute novice with regard to goldwork, but it’s an art that I’d very much love to try. I enjoy stumpwork, and I believe it would be a lovely complement.

  133. I have never worked with Gold, but would absolutely love to! Thank you so much for your generosity, and encouragement in all things embroidery.

  134. I enjoy needlework. I have not had a desire to try Goldwork until I read your review of the book. Now, I am looking for supplies to stitch a design.

    I am new to your webgsite and I know I will enjoy your daily emails.

  135. I love the look of goldwork and silk embroidery and would love to have this book to learn more about it.I watched your last project from the beginning and really want to try it.

  136. I was so impressed by your chasuble design and your use of gold threads. (and your patience when you needed to redo). I have never used gold thread and would be cautious without really great direction. This book would be a wonderful learning tool.

  137. As to goldwork, I am a beginner, but an enthusiastic one. This book is lovely and fine and if Mary recommends it, then it is special.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful help and advice,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  138. Definitely a beginner in goldwork, but your posts on the medallion have inspired me to study more and see what I can do! Thanks so much!

  139. Dear Mary, What a lovely thought to give us a chance at this great book. I have done a little goldwork (see pic link of my Bayeux tapisserie above, if it works)but that is my one and only piece. Although I think I have learned so much from your posts, I could use basic references and re-immerse myself into embroidery and particularly gold work. I hope to finish the Buffalo Hunt(also on pic) which I abandoned many years ago with my renewed enthusiam which you have provided 🙂

  140. It has been almost 25 years since I was first introduced to Goldwork. I created a few pieces but my interest went else where. No good references were available then and my notes are a bit sketchy. I am excited to pick up the threads again with new inspirational examples.

    Mary, your work is just stunning and I applaud your desire to encourage and educate us with your love of needlework. Thanks!

  141. When it comes to goldwork, I’m still a beginner. Having gotten over the initial fear of using the threads, and completing one piece, I’m hooked. The little threads were so unruly at first, but as the project progressed, we developed and understanding. It took many looks back at the archives here, and in the one or two goldwork books I have before things started to click.

    Having a copy of Ruth Chamberline’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork would provide that additional foundation of knowledge so necessary to a new skill.

  142. Ooooooooh!That’s soo pretty.

    I have never tried it, primarily because most of the goldwork I’ve seen over the years by other people looked gaudy and gilded like a cheap Elvis frame. It ought to be gorgeous, right?!

    And I think it can be, if you do it right.

  143. What a great book. I have never done goldwork, but always enjoy a new stitch, a new technique and a good book. When I was a child, I found an embroidery hoop and unfinished embroidery pillow case with threads at the goodwill. I’ve been hooked on sewing and quilting, and felted wool projects and would always like to expand to something new. Thanks. ADM

  144. Hi Mary, This book looks great! I would be an absolute beginner in goldwork embroidery, but I would love to learn!! Everything I’ve seen done in goldwork is just gorgeous, not to mention your Medallion project that you just finished up!

    Thank you! Cindy J.

  145. What a lovely book this would be to learn more about goldwork. I have only just ventured a little, by couching gold thread, but it would encourage me to become a bit bolder and learn the techniques in the correct way.

    Following the progress of the Medalion project has whetted my appetite.

  146. As I read your post, I glanced up at my needlework bookshelf – and sure enough, there was my copy of ‘Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork’. So, while I don’t want to be part of the giveaway, I do want to chime in and tell anyone hesitant about signing up…If you’re interested in goldwork or just like gorgeous embroidery, GET THIS BOOK! It is chock full of terrific pix and clear instructions. And if you don’t win Mary’s contest; it’s listed on Amazon for a wee bit over $10.00 used and about $14.00 new…

  147. I am hankering to add this book to my collection. I am also in the process of getting rid of my older, out dated books and will need to fill those spaces with something new. Watching your goldwork projects gives me a hankerin’ to try it and a book for beginners is just my speed.

  148. Hi, I am a newcomer to your website. Even though I have not done any goldwork, I have enjoyed all of your emails outlining your progress with the medallion. Plus the recent information regarding needles is invaluable. The photographs help tremendously in detailing the steps you are describing. The opportunity to receive this beginner’s guide to goldwork is too good to pass up.

  149. I took a three-hour class in gold work a few years ago and didn’t learn much, so absolute beginner. I do enjoy drooling over projects such as yours but have been too intimidated to try anything yet.

  150. What a truly gorgeous book! I have been dying to learn how to do gold work as part of reproduction renaissance clothing. What a treat! I have been following your stitch play series, and the gold work series ardently, and would love the chance to learn more!

  151. I am a retired grandmother who has always loved needlework. That is not the same as being good at it. It just means I love the whole idea of it and love looking at it. Recently I made a commitment to learn to embroider properly and well, starting at square one, by going step by step through Mary’s embroidery tutorials. Actually, my stepmother taught me simple embroidery when I was ten years old (five decades ago!). I recall sitting with a little wooden hoop, embroidering the outline of simple pre-stamped images, and enjoying it very much. So I do know a little bit, but only a very tiny bit. I have a few lovely stitchery books, and love to look at the pictures, wishing I could make those things myself. Am sharing these thoughts “just because,” since the book should go to someone advanced enough to make good use of it. That’s certainly not me at this point. 🙂

  152. I just ordered the metal threads to follow along with your Tudor rose project. I have never done goldwork before and thought the Tudor rose was beautiful. The shine of the goldwork gives the embroidery a level of elegance that thread only can’t achieve. I would love to have this book because I have decided to make several Christmas gifts this year and believe the book would be inspiring and an excellent reference tool.

  153. Did you hear the far-gathered collective, “Ah….. !” when you showed us the final photos of the Medallion? Thank you for all your inspiration.

    I have grateful heart. Consider how fortunate we are to live in time when we can enjoy the fruits of the many stitchers and teachers who have preceded us. Furthermore, we live in a time when many of us can afford the time and supplies to indulge in our pursuit. Goldwork! Available to us mere mortals!

  154. I have wanted to learn to do goldwork for a very long time. I even have some supplies that were given to me but I really need a book that starts at the very beginning and shows me step by step what to do.

  155. OHHHH…a lovely book that would be a treasure to own. As I look at my needlework library, I realize that I do not have a book on goldwork!! I’m not sure how that happened (shame on me) but I will certainly endeavor to correct the situation.

    I have been following your medallion stitching…what an impressive project that was and a true inspiration for all of us who share the love of needlework.

    I will admit I shy away from projects with goldwork. Oh, I’ve tried it before, but I just couldn’t seem to get “the knack” of it. I have a feeling this book would be a very helpful tool that would allow me to correct that.

    Mary, thanks for all of your wonderful newsletters. I look forward to reading them every day. Your give-aways are an added bonus!

  156. OMG! I’ve got to get this book. It’s a beautiful book with nicely detailed photos. I’d love to win this book! Your blog is exceptional. I read it all the time and visit your site for even more inspiration.

  157. I have been an avid embroiderer for more than 30 years. Goldwork is something I’ve just never tried…too scared, lol. I purchased a book on it many years ago, but it was way too advanced for a beginner like me. I still have the book and will one day tackle the little bird pictured in it…just need tons of practice in the meantime. After following your medallion project, I find myself wanting to learn this technique, more than ever. NOTHING captures the eye quite like gold does

  158. Oh, joy! I’m happy to have a recommendation on a goldwork book for beginners, even if I don’t win the giveaway.

    Yes, I would be a rank beginner. I love the historical aspect of goldwork. I’ve been fascinated by the many antique vestments, altar cloths, banners, and gloves incorporating goldwork that I have seen in my travels in the UK. There is something about metal threads that elevates beautiful embroidery into the realm of the sublime.

    Fingers crossed!


  159. Hi Mary! I am a beginner…haven’t done any gold work before, unless you count stitching with gold colored Krenik thread to make Christmas ornaments. However, I want to learn. I always admire the intricate work that you do!

  160. Dear Mary, thank you for bringing to us such precious items!
    I have done some simple eclesiatical goldworks, but I wouldn´t say I know that much… the more I discover new techniques and wonderful designs and artworks in goldwork embroidery, the little my knowledge and practice is! So, in some manner, I am a beginner! and a fan of all that means “embroidery”. Celestine

  161. I have done goldwork for some time and just fell in love with the technique, the look and the beauty of this form of embroidery. Although I have done goldwork for a while I am by no means expert but might be considered intermediate. This book would add to my library of goldwork books.

  162. All I know about goldwork I learned from you, Mary! It is very beautiful and I would savor the chance to try it one day. I love books about needlework of all kinds and would love to add this book to my collection.

  163. Some years ago I did a class in goldwork at a weekend school. The design we worked also included my introduction to silk shading. I love the finished work, which I had framed but have not done any goldwork since…lack of confidence without a tutor? Having this book would be almost as good as having an on hand expert in the room.

  164. I’ve done lots of other types of embroidery, but never any goldwork. Something to keep in mind for the future!

  165. Mary, I love the bling that goldwork gives to projects. Not that “I” have done any! I hope to do some but nervous about taking the first step. This book would give me the basics. I would love to win it.

  166. I am a beginner to embroidery. I had never tried it until I found some in my aunt’s things we were packing up and no one wanted it. For me it is very relaxing and calming. I had never seen goldwork or knew anything about it before your site.

  167. I am a beginner, but after seeing all your amazing steps in the medallion project, i can’t wait to try goldwork! It’s so… Shiny. 🙂

  168. Oh my, what a wonderful book to give away. I would love to win this. Thank you!

  169. I’ve only done beginner stuff in a few cross stitch pieces (Teresa Wentzler stuff). The real intense goldwork appeals immensely but I find it so intimidating!

  170. It would be simply amazing to win – I see how many lovely ladies have commented…..I would treasure the book and with all the goodies waiting to be used, I am ready to sew!
    Thanks for the chance.

  171. Goldwork is my favorite technique. I have stitched some beautiful pieces and now I would like to learn more advanced techniques. I love the sparkle of the gold work. Now O a, going to try some of the techniques I have learned from your medalion project.

  172. Wow what a pretty book! I have never tried goldwork, but would love to give it a go!

    Thanks for the lovely give away.


  173. I love sewing with silk, the way it shimmes in the light, goldwork feels so rich and extravagant, the two together give embroidery wings, the work sings to me and there is movement in the finished project.
    Still a beginner and enjoying extending my skills with beautiful results.
    Thank you Mary for he step by step,instructions and guidance to our latest project using silk and gold.

  174. So far I don’t have a relation with goldwork, although I’d like to! Your work is very inspiring and I’d love to try my hand. This book would be a great help with that. Thank you for the giveaway!

  175. I have never tried goldwork, but I would LOVE to get into it. That’s why I want the beginner’s guide! The cost of getting started (plus the other sewing projects calling me) is what has kept me out so far.

  176. I bought a kit to start some goldwork and silk embroidery but I keep putting off starting it because of fear. I have been thinking about finding a book to help me get started. I use my books all the time even on techniques that I am familiar with. I would love to get this Beginners Guide to Goldwork. It sounds just like the push I need to get started. Diane

  177. I am just climbing out of my “shy box” sharing my needle paintings and have a new shop on Etsy. I’ve always loved the richness of metal thread work but, haven’t tried it yet. The preciousness of threads has been too intimidating. I’m working on a mixed media embroidery now, and have been thinking about incorporating metal threads. This book would be a real blessing!
    Thanks so much again, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

  178. I drool whenever I see such beautiful work. I haven’t done any goldwork yet, but would love to try it! This look like the perfect book to get me on the way.

  179. I don’t reall think I am ready for gold work yet, but the book is beautiful, from what you’ve shown, and, if I don’t win it, I will probably buy it. Thank you for showing it.

  180. I have couched gold cord onto various things, but I am a newcomer to actual goldwork–I would love to learn more! I play with period-look embroidery for a renaissance-recreation group and goldwork was popular then..I would then teach my friends the technique as well–once I have learned it myself!

  181. I love learning new stitches. I do counted cross stitch on line and enjoy hand embroidery. I have never tried Goldwork and would love to. This just sounds like a good way to get started.

  182. I am a beginner to Goldwork; love the opulent look and style of the materials used and hope that I could learn to do this type of needlework.

    I read your blog everyday and loved watching the progress on the Gold Medallion! What a gorgeous work.

  183. I admit, I’m still waiting for that little somethign that will push me over into trying goldwork. It’s beautiful, but it’s hard to find the time amongst all the other fiber activities. Still, this book would definitely be a heck of a push! 😀

  184. Hi Mary,

    I have done a bit of goldwork and it’s on an unfinished project. I would love to have this book to help me finish it! I have done gold pearl purl and some couching with gold threads…

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Jan B. in Florida

  185. OHHHHH! I would love to have a go at Goldwork.

    I am tempted to do a day course at the RSN at Hampton Court

  186. It’s really funny how well timed this is. My partner (who’s more of a knitter/crocheter) found some faux-silver metal thread in her stash last night and offered it to me to play with.

    I’m familiar with silk embroidery techniques, but I had never considered metal embroidery until I started following this blog — and realized just how pretty it can be!

    And the tips about framing would be super useful, too. I’m kind of terrible at making finished work look tidy and professional.

  187. Dear Mary,

    I am a somewhat experienced embroiderer, and still had never seen Goldwork until a lucky accident left me stumbling over your website :))))) Your goldwork is enough to make me swoon, and I’d dearly love to try a bit (or more) of goldwork. Even with all your wonderful teaching and tips and advice, not to mention thorough lessons, I’ve found it too intimidating to get the supplies and thread that needle … and while I rarely stray far from the computer, a book by my side is really my reassurance, so if I’m lucky and this beatufiful book heads my way, I’d be delighted!

    Regards, Cathy in PA

    P.S. When are you going to write YOUR book ? :)))

  188. I’m a complete beginner at Goldwork but drool over the pictures I see of it. Having followed your Medallion project I would really like to give it a try.

  189. So many years ago, I picked up my first embroidery needle, and now, I hear it calling me back. I’ve admired goldwork, but never had the courage to dive in (or have known anyone who does goldwork), so have had to admire it from afar. I would love to try this out! I’ve been watching you stitch that beautiful medallion, and find it has really ignited my interest. Fingers crossed!

  190. I love fiber arts and embellishing. Glitz perfectly placed brings shine to any project. What interests me with gold work embroidery is the royal aspect it brings out.

  191. Oh, what a wonderful book and terrific giveaway. I would love to win it and to try my hand at goldwork mbroidery. Thanks for the opportunity.

  192. This does look an easy book to follow. Twice I have purchased Golwork kits but each time when I look at the instructions and special threads I become daunted and put everything away until another day. ‘Another day’ will come some time I am sure. It will probably take something like this lovely book to get me over the fear hurdle. Thanks for reviewing it and for all the endless bits and pieces that we receive from you every day – what a gift that is without any of the give aways. By the way I have enrolled in two Introduction Classes at the RSN in September – thanks again for your link there. Rowena

  193. I have never formally tried goldwork though I have done many different forms of embroidery over the years.The closest I came was working on the Plimoth Jacket, though I just worked with the silk threads on that.I would love to add the book to my library and try the sampler.

  194. Dear Mary,
    I also love beautiful pictures of beautiful embroidery. They are so inspirational and I admire the genius in the creations. How everything just goes together perfectly. I love the opulence of goldwork. I’m a beginner, with at this stage a lot more trial and error, and apprehension, than action. Perhaps one day I can produce something beautiful too. Since I discovered your site, you are like the best of best friends giving guidance and encouragement through sharing your knowledge, experiences, and projects. Thank you Mary!

  195. What a lovely tribute to an author’s work! I have just picked up a needle again after many years and the pictures are so inspiring. This is one to share with my daughter who is studying Art History and has always been interested in textiles.

  196. I am a total beginner at goldwork, but it’s always appealed to me. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of metal and thread, of two equally precious substances living harmoniously together that I enjoy. Good luck to whoever gets their hands on this beautiful book!

  197. Wow those are so beautiful! How nice of you to do a giveaway.
    I am just beginning and was looking at your great tutorials for lettering stitches and noticed the comments and so I had to go take a peek.
    This looks like an awesome book.


  198. Hello Mary,
    Your give away book is such a treat for the senses.I do many types of needlework as well as paintings,I see the gold work as a perfect dry brush embellishment in porcelain.I recently did a gold overlay on an all white dresser scarf which turned a very plain scarf into a real sparkler.All my digits are crossed.Thank you so much for sharing your art with all of us.Judy-IN-Frenchtown.

  199. Thx Mary for this opportunity. I have never done goldwork before but have wanted to ever since I watched every step you showed us while doing the Tudor Rose. I have worked with glitzy thread somewhat and love the elegance it gives to a piece. Watchting you work on the Rose helped me to feel less intimidated about trying it for myself. Wish me luck! Missy

  200. I have been doing embroidery for several years but am a beginner at goldwork. I have used gold threads to embroider a harp on a tallit bag I am making for my husband but I am not happy with the result and want to re-do it.

    This is a great giveaway – thanks for the opportunity.

  201. I consider myself an advanced beginner at goldwork, but am an experienced stitcher in other genres. Thanks so much for this great offer, knowing whoever wins it will have a great resource.


  202. After watching every step on your Medallion project, I think goldwork would be very interesting to try. The book looks like a good place to start. I really enjoyed watching the progress on the project. It was very beautifully done.

  203. I am truly a goldwork beginner. I am doing my first piece now with my ANG chapter and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am a real novice and a “how-to” intro book for a beginner would be a great addition to my needlework library! I have thoroughly enjoyed following your Medallion project–it is truly beautiful and since my husband is retired clergy it was even more special to watch it develop. Thanks much!

  204. Having recently turned 60-years-old, my new motto is, “Life is short. What are you waiting for?” I’ve been embroidering for years and done work for the church, but your medallion has inspired me to aim higher. Attempting goldwork would challenge me to greater heights of ecclesiastical embroidery “elaboration.” I would view winning the book as a sign of your professional encouragement to stop hesitating and literally “go for the gold!”

  205. Goldwork ! I discovered this technic thanks to you !
    I bought a book some weeks ago, but was a bit disappointed as the projects are made only with gold threads and metal threads. And I prefer embroidery with silk shading and goldwork (like your tudor rose in fact…)
    This one looks perfect !

  206. I haven’t done goldwork, but this would be the impetus to try. Would love to win!

  207. Teied to put in just little god specks and ruined my sparkle braid butterfly. Question does sparkle braid get separated and put back together or do you use it as a single strand. Also I am heartbroken when you first showed us that gorgeous marble looking laying tool i ordered one. Now i can not find it. Can you tell me where i get another one. Last question I need help learning about the different threads ointhe marjket. I like Vineyard silk but how many ply on a thirteen count canvas. If i don’ t split sparkle braid how many ply do I use. Ihave the Thread theasarus but it doesn’t have new threads. Is there a book i could get. Mary, I am retired and knowledge!is old but YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME TO TAKE UP MY NEEDLEWORK AGAIN. YOU YES YOU are a fantastic role model thank you
    Sharon z

  208. What a beautiful book – you find so many gems for us, Mary!
    I’ve not done any metallic work at all, but I love the look of it. Goldwork seems somehow to deepen any embroidery patterns, colour contrasts and shadings – I don’t know why but it really does ‘enrich’ a design 🙂
    Thank you
    Tessa from Stellenbosch

  209. Hello Mary,
    I’ve been reading your blog for about two months now, and this is the first time I’ve commented. Really, it’s because this goldwork book caught my eye!
    I am an absolute beginner at goldwork. I first came into contact with it while I was in the monastery. I was given the job of sacristan, and part of my job was to care for, and, sometimes, repair old vestments. They were SO beautiful! I was filled with anxiety I’d ruin them somehow – I didn’t, and everything turned out alright in the end, happily! It was a real honor to have had that duty!
    Well, what I think I’m trying to say is; I’ve always had a drive to learn traditional skills, and because of my time in the monastery, goldwork (though still a bit intimidating) is at the top of the list.
    Your blog has been a great inspiration to me, and I’ve already learned quite a bit from it! So… I suppose if I don’t win this book I’ll just have to keep reading, and, eventually, I’ll learn everything that’s in the book anyway! Thanks Mary!

  210. I have never tried Gold Work, but love laid work of all kinds. I meant to tell you about a man on Etsy, btw that you may want to look at if you have not done so, who makes hand carved laying tools. His shop is called Grizzly Mountain Arts. He also makes other fantastic things such as hand spinners for home made yarns. I purchased a beautiful laying tool from him.

  211. I have been enthralled with Goldwork from watching your progress through the Medallion Project. I own one book but it doesn’t have very good instruction – just some very beautiful photos of Goldwork. I am dying to try this gorgeous technique – mostly from reading and viewing your work on the Medallion.


  212. What a gorgous book, and not one I have presently.
    I have done a few projects in goldwork and taken a class.
    I think it is absolutely gorgous and I love reading your book-reviews and I have bought some of them. Latest buy was Trish Burr’s Colour Confidence in Embroidery.

  213. If I win this book it help me loan out books
    Am teaching people from my pareish, St. Andrews College Park,MD. to embroider as we make new vestrments and para ments. Have done gold work off and on for 25 years.

  214. What a lovely looking book. I have been teaching surface embroideries for years, but I have never done any gold work. It is tempting me to try some gold work. The book would be a wonderful addition to my library even if I never get to working with the gold threads. Love your newsletter. Ganet

  215. Would love this book , am just home from hospital after being very poorly and learning a new skill would aid my recovery and fill my recouperation time usefully. Goldwork cards and decorations would make great Christmas gifts.

  216. I want to give it a go with gold work, even bought several types of goldwork threads. But, just don’t have enough knowledge to start working with it.

  217. Your Goldwork is beautiful and though I have not tried goldwork yet, I would love to learn how.

    I am a crazy quilter and this would be an wonderful addition to my blocks.

  218. Thank-you for another great giveaway. And for giving me an opportunity to try to win again. I tried a goldwork workshop a few years ago and my skills were not up to par for the project. I remember cutting one tiny piece of purl that flew out of my box and landed somewhere in the universe. It might be fun to revisit goldwork again, now that my stitching skills have improved a little bit.

  219. I would absolutely love to have this book! I’m a total newbie to goldwork and aspire to produce lovely work such as you do, Mary! Your embroidery is so wonderful, it almost makes me cry! Thanks for this opportunity!

  220. Yes I would love to win the book, had ago at gold work back in 1998, would love to get started doing it again.

  221. Hi Mary:

    I would love to win this book as with all of your book giveaways. I am an advanced beginner with goldwork in that I have tried one kit from Berlin Embroidery and I have added goldwork threads to other Jacobean style projects. Goldwork appeals to me because of the richness of the materials, the lasting quality of the work and the dimensionality of the finished product. I am almost entirely self-taught and this looks like a wonderful instruction book. Thanks as always for your wonderful site. Anastasia

  222. Oh! After the [private] advice you offered me three years ago, when I was working on restoring a chasuble for my priest, I still need help.

    (In fact, I have on my list of to-do’s, to send you some samples of the old gold and the japanese I purchased for the restore work.) As the restoration is still in progress. I put the thing back together once a year for him to wear for the Feast of Christ the King, then I bring it home, take it apart, and do more work….. I’m not quite as quick and dedicated as you….. plus I don’t have a clue what I am doing.

    I enjoyed your Medallion project SO MUCH! I would love to have this beautiful book to both educate me, and to show….

    Thank you for your awesome blog.
    Dee Dee

  223. i have a dream!!!!! I am french, and a beginner in art embroidery. I want to learn, I want to know!! it’s very important for me. I do love all stictch project!! thanks for the game!

  224. What a beautiful book! I have been embroidering since I was 8 years old, and love it! I have spent some time admiring gold-work pieces, but have not had the chance to try it myself. I’ve been closely following your blogs – especially the Medallion project. This is the one aspect of embroidery that I always wanted to learn. Gold-work would be an incredible addition to my newly acquired hobby of designing and making sewn, embroidered, and crocheted Christening gowns and blankets for our church to give out to families that can’t afford their own, and to (hopefully) earn a little money to go toward secondary education for our child. I have a lot of ideas, and this book would help me make them reality. The pictures are stunning, and the written details shown in the book previews are so enticing that I really think this book could help me achieve this dream.

  225. At Goldwork…. yes I am a beginner…. I do a lot of different types of embroidery and I do enjoy the project that has different techniques throughout. Many I have done but goldwork is one I would love to try sometime.
    Avis in VA

  226. Hello, I am very new to Goldwork actually I took a class here at my local needle work shop and I was hooked! I love the richness it brings to a subject I’m stitching. I considered it an honor to learn this as it was the next step in my needlework rep. It is such a luxury to work with the more expensive threads. I love it!

  227. Tis only a dream! I am a novice embroiderer who would love, love, love to learn about goldwork. I have been following your latest amazing work and have been astounded at the beauty of the goldwork. Is it really possibly for a non-expert?

  228. I do love gold work and have a stash of threads that I collected in Japan. I’m most interested in figuring out the basic techniques and then applying them to a Japanese temari ball. Wouldn’t that make a beautiful ornament?
    Mary, is your contact form working?mim waiting to hear back on a couple that I sent.

  229. Goldwork! what I love about it is its Zing! Ordinary stitching just pops out. I’ve done a little goldwork but not much. I’d love to do more. Thanks for the book giveaway.

  230. What a lovely book! The grapes are lovely! I have used metallic threads a bit over the years – a little gold here and there but never delved into it deeply. It would really enhance my design work and be so much fun to try it more seriously.

  231. I’ve done some goldwork in needlepoint. I think it makes the projects look regal and elegant. I have not had the opportunity to include goldwork in my projects and would love to learn. All I need is time. I am now practicing integrating gold couching into my beading work.

  232. What a lovely book, and such a generous offer! I love all needlework, but really began to admire goldwork in earnest while writing my first novel, A CURSE DARK AS GOLD, which is a retelling of “Rumpelstiltskin” set during the Industrial Revolution. The research I did into gold thread in the 18th Century made me appreciate this artform even more. I am so impressed that it’s alive and well today, and I have really enjoyed your gorgeous, gorgeous Medallion project. But I’ve always been too timid to try it myself! Cheers, ~ecb

  233. I am a beginner to embroidery and gold work. I have been following the medallion project but I admit that I found that I needed more explanation of the techniques to give life to my work. I find stitching to be extremely relaxing and making handmade gifts to be the ultimate way to show love. I would love this book in order to take my skills to the next level and turn my work in to art. Sincerly Kimberly Mobley

  234. Thank you for making this available. To answer your questions, I’ve dabbled with metal thread embroidery before, but only at the most basic levels – plain couching and a limited bit of or nuée. I would like to do more with it, in specific, more metal thread embellishments to compliment monochrome pieces. Again, thanks for the constant stream of info on techniques, materials, and tools! -k.

  235. ohhh seeing this book made me squeal with delight! i have never tried goldwork, but have done smocking, handsewing, stumpwork and the like. i would love to learn as it is so beautiful, looks as bejeweling the piece of fabric.
    (pickme!,pickme!,pickme!) 🙂

  236. i enjoy learning new hand sewing techniques and this looks very interesting to learn ,i would love to own this book give-away,hand sewing is very relaxing and you can do embroidery any where that,s the fun part

  237. I am a beginner to most of embroidery and hand stitching and am just beginning to build a library. This site is so instructional for me, and inspires me to keep working on the craft!

  238. I am a beginner embroiderer, but I would love to try gold work. I have been following your blog and learning so much from it. My focus is on ecclesiastical embroidery so this book would come in handy.

  239. Never have tried gold work…am a beginnner…but would love to try it…looks like a fun challenge…Grace from Minnesota

  240. Mary,
    Thank you for the chance to win the Beginners Guide to Goldwork. I have recently made the decision to venture into embroidery, including goldwork. I enjoy the current forms of needlework I do, but want to challenge myself. And I have been admiring the work you have been doing on your blog! Not that I will ever achieve your level.


  241. The first time I ever saw goldwork was here on your site. It’s something I would love to try but the only embroidery I have done is Crewel, Counted, silk ribbon, and Crazy quilt stitches.
    I’d love to expand my horizons and see how well I can do.
    Since I can’t have you here to hold my hand while I try it, I would love to hold that book in my hand instead 🙂

  242. I am a beginner beginner have never done gold or silk work. The photo showing the “beautiful” gold work is something I am longing to do. I have started a wall hanging with grapes and leaves. now that I have seen what has been done I plan to do gold work on the wall hanging. Thank you for the inspiration. Judy Neil

  243. I am a true beginner to the art of goldwork. Over the past month I have been researching patterns, and reading what I can find on it. I have several spools of gold thread ordered, and on the way…mustering courage to approach this technique. (Yikes!) Goldwork presents an unmatched level of dimension and warmth. The prospect of creating something using this technique is so exciting! I would love this book.

  244. I have done a fair amount of goldwork, but it seems that I am always a beginner. I wish I had a teacher to personally study under, but geography does not allow that. Therefore, I am always looking for new ideas to help me better understand the use of gold. I would love to have another book to dig into.

  245. Oh, I’d love this one! I still have a goldwork kit somewhere around here which I don’t really know how to get started with, since the included instructions are less than optimal. So yes, I’m a complete beginner in goldwork, but would love to learn!

  246. I am absolute beginner of goldwork. Maybe not absolute, but beginner. I’ve done only “Tudor and Stuart Gold Master Class” by Thistle Threads. And I want to try more and more of goldwork. This book could be a great helper to me.

  247. I am slowly building my Needlework library. I am a beginner and I already had to refer to some of the books I have while working on projects. Most of these books are so beautiful that I keep them out so family and friends can look at them.

  248. I have done quite a bit of embroidery, but never done goldwork, and I’ve always wanted to try. I think it’s such a great way to bring some pizzaz to a project!

  249. oh boy – this book is definitely on my wish list! I want to try goldwork – ever since seeing it stitched at the Knitting and Stitching show on London UK last fall – but not sure just how to go about it – so a book like this one would start me on my way. Elizabeth L Mac

  250. I’ve bearly scratched the surface in my beginner stitches. This book would be a fabulous help. Hoe I’m lucky.

  251. I have done hand embroidery, but not for some time. Some projects I dabbled in, in my early married life. It was a way to decorate my home and keep my hands busy. These were mostly kits and served a purpose at the time. In the past 12 years or so, I have taken classes at Martha Pullen. I signed up for anything and everything that had hand embroidery on it and I made a prety good bullion, I must say!! I have seen the goldwork and drooled over it. I watched avidly the medallion project, wishing I could someday hope to try something that ambitious. I would love to try my hand at goldwork, but wouldn’t know where to start. A beginners book might just be the thing I need. I am pretty good at following instructions!

    Debi from MS

  252. A really,really basic instruction book on goldwork is what I NEED. Goldwork looks impossibly fussy, which is the kind of chalenge I enjoy, but am afraid of at the same time.
    I must be a good book as the other information I have recieved at this website has been right-on!

  253. What a lovely book.would love to win it as I need all the help I can get. If I am not lucky enough I will just have to buy it. Your medallion was wonderful , congratulations on a superb finish.Ann

  254. Hello Mary, what a great giveaway!
    I do a lots of embroidery but i have never done goldwork.Would love to have your book.
    Thank you for all the great post and all the help you are giving us.

  255. Beautiful book, stitching, photos. A wonderful book to have in a stitcher library. I have only done one small goldwork item and long to do more

  256. I am a lover of all kinds of embroidery; however, gold work is one I have not yet had the courage to try. Gold work is one of the reasons I love following your newsletter – it’s beginning to give me the courage to attempt it. It would be such a delight to have such an extraordinary book.

  257. Hi Mary, Thank you for the book give-away! I’m a beginner in goldwork, but have been collecting materials for a long time and have been drawn to it even longer. It dovetails so nicely with Elizabethan embroidery and bobbin lace in projects like sweet bags, embroidered jackets and your lovely Tudor rose.

  258. I find myself looking at goldwork and wishing I could do it. I marvel at the beauty, and intricacy of each example. I make a lot of vestments for our priests, and I wish I could make something that looks like the ancient vestments I’ve seen online and in museums. I did try to make a small piece once, but I really didn’t know what I was doing and it is in my “someday I’ll figure that out” box.
    I think I need a beginner’s book. Until today, I did not know there was a beginner’s book. I have seen some pretty impressive works, but nothing to get me started. Maybe this book is the key.

  259. Hello. I would love to win this book. I’ve never worked with gold before so I am a beginner. The progress of your work was fascinating. I would love to try a small piece.
    Goldwork is elegant and adds great detail to a piece, can make a piece shine.

  260. Please enter me in the book give away.
    I absolutely love your newsletters and tips. They give me inspiration and energy and drive to create projects.

  261. I am so excited! This is something I have been wanting to learn, but have not been able to find a class in my area. so I am crossing my fingers, this looks like a book I can work with to learn gold work. Many thanks for offering it!

  262. Mary,

    Goldwork was one of the things I eliminated early on from my “To Learn” list. You can’t possibly do everything and I didn’t think I was interested in it. Until I took a one day goldwork workshop a couple of months ago at my local EGA chapter. I am now hooked.

    Your piece was beautiful and I especially liked following your creative process from beginning to end. Just curious, was the vestment for a Catholic priest? I ask because it looks very much like the vestments the priest wears at Sunday mass.

    I would love to be the recepient of the goldwork book. I hope my number comes up!

  263. Oh happy day! I’m crossing my fingers and saying a prayer. 🙂 I’m a beginner to goldwork embroidery but I desperately want to learn. My husband is a priest and I have made him a few vestments already, but I really want to make him something special with a beautiful embroidered medallion of some sort for the back of the chasuble. I guess if I don’t win, I need to put this book on my wish list. It sounds like a good place for me to start to work toward this goal!

  264. I have done a couple of beginners goldwork projects in class and just love it! The work is so luscious and there are so many beautiful threads to use. Even the small project that I have completed – I can’t believe that I have actually done them myself.

  265. I’m a hankering! What a lovely looking book. I have been interested in doing Goldwork especially after following your blog on the beautiful Medallion you made. You gave enough information to get me past any fear (out of ignorance). I love embroidering flowers, birds, bugs and the grapes look like the first item I would try if I should win this wonderful book. Thank you for all the wonderful tips and know how you share with us. You are a true blessing.

  266. Hi Mary, Thank you for another beautiful book give away.
    I have tried Goldwork once in a workshop with a tutor.
    I just love the way the goldwork when worked into a project gives the embroidery a lift into life. 🙂

  267. A few years ago I took a couple of Japanese embroidery classes with silk and gold. These were good classes with lovely materials, but I haven’t done anything else with goldwork so I qualify as a beginner. After seeing your medallion project I would like to pick up some goldwork techniques and your offered book looks like a great way to do that.

  268. I am a beginning embroiderer and have never tried gold work before. The designs in this book are so beautiful. This looks like something I would love to try and do. Your description of this book makes it sound so easy and fun to do. I love the designs and vibrant colors Ruth uses, especially the pinks. (I Love Pink) This book would be a lovely addition to my beginning embroidery library.

  269. Hello Mary,

    Not only am I a beginner but I’ve never tried to make goldwork embroidery. It seemed so complicated and «precious» for me. Except that I have followed you and your work on the medallion and it fascinated me so much. Now I would like to set about it and this book would be a great help.

    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  270. I wrote a few days ago that my favorite needlework is counted cross stitch reoroduction samplers. I have been wanting to learn needle painting, and along with that, comes learning goldwork. I would, of course, call myself a beginner, with a strong desire to learn new forms of needlework! Winning A Beginners Guide to Needlework, would be a wonderful way to expand my library of needlework books, mainly reproduction samplers in counted cross stitch, and many books on 17th, 18th and 19 th century stitch diagrams.

    I am new to your website, and the things I have learned in a couple of weeks have been invaluable! You have really whetted my appetite to learn surface embroidery, and along with it, goldwork! I always marvel when I see such forms as needle painting and gold work, and think, “I can never learn to do this,” but I read the comments and learn that there are lots of you out there, and I should be able to join you with a lot of patience and hard work! I look forward to learning many more things! Kay Lynn

  271. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to gold work…I have only embroidered with regular threads and would love an opportunity to try gold work…It is so beautiful…

  272. I have loved needlework since I was a young child. I first learned conventional embroidery and added smocking when I was a teen. In recent years I have tried stumpwork and silk ribbon embroidery. I would love to win the book and try goldwork!

  273. Hi Mary,

    I have just started teaching the basics of embroidery to youngsters, and this book would be a great reference book to have. I love how goldwork enhances a project, making things stand out, or just giving them a subtle shine. I have only done 2 goldwork pieces, both as a class, but would love to know more about the technique, as I think that it would be great to be able to pass this knowledge onto our younger members!

  274. This book is wonderful, by the look of it. I see myself making beautiful embroidery by hand. I’m a machine embroiderer and metallic threads are more difficult to do, but so beautiful when it works out well. But following your goldwork journey, I think one can make more beautiful things by hand. I want to learn it with your book!

  275. I am a beginner in Goldwork. I signed up for an EGA class in goldwork but afraid to even start the project. I enjoy cross stitch, hardanger, bargello, and specialty stitches but am concerned about trying the goldwork. I can read directions and follow them so I feel that this book would give me confidence to start my project.

    Thank you for a wonderful time each day reading your articles.

  276. G’day Mary, I already own this book and think it’s one of the best on Goldwork I have on my shelf. If my number comes up, please redraw, as I just wanted to leave comment and not be in the draw.
    I have been doing goldwork ever since I started at St Paul’s Cathedral in London in 2007, helping to make their new vestments. Kate Sinton (author of the fabulous new stumpwork book by the RSN) was my teacher, and so I have been taught by the best in the business. I have also done classes with Tracy Franklin whilst I was in England. I have both her books and they are signed (lucky me).
    I am currently teaching a Goldwork beetle at Joggles in August, which is my first goldwork piece in the teaching arena.
    Arlene White

  277. Hi Mary,

    As a novice at Goldwork and having read this book in our local library, I would LOVE to have it in my personal collection. Fingers crosses!

    Trish (Whangarei, NZ)

  278. I’ve done embroidery virtually all my life but I’ve never been game to tackle goldwork. This book sure looks like it would give me the wherewithal to make a start. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway.

  279. Hi I am considered a beginner! I was in Oklahoma City this week packing my in laws that are 90 & 92 to move to Colorado to be close to us as they age! While packing I found so many beautiful pieces of handwork that her mother & great grandmother had done! The work was great, beautiful & inspiring! I learned to embroider from my grand mother in law so many years ago I have just started doing embroidery & silk ribbon embroidery!.I would love to have this wonderful instructional beautiful book with the sampler to learn this type of work! I would love the opportunity to learn goldwork and silk embroidery…the book is wonderful with the beautiful pictures & great instructions! I look forward to reading your email each & everytime it comes in my email! It would be great to receive this book give away & be able to learn this wonderful art that I would love to pass on to my daughter. Thank you so much for all of your great articles and give aways God bless Donna from Colorado

  280. Enjoy reading your email/blogs every day. I haven’t had an opportunity to try goldwork but am fascinated by the results one can achieve. Would love to give this technique a try.

  281. I am an absolute beginner to embroidery. I started to learn a little because of my keen interest in quilting. I was looking for a way to embellish the applique on the quilt projects. A friend told me about your site. I have been following it keenly. You are amazing to put some much time and talent AND love into this website. I would love to learn more, and this book would help me so much. Fingers and toes crossed! 🙂

  282. Hi Mary, I have often admired goldwork but have felt too intimidated to try it. I am still more an experienced beginner than anything else. This book would help give me confidence to get started.

  283. I am an absolute beginner at Goldwork but I am completely enamoured. I have been hesitant to try without instruction because there are so many tips that you need to know. This book would give me those tips and then I could jump right in!

  284. Aloha Mary,
    Well, for the first time I don’t need to enter the giveaway as I already have the book. I would recommend it to anyone for practice purposes as it covers all the basics. If each bit is done one could end with a gold work sampler that would look quite nice. I hope the winner uses it to practice and perfect their work. Good luck to all entries.

  285. Just the book I am looking for. I would like to embark on goldwork but do not have the confidence to have a go! This book sounds like the book for me. It sounds like a gently, gently approach for the beginner.

  286. Wow, just what I was looking for. I have tried a little gold work and a little Japanese silk embroidery. I have aspirations to do a gold and silk liturgical piece in the future, but I realized I need a lot more practice before I try and tackle what is in my head. The book looks like a great resource. Thanks,

  287. I love the looks and the doing of gold work. I have only done two pieces both under the tutoring of the royal school of embroidery. The first piece was a dragonfly, using Japanese thread and some purl purl. I was in love. The next piece took eight days of class plus the time that I spent at night. Lots of different threads and techniques on this project and I still have lots of things to learn. I would love the book since it doesn’t look like any projects that I’ve done.

  288. What a beautiful book I would love to know how to gold work. I’m retiring the end of May and will have pleanty of time. Thanks so much for your website and instructions.
    Sally Miller

  289. Hello Mary,

    I’ve never tried goldwork but it is a technique that I have on my embroidery bucket list. Admittedly it scares me a little ($$) but who can resist shinny things?

    I’m a book junkie at heart so I would love to add this to my ever expanding collection. Thanks for the give-away!

  290. Hi Mary,

    Had my first every lesson in goldwork atg Country Bumpkin’s Beating round the Bush in April, loved it. I looks so bright and grows very quickly, given that the threads are thick.
    Would love to have a copy of this book to further my fascination.
    Regards, Barbara

  291. Ive never tried goldwork before, but not for lack of desire. As a self taught embroidery nut, I look for good books with clear instructions that I can translate into left handedness (because being told, ‘do everything I do but opposite’ is hardly helpful) and then start learning. It sounds like Ruth Chamberline’s book might be just the one Im after to start a new obsession!

  292. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to gold work, but wouldn’t this be a great way to start? I love the elegance of gold work; it’s something i must try.

  293. Wonderful! I am intrigued by goldwork, especially after watching you stitch the medallion piece. Thanks for the giveaway!

  294. What a beautiful book. I’m drooling over the few illustrations shown. It makes great eye candy even if I never got to stitch it. However, the plan is to give it a try someday.
    Thanks for offering the freebies. Wendi

  295. What a gorgeous book – I have tried goldwork and absolutely love it but I am still very much a beginner. I love the bling it brings to everything and the different textures you can create.

  296. Hola Mary
    Soy principiante en orfebreria, te he seguido paso a paso con el medallon, me encantaria hacer bordado en orfebreria con mis propias manos y que mejor con este maravilloso libro.
    Que Dios te bencdiga, muchas gracias

  297. Mary thank you for the opportunity to have this lovely book, I am and would be a total beginner inspired by your lovely Medallion work. I love colour, Jacobean and the added touch and look the gold adds, thank you once again.

  298. I would like to become a beginner goldworker – have never tried it but always admired others’ work. I really like samplers as a way to try lots of new techniques, so Ruth’s book would tick all the boxes for me.

  299. I have done very little Goldwork. I love the look of it and want to learn more about it. This book looks like it is a good instructional book to learn from. Thank you for all you do.
    Deb P.

  300. Just at the right time! I have purchased 3 goldwork kits and have no idea how to stitch them. I have been putting off learning Goldwork for years. This looks like the time.

  301. While I am an experienced embroiderer, I am new to goldwork. I am doing a new series of artworks that will be heavily goldwork-ed. I have followed with great attention the medallion project and gained a lot of theoretical knowledge before starting. What I wasn’t ready for was how difficult it was going to be to get my “gold fingers” so to speak. Couching flatworm in very small areas is a real challenge, and plunging and securing the couched thread, while theoretically simple was a real chore! I’d love some hints, tips and tricks.

  302. I haven’t tried goldwork. I think the photos in the book are enough to look at even if I don’t do any of her patterns, but I’m sure I’d try something from that book.

  303. This looks like a wonderful book! I find that having more than one book on a subject is very helpful, and I would love to add this book to my library! Lisette

  304. I’m a hankerin’! I have been circling around goldwork for about, oh, 21 years now; took some classes at various seminars, too. Expensive, but worth it! Somehow, though, when I got home and took out the materials my confidence went……well, let’s just say I could really use that book!

    Denise in Palm Desert

  305. Hi Mary,
    I am an absolute beginner at Goldwork and needing a push to get started. It looks difficult to me and I have some trepidation but I don’t want to procrastinate forever.

    Receiving this book would be the tipping point……… no more excuses!

    thanks for the opportunity

  306. When it comes to goldwork, I am a beginner. I would really like to build my skills. Goldwork is so beautiful. I have wanted this book since the first time I read your review.

  307. novice at goldwork… but recently saw some amazing pieces at the members show of EAC seminar, inspired me to think about attempting it and this book looks incredible!

  308. Hi Mary,

    Many, many years ago, when I was knee-high to a grass-hopper, my mother taught me all kinds of embroidery. Traditional embroidery that is, but not Goldwork.

    I like the richness and opulence of Goldwork, and I had a yearning to stitch some Goldwork embroidery for myself, so I kept asking my mother to show me how to do Goldwork, but the lessons never came.
    And then I found you. I have been following your progress on the Medallion Project and feel inspired and tutored enough now to try a sampler of different Goldwork techniques.
    So I shall call you my ‘EXTRA’ mum, and thank YOU for teaching me Goldwork.

  309. Hi Mary
    This book would really come in handy as I´ve never tried goldwork before but would love to start – especially after following your beautiful project! Thank you.

  310. I am a beginner, wanting a beginner’s instruction book for goldwork before I make purchases and try it out. It sounds like this is just the book I could use!

  311. This looks like just the right book to help any novice get started. Who knows? Maybe, me!

  312. I would love to add this book to my collection of Embroidery books.
    I have been very lucky to be given from an Embroiderier,(who did Church Embroidery, mainly stoles), her collection of silk threads, plus silver and gold threads. I would like to use them in a future project.
    Many thanks for a wounderful web site of inspiring ideas.

  313. I have started to do goldwork and I need a good instructional book to help me move to a higher level of expertise. This goldwork book looks like an excellent way to learn.

  314. I’m a beginner with gold work and tried it soome years ago, but never finished the project because I was very unsure of what I was doing and didn’t have a good reference book. I stitch a lot of samplers with silk but haven’t tried much else. I am in the Casket of Curiosities class for the next 18 months and will be exploring all sorts of silk embroidery and gold work, so this reference book would be very help in designing my casket. Thanks for offering these opportunities to win a reference book as beautiful as this.

  315. I have never tried goldwork, but somewhere in the back of my head I know I will. Why? Because I love anything glittery, golden, silver, anything shiny. The pictures in the book look so inviting, and it seems that the “gold” truly brings out the depth of the other colors.
    I am basically a “beginner”, been at this about one year and right now mostly do crewel type surface embroidery. I’m slow and rip out at least a third of what I do. But I’m not discouraged. I’m learning. And I love it. love it.
    Lyn Procopio

  316. When I saw the photo of the sampler, I knew immediately that I am going to do it, no matter what. I do Japanese embroidery and have worked with both silk and metal threads.However, I have never done anything like this sampler.

    Whoever the winner is of this book is , he or she will have a treasure.

  317. G’day Mary,
    A partly worked Or Nue project that I started in an Alison Cole workshop is my extent of practicing goldwork. I know a lot about it though! You see, there’s this lady on the internet…
    Cheers, Kath

  318. Hi I am a beginner at goldwork who likes to couch a gold thread around the edge of my embroidered flowers and I would love to take this further and find out how I really should be doing this and which threads to use. This book looks really great and I would love to win this and continue with my embrodery journey.

  319. I have done a bit of goldwork and am working on a piece right now by Judy Souliotis and there are pictures on my blog, needleartnut.blogspot.com
    I would love another book on this art form!

  320. This book looks like it could answer lots of questions. I have done some goldwork and have one book, but it is quite advanced. I would dearly love to own this beautiful helpful book.

  321. Hi! I have never tried goldwork, but I have tried sewing with metallic threads, which went rather poorly actually. I’ve had this book on my amazon wishlist for quite some time! On a different note, I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your stitchplay series. I’m actually very intrigued by combining stitch patterns to come up with new designs. (Crazy quilts are a little too crazy for me though…but I like the idea behind all those stitch patterns!)

  322. I’m a beginner in this kind of embroidery.
    I took a small class (week-end) years ago.
    Having the opportunity to have a book with all the instructions would be great.

    thank you for sharing this with us.

    Pascale Perron

  323. I have never done gold work before, although some metallic threads have made their way into my stash. I would love to do a Tudor rose for my daughter. This book would be so helpful.

  324. Some time ago I received a beautiful piece of Korean embroidery. Unfortunately, my grandson liked it as well as I did and ruined some of the gold threads. I have tried to fix it back to its original beauty, but have only managed to make it look amateurish. I am hoping that the instruction in this book might help me do the piece justice. I would truly love to have this book in my collection.

  325. I have never done “goldwork” as you so beautifully illustrate in your posts. Stitching with metallic fibers don’t qualify me thinks! I just inherited a vast library and other supplies from a friend whose stitching career spanned 40 years. Among the items was gold of the kind you have described and illustrated. I would like to learn to use the gold and would love to have a good book of instruction. I believe this book would fit the bill!
    Thanks for your posts and the inspiration!
    Elizabeth in Tenn

  326. Oooh, I would love to have this book!! Alas, I don’t have the time to do it justice at this point in my life, so I am not putting my name in the hat. Congratulations in advance to whomever does win it!!

  327. Hi Mary… well this is a beautiful book! I love all kinds of embroidery, but have never tackled this in silk (color me chicken) but..it does seem it would help a beginner so I am ready! I absolutly love your latest project ALL DONE! wohoo…and I cannot tell you how eager I am to always read your posts. I just want to try this and clearly am a novice, but…handy with the needle(tho I do not have as many as you! LOL) ty for a chance..good luck all!

  328. A beginner’s bookis what I need. I have bought another Goldwork book where I don’t even knoe the words. Why goldwork well it makes the fabric sing and zing just a little makes a whole lot of difference. From Downunder

  329. I love all types needlework and embroidery. When I saw the list of the different books on embroidery, I put Goldwork at the top of my list. I have done many types of embroidery since I was a very young girl. I was fascinated by the beauty of the work. I am so hoping that I will be the winner of this lovely book.

  330. love gold work, and have just retired. Have always wanted to get my arthritic fingers moving move, and I lose myself in this work. Still learning, but guess I will be for some time and enjoying every moment.

  331. Mary, this seems like a wonderful book to have for someone like me who has never attempted Goldwork but would love to give it a try. I have enjoyed following your medalion project & am amazed how you make Goldwork look almost easy.

    Linda Adam
    Ontario, Canada

  332. Hi, Mary –

    Once again, you are tempting us all with another fantastic book! This one looks like something that would be a great addition to any needleworker’s library. I consider myself a beginner in goldwork – I have done a few small projects, but nothing recently. I have a renewed interest in it, much due to your wonderful blog postings! I’m also embarking on the huge casket project over the next 18 months so am gathering resources to help with that process. Thanks for providing such great inspiration on a daily basis! And congratulations on finishing the unbelievably beautiful medallion. Karen

  333. My only attempt at goldwork was a religious emblem for my church. It was a great beginners experience but by no means of high quality. I would love to learn the proper techniques and know the right supplies to create beautiful goldwork! So much of yourself is sewn into any handwork art…learning to do things the right way adds this dimension of confidence to what you have done. Following your medallion project has been a remarkable and inspring experience…frankly, I want to sew just like you when I grow up!

  334. Goldwork is entirely new to me but after I saw the magnificent Medallion, I thought to myself it would be the cat’s meow if I learned how to do that.

  335. I’ve never done official goldwork. I’d love to be able to do it as skillfully as Mary Corbet does!! This book would make a great addition to all your wonderful sharing of your processes, Mary.

  336. Oh, My… I have been reading your project from the beginning. I had never even seen how gold work was done. I have aquired my first silver to attempt on a small dragon in a needle book I am designing. I would really love to learn from the beginning the correct way to use it. Congradulations on finising your project. I LOVE it. I can see it following the cross down the center isle of the church. what an image.

  337. This is exactly what I need to fix a kimono that my brother brought back to the states almost 50 years ago. He gave it to my sister who did not take care of it. Even an oriental cleaners will not clean this as “it is too expensive” and could harm the cloth, but many of the gold trims are loose and falling off. I would love to give new life to this kimono. Your pictures of what is in the book inspired me to enter. I am a novice. Thanks

  338. I would love to add this book to my collection. I’m a beginner but I’ve already added some gold & silk threads to my stash just waiting for the opportunity to get started.

  339. I’d love to add this to my sewing library. I do have a goldwork project started but think I have the wrong thread (or something) as it’s not going smoothly. It’s my first go working with gold threads and is a simple, gold triangle design that I was planning to make into a small ornament for our winter holiday tree (Sinterklaas and Christmas).

    While I’s love to win it, if I don’t I may have to order it from the UK or USA. Even if it were translated into Dutch, my Dutch reading skills are not yet up to reading sewing instructions, lol.

    ~dia, the Netherlands

  340. Thank you again, Mary, for another generous giveaway!
    I have not tried Goldwork; it always seemed so intimidating. After seeing your work,and the book, I’d love to give it a try!

    Kathleen in WI

  341. I recently inherited my mother’s old gold work from when she attended a 1970s course at the Royal School of Needlework. It’s a representation of a church brass of one of my great-great-x many ancestors, and it’s half done (I think). I’d love to finish it but have no idea where to start! So for that I’d love the book.

  342. for some time now I’m wanting to embroider one of the fantastic russian kokhloma patterns, which require quite some goldwork. This book would be the ultimate guide to help me out!

  343. I’ve done a little goldwork before and would love to do some more but find it a little daunting!

    This book would be an inspiration.


  344. I haven’t yet tried my hand at gold work embroidery, but it really appeals to me. I love the richness and sparkle, especially in combination with silk.
    And the book looks fabulous. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the winner, this time?
    Thanks again for your generosity!

  345. I have never embroidered with anything other than floss. At 61, I’m thinking it’s time to spread my wings before I sprout them! Would love to win this book.

  346. Goldwork! What is there not to love, shine, colours, pretty designs and more shine! In a few weeks I am going on a short course on nue and I would love to have a good reference book for goldwork.

  347. After following the stages of your medallian please please add my name to the list as this book looks just what I require as I am just dying to learn Goldwork and nobody in my area teaches it.
    Regards Beb

  348. I have not done any real goldwork. I am currently in an RR we have dubbed “Fool’s Goldwork” where we use more inexpensive gold threads and embellishments but follow some traditional goldwork techniques like couching threads.

    So, I’m a beginner and could use all the help I can get to move from fool goldworker to actual goldworker!

  349. Hi Mary, What a lovely book. I have been wanting to try goldwork for some time but I have not been game to try as I don’t really feel confident on where to start. This book would be fantastic and give me the confidence I need to jump in and give it a go.

    Berenice Holmes

  350. would love to have a gold book in my collection as I have only ever done one piece of gold work.

  351. Mary ~ This is hands-down one of the most luscious, compelling set of embroidery examples I have ever seen…and, I am in love – with the colors, designs and indulgences of style, colors and gold with no holding back!

    Your tudor rose project sucked me in and took away my breath ** and, take no offense by my next comment..this book is the penultimate! And, if my name is not selected: my very next act will be to buy it! Good luck to every single one of us! No way could anyone begrudge the winner “:-)

    And, to add injury to it all – to date my exposure to embroidery as my grandmother used for teatowels,pillow cases, sheets, napkins, tablecloths, white on white samplers, and other everyday things – which, along with your website has led me to renew my embroidery projects.

    I have NEVER had any instruction in goldwork, NEVER even knew it existed, and NEVER knew what I missed. AND, I don’t care how much it costs – I will get a second job – having never coveted anyone anything…now waves of coveting exist. Bless you, Charlotte

  352. I am a beginner to goldwork. I just recently discovered your website and have been inspired to pick up embroidery again. Your site has a wealth of information and I have truly enjoyed discovering all it has to offer.

  353. I am an avid stitcher of just about anything, and
    my first introduction to goldwork was a number of
    years ago when some members of our local guild did
    a test course for the embroidery guild of Canada
    for a goldwork course they wanted to offer members. I have also done a course with Tanya Berlin, whose goldwork kits are wonderful. I would love to win this book for future reference

  354. Firstly I think that book looks gorgeous.

    I am a total newcomer to goldwork. I regularly get the updates from your site but had difficulty finding goldwork materials in the UK. I did at last come across a website in Britain that sold not only the materials but also beginner’s kits so one was ordered, all that I need now is the time to make a start on it.

    I did see in a magazine the other day an project on a modern take on goldwork where the main gold sections were painted using gold paint. The end result was good but it encouraged me to hurry up make a start on my kit.

  355. I am a beginner of gold work.I was given some gorgeous gold threads and i don’t want to waste them by using wrong way. As an England -history lover,learning gold work is innevitable!

    Gold work seem to last very long. Is that because it was done with gold, or simply gold was used only for valuable cloths and linen?

  356. What a gorgeous book! Most of my embroidery lately has been limited to work on applique quilt blocks, and I’m only now branching out again into more intense embroidery forms. Goldwork is one of those techniques I’ve always wanted to try, but felt too intimidated to begin.


  357. I have never tried this technique but am anxious to give it a hand. The book sounds like it would be an excellent guide to start me. Thanks for the try. Good luck to all!
    Chris Beresford

  358. I had never heard of goldwork until I began receiving your wonderful newsletters. I look forward to them each day. I miss them on weekends! I would so love to learn goldwork and am a bit intimidated at the thought. This book sounds like just the ticket to get me past that and trying it out. I would just love to be the lucky winner. Too bad books don’t “multiply like rabbits” and we could all receive one. LOL.
    Running out now to spit in the wind as I throw salt over my shoulder while crossing my fingers. The computer has already received it’s kiss. Hahaha!

  359. I consider myself a beginner in goldwork. I am working on Kay Stanis’s Spring Splendor and worry about the goldwork on the piece. Thank goodness I have friends who know what they are doing.

  360. Oh, Mary! I’ve just returned from a needlework tour to the UK where we visited many museums and churches to see historical pieces. I have a growing need to stitch the kinds of embroidery I saw and gold work is a large part of that. I know I can do it with a book like this. Thanks for a great blog and all you do.

  361. I am a goldwork and stumpwork fanatic, but after completing many flowers and beetles I am ready for a change. I love the look of Ruth’s sampler, her design style and the beautiful shades of colour used in it. I would love to have this book , to give it a go!

  362. I am interested in historic needlework, and I do surface embroidery and crewel work. I haven’t done much goldwork, but I love the look of it and how it enhances embroidery. I would be delighted to win this book.

  363. I’ve never tried goldwork, but seeing things come together step-by-step here on the blog is making me realize that maybe I could do it after all!

  364. I have been stitching for more years than I like to count. One thing I really like to do is goldwork.I have stitched a few pieces and remain some of my favorites. I love how the gold threads make the pieces so dynamic. This book would be a great reference for future projects
    Beryl B

  365. What a lovely book. I ordered it for myself and made my friends jealous. They now want the book. If I am so lucky as to win a copy I will have to see which one will receive it.

  366. I have tried many types of embroidery up to this point, but have not attempted goldwork yet 🙂 I would love to have a chance at this beautiful book, it would inspire me to give it a try!
    Thank you!

  367. Mary, I love all forms of needlework. I have tried most of them and I always fall back to the silk threads and the beauty it encases. I have never tried goldwork but it most certainly is on my wish list of things I have to learn. You are so gracious to offer a copy for give away.

  368. I took a Goldwork correspondence course via EGA a few years ago that introduced me to the techniques which I quite liked. It didn’t help me with incorporating Goldwork into my embroidery. I’ve more ideas of how to do so and am anxious to try it again.

  369. I guess I am a beginner. I have done one project, but with Kreinik threads, not the real gold ones. I am happy to say I got a second place ribbon in embroidery at our county fair for it! I made a cushion on red canvas with two dragons and and our last name initial for my husband as an anniversary gift. This was over 10 years ago, but I am itching to try something with authentic materials. I love the stitch techniques and the finished look of them. This is just a gorgeous book, thank you for the chance to win a copy. :>)

  370. I have tried goldwork but very little. I think it is beautiful and have brought kits but have been intimated to start them. This book sounds like it would lend support to starting them. I have tried many other needlework techniques.

  371. I am an absolute beginner bu it’s the colours and techniques that attract me. All these hours spent staring at your work definitely helps!

  372. Crossing fingers, kissing the computer screen, spitting in the wind, throwing salt over shoulder – these things are all NOT optional but compulsary for a True novice like me, even after this many years, I havent learnt all the stitches of hand embriodery and thinking of attempting Gold embriodery! oh God! omy goodness!! I need to really do all that if I win.

  373. I am fascinated by the beauty and technique of gold-work and silk on many of the old roman and Gothic vestments. I am, most certainly, a beginner in the world of gold-work but I would love to learn more about how to re-produce the beautiful masterpieces which have always served to enhance the beauty of the liturgy.

  374. Well, I wasn’t going to enter this until I saw the gorgeous pictures in the book! I’ve never done goldwork but would definitely have a go with an instruction book like this. Thanks, Mary! Lucy Cooper

  375. I love the pictures of this book. It is something I would definitely use to educate myself in this art. This is something I really want to learn because I love all things that shine and sparkle. Adding this to my skill would only enrich my love of needlework and this book sounds like just the thing for a beginner. Thank you, Mary, for this opportunity.

  376. I am not posting to win this book as I got this book after your review of it those 5 years ago, Mary. I can tell you that it pushed me to the next level of serious stitching. Ruth’s love of her craft is obvious from the way it’s written and that love is contageous. The instructional material is very clear and concise, too. Those photographs are amazing and I often just take it down for a “flip through” to get inspired all over again. Whoever wins this book will be very lucky indeed.

  377. Thank you for your generous give-a-way offer. Waht a beautiful book.I am a beginner and would like to start incorporating gold work in my embroidery.I like mixing techniques such as beading, and ribbons with my embroidery.


  378. I love this article. I have done embroidery since my grandmother taught me 50 or so years ago. But have never done silk embroidery. We never got around to that. The article has inspired me to add silk embroidery to my projects.

  379. I’ve been learning embroidery for the past couple of decades, but have only recently been working at it with dedication. Your website inspires me, and though I’ve never tried goldwork I long to do so now. This book would be the perfect way for me to learn and practice.

    Thank you for your wonderful site and for sharing your knowledge with us.

  380. Goldwork has always caught my attention on its own but really makes me itch to try it out when I see it used in such a stunning way with silks. There is something about the textures and depth of richness that just speaks to me. I have been using the long and short stitch with silk to add more and more detail to my work but haven’t yet tried the goldwork. It’s another of the must tries we all hope to get to someday.

  381. I have done some goldwork and now I think this book would help me refine my teaching of the subject.

  382. Please enter me in your drawing for The Beginners Guide To Goldwork! I am an avid cross stitcher, but am being drawn to the more elegant world of embroidery and having this beginner’s book would be the perfect way for me to learn. Plus, I love the sparkle and shine in these beautiful pieces of needlework! Thanks with fingers crossed! ¢=

  383. I have not done any goldwork projects, but I do keep up on your projects! The Medallion was beautiful, all the golden threads made it look so elegant and royal!
    The lucky people who get to see that work of art in person!
    Thank you Mary for the giveaway, you’re so wonderful!

  384. I really have no relationship with goldwork, because it intimidates me. I would love to have a book that initiated me gently into this beautiful type of emgroidery.

    Thank you for offering this!

  385. I am a pre-beginning goldworker! I am currently about half-way through Hazel Everett’s book and I can’t put it down. I have done bead embroidery, cross-stitch, and many other kinds of crafts, and I can’t wait to start goldworking. I have been researching the heck out of materials, suppliers, techniques, etc (great way to procrastinate)… but I am not allowed to order any supplies until I finish my PhD dissertation (self-imposed rule, I have to finish this summer! If I start goldworking I am afraid I’ll never finish… embroidery is so much more fun than writing!)

    The reason I first started looking into goldwork is because I want to learn how to do the surface goldwork stitching on traditional Cretan costumes. I asked some experts in Crete how to do it, and they immediately replied “it’s too hard for you.” I don’t know if they were trying to protect their business, or they just don’t know anyone of the younger generation that has the patience to embroider, but I’ll show them! This is extremely intricate embroidery with couched metal thread and so very beautiful. But after reading Hazel Everett’s book, I want to try everything!

    I would love to win Ruth Chamberline’s book. I love cross-stitching with colored thread, and learning to combine colored silks with gold would be absolutely amazing. She also seems to have quite a bit on couching gold threads (based on the photos of her book in your blog post) which would be very useful to me.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog, I am learning so much!

  386. I love the look of gold work. I have been working in embroidery for a few years but have yet to try gold work. I am in the process of redecorating my dining room this year and think that gold work would fit into my plan very nicely. I am working on a theme of stained glass, wrought iron and foliage plants along with hand painted and textured textiles. From what I have seen in the article this book is well written and illustrated. It would be a joy to be able to include it in my library.

  387. I have considered adding goldwork to my needlework, but didn’t know where to find information about the basics. Love the ecclesastical work I’ve seen on your site and would like to work some of the pieces.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  388. I have spent hours and hours over the past years pouring over many medieval and renaissance pieces of silk work and gold work. . .I have tried to tackle this on my own and eventually began to study Japanese embroidery just to work with the silk and gold. Nothing else was offered near my home. . . I would love to develop these skills further and be able to do more with the vestments and paraments I already make. The candles reflecting off the gold and silk make this work simply amazing and awe-inspiring!

  389. I have always steered away from goldwork, thinking it too picky and detailed. But after watching your progess on the chasuble applique, I think I might be ready to try a small piece. This book would be a wonderful place to start
    Thanks for sharing!

  390. I’m a beginner with goldwork. I’ve only used DMC’s metallic threads. Then as I watched you do the medallion and what a significant difference the good thread makes, I wanted to get more involved. I’m hoping to get the book so that I can try something new, but make it look fantastic.

  391. Your work is stunning. I have just begun to do more embroidery work in my applique projects and have not ventured much into goldwork, so I am definitely a beginner with a desire to learn.

    Thank you, Mary!

  392. I love goldwork and have been fascinated by it for several years now. I’ve taken several classes but still feel uneasy about forging ahead on my own. There are many beautiful designs that I have that would be amazing in goldwork but….. This book would help me get started on my own on projects I would love to make.

  393. Hi Mary,
    As much as I love to embroider I have never ventured so far as to try the art of goldwork, even though I’ve always wanted to. I love how it looks so regal and majestic yet soft and fairy-like. But after watching you complete the goldwork on the medallion I was convinced more than ever that I wanted to try my hand at it. But where to start? That was my question. I now have a pretty good idea. Ruth Chamberline’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork looks like it is well put together, informative, good pictures (that’s important) and perfect for a beginner.
    Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful book!
    Katherine Browning

  394. I am a goldwork beginner, but your medallion project has inspired me to give it a try.

  395. I am a beginner at goldwork. I have done many styles of handwork in my life and this has always intrigued me. I have made lace, cross stitch, quilting and this is something I have always wanted to do. After loosing all my craft supplies in a housefire, I am trying to rebuild my supplies. I believe this book would be a wonderful addition and a new challenge for me.
    Gail Clark

  396. I have almost all of the A-Z books but I don’t have the one on goldwork. I don’t have any book on goldwork. Now that is not saying I couldn’t do a piece of goldwork because you have had tutorials yourself. Good ones they were too. But I would enjoy a BOOK on goldwork.

  397. I have borrowed gold work books from the library, have purchased one beginners gold work book (I think you also reviewed this one), and have perused Tanja Berlin’s site a few times. As well as following you on your epic medallion project. But I have yet to actually try it. I like the idea of the sampler. I think that might be just the thing for that final nudge to commit. The book looks lovely and I would love to have it.
    I really enjoy your site and I’m very impressed with the amount of quality content that you provide. You have been both inspirational and educational. Great combo in my books!
    Thank you, Janet


  399. I’m not a rank beginner, but I sure don’t know much about goldwork. My vast experience has been couching a gold braid down on one project. LOL

    Your most recent project captivated me though. I loved reading the stitch by stitch progress and love the look of the floral areas the most.

    The shine that gold adds to a project is wonderful. That’s what appeals to me the most – the pizazz that gold adds to embroidery.

    Thank-you for offering this book give-away. Of course, I’m hoping this book will be flying it’s way to my hot little hands. Hugs.

  400. I watched your work on the Tutor rose and really wanted to try it. I bought all the golden threads you recommended and now I am staring at them going and NOW how am I going to do this exactly? I think this book would really get me going on this project. I have been printing out your Tudor rose instructions also.

  401. Hi Mary,

    Than you for the opportunity to enter this competion.

    I am really a beginner, i have always wanted to do goldwork but have never really know where to start , how to start, what to buy. I think that this book will give all the direction that i need in terms of the above.

    What i LOVE about goldwork is the gold on vivid colours live red, blue green and black. It just complements the gold so beautifully.

    I was following your last project and saw you used “chips” of gold to fill one area that really facinated me as i would not know how to do it or even where to begin.


  402. Bonjour, je tente ma chance …en français !
    J’aime beaucoup votre site que je suis tous les jours . Vous m’avez fait découvrir la broderie gold, quel bonheur ce serait de continuer par un “pas à pas” à la maison !Très bonne journée à tous ! Cordialement.

  403. Hi, Mary
    I love your website, it has taught me so much and answered many of my questions. I have never tried Goldwork before, but it is on my list to try. Although it seems to keep moving down on my list because I have always been a little scared to do it. Thinking that I would have to be an excellent embroiderer with many years of experience under my belt in order to accomplish it. Up to now I have purchased kits and books to teach myself different types of embroidery, and have relied on the book reviews done by reviewers such as yourself with great knowledge and experience in embroidery in choosing these books.
    Thanks again for all of your effort.
    Niagara Falls, Canada

  404. I just joined your mailing list and what an exciting place to start! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “goldwork” and it’s something I definitely have to do. Gorgeous. Thank you for such an inspiring site.

  405. I am a beginner in embroidery, but goldwork is definitely the most beautiful I’ve seen, and I would love to get into it at the right time. Thanks, Mary, for the chance!

  406. I am an embroidery student doing a City and Guilds diploma. I have never done any gold work before but it looks beautiful. I have an assignment of a piece of gold work to do and this book would be a wonderful resource for me.

  407. Hi Mary,
    Well all that glitters is not Gold, however in this case for me it is at the top of embroidery techniques that I would love to learn, your description of the book is certainly inspiring, and sounds like the kind of instructions I could follow.
    So fingers crossed, I hope the winner is me.:-)
    Flora C.

  408. This is a stunning book, from the pages I see. I’ve tried a little goldwork and plan to work some this summer in an ongoing, personal project. Sadly, I won’t have access to a teacher or book here and would love a little extra guidance. I’ve already set up the designs to tackle and the book would be quite handy to give a little inspiration and guidance. The threads are even all picked out! Thank you so much for all of your instruction!

  409. Just found your wonderful site last week and I love it! Was making a baby dress with some embroidery and hadn’t embroidered for years, so I needed a refresher on some stitch techniques. Am hooked again, and would love the goldwork book.

  410. I can’t even call myself a beginner – I’m just an admirer right now. I do find goldwork fascinating because of its beauty & I would love to give it a try. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  411. Mary,

    You make it look so easy 🙂 I had just a little bit of goldwork instruction at the RSN when I was taking a blackwork class. The few pictures of the book make us want to try it. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  412. I am a begginer at goldwork embroidery. I would love to know more and do more.I would love to be able to win this Goldwork Embroidery Book and add to my library and start my project that I’ve been so reluctant to do..Thanks for the offer..love that you offer us so much just on your site here…Thanks, Susan S.

  413. Dear Mary,
    I have to say that I absolutely love your website! My sister introduced me to it, for which she will receive a huge hug! I am a beginner to goldwork; I have never tried it. It looks so glorious that I am going to have to attempt it! I am pretty much a beginner to embroidery in all its forms. I never had anyone to teach me so through the years I have purchased all kinds of instructional books and have tried to teach myself. My first project was a Christmas table runner that I made and then embroidered. We still use it every Christmas after all these years. In fact, we used it as a background for my grandson’s pictures of his 1st Christmas. I hope that someday my embroidery will turn out to be as beautiful as my sister’s but it will never even be a fraction as wonderful as your work.

  414. Dear Mary Corbet,

    I would love so much to combine my two loves – an old one and the new one – with the “Beginners Guide to Goldwork”. My old love was gold work which I learned when I attended classes years ago so that I was able to create simple pieces of jewellery. Unfortunately I had to quit the classes for matters of time. My love for gold was reawakened during a class in gilding but this was just an unique opportunity without future. Several months ago I found my new love (and this time it looks as if it could last): I am a beginner in embroidery, taking classes with Anne Lange. (www.lange-nadel.de) I enjoy the numerous suggestions and stimulating discussions and one of thwww.lange-nadel.deem led me straight away to your homepage. When I came over your book-give-away I wished that the golden book could sail over the blue ocean to Germany to inspire my embroidery in new ways.

  415. I love goldwork because it is so stunningly beautiful! I have done a bit and have taken several classes but can use more instuction and practice.

    Susan K

  416. Mary,
    Though technically I am not a beginner, I have only stitched two pieces of gold work and plan to stitch many more, but do need much more practice. I have followed your progress with the medallion and have been very impressed and envious of your beautiful stitching.
    I think this beautiful book would help me progress in my study of gold work.
    Thank you for your wonderful give-aways.

  417. Hi, I have never tried goldwork before. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win the book and donate it to our EGA library. We are always looking for new ideas for stretching our skills and this would be perfect! Thanks for offering this book as a giveaway.

  418. Dar Mary,
    This gold work book looks just grand and thank you for offering a copy of it. Many years ago i tried some ecclesiastical embroidery with gold threads. I would LOVE to try it again, and a great instructional book would be so helpful. Your work is always inspirational and I enjoy reading about your projects and how they progress. Thank you for sharing all that you do.
    Peg in NJ

  419. I have been dying to try Goldwork, and this book looks amazing. I like pictures as visuals, as opposed to drawings, and these look very detailed. If you are keeping your fingers crossed for me, that makes two of us!

  420. What a great gift, you have stimulated my interest in gold work after watching the medallion process, it was an interest that I didn’t know was missing.
    I am a virgin in gold work but would LOVE to have a try.

    I particularly loved the appearance of the what looked like a bevel edge around the medallion, I kept thinking how good it would all look in stained glass (my husband does this).

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Take care
    Sandy from Australia.

  421. I will try all of your suggestions. I have not tried goldwork, but have done a little silk thread work, and I LOVE IT! With a little luck and the above mentioned things to try, perhaps I will be a lucky winner. Thanks for the opportunity.

  422. I have just recently started to do embroidery. So I guess you could say I’m a beginner who has limited knowledge about all the different styles of embroidery. However, my journey into the embroidery world has captured and weaved its magic into my spirit and my heart. Goldwork appears to have all the hall marks of a wonderful spirit winding it’s gold threads into making magic happen. I would love to try goldwork. Lorraine

  423. Mary, I am such a beginner (a pygmy really)in gold work and have only made forays into it using simple gold thread to outline some of my embroidery. I have followed your Medallion Project with great interest and am now participating in a Basic Gold Work Workshop where I am handling some of the threads I saw in your project.
    I am so excited about learning and experimenting with gold work and the book would really help in my ongoing learning and practice with gold and silk threads.
    Thank you for putting this book up as a treat for us when you have done all the work on the Project!!

  424. Dear Up There, please be so kind and do me a favor for having a new mania beside beads 😀 send me a copy for book to hook me up … Have a nice day 🙂

  425. I have used a gold thread now and again, but that’s not really *experience*, is it? This book looks oh-so-inspiring, and as I was practically drooling along with your medallion project, I’d love to be the very lucky winner of this contest!

  426. Whatba beautiful book. The pictures are lovely . It would be an inspiration piece in your library even if you never try gold work. Thank you for sharing it.

  427. Oh! Mary you have done it again, got me hooked on gold work. I’ve followed your Medallion project from start to finish.I’m already looking on Ebay for the mettle thread for my stash all I need is the book. Many, many thanks Mary. Your the greatest.
    Hampshire UK

  428. I simply love gold work, always been fascinated by it but have never tried it. It just looks so pretty and shiny 😉

  429. Hi Mary
    We are going to learn goldwork in our guild next year – I am on the program committee. This sounds like a great book to have in our library – but if I won it I would certainly read it through carefully myself. We have a teacher coming in but I always like to have a book or two on the topic so that I can figure out the technique a little before the workshop – then I am not going in cold.
    You are wonderful to give away these books – so that the rest of us can learn new things. I love your book reviews and almost always read them before I commit to purchasing a book. I have a big library but there are always topics I still need to look into.
    Thanks again

  430. Hi Mary-

    I showed my 8-year-old granddaughter your Medallion photos, to illustrate embroidery – she immediately wanted to try Goldwork. As I have never done Goldwork before, this book would be great!

    Tricia from Rochester, NY

  431. I am very new to gold work, I have not tried it for fear of destroying it and ruining a project. I would love to give it a try and learn how to do this, I have projects that have not been attempted because of this. Even if I don’t win, thank you for these give – aways, they’re exciting AND educational! Good luck everyone!

  432. I’ve been stitching for most of my life and have taken a few goldwork classes, but I’m not an expert by any means! I’m continuously learning. What a wonderful reference book this would be for anyone’s needlework library.

    Thank you for all the information you share with all of us!

  433. Oh Mary. This has got to be one of the best give-a-way books you have given. I would love to have it and be able to follow along as you teach us to use it. hint

  434. Love Goldwork and Ruth’s book looks like a great introduction to the process and its possibilties!

  435. This book looks amazing. So far I’ve bought a few of the books you’ve featured and have not been disappointed. I haven’t tried any Goldwork but after seeing your work for the church I really want to try doing some!

  436. I would love to own a copy of this book to complement my small collection. i have never tried silk embroidery and do have some gold thread but have not been very brave a bout using it. Love your daily posts I have learned a lot.

  437. This book looks lovely and should be a big help to this beginner if I am lucky enough to win it. Goldwork appeals to me because of the delicate look of the finished project and combining with silk is a WOW factor for me.

  438. Thank you for another opportunity to win a gorgeous book! I’ve been looking at some of the gold work kits you’ve discussed as a starting point, and this book looks like an even better or alternative for a gold work start. There is something magic in gold-I can’t tell you how inspiring the Medallion project is! I certainly hope to add this book to my library-even if not by winning!

  439. I have never tried any goldwork, but I am anxious to try. I was so inspired by your medallion project that I am already planning a little project of my own. As for this book, it is simply beautiful. The photography is so inspiring that I cannot wait to get my hands on some gold and silk threads! Thanks for the give-away.

  440. I would love to win the gold work book giveaway! I am a beginner in gold work. I took one class at a national seminar, but got stuck, and have been unable to complete my piece! So hopefully the book would help!
    Kathy in McKinney, Texas

  441. I would say I would be a beginner at goldwork since I have never done it but would like to give it a try. It is very beautiful!!

  442. I have done only a tiny bit of goldwork, as part of a Tanya Berlin black work design. Now I would like to try a little more, and would love to own such a great book.

  443. Although I have done many small embroidery projects, I have seldom worked with silk threads or done any goldwork. Ruth Chamberline’s book seems an ideal way to learn as it is a beginner’s guide. Thank you for the opportunity!


  444. Silk and goldwork – two words that cause panic!
    It would be really helpful to have the book to learn more about this technique before I try it.
    The end results are so beautiful I can’t imagine trying this without a class with an instructor available. But, I live in a small town and the possibility of an instructor is small.

  445. Hi Mary,
    I have been looking around for a good starter goldwork book. If you enjoy it with your level of experience then this must be a great book. Seeing your work on the medallion and the stylized pomegranate and seeing a friends goldwork has inspired me to give it a go. I am also learning stumpwork as well. This site is wonderful inspiration. I also love that magazine.

  446. Never tried gold work but would sure like to have a go. The book looks great – someone is going to be lucky.

  447. Hi Mary,
    I have some experience with embroidery,
    non with gold work. The most i have learned has been from
    you on NeedleNThread.

  448. I have been keeping up with your goldwork project. I love how this always turns out! I have never tried goldwork before but after seeing how beautiful it is I would like to try it. I have been doing crewel forever!! I have also been doing alot of crazy quilting. Would love to have this beautiful book. Thank you for the chance to get it.

  449. I am a total beginner in goldwork. I’ve done a little fake goldwork with metallic threads, but nothing of the real thing. The thing that appeals to me the most about goldwork is that it is BRIGHT AND SHINY. I have all the finer instincts of a magpie and I love bright and shiny.

  450. I am a new stitcher, is that a word? And I love it … So am searching for all resources out there. Goldwork is abit ambitious for me now but goofy enough to tackle it. It’s so gorgeous.

  451. Congratulations to the winner of this beautiful book. I haven’t had the nerve to start any goldwork yet but one of these days I will.

  452. I love knowing that, even with all of your experience, you still spend time browsing through books and learning from others. I can certainly see how easy it would be to become enraptured with the photos…a sensory extravaganza! I have yet to do any goldwork nor have I worked with silk but I’m itching to do something new (and it’s all your fault!). Especially appealing to me is that this book covers all of the basics from beginning to end. It relieves the angst of investing even more in supplies while hoping to expand my repertoire. I find goldwork is pleasantly elegant and textured, a veritable treasure house for the eyes.

  453. I’ve never done gold work but I’m working up to it. I will one day. I think it’s the top of the embroidery ladder. It’s like the croissant in baking. The ultimate. I’m laying the groundwork, acquiring the skills, working on the confidence. Did I say how important your blog is in this process?

  454. I am a beginner whose interest has been sparked by following your site, particularly the Medallion project and the or nue work.

    The appeal is the texture of the gold threads contrasting with silk and the beautiful colours available.

    You have made goldwork seem possible for a beginner.

  455. What a simply beautiful book. I am a total tyro at goldwork, but more and more I am finding myself drawn to it as I see what people like you accomplish. I would love to have this book to help me with that ambition.

  456. I have to admit I am such a novice at gold work, having been inspired and totally addicted to each new ‘update’ of your wonderful Medallion Project. Admittedly my first attempt at it truly is not fit for viewing by humans let alone my very nosey cat, who thought she could offer input, lol.

  457. Hi, I’m an absolute beginner in embroidery and would love a copy of the goldwork book to add to my reference library. Please include me in your giveaway. P.S. I love your blog x

  458. Hi, I’m Lori. Lori the Lurker, I guess you’d call me. I found your site when I bought “Goldwork: Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration” from a woman on Etsy just because it was so pretty. I’ve certainly never gone beyond cross stitch, needlepoint, and some crewel before. She told me about your website, I came, I drooled, you conquered, and I’ve been reading it every day since.

  459. I have been stitching all my life a jack of all trades and master of none love trying all different techniques.Goldwork has always intrigued me and Ihave been workinr up the courage to give it a go. It looks so sumptuous and medieval and represents the wonder and traditions of embroidery

  460. Gosh, what a gorgeous book. I have only used gold threads on easy projects, such as blending filament and Kreinik threads for cross stitch, so I’m a beginner. There is so much more that I need to learn, I want to couch those gorgeous things down, and do all sorts of clever things!!

    Julie in Australia


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