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Granitos in Embroidery – Video Tutorial


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Granitos used in hand embroidery are “little grains” made up of straight stitches to create a plump petal shape.

Granitos used in Hand Embroidery

Granitos are created with a number of straight stitches that begin and end in the same holes. The number of straight stitches you use depends upon the thread you are using and how fat you want your granitos to be.

Granitos work up well in practically any kind of thread. Heavier threads such as wool and perle cottons require only a few stitches to create nice, plump granitos. If you use stranded cotton, it’s best to use several strands at a time. In the photo above, I used stranded cotton to create the granitos, using three strands at a time in the needle.

Once you see how simple this stitch is, you’ll definitely want to your stitching repertoire!

Here’s the video for granitos in hand embroidery:

I hope you have some fun with this stitch! And in case you’re looking for more hand embroidery stitches to play with, feel free to check out my hand embroidery how-to videos here on Needle ‘n Thread.

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  1. Many years ago I took a class from Carolyn Walker on Madiera embroidery — that is where I was introduced to the granito. She said it translated (in Portugese) as “little wart.” I love ’em! good video, Mary.

  2. Happy to see that the granitos is getting some attention. It was to be used on a sweetbag kit that I purchased from Country Bumpkin and I had to email them because it was not in any of my reference books.

  3. Thanks, Mary. Granito sounds hard, but it’s quite easy, isn’t it? Besides flower petals it would make a nice texture element if evenly spaced across an area of fabric.

  4. Thank you Mary, I had been making granitos with just three stitches and two strands of floss, after watching your video mine look more like grains and less like sticks! annie

  5. Perfect! I’ve been working on an embroidery piece that has flower petals and was resigned to using the old lazy daisy stitch and this will be so much better!

  6. thank you so much Mary, for this wonderful website. May The Almighty Lord bless you abundantly, I sincerely pray. once again my heart felt gratitude and salutation for you Mary. thank you ,thankyou for your humble service of sharing your knowledge of embroidery.

  7. What is the name of the fabric you are using here? the holes are visible… is it good for? Hardanger Enbroidery? Can’t get this in my country………..

  8. hi!.your videos are very helpfull,i really love it! thanx, i just wanna know, you only use thread? i love riboon work i just like to see some tutorials if u have!from you ,keep up the good work

  9. This is the very best website on needlework I have ever seen. I love the videos that explain how to do a stitch. I am even applying these instructions to my needlepoint done on 18 canvas.
    Thank you so much.

  10. What stitch would you recommend for snowdrops? I am thinking of Granitos stitch with a split stitch for the stem. what do you advise please.

  11. I love this little stitch! So simple and effective I’m going to give it a try today.
    Thanks for that adorable heart pattern. Perfect for a little Valentine stitching.

  12. I have been working on a design published in an old Inspirations magazine project to make to grand-daughter a lovely dress with embroidered mushrooms, buttterflies and flowers. They were taking about granitos and I did not have a clue what they were. I was looking at the picture… and was puzzled. So here I am with your publication dating back 8 years ago and now, I am not stucked anymore, I know what to do. Thanks Mary. Your website is the best, again and again. Always clear explanations and well presented. Thanks again and again.

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