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Blocking and Stitching Little


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Happy Wednesday, Everyone! It’s a glorious day here in Kansas – birds singing, sun shining, a light breeze blowing.

It makes me want to write about something sunshiny. And so, I’ll write about my sheep.

Little Embroidery Projects

Here’s one of ’em! He’s the newest in the flock. He fits within a 1.5″ square, turned on its point.

Little Embroidery Projects

You might remember I showed you this fellow a while back. This guy fits within a 1.75″ circle.

So far, I have three sheepish cousins hanging around the workshop. The third one is the largest of all, shown below:

Little Embroidery

He’s nestled into a 2″ square, along with two wee sheep in the background.

Lavender Honey & Other Little Things – Available Now!

If you’re keen to stitch up some wee sheep – and a bunch of other little things – and make them into useful and adorable needlework accessories, then you’ll love my e-book, Lavender Honey & Other Little Things.

In the e-book, which is quickly delivered to your inbox via a download link, you’ll find ways to finish over 20 little projects! Lots of little designs, too – from beehives with bees, lavender, sunflowers, bunnies, sheep, even a hedgehog!

Check it out here, and have yourself some fun creating your own collection of Little Things!


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(8) Comments

  1. these are sooooo, cute. Is more info on the way? I see gift tags in the making, tags for tote bags, tags for shoe bags, lunch bags, garment bags, overnight bags …

  2. Those sheep are so cute! I especially love the tiny ones on the far-away hill. However, I am having a hard time visualizing the scale of how small these little pieces are! Would you mind taking a photo of one of them while you are holding it in your hand? Or with some other point of reference? That way we can see how tiny they actually are! So much detail in such a small space!
    Thanks so much for your blog, it is always a source of inspiration!

  3. Lovely – what a fun new project.

    There are sheep running around my house too! Only mine are 2 Agnus Dei projects in size medium and large.

    I love the way you did the grass, and it makes me half tempted to rip mine out to start again – well almost. Hmmmm…….. I’m going to give that some thought……The grass is always greener (or stitched prettier) on someone else’s project. 🙂

  4. Love these – makes me want to pull out my embroidery and make the needlepoint and quilt into UFOs….

    BTW = where in KS? (Waving from mid-MIssouri)

  5. Hi Mary, the little things are so necessary in our hectic lifestyle.
    The sheep is so lifelike!!
    I love the little green “thing” in the right hand bottom corner with the white daisies. can you perhaps tell me what stitch you used for the “frame”.
    I am busy making a scissor case and want to put a rope like stitch around.

    Alet from Libya

  6. Hello, I will travel to NewYork next september. Could you help me finding an address store in Manhattan for buying embroidery Threads?
    I would like to go personally for buying. Not online.

    Thanks a lot!!

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