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Carrickmacross Lace Sampler & Curved Scissors – Winner Announced!


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Aha! We have a winner! Yes, one lucky one of you will receive in the mail this Carrickmacross Lace Sampler Kit by Tanja Berlin, along with a handy-dandy pair of nice, sharp, curved-blade scissors, perfect for doing this kind of work.

Carrickmacross Lace Sampler & Scissors

I love scissors, and curved blade scissors are a nice tool to have if you do any kind of cutwork, appliqué, Hardanger, or the like. They allow you to get really close to your fabric, with less risk of snipping into it.

Tanja has these scissors available on her website (they’ll be back in stock by the end of April) – they’re a nice little pair of scissors for a good price. I use this brand for goldwork, because the tiny Sew Mate scissors are very sharp, very fine, and they aren’t too expensive, so I don’t sweat it if the metal threads damage them a little bit.

Little reminder: Tanja’s in Canada, so if you’re in the States, shipping is a little more expensive and it takes a bit longer. I always hold off on a smaller purchase like this until I order other things that I need. (“Need” being a very relative term!) Another option: go in on an order with your guild buddies and split the postage. Makes a difference!

Ok, ok, onto the give-away winner. Drawn randomly, here’s the winner:

Sharon Thompson! Her reply to the give-away question:

Would love to learn this technique. I have been looking for a kit for a few years now ever since I got the idea in my head that I would like to do a veil for a daughters wedding. love the idea of a mix of filling stitches and applique. I fumbled around with a piece of netting trying to teach myself form an Erica Wilson book,it didn’t turn out so well. One of those cases where I need a lot more instruction.

Congratulations, Sharon! I know Tanja’s kit will help out. And when you do make that wedding veil, I want a picture! Drop me a line with your mailing address, and I’ll get the kit and your scissors in the mail to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for participating!


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(6) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    Thanks for the generous give away Mary and congratulations to Sharon I hope you enjoy the prize, Yes I would love to see a photo of your daughters veil.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. Congratulations Sharon! You may like to see the beautiful Carickmacross christening gown embroidered by Hetsie van Wyk in my blog of 8 April. Good luck with your daughter’s wedding veil.

  3. G’day Mary…and hearty congratulations Sharon. I’m sure your endeavours, to work your daughter’s veil, will be beautiful. Perhaps she could add a stitch or two for the memories.
    Cheers, Kath.

  4. Thank you! I am truly blessed. I have learned so much from Mary’s Needle n’Thread articles. And I am loving teaching what I learn to my daughters. Shortly I think one of them is going to pass me by in skill. As it should be.



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